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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 31, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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heading out for the labor day holiday travelers are eacting to record gas prices... on fox 45 news at five. 3 3
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a woman is recovering this morning...after a brutal pitbull attack, in fells point. point. it happened yesterday afternoon around 3 o'clock at the intersection of east pratt and broadway... inside a building, which used to be a church.police say a fire inspector happeeed to be there... and saw the woman was being attacked by what's described as a 70 pound pit bull.the woman was seeiously bitten in her abdomen and witnesses say her entire arm was severly chewed up. "very horrorfied, i saw her shaking screaming for help i saw them shoot him five times" times""her arm was hanging off, if it wasn't for police, i don't think she would have breathing"it all ended when police shot the dog mmltiple
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times.the dog was taken away in an aniial control car.the woman is expected to survive. police say... it appears this is not a stray dog, and it happened in the couple's dwelling... so there won't be any charges filed. 3- we now know the extent of the the perry hall shooting sustained.doctors say daniel has a hole in his chest... a rib.his father urges pprents to watch what their children post on social media.the suspect, robert gladden wrote an minous message on his &ppacebook page... just before the shooting on monday. students at perry hall high school continue to reach out to lady gaga.they are hoping she'll come visit the victim of this shooting in the hospital... since he is a huge &pfan.the push began earlier facebook.more than 25-thousand
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people have liked the page titled... lady gaga please visit daniel.this morning, he reamins in critical but stable condition. "it will help him so much, he's the sweeting kid since he got shot, we love him to death, we''e gonna try her to comeein, and make his dreams come true" follow the lltest developments on the perry hall shooting... and find a link to the lady gaga going to fox bbltimore dot com slash perry hall. 3 as tropical depression isaac &pmakes its aa to the midwest, folks in the gulf are ddaliig with this mess left behind. this a look at ffooded praithwaitt, louisiana on thursday.the city took the brunt of isaac's torm surre. the state had to cut into a
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levee to help water drain from the community. thousands ho iggored an evacuation order had to be rescued from water logged homes..but some residents say... they're movinggfor good! resident: i went through katrina in an attic... reporter: so you've been through this before?resident: &pyeah, but this is bothering m more. reporter: why?resident: i don't know, i've just had it. levees have so far shielded new orleans from the worst of isaac. nearly 20 red cross volunteers from the baltimore area are packing their bags... and headed down to the gulf coast. greg and libby myers... who spent weeks in new orleans after hurricane katrina... will be among the many volunteers helping those affected by hurricane isaac. while damage from isssc is not say their mission is still the same. 3&(myers) "we're there to help peopll, to give them comfort, give them a place to stay, find places for them to recuperate ann help them get
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on with their lives." lives."myers and his wife libby are expected to beein mississippi for up to 3 weeks. 3 the man suspected n the deaths of 12 people in a colorado movie theater tried contacting a psychiatrist... just nine minutes before the sh. shooting.defense attorneys made the revelation thursday during a ourt hearing about his relationship with a psychiatrist. attorneys said holmes tried to get in touch with doctor lynne fenton through the university of colorado switchboard on july 20th.fenton also testified thursday that she contacted campus pplice because she was "so concerned" abouu her last meettng with was also revealed that the university of iowa rejected holmes' graduate school application in 20-11.according to documents... one school offer admissions under any
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circumstannes." today marks 15 years... since the death of princess diana.on august 31st 1996... princes di was killed in a car crash in paris.... wwth her boyfriend.aa 2008 inquest into the accident determined diana's limo driver was drunk behind the wheel... while trying to escape aamajor recall todaa... involving a favorite tropical fruit.nearly a million mangos... sold at costco, ralph's, kroger, aldi and whole foods....are being recalled due to threat of salmonella.the mangos affected have a "daniella" brand sticker... and were sold between july 12th and august 29th. if you think you have the recalled fruit... you're asked to throw it out oo return it to the store. the baltimore grand prix starts today, so organizers and drivers can start seeing if the changes made from last year are the right ones.
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onee. joel d. smith is live downtown with mmre on that, and how drivers prepare good morning joel d. - 3
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3 for the first time in &pflorida's history... a áfemaleá is set to take to the field as her high school's quar. quarterback.south plantation senior... erin dimeglio is making history as the first girl in the state to play footbaal team. team.this seventeen year old
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coach... who has also coached her in girls flag football.he says he knew she had the skills to play tackle with the boys. (("not a matter of her being a girl to me, if she wasn't a legitimate football player she wouldn't be here.""she's one of us, and we just treat her like shees one of us and not anyyhing different not anything more or anything lees") less".))while football is her sport of choice nnw... come college... erin is hoping to basketball. you've made it to the weekend.. and a long weekend for some of ! you!up next...meterologist steve fertig has your labor day forecast. forecast. ((breaa 1)) 3
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imagine heading out for a drive and seeing a snake peek out of your dashboard vent. it happennd to one tennessee driver... as he was heading down the interstate. interstate.the snake pooped up in jim tipton's caa during knoxvilll'' rush hour traffic. tipton says he reacted as ((i calmly and slowly turned on the turn signal, pulled off turned on the hazards, looked &pin the mirror to make sure there was nothing coming in the lane beside me and then bolted from the car as quickly as i could.)) could.)) tipton alled thh highway patrol for help and when they couldn't find it... he did the next best thing.. he called a tow truck. mechanics spent hours taking apart the dash... before they
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finally found the tiny corn snake.unforttnately... it did not survive its interstate adveeture. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
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((traffic reporter ad libs))
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3 the piie of pills a lot of us te ttke(wanda harris) "for depression for mood changing for anxiety for pain" pain"the ones that seem harmless... that you should tell your doctor &(bump out)) ((break 2)) [ male announcer ] taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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but it just tastes like fruit. during the past decade, the percentage of americans taking five oo more meds each day, has doubled.mixing prescriitions "over the counter" medications... and vitamins can be deadly in some cases.kathleen cairns has this morning's cover story... story..."the pill popping probl" problem." in downtown baltimore... we don'tthave to wait long.. to find people who are on multiple medications..... like charles... (charles bennett)"i take medicine for the pain in my back.. "and gregory...(gregory dixon)"medications foo my seizures."(charles bennett)"i also take medication for hypertension"and wanda: (wanda harris) "for depression for mood changing for anxiety for pain"(charlessbennett)"so...
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yoo just name it i just take medication for just about everything"(gregory)"so its something i gotta get used too" (charles bennett)"after breakfast ill take my regular medicine for the day.. thats 12 pills... 12???? uh.. huh..... and in the afternoon i might take four or five pills. (gregory dixon)"its prescription"(wanda)"its alot of em but alot of em dont intervene with each other sometimes you get ssde effects.. like what? vomiting.. sweats... jittery in your stomach" but at the university of maryland schoollof pharmacy.... dr. nicole brandt has a warning: (dr)"it could potentially be quite severe.. and can lead to seizures or hospitalizations.."with hundreds of drugs available... mixing prescription drugs is something that needs to be carefully monitored... by a health professional. (dr)"patients are often seeing multiple health care providers.. who are describing multiple medicationssand then they are compounding that with over the counter medications that often times health care practitioners are not aware of" a recent consumer repprts
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survey shows at least half of all senior citizens take more seen patients taking multiple common misadventure where there is two different names for the same medication"dr brandt reccmmends patients drugs they are taking... including over the counter medications... like cold medicine. (dr)"so you have to watch that especially if you are on an anti depressant.. that may make you more drowsy" it's recommended even atural remediie... like vitamins should be revealed to your dr. (dr)"and the thing with &pvitamins is too much can be harmful..there is a ccncern with too much calcium which has gotten a lot of attention in the media recently where patients are taking too much calcium supplementation.. which may worsen heart ddsease. " the best advise: tell your dr... about every pill or supplement you are taking.... something some regularly. (cairns)"so your not worried its too much? no.. if its too much i would get a reaction"in dt balt kc fox 45 news at ten./
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up next...the ravens versus the rams! rams!highlights next in sports. ((break 3))
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bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning sports. sports. 3
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coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... a cheating scandal rocking harvard university.the test almost half of the undergraduate class is accused of cheating on, last spring. and the punishments thhy facc... if claims are true. why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now?
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