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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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turns deadly. deadly. "i had to run to the corner and ctually see my mom in the " street."why the investigation ps at a standstill despite crime camera video of the crash. control.the way a police officer became a hero. warmer tomorrow .... bbt a chance for rain on the weekend. when it could arrive in my skywatch forecast. forecast. and pat sajak... the oriole's fan. fan. i've had season tickets for ys yearswhat the wheel of fortune host is saying about the team's amazing season this year. hello... i'm... jeff 3bbrnd. gilbert.a 56 year old woman rt.- dies after hit and run in wess baltimore...... karen... paaks...
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live... at... city police headquarters .../ and... karen.../ police... are... asking for... help.../ to... find the driver..... driver..... even though a blle light camera caught the hit and run on tape......investigators say this at a stand. standstill.... (39:33)it was right on the corner they wee hit wincester and freemont.....heee in west baltimmre.......its the scene of a deedly crash.....(30:399 she was wwth her fiancee and going to the store..... september 11 around 12:30 in the morning......veronica gray and her fiancee wallace mazoo were walking to the corner store......(31:07)we grew up in sandtown so this is her they crossed this crosssalk......a man....driving a silver four door sedan......crashed into off......(36:47)come to the corner come quick.....notiiied by neighbors.......gray's daughter dineen ran a half a block from her home she
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shared with her the cene.....(36:29)i had to run to the corner and actually see my mom in the street that was the most devastating thing in my liff.....police say the couple was throww approximately 70 feet in the air.....(31:28)she had a broken pelvic.....2 broken legs and injuries to the face to the liver....(nats)(31:47) her brain shiftee from the accident......veronica gray never regained consciousness......and died early this morning......(33:57) don't cry for me when im gone cause im gonna be with myy faaher and she said that continously for about a month........yeah.....500 feet from the accident.....a blue light camera that caught the hit and run on tape......but police say...the video was blurry......and the investigation remains at a standstill.....(38:17)they record alllthe drug activity its no way possible they can make out a car a person liceese plate or nothing of who murdered my mother. crash detectives say they
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have no leads....they need your help if you saw anything if you kkow aaything you as asked to call the baltimore city accident investigation unit at 410-396-26 410-396-2606 lv in city police headquarters k.p. fox 45 news aa ten.... a... pasadena man ... enterss.. an... "alford plea"... in... the murder ...of his wife. 3 an... alford plea... means... 57-year-old stephen salb... maintains... his innocence,.../ while... admitting... prosecutors have enough evidence... to... convict him.../.this... the scene ...last july... after... police say... he... stabbed his wife.../ , 38-year-old... jill... at their home... on... jones drive...../ the... daughter... was also hurt... defending her mother,.../ but survived...//.sentencing... is... set for november. .../ prosecutors ... are... planning to ask.. for life in prison. a frightening commute for hundreds of people...near mondawmin mall.a bus... with no driver behind the wheel... smashes into a group of people waiiing at a bus stop. crime
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and justice reporter joy lepola was the scene momeets afttr the crash and describes how the bus went barreling down the street. street. ((pkg)) morning commuters rushed to area hospitals. (teen) 3:08:14 and all of a sudden i seen his bus just going turning into the curb or (woman) 3:17:14 i have never seen an accident like thatwith (teen) 3:08:18 i was like - what's going on this 60 foot mta bus slowly picked up speed....(woman) 3:17:24 you know that one of the long busses unaware of what was them.... a group of passengers nearby bbs shelter. (teen)3:08:20 anddthey hit like five people (woman) 3:16:58 i wasn't sitting anywhere near theebus!!!ha ha ha ha this happened during a was a driver was on that re - bus... (woman) 3:18:43 ssmething was wrong!!!an mta spokesman says she was not &pbehind the wheel.(terry) 3:21:20 we've got a lot of questions about this accident such as...were proper procedures followed? why did thh bus which appeared to be most importantly why wasn't
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the driver able to stop it. 3:21157 we'll figure out what exactly happened here cuz safety is our highest priority the last thing we want to do is see an accident in northwest baltimore 3:18:01 really it do make you think joy lepola fox 45 news at tee. at this point the m-t-a is leaning towards operator error as the cause of this accident. all seven passengers are at home tonight recovering. morgan state ... universitt... is... stepping up... security... after... last week's shooting... on campus. campus.kelly... ellerbee... is charged with... attemmted murder...//. police... say... e opened fire... on... 19-year-old michael campbell... inn.. a dispute... over drugs .... at... the student center...//. campbell's... still... in the hospital....//since... the shooting..../ morgan's president,.../ says... the school's... taken steps ... to... improve safety. "of course, we've moved forward and we have placed some additional security guards in the student center and some of the high traffic building areas on campus and of course, we're looking at
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best practices amongst urban universities across the country. i have a task force thats in place looking at what some of those best practices r" are." ellerbee... was... identifed by... several witnesses... who... saw him... running from the scene. the mayor joined northeast baltimore residents tonight who are trying to fight back against crime. crime. she took the streets in the neighborhood where doctor peter marvit was gunned down near his home monday.the mayor and residents say they are determined to stop other senseless violence. "we are not going to left out neighborhood be destroyed by co" cowardss""we ot to stop zipping up our lips opening up our doors.... community.....our communittes." representatives of the pplice department were also meeting with residents tonight. fox45 has teamed up with the most popular crime mapping website on the internet
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activity in your neighborhood. you can also get emails when crime happens.sign up by going to our weesste... fox- baltimore dot com...and click on "spotcrime" in the "hot topics" section at the top off the screen neighbors around patterson park rally tonight against plans that would turn green space into parking spaces. spaces. critics... say... it's a plan... that... would simply... add... more cars,...'/ more traffic,..;./ and... more paving... in the park... park... keith daniels ... live... in the neighborhood .../ wwere... the... opposition gathered..// . keith?. jeff..... presidents of all the neighborhood associations in the area.. are fighting against this proposal. they rrllied tonight tt launch a door-to-door signature driie. and we caught up with one couple who say they're standing with the opposition. opposition. phil and katie ssetler are in patterson park twice a day.... walking their dog kami..............they say it's part of their passion for the park.(phil) "it's a safe
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place to bring the dog.. for kids to play.."........but things could change....(katie) "every little step is moving .........there's a proposal from city health and parks officials to, in their words, add "improvements" to accomodate a new senior center and renovated recreation center. the plan calls for a widended entrance to the park at baltimore street and north luzerne avenue. that would lead to a new loop road.. which would run to the park's casino building, now used as an adult day care center, but would expand to include more senior services. aad with that.. comes three additional parking lots.... at least 96 parking spaces that would replace green space. a bold, bad move, say critics.(katie) "studies show trees and green space increase lots of things &pthat are really good in peopl and it makes neighborhood healthier, it makes communities better.."'s a plan that caught city councilman jim
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kraft by surprise......(kraft) "uh, very much so...." ........the park is ii his district.. and he lives steps away from it too. he quickly mobilizee the community against the lans. (kraft) "when you have people throwing a frisbee, throwing a football, kicking a soccer ball. the one thing they don't want to be doing is dodging autommbiles. it's one thing to play tag wity your friends, it's another thing to play tag with traffic." the mayor's office and park officials say they will seek community feedback before any plan is patterson park.. keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. anne arundel... county../. is... demanding ...several employees../. of... the... state's ...attorneys office../. árepayá... retirement benefits. benefits.this... after... an audit ... found... assistant... state's attorney... fred... paone.../ and... 3---workers... were illegally collecting... full... pension payments ... whill working ... time.../. the... county ... threatened....
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to... recoop.../ nearly... 230--thousand dollars... in... pension checks...//. checks...//.paone... received... a bill... for... more than... 115 thousand dollars../ .and... a... notice.../ that... future... pension checks... will... be cut.../ employees... are... fighting back../ the ... first... of four... appeals.../ began... this week. in tonight's waste watch report... city leaders haven't been afraid to add taxes in this tight budget season. but when it comes to tracking those tax dollars critics complain the city has failed. jeff abell shows us why some people fear its opened the door to was. waste. at city hall....where the budget is tight and the dollars are short..... (11:03:44) "iiwas llterally appalled.....!" today, there were signs that those who spend are not being watched enough. (11:03:56) (holton)) "to hear that there were agencies aad departments that there was no record that ttey'd ever been audited in almost forty years! what about that would mmke someone comfortable...?"
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at a committee meeting this morning, council members grilled city auditors about decades of spending at city agencies that have gone unaudited. (10:34:18) (stokes) "do you find it at all unusual that individual agencies do not keep financial statements....?" (10:34:31) (auditor) "i would say probably yes but i don't know all the specifics of all tte localities...." (10:3741) (welch) "are the financial staaements ready? do they have a set of books...?" (10:37:43) (auditor) "no, best of my knowledge, no....." though the city's charter doesn't mandate regular audits at every agency.... city leaders insist the information needed for an audit has never been lost. (11:34:20) (henry raymond) "there are clearly financial repprts in place that reeord every trannaction at each individula agency in city government.. in november, voters will decide whether all 3 city gencies should e audited every four years.... some council members insist its critical to remove
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any questions about abuse. (11:03:33) "i'm not saying there's anything wrong but i can't say that everythings right because we don't have the infoomation to ascertain either position....." jeff abell, fox 45, news at ten. expenses from all city agencies are included in the citys annual financial report...and while the ccmptroller believes the review provides some safeguarrs....critics complain it doesn't go far enough. it's our duty to hold elected officials can do that by joining our fox45 waste watch.if you have a story about governnent waste... call our hotline...410-662-1456 you can also log onto our website fox balttmore dot com 3 a goat... stuck in the paaer...the other animal... that comes to the rescue... later on fox45 news aa ten but next...the video... ....that may have sparked the violence oversees.the actress... that says she was tricked into a ole in the movie......and the request to take it off youtube... that
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may get deeied...after the break one... in... four... one... one... in... four... in... four...
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baltimore residents... live... in... poverty, .../ accorring... to... census figures. figures. the... poverty rate... held steady... at... 25 percent 2011.. 2011...//.after... a... jump... of... more than... 4 percent... between 2009... and... 20--10...//. 10...//.the... report shoos... more than ... 37... percent... of....children... in... baltimore... were... impoverished... in... 20--11,.../ unchanged... from... the year before.../, but... up... from... 28 percent... in 2007...////. 2007...////. the... poverty rate... stands for... the... a whole. up to fifty percent of homeowners are underwater on their mortgage in some
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maryland counties. that's according to state comptroller peter franchot. franchot.he's been touring the sttte, talking with struggliig homeowners and business owners. today, he visited estates... where several homes are empty and now in foreclosure. and about 70-percent of owners in that development are underwater. residents there say they have seen the fallout from the housinn crisis firsthand... and watched their neighbors leave. all.">some owners at frankfort estates aree struggling jjst to pay their association fees and tax bills. 3 3& the... is... front... and... center... in... the race... for... the white house...///. president... &pobama... and... mitt romney... are... in... florida... chasing cash.../ and... undecided vote. 29... electoral votes... are... cruccal... for... president obama... and... mitt romney....// the... state's ...hispanic population... is... also key...///.
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one... day... after romney ...criticized the president... for... not... introducing... an... immigration... reform bill.../, mr... obama ...fired back. obama says: "he would veto the dream act and said he's uncertain what his plan would be and said az is the law and the solution is self deport" deportation" in florida,... the... latest news romney ...trailing president obama a... among... hispanics.../ 58... to 37....// thh... president's lead... among... the voters... is... bigger nationwide. we have more stories about the race for the white house on boy scout troop is in g why a - trouble...for greeting mitt romney at an that by going to fox-baltimore dot oo vote 2012 in the hot topics section of our website the white house is now calling a deadly attack on the u-s consulate in libya... the work of terrorists. terrorists.white house press
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secretary jay carney released its clear u-s ambassador chris stevenssand three other americans were killed in the course of a teerorist attack. this just three days after the state department backed away from putting a label on the attack ... previously....officialsssaid it was the resuut of protests against an anti-islam film. nuland says: "i'm not going to put labels on this until we have a complete investigation, okky? // i don't think we know enough. i don't think we know enough and we're going to continue tt assess." assess." meanwhile - intelligence sources tell fox news they believe the attack is directly tied to al qaeda ... and may have been led by a mmn formerly detained at guantanamo bay. the... actress ...who says... she... was... duped by.... the the... " innocence of muslims"- / is suing. 3 cindy... garcia... spoke out today.... / she.. . fears for her life.../ . amid... baaklash ...over the film.../ which... mocks... mohammed ... as... a womanizer.../ , child molester... and killer.../. the ...
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film... has sparked... anti- american protests ... around the world... / and... garcia... is... now suing the director... for fraud.../ she... also wants... the video... pulled off... youtube... / a... request ...that's raising questions... over freedom of speech. "our ambassador, ur navy seals were killed behind this... i think it needs to come off, i think america needs to stand behind us on this, and take it off of youtube. yes we have the right to freedom of speech, but what he did was wrong wrong youtube... is reviewing the cooplaint,.../ but... a... california juuge pas refused to order the site to take the content down... that brings us to our question of the ay. shoulddgoogle pull the movie that sparked east?here's our facebook page. this question got a lot of responses.ssoe of you say its free speech...others worry about safety.join the discussion by goinggto baltimore slash fox-
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even though has prices are still higher than they were at this time last year...they are starting to go down downtoday...the average cost of a gallon offgas in maryland is 3-dollars and 78 cents... that's 26 cents higher than this time last year......but down a penny from yesterday and down 2 cents from this pime last week.the cost of oil hhs fallen 7-percent from last friday.experts say demand for oil is slowing and there's a lot of supply right now find the best gas prices in your neighborhood...go to fox- baltimore dot com... slash pump patrol 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 look at this... a police cruiser... goes
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flying toward the camera...the made this 10 t - minutes on fox45 news at ten 3 "this is basically a microcosm of what's going on across the country 3 deep financial trouble.why a city less a hundred mmles away seems to have nowhere to turn. pennyslvania's
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pnc bank. pennyslvania's capital city is broke and there are no solutions in sight. city leaders... in... harrisburg... are... still squabbliig... ooer ...a way... to... get... out of debt...///.it... will... be... a... long time.... if... before... taxpayers... can... hold anyone... accountable. 3 harrisburg, pennsylvania still stands, buu make no mistake, it's underwater and there's no immediacy on city leaders to find a two way street out of bankruptcy.eric epstein is
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a government watchdog and life long resident.[eric epstein interviee][sot 6:54 "this is basically a micrrccsm of what's going on across the country where interests are so politicized and polarized that no one will compromise." trt=:08bad decisions and a potential layer of criminality have backed pennsylania's capital city into a corner. the financial meltdown is tied to this garbage incinerator -- the tab, roughly 33o million comptroller dan miller penned a bankruptcy plan two years ago. [ dan miller ]sot 59:04 "we must go to a bankruptcy. in theory we can voluntarily get to a plan ii everyone is willing to agree and give. that is very difficult to achieve."trt=09 harrisburg's nearly 50 thousand residents will see the lion's share of the burden. for starters, a hhndred percent increase in the income tax rate. but that ruling like everything decision in this city is on hold.daviddblack is the president of harrisburg's
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regional chamber. and economic development corporation.[david black interview #2]sot in 106:19 "the concern is are city services going to deteriorate, and ya they are starting to deteriorate a little bit."trt=:07forget holding anyone accountable, for now. political rama overshadows even a federal probe into the way some city leaders acted. the mayor and governor want to chart their own course...a stttt appointed receiver is charged wiih leading the city out of gloom but that does not squaae well with the city council, comptroller or treasurer. [mayor interview 3sot in 145:02 "we all need to look at the map and discover how we eachhcan resolve this without going to a judge nd saying judge we hhve failed at our responsibility aad we need yoo to wave that magic wand."trt=10 [brad koplinski iiterview 1 ] sot in 36:12 "if we had gone along with the state's plan to try to get us out of this mess last year, which the mayor supported. it did not cover all of our debt it would have left us with 26 million dollars plus in debt remaining. all of our assetts would have been sold for not as good of a price as we ould get now, a fire sale, yes, a fire sale."trt=13 what's the way out?[sot eric
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epstein interview]sot in 10:27 "the only way this situation gets resolved is going to be in a way that makes everybody unhappy."trt=;04[broll shot "mirror of cars"]a reflection this city will have to get past to have a better future. i'm jeff barnd reporting. haarisburg... has... a... potential bbyer... lined up... for... its... inci. incinerator. but the most optimisticccity leaders say it's goingt to take at least five ears to emerge from bankruptcy. 3 the thing that thrrws an officers.. car... right at on fox45 news at ten
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lubbock, texas. texas.while an officer responding to a car accident... watch this...his own cruiser... comes spinning toward him.someone had slammed into the officer's car.pplice say the peeson driving... was drunk at the time.everyone survived with just scrapes and bruises. :03 nats nats an elderly driver in colorado- thinks the
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road ii too small to share with cyclisss. here's video of the driver... identified as 75-year old james ernst. . . haraasing two professional cyclists on the road. one of the men records the encounter... which involves ernst following and blaring his horn- at the men.. who are riding on the side of road. one frustrated cyclist later posted the video to youtube... and it went viral... and also caught thee attention of the colorado &pstate patrol. they found the driver and cited him with two charges of harrssment, impeding the flow of traffic, and improper use of a horn a ... mother a ... mother attacks... after her son bullied... on the bus. bus. this... is... felecia phillips... , throwing punches ...and wrestting... with... a... 17 year old student..../ she... says... he boy has been bullying... and harassing her son... for weeks...//. that's... when she decided... to take matters... into her own hands. 36 he got someone to jump on
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my son yesterday oc: never fights his own battles or whatever. 44 48 do you worry you're setting a bad example? no because if someone is bullying them, they need to stand up for themselves. phillips says she doesn't regret the assault even though she got arrested. she went on to say that targeted her son. a homeowner in austin, texas... causing quite a stir with a display on his front yard. yard.this is bud johnson... untying an empy chair... hanging from a tree.he says the chair symbolizee president obama......just like the one clint eastwood usee at the republican convention.... ...but he insists the protest was ánotá racist iq::so whatoq: because i like to cut my grass grassneighbors say bud is a nnce ggy......but one of
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them was going to start aa petition go get him to take it down a controversy at the department of justice nd your tax dollars. ben becker... from... our... sister station... in... west palm beach... us... the evidence../. of... justice.../ and... a... tax-exempt... áliberalá... group.../ manipulating... media coverage coverage (ááápkgááá)[take pkg](áááben look live introááá)[takk: ben look live introo ((12:47:36-12:47:50))internal e-mails, obtained through the freedom of information act and published by "the daily caller"...raises questions about what may appear as a coordinated effort by the d-o-j.. to use tax payer money to fund what critics say.. is a mmdia wing of the democratic partytrack #1there are dozens of pages of emails between the doj office of public affairs and media matters. it shows attorney general eric holder's top press spokesperson, worked repeatedly with media matters to discredit analysts unfavorable to the obama
10:35 pm
administration. (ááásotááá)[take sot] (00:03:53-:00:03:54 "number one, i was shocked")) track #2 tim gilbert is a political science professor (ááásotááá)[takk sot] ((00006:34-00:06:45 " if this authorized this person to bbgin communication to media holder, does hat go farther up to the president?") track #3 many emails concern operaaion fast and furious, in one, that would help "debunk" the conservative media stories.. ggns walk across the exico - border to build a case for gun control. media matters also sent the d-o-j attack pieces targeting at various conservative websites and fox news (ááásotááá)[take sot] (sot 00:00:30 "that's a big no, no"))tracc #4justin harmon is a business law professor. he says when it comes to media matters or any "tax exempt" organization, there are specific requirements section 501(c)(3) organizations are restricted ii how much political and legislative (lobbying) ctivities they may conduct. (ááásotááá)[take sot] (sot 00:01:12-00:01:21 "you might have the counter argument hey were doj &pinvolved apolitical, but during election season you say that doesn't sound,smell right"))track #5the website that obtaineddthe emails,
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'daily caller' was founded in 2010 by journalist and commentator tucker carlson. commentator journalist and founded in 2010 by 'daily caller' was obtained the emails, the website that track #5track #5the website that caller' was foundeddin 2010 by journalist and commentator &ptucker carlson. it's known to take up conservative causes. so its iivestigations into media matters should be no surprise.the site also puulished a list of people who have contributed money to 'media matters" since 2003. (áááfsááá)[take fs]take a ook. the tides foundation, a group that helps foundation, a the tides take a look. (áááfsááá)[take fs] (áááfsááá)[take fs]take a look. the tides foundation, a group that helps non-profits, has contributed more than $4 soros, a businessman and long-time democraticccontributor. has joyce foundation which promotes quality of life improvements innthe great lakes area of the country, gave $400-thousand.president barack obama sat on that foundation's board from 1994 to matters donations ((title)tides foundation: $4,384,702george soros: $1,075,000joyye foundation: $400,000source: daily caller investigation (áááben look live tagááá)[take: ben look live tag]((12:48:48-12:49:01)) a name you might down the list. actress barbara ssreisand has donated $85-matters. media matters anddthe departtent of justice have yet to comment. ben becker reporting((runs 2:24))((oo "ben becker reporting")) one congressman... expects...congressmann..
10:37 pm
one one congressman... expects... the... house committee... on... oversight and government reform... to... launch investigation 3 3 3 3 after... two years
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...of.. construction.../ , morgan state university... unveils a new bui. building. --band nats--- nats--- the marching band kicked off a ribbon cutting at the school's new center for science, technology, engineering and math--- known as the stem fields.the 70 million dollar facility... will give students regular access to state of the art equipment... like 3d projectors, a tabletop wind tunnel and an earthquake simulation chamber... one of only two on the east coast. "we've got a lot of young people in the shadows of this building, who are going to be innovators, creators and infrastructure professionals." professionals." 3 morgan also took steps to make the bulding itself green ... with solar panels on the roof,
10:41 pm
window treatments that cut energy costs and a rain garden that returns filtered rainwater to the herring run watershed. 3 pat and vanna.wheel of fortune made them household names.coming up..../ jeniifer... its down with them... to talk about their lives... on and off the show. ...and the things in your brain...that makes chocolate so hard to resist...after the break [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale.
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too much microwavvepopcorn for his own good... is on his way to being a multimillionaire... seven times over. over.a jury awarded wayne watson man morr than 7 pointt2 million dollars after he came down with a condition known aa popcorn lung.watson... who says he ate two bags of microwave popcorn a day for years... was diagnosed by doctors five years ago.he sued "king scoopers" claiming his his lung damage was caused by inhaling the fumes of compound uuee in butter flavored microwave popcorn called diacetyl.the compound has nnw been removed but had been linked to lung problems for workers in plants that produce microwave popcorn. 105-119"they did absolutely no
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testing whatsoever that the consumer might be at risk tte only experiment they did was go sell the product and see what happens. well, they rolled the dice and lost." lost."the popcorn maker'sslawyers are planning to appeal. &pit's been nearly 2 and half years since cockeysville native yearldey love was killed at the univeristy of virginia.its a case that drew national atteetion to the dangers of dating violence. violence. carrie peirce... reports ... in... tonight's... word on the web,.../ a ... new tool... can... help... other women... in... the same situation. situation. aater losing her daughter to dating violence, ssaron love is speaking out ... hoping to save other young women from the same fate. pate. 3yeardley love was killed in her off caamus apartment in may 2010... her ex boyfriend george huguely was convicted of the crime. now, yeardley's family is launching "be 1 for change... " a campaign targeting 16- through 24-year- olds with a mobile app to raise awareness. the app is
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available through the one love foundation website... created in yeardley's features resources like a danger assessment quiz based on findings by johns hopkins researchers.... it also makes it easier for women to report abuse... or contact counselors at the national domestic violence hotline. the campaign also includes thhs public service announcement... featuring a young couple in a violent fight as witnesses talk themselves out of interven. intervening. you can download the app online by going to foxbaltimore dot com slash carrie peirce and thats your word on the web. scientists say it's chemicals your brain releases.. that makes chocolate so irresistible. irresistible.the urge to over- eat sweet and fatty treats and it's production of a rain - natural opium- like chemical. researchers made this discovery by giving rats an artificial boost with a drug delivered straight to a region of the brain that resulted in the animals eating twice the number of chocolates they would have otherwise eaten.
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3 the ravens face the legendary tom radd this sunday, and their own resident legend talks aaout going head to heaa...bruce cunningham has that story next in sports unlimited... also ahead.... wheel of fortune on fox45.i talk with pat sajak about the great season for the orioles.and with vannn white..... about the challenge she's going through as a parent. bth - military votingburied among the news votingbth - military votingburied among the ews stories about the thousands of dead people registered to vote; counties with more registered voters than people; family pets getting absentee ballot requests; and the justice &psecure eeection laws is this: the absentee ballot requests by military personnel - including those serving overseas in war zones - are way down. in some cases, by 98%.this is on top of the rrally atrocious election cycle of two years ago. more than 120,000 servicemen nd women who requested absentee ballots for the 2010 election never received them.this year, absentee ballot requests by military in swing statee are
10:48 pm
at unheard of levels. less than 2% in north carolina, ohio and virginia. less than 8% in colorado and nevada.this is not accidennal. or a freak of nature. nor have thousands of military forgotten that this is an election year.there are several ffderal llws that guide pentagon officials in ensuring military serving out of state nd overseaa get to request, receive, and cast absentee ballots. that get counted. this is an obvious &peffort tt suppress the military vote orchestrated bb senior civilian officials at the can't steal elections if they're free and fair.for more on this story visit behind the headlines dot net. and follow us twitter and facebook. 'm mark hyman. to the ravens now... for thoseeof you who love it
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when prime time,this month...the ravens have three of them inseptember, including this sunday night against the p. patriots.. and here's a stttistic that will probably surprise statistic that will probably surppise you...they have never beaten the patriots in a &pregular season game...the ravens are 0-6 fact their only win was in the playoffsa couple years back.. five of those wins were under tom brady..who will once again patchwits with another alltimee great..ray lewis, 3 ichiro and the yankees hosting the jays
10:52 pm
tonight, he had ásevená hits in tuesday's doubleheader...he stayed hot tonight...we'll pick it up in the 3rd inning, drills a curveball to right center, his eighth of the year...yankees trail 2-11..but ichiro was not done... in the fourth, bases lladed, crushes another curveball to right... it goes all the way to the wall... two yankees come around to score... new yyrk takes the lead 3-2.then later in the inning...nick swisher provides the dagger, hits it deep to rrght... no doubt about it, a grand slam for &pswish...yankees take an 8-2 lead...the yankees led it 10-7 now in the 9th...with a win, they'll increase their al east lead to one full game over the orioles. morgan adsit spent the day in owings mills with the ravens. her report coming up at 11:30
10:53 pm
as sports unlimited continues as ou may know by now, fox45 is the new home of wheel of for. fortune.the show that made pat and vanna household names.i hadthe ccance to sit down vanna talk about their lives, on and off the sho. show. they will be the first to tell you.... they have two of thh best jobs in televison..... hosting wheel of fortune.... now cellbrating it's 30th anniversary season.(sot vanna) clip 131:01i do, i really do. i count my blessing every day that i still have a job 30 my job.(sot vanna)clip 151: 13 (jennifer)you can tell that you love what you do.(vanna)i do. and i get to get all dressed up. (butt to)(jennifer) every woman in america would love to have the clothes that you wear. (vanna)it is. it really is.unfortunately i don't get to eep them but they're fun to wear.(standup) clip 49, or 47:07how's this for behind the scenes.this is vanna white's dressing room. take a look at this closet, ladies. googoes beautiful than 56-hundred dresses on e -
10:54 pm
wearing the same dress twice. after vanna wears them.... the dresses either go back to tte designer, or are used for charity events.....but can you imagine haaing this wardrobe to choose from everyday. look at the colors. royal blue, i love it. bright red, very pretty.but in spite of the glamourryou see on t-v.....(sot vanna)clip15 3:37 off camera, i'm just a normal person.i don't dress up and do all that stuff. i'' just in jeans and tennis shoes.and no maaeup.(butt to)(sot vanna) clip 154:05and i'm a mommof two, ho just had my firist &pchild go off to ollege. (gasp) ii';s tough.. it';s touuh. all thh parents out who let their children go for the first time, it';s hard. but pe's happy, so i'm happy. taping shows, on 3 average of just four days a month....has allowed vvnna to be there for her kids.(sot vanna)clip 157:30it allows me to be a mom, and i've enjoyed
10:55 pm
over the years, being able to drive my kids to school and bake cookies.and the schedule allows pat sajak, to split his time between california.... and his home in severna park maryland, where he's cheering on the o's.(sot pat)clip 151:55 i am. i've had season tickets for years. sinceethe place opened, pretty much. it's been pretty quiet there.(butt to) (sot pat)clip 155:24the way things were going, if they had a 500 season that would have been terrific, but the fact they might make it to the playyffs is icing on the cake. a welcome change.... for a guy who likes cheering on the winners.....ann hopes to keep phe wheel spinning for a long time to come.(sot pat)clip15 6:09i have twoocriteria.i'd like to leave while the show is still popular. so it's my choice. and before people look at the set and say...oooh, what happened to on the latter. (laughs)not at and america still loves pat .. and vanna. and pat and vanna aren't going anywhere anytime soon.they just signed new contracts they just signed soon.anywhere &panytime aren't going and pat and vannaaaren't going
10:56 pm
anywhere anytime soon.they just signed new contracts running through 2016. 20166and... remember... you can watch jeopardy every weeknight at 7pm 7pm wheel of fortune follows right after jeopardy at 7:30. 7:30. and would you like to be a ontestant on wheee of fortune? the wheelmobile is coming to baltimore october 6th and 7th... at the hunt valley towne center. ---goat in the watee... goat cr- crying---- a baby goat stuck in deep water.... the incredible way it was rescued with no help from humans. ...and coming up in just 5 minutes on the late eddtion... edition... the gungham it started in korea and made it all the way to our studios.
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3 and one plump this dog got so overweight and what's being done to help him cut the fat. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. meet and greet... at the "so
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