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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 5, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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thhnksgiving. 3 3 you have 15 minutes to call us prize!want to get your name in the box?go to facebookkdot com slass foxbaltimore and click rules.nd read the officiaa 3
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a jogger.... attacked and assualted.... while running ii &pfells point..his mornnng... &ppolice are warninn residents lookout.meggn gilliland is live there now... wiih the latest in the investigation and what everyone there nneds to e cautious off 3good morning guys,arounn this time of morning... you see a lot of people out here jogging... and walking their doos..n friday....sometiie year old woman was out for a ---
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run... when she was attacked byya masked man right in the st. street.police sayyheewas rmedd with knife nd pulled her into a dark area offfells ppint where hh sexually assaultee attack is uuclear right now.ttee pnd with no clear escrippion of the atttcker... police are wwrning everyone in the area to be on the lookout and to rrport any suspiciouu acttvity. in the meantime... police aree stepping up patrols utthere. live in felll point, i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 transportation officials in new york are reparing for the worst this morning... one weee &pafter super storm sandy made . markssthe start of the first full work week... since sandy hit the york cityyofficials are warning commuters of possible delays and crrwding on buses and trains.many people are
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expected tt use puulic transportation in thh face of also returninggto schooll authority has loaned 31 buses to new jersee.they'll be usee to shuttll workers intoothe city. the fnal core looked gooo... aaten point win by the ravens over the rowns! but hoo the ravens got that final score has many ans and coaches shaking their heads this morning. the ravenssssart quickly...rookii bernard pierce with his first t- d run ...a 12 yard run the ravens pten goes into hibernation, 6 straight "3 and outs" lets the browns back n the game..this fifth of the game, gives the quarter...but joe flacco brings the ravens back! a 19 yard catch nd run by &ptorrey smith for the go head touchdown..they add a justin tucker field goal and take a harr fought 25-15 victory. &p3
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3 3 3 the ravens now hold a one game the ravens now the raaens now hold a one game lead over the 3 steelers in the a-f-c north. and it sounds nice to say the raaens are in first place... but is that all that reelly mat? matters? joel d. smith is live in towson to seeeif fans can accept that "this is the way the team plays"..... good morning joelld. (ad lib) when can we dominate a team? team? dommnateea team? team? when can we (aa lib) when can we dommnate aateam? team? p it looked that way at first... ray rice... anything but fancy!!! ray rrce we've never ray rice we've never bben
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fancy, we've never been a prrtty kind of team. we always ffnd ourselvessat the top at the end./ 4900 joe: deal wiih it. it's how well frussration, go backkout there and picc yourself up? up? the rrvens next ccme home to take the ravens
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next the ravens next come home to take on the raiiers... then in 2 weeks ts a showdown pith pittssurgh. piitsburgh.a showdown with then in 2 weeks its on the raiders... comm home to take the ravens next the raaens next come home to take on the aashowdown with pittsburgh. live in towson , joel d. smith fox 45 3 cominn up on the early edition... addressinggvoting issues... on lectionnday. day.the growing importance of 3 ((bbeak 1))
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((traffic reporter ad libs)) &pmap 395 map 400-liberty map
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it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway" ggveawayy"weere giving away 100 ddllar visa giftcardd every hour, everyday on fox45 morning news through thanksgivi. thannsgivvng. 3
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you have 11 minutes to call us aat411-481-4545 to claim your p! prize!want to get your name in onn"contests" to fill out thh form and read the official rulee. coming up... the ravens pffense struggles again. again.tteelong stretch during sundaa's game.... where they went without a first down. manaaing the polls.the osbervers who be looking ouut for any roblems... come eeection day. ((break 2))
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with the election juss days prowing across the country. watcher.they ave been ortance - dispatched to voting precincts are either avvided or g issues - addressed.joe jjhns ttkes a look at just how important eleeciin day. will be on - --reporter pkg-as ollows -- long liies in south fllrida early voting comes to a -close only ccowds this hotll contested election iss attractingg 10,000 grassroots and legal volunteers across be everywhere. they''e trained people in 50 states to legally
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watchees of all polltical oll stripes...desseeding on ohio -- and across the country -- in search of anyyissues that peed to be challenged.ww're llokknn for long lines that miigttbe the result of machines breaking down, uh psking for ii when they shouldn't be.groups llke thee left leaning eleetion protection hhveebeen traininn for weeks so they're ready pollssin real time with all voting laws, i think we're preparee for a signiffcant amount of confusion on election day.but controversy over hhwwsome of the organizations dd thhii job. poll watching has bbcooe a partisan businnss.whaa do yoo ttink of the election protection people?they have probllmssformer justice adaas now represents true the vote.... teaaparty affiliated group with a and fair elections. true the vote stands for election inttgrity. follow the law, period. but true the vote has
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real crrtics oo their own from the llft...true to vote has connistentlyychallenged the voters. e must address ate - pnybody who tries to denn annbodd that right to vote andd i -- i consider it criminal. i consider it unpatriotic andd-- hiihly offensive.a claim adams does not take lightly... bearing falseewitness against paw abiding citizens who are doing no more thaa obseeving the process. nd they should wwhtever the election watchers toosuper lawyers like ted go to court. olson -- a romnee advisor...led republicans to victory in the supreme court and al gore in 2000...i've been clearrng my calendar just in case i need to bb ready for the next five weeks.he says if plections officials wann to shooldn't change direction in &
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yyu follow the rulessthat were in place on election day with reepect to counting the outcome will be respected when the justice department is also dispatthing moree han 780 federal observers and moniiors to 23 states to watch or potenttal problees which would violate voting rightt. coming uu... the ravens started strong in cleveland... before hitting a wall. wall.the team taaks aboutt their offensive struggles... commng up in ports. ((break 3))
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3 coming uppin our o'clock hour... vottrs get ready... to headdto tte olls. polls.the obsttcles both presidential candidates face... headingginto tuesdayys election.
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