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come out of some of those episodes. i love in the first star wars episode when they're in the trash compactor and peter finds an old ratty couch. peter: whoa, whoa, whoa, stop, stop, stop, stop. what? what? what? what? no, no, no, twist it. i am. no, no, no, no. no, no, no, other way. you're twisting it the wrong way. which way? what do you want me to do? just look down, all right? just look at me, look what i'm doing. yeah. all right, see the way i'm twisting it? yeah. all right, turn it that way from your end. okay. okay, just... no, no, no, no... what? all right, hey, just put it down. put it down, just drop it. all right. we were able to use all that great john williams music. i mean, they really gave us the tools to do this right, and... and it was because they trusted us. they knew that we were fans and that we weren't gonna... we weren't gonna destroy their property. (train whistle blowing) (people talking indistinctly) i say, brian, look, three rows down. what? is that tom bosley?
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what would tom bosley be doing on a train in switzerland? i'm almost certain. tom! did he look? i don't know. well, if i yell, yove to watch. tom bosley! no, it's not him. huh. the road shows have been a lot of fun. we started with "road to rhode island" in season one. and, uh, seth had this idea to do an episode based on those bob hope, bing crosby road shows. seth, as you probably know, loves bob hope. and, you know, is very familiar with those movies and the music from those movies and... so, i think that having "road to..." with brian and stewie, they're sort of our bing crosby and bob hope. up until that point stewie had kind of existed in his own world. he would talk to rupert and hatch diabolical schemes. and brian meanwhile was kind of peter's sidekick. and they were kind of separate. and this was the first time we kind of paired those two, and it just clicked.
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okay, if everything worked properly this should be the exact time and place that mort was sent to. now, we've just got to figure out where we are. or when we are. oh, that's such a douche time traveler thing to say. from that point forward we started pairing stewie and brian together on stories, 'cause they were so good together. and it's a perfect example of how you can create a show and then your writing style... other people coming in, in this case, the writing staff, can find things in your characters that you didn't see initially. the brian-stewie relationship which now seems so obvious was not something that i thought of when i was creating the show. they're always sort of busting each other's chops and, uh, antagonistic towards each other, but they're also... i think they've evolved into their best friends. (stammering) can i just say before... can we just like take two... i love... you're so brave. i just love how brave you're being right now. this is like the closest i've ever felt to you. okay. oh, my god, i was king the same thing.
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we are so us right now. do you know that? macfarlane: and the brian-stewie episode, more than anything, we did to explore whether or not two animated characters with just a single room can sustain a half hour purely on the strength of their characters. we thought that it might be interesting to try an episode where it was almost like watching a play. where it was one location, two people on stage, no cutaways, nothing, just dialogue for 22 minutes. it was very polarizing. people either loved it or they hated it. they thought it was revolutionary, or they thought it was just... you know, they couldn't get past the stewie diaper thing. (all gasp) (gasps) look! (screams) he's dead. oh, my god. nice. "and then there were fewer" was our first 16x9 episode,
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when we went from this to this. and, um, we thought we'd do this big splashy visual episode. i love that episode because it's the first time we've really told a story that complex. so james woods murdered stephanie and then he murdered himself. criss-cross. the animators did an amazing job. the artists and the directors and everybody that worked on that. it looks so great to watch and the score is amazing. it's just a lush score all the way throughout. we use anywhere from a 50 to, in some cases, a 90-piece orchestra for every episode of the show. even if people don't know that what they're hearing is live music, is a live orchestra, on a subconscious level it classes up the show. i know that it happens to be one of seth's favorite episodes to this day. and i think he really liked approaching it like a movie. mr. peter.
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mr. joe. mr. bonnie. (whispers) she doesn't know what "mister" means. mr. mort. mr. muriel. mayor west mister. oh, my god, seriously.
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turned out to be a mutual attraction. and the westgate cousins went old school to decide who pays the check, all over delicious entrees like new santa cruz steak from our $20 dinner for two. chili's -- more life happens here.
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(singing) ♪ take me out to place tonight
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♪ to a bathroom stall delight ♪ where a girl will help you empty ♪ every last electrolyte ♪ now everybody gather 'round and listen if you would ♪ when i tell you every person needs a way of feeling good ♪ every kitty needs a ball of string and every dog a stick ♪ but all you need is a bag of weed to really get a kick ♪ ♪ me and jesus ♪ come and hug and squeeze us ♪ 'cause you know that he's a simply christ-errific dude ♪ we do a lot of musical numbers in family guy. which is fun for us. seth is a big music fan. and he's very skilled at executing them. ♪ now a woman who'll kiss on a very first date ♪ is usually a hussy ♪ and a woman who'll kiss on the second time out ♪ is anything but fussy ♪ but a woman who'll wait 'till the third time around ♪ head in the clouds, feet on the ground ♪ she's the girl he's glad he's found ♪ she's his shipoopi macfarlane: shipoopi was so elaborately choreographed
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and then the visuals, which dan povenmire, the director, spent a ton of time working on, really hit every point in the orchestration. and the thing that i've always loved aboutthe sh. when i talk to my son and his friends, you know, they don't know what shipoopi is. they might not know, you know, who gene kelly was, but they're loving the musical, you know, segments. and it's like, how did seth make 10 million teenage boys fans of musicals? ♪ it's a wonderful day for pie ♪ you can ask all the birds in the sky ♪ and they'll tell you real sweet, with a musical tweet ♪ it's a wonderful day for pie ♪ ouason seven premiere was an episode called "road to the multiverse." and there's this great musical number called it's a wonderful day for pie, which is, you know, as devoid of content as it sounds.
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it's just about peter and lois singing about how much they love pie. but the animation in that sequence is amazing. visually, it was just fantastic to see our characters animated in a disney style. i just thought that was so well done. and it was a lot of fun. uh, and we sort of improvised some of the lyrics in the room. seth just came out with... (as peter) ♪ it's a wonderful day for pie and one of us goes... (aeveland) ♪ and it smells so much better than i ♪ it was cleveland as a skunk and it just came together. and, uh, that was a great piece. one of my favorites. ♪ i know you just can't wait to stare ♪ at all that luscious orange hair ♪ but, boy, before you touch a single curl ♪ you must impress that ultra-bloomin' ♪ all-consumin', poorly groomin' ♪ down's syndrome girl the down's syndrome girl song was fun for me because it was the first time i had written lyrics and a tune. which i basically went in and sang for walter murphy
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who then arranged it and actualade it sound good. it's a lot of fun for us to... you know, to write a song lyric and have a great composer like walter murphy or ron jones set it to music. ♪ each bell would peal with a silvery zeal ♪ as the holiday feeling was filling us ♪ but now instead, all we're feeling is dread ♪ because christmastime is killing us ♪ when we did our christmas episode, i had originally envisioned something like rudolph that had, like, four or five, six musical numbers in it. we ended up, like, doing two or three. and i had written this lyric about how... i was making a commeon how cras has become and what it takes out of us all. and when the smoke cleared, it was a success. and we were nominated for an emmy. but also, a great unexpected thrill was we were nominated for a grammy. ♪ you have aids ♪ yes, you have aids ♪ not hiv but full blown aids ♪
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macfarlane: i think the first song that the barbershop quartet did was the aids song. and that's a perfect example of another reason for using that orchestra and trying to be so musically legit. because it allows you to get away with content that you wouldn't rwise be able to get away with. yeah, talk about making a subject matter a little more palatable. people love the absurdity of these guys singing such an outrageous lyric, but what seth appreciates about it is how unbelievably talented these guys are and were in these pieces, musically. it provides a musical cushion that prevents you from being completely crass, if you're being that crass in the first place. ♪ you'll never have to wear a condom ♪ when you do it with your wife ♪ or anyone else you do it with ♪ we promise not to tell i also like the little things that we do here and there, like, stewie singing little folk songs,
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stewie making up his own, you know, little songs, talking about, you know, "playing the g-chord "and here we go to the d-chord." ♪ then brian comes in and i change up the tempo ♪ brian comes in and it changes the song ♪ looking at me like he thinks i'm a douche bag ♪ but he's gonna learn pretty fast that he's wrong ♪ hey, brian, why are you bringing me down, man? ♪ why are you bringing me down? ♪ don't bring me down! music and lyrics by stewie griffin. [ male announcer ] want to make a great car interior? stop looking at car interiors. get inspired by other stuff. yep. yep. ok. sure. why not? woah.
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and the more double xp you get, the more i get to rank up faster. so stock up on double xp, and i'll keep training like a beast. that way together, we can dominate halo 4. 7000 are you with me? yes! yes. now drink that dew. [ male announcer ] advance your spartan's career in halo 4 with double xp under y cap of mountain dew. enter codes at governor martin o'malley has issues with the way petitions are e wants to change the process. and the ravens extend their winning streak with a rought of the oakland raiders.the records they set in the process.coming up ext on fox 45 news at ten. macfarlane: it's amazing to me that the show has had the cultural impact that it has. for a long while, the simpsons was really the only show
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that had broken out in this way and i always hoped we would have a prayer of maybe doing that as well. and i think we've done that. ah! smith: one of the great things now is that we're syndicated. so, we're on all the time. and old people like us now. i have an auntie philly who's 92. she loves family guy and she won't let any of her friends in the room when it's on use old people talk back to the television. she wants to hear it. old woman: what? old man: huh? what? huh? what? i forget. i said it before, but we're so thankful to our fans for bringing the show back from the dead, that i almost feel like we owe it to them to give 110% every day to every episode. i try to interact with the fans as much as i can. i don't know if you can see right now, but i'm actually eight months pregnant. and this is a fan's baby. you get crazy when you're pregnant. (laughing) (sobbing)
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i feel like if you love me from afar then the least i can do is love you back. and if that means carrying your child, so be it. i love my fans. keep digging, you know? it feels like there's no more stories to tell and then we dig for a while and something pops up that, "oh, we haven't done that." (roaring) what's next is, i guess, episode 300. and i'll have even more gray hair and bigger circles under my eyes. i'm here for the early bird special. macfarlane: a family guy movie would be a logical extension. but, with an animated show, you can do pretty much anything. there's nothing you can't do. so what is the reason to make a movie? without giving anything away, i think we've hit on the answer to that. so when that family guy movie does come around, sufficeth to say, it will be something that is not do-able on tv. (farts) sorry. it's been building up for a while. i don't have a favorite character at this point.
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i'm recoding voices so much. hiya, pardner. i'm a cattle rustler. i rustle cattle. oh, that's turning out good. i'm partial to brian. brian. brian steele. ooh, good heavens! he's the only character that i don't leave the booth with a sore throat. seems to me you should send less time working for the paper and more time working on that novel you've been working on... ah! a record- setting day for the conference a -- 11:27:21 "so perhaps the
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general assembly might wwnt to signatures."governor martin o'malleyyhas issues with thh way petitions are passed.why hh callssthe petition proccss "too easy." easy." &pvytaa says... says... &p taps playing playing ann n this veterans day.. we give thanks to those past and present... who gave everytting to protect our freedoms. good evening, i'm jennifer gilbert.the ravens aae reedy performance against the paiders.sportssdirector bruce cunningham joins us now now with what was victory.bruce.
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with two matccups against the arch-rivaa steelersscoming up inthe next three weeks, thee baltimmoe ravens wanted to that they suuely, the most iipressive performance of the season,as they just wiped oot thh visiting oakland raiders.... the ravens led 27-10 at halftime...and as soon as the third quarter began,they open yard scoring pass...ravens led 34-10....things just kept rolling downhill for the quarter....and keep yoor eye on the returner, jacobyyjones.. 105 yyrds for the touchdown, as the ravens set a team record for oonts en route tt a cnvincing 55-20 victory... &p much more on the raaens big win coming uppon our
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expandee unday nnght edition of sports unlimited, right aftrr this newscast... check out some of ouu viewerr and theirrpurple pride.this is thea aller... and she oes all-out when it ccmes tt thee and check out this little uy. he's exhausted after that awesome offensive show the ravens putton earlier today. us your purple prideeyou can upload photos and videos to us through purple -at -fox baltimore -dot- com.ann you can see those pictures n ourr"see ii phoot it send it" page aa foxbalttmore dot com..r you can go to our facebook page.. &pffcebook dot com slash -foxb "inside fox45." the ravens honored those who have served our country.... on this veterans mmmbers and evennthe field --were
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helmet decals and gloves to fielddstencils and goallpost guard to host a live feed on the ision boarddwitt soldiers maryland's special way of honoring military veterans continued this morning in pikesvillee paul gessllr reports how families of six maryland veterans foond some peace today. today. (flag waving in wind)priest: 3.19 ""od of mercy. god of ppacee ggd offlove."druid ridge cemetery is homm to many. wide 1:51 "we are connected bb a band of brothers."hooe... to heroes.tighter: 2.45 "it's deeigned to honor our veterans for their service and their sacrafice."charles and kathy pikesville inters six more maryland vettranss(21-ggn salute begiis)marjorie lubin, eston c. wyatt's daughter: 22219 "anytime i see a 21--gn salutt..."(21-gun salute continues)marjoie (connt): "anytime iisee a flyover orr hear the bugle, i think of him."(taps tarts)marjorie
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lubin, eston c. wyatt's daaghter: 21.40 "it's haad to accept he's gone, bbt he lived a long life."marjorie lubin's father eston earned five bronze ssarssin wwrld war ii. marjorie lubin, eston c. wyatt's daughter: . "he told me before he ied that he wanted to be wwth his buddies. he nd five ther eterrns now have a final resting placee marjorie (con't)::"and, he is now. he is. he's wth them agaii."richard bartlett, sttphen's son: . "they're &pshare that common bond. that was a nice eeling."honor guard: 12.04 "pleaseeaccept this flag as a symbol of our appreciation for your loved one's honorable and faithful perrice." donald: "hank you." donald german...he's here for his brother norman... who died pere killed in action.they are honored, though, just the same. richard bartlett, stephen's day, and, now, veterans day l - esson c. wyatt's daughter: 23.41 "we're not osing him." innpikesville,"we now have a
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place to comm and honor the other soldiers as well ass daddy, you know what i mean?" paul gessler,priist: 4.16 "their bodies are peecefullyy laid away, but their nnme(s) live on and on."fox45 ews at ten.(taps ends) all ix veteranssdonated their bodiee toouniversity of maryland's school of mediciie. meenwhill... across the countrr... people celebrated veteraas day and president obama ssokeeduring aaceeemony at arlington national cemetery members. bagpipes playing playingmilitary veteeans and remembered sunday for seeving heir countty. &pprrsident obama aid a wreath at the omb of the uuknowns in a solemn ceremony. &p45-110"today aaproud nation express oor gratitude. but we do so mindful that no ccremony or parade noohug or hhnd ssake servicc for of that we must do more. for that we musttccmmit
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this day nd everyday to serving you as wwll as you served us." after sppaking, the president met with milittrr families in section 60 of the cemetery... recent wars in iraq and ss - afghanistan are buried. police are searchinggfor two men who shot a fast-food morning n columbia. it happened just before 1 a-m at the taco bell near minstrel way nd snowden river parkwaa. thh manager was confronted y two men outside the store.they floww to shock rauma where he's listed in critical condition. police donnt kknw the motive for the shooting. anooher man is in stable shot yesterday afternoon in southeast baltimore. the 21-year-old as shot neea mcelderly street and north linwood avvnue. police do not have any suspects. a balttmore county woman is car.police say 62-year-old sszanne nattlie selby oo lutherville, was drrving on
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beaver dam road near texas statiin court yesterday &pafternoon.... when a deer ran into he driver's side offher struck a light pole, and was pronounced dead at the scenn. maryllnd voters approved severaa referendumm on the ballot laat week. bbt some of them would've never been up foo public vote... if not for &p- some lawmakers - including - the governer- ant to revisit laws.melinda roeder explains same sex -- the dream act -- and redistricttng. aryland voters got their chance to weigh in last wwek on all of those controversial issues.but -- if the ssate legislature had it's way.... we would've those matters on the ballot - - is being called into queetion. ((how votinn b-roll) marylanders cast their votes controversiil issues.(show fillevid of ccmpaign signs for questions 4 and 6)but ttose votes wwre only maae possible by statewide etition drives. petitions born outtof
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decisions on matters like gayy marriage, redistriccing, and phe dream act.(show file vid &pof petition drives or gay of theedream act stuff wwll have ideo of the internet petition)opponents needed to collect nearly 56-thoussnd signatures. and in eech casee -- they collected much more than that.thanks- in part - to the internet..1:27722 "so peehhps the general assemmly they be physical signaaures." (show more voting b-roll - then cutaways of the governor from today)following thh electiin - governor o'malley called the petttion process too easy.... but todaa - hh sttopeddshhrt of vowing to try ann change it.11:26:06 "as far as the signaturrs required ffo peeitioning... i don'' know really whether hat needs o be changed or not.... the innernet made it so very, very easy. i'm open to thouggtssppople have on that."" petition rules in this state currently are among the toughest in the country to start with."delegate at for referendum... is one f the fewwways voters haveeany recourse in a state so
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one-sided poliiically.... 13:12:31 "i mean the ddmocrat party's a monopolyyin this state... and now he wants to control petitions."(generic annapolis/ggneeal assembby colleagues in annapolis will uphold he petition process... because channing it - he claims - would limit tte voicee believe it's a form of vvter suppression. 3we ssould note governor o'malley had pushed for ll these issuee... to be passed in the eeislature in the first place. and he actively campaigned for them once t became clear voters - not politicians - would ultimatell decide.melinda roeder - fox 45 news at ten. it took more than a century... but one montgomery coonty toww... is now lifting its ban on alcohol! alcohol!damascus will no town.tte town offjuss over 15-- allow alcohol sales.damascus had been one of the few dryy towns left in marrlandd and voters deeided against allowing alcohol salessinnfive different referendum votes.the residents' vote allows
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beer, but n harr liquor.... the change is gettinn mixed reviews. 7:07 i mean therr'' a lot of stuff this town needs, but alcohhl? noo not really 11 11628 anytime you bring allohol into some pplce, it's &pgoing to briig trouble 32 9:11 we've been ddinkinggin damascus. we just have to go 5 et the alcohol 25 25the new alcohol law goes iito effecc ext month...but least 30- days to get the permits to serveeit. the vote leaves ii effect a ban oo the opening of bars. 3 the problems from hurricane sandy... still linger. repairing the damage has just begun. sooe esidents are still without power and no prommse as to when it will be r. restored. there are thousands electrical equipmenn is so waterlogged that pooer crews can't even get in.. to bring their service back.that equipment must be repaired, tested, and certified.
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the cief opprating officer f the long island power authority contends his workers storm daaageeas fast as they newwjersey... state offiiials began alllwing almost all homeownnrr back yesterday morning to survey the damage and collect their belongings. coastal ttwns in new jersey e -3 ann new york have had to endure.meanwhilee.. we're enjoyinggsome beautiful weather in our area. area.chief mettorologist vytas reid has more in his first forecastt.. vytaa. 33& more informaaion tonight in
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the resignation of c-i-a director ddvid e-mails led investigators tt his affair. an explosion claais the lives of 2 people. theeother things ii damaged in its path.
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