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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  November 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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she saay the driver stopped the bus, approached tte teenage girll... and started pinning her into the seat. she wouudn't let the girl get off the bus for several driver has been suspended for violating a no-engagement policy. a wwtness says the driver left scratches on the passenger'' face and a bite mrk on hhr wrist. 3 we have breaking news tooight out of west baltimore. baltimore.. three people tonighht ii happened t 2571 west lafayette avenue just aaross from calverton elementary school. two men aad and a woman were hit. homicide is investigating. there'ssno word on suspects or motive at this time. an... armed robber cecil county... ttrget.a...
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hoodeddman ...entered the ... "chrome dairy"....and... deli... in... rising suu... friday...///.he... pulled out a evolver... and demanded ash.../.moments retired maryland state trooper walked in...///.the... rrbber:... ed him..., tte clerkk... and... another customer... to... a... back room....///that's... trooperr...and... swat team member... disarmed the robber..../the... p suspect... took off and got away. 3&lata patel, store clerr: 15.3 'i'm gone.' so, i didn't think everyyhing whatever i had."joe trooper: 38.02 (wouldn't recommend it) "if he would havv taken the money and gooe,, that ould have been one panted to come back here, that wasn't the normal type of robbe" robbery."anyone with information... about the suspect... is... urged to call... the cecil county sheriff's offiie. city police are investigating a doubleeshooting n est baltimore that left a man and a woman in the hospital. hospital. it happened shortly before 10 last night at the intersection avenues. police found a 26- year-ood woman shot in the leg.... the second ictim... a nearby. both are expected tt -
11:02 pm word on a susppct or motive. and police are searchinn for the suspect who stabbed a man to death innbroad happened around 3-30 yesteeday afterroon .... on rutland avenue near east lafayette. police found a man lying inn &pthe street ... suffering fromm a stab wound to the chest.he was prrnnunced dead at the hospital. tonight... ddadly drugs.../ . being... sold... over the counttr.../ and... it's... all caught on camera. take a look..... at... hat... our hidden camera... captured....// among ... un-suspeeting... customers.../ two... men... walk up this... gas station... in... orthweet baltimore...///. what... they... walk away with..../ is... a... substance... ttht dde-a agents... potentially deadly and illegal...///. package....makes the product appear harmless..../ the label reads scooby snax. 3:50 they're juut putting a stamp on t just to tell &ppeople hey this is not for hu wink it's just like marijuann. synthetic marijuana used to internet. tte dea says they
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the illegal chemicals. a blood drive to help thh victims of hurricane sandy inside the caffteriaawhere a shot the first day of school.... school.... police say 15 fire insidd the perry hall high school cafettriaaaugust 27th.... 17 year old daniel borowy was shot and rushed to shock trauma.....while he wass 10 units of blood during his - two week stay.....after he was released from the hosppttl daniel's fammly wanted to do something to ive back .and after hurricane sandy..... they decided to do a blood a... new... -&r &p are... only as healthy... as their neighborhoods. the... joint center... for....political found... peoplee.. living in baltimore's... lower-incomee.. neighborhoods... ssorter pan... thann.. those... in more... affluent areas..../// by... as... much as ...30 years... between the city's poorest... and wealthhest... neighborhoods....//... &ppeople... lived longest.... ii... the... greater... roland park area... in... north baltimore,.../// 86.3 yyars...../ pand...
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druid heights,.../ 56.7 years.senaaor ben cardin ffund the study "to me its shocking that there's a 30 year difference ommunity, basee upon where you llve, that is not acccptabl" acceptable." the study... pointed to... several factors... such as poor qualiiy housing and education..../ unssfe streets... . and... the election isn't over ffr some americans. theyyre reelection that they're ready to take their sttte and leavv the union. 31 states so far, white house tt secedeefrom the . union.most of those pptitions have a few huudred votes.but texas' petition has over 70- of those 30 other state's mentioned that is &ptalking secession... louisian. 43-54i think it's ridiculous.
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honestly, i really do. it's really dumb. i feel like that's a little much. a little over the top. 100-111it neverrsurprises me, kiid of ridiculous. it's like y- &ppe're living on the far side, pr twilight zone, who knows. knows. the hite house stiil hhsn't commented n the petitions. 33 that's the subject of our question of theedayyshould states beeable to secede? secede? there'ssa heated debate on our facebook page tonighh. about this petition. be sure to like our page whhle you're there. frrm defensive llyer of the year to movie producce? janice park ... live... in... harbor east../. where... terrell showed off is new film entitled "the coalition". coalition".suggs has been very already prrducee four short pilms...featured at the cannes film festival.tonight's premiere the first peature film he's ever done. you're about to ee a clip from the movie...we asked...iss
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ii based onnhisslife? he says "what's up omething i had to taae care of iill be there in 10 minutes"this is a look at a grrup of young, rich, handsome men...whh get wwat's landmark theater in harbor east...and said there was áno petter place to feature his movie thannbaltimore. even though suggs was off the field achilles tendon...this movie wassmade weel befooe his injury. 3 not rue to life...basically entourage meets the first wive club, hope yyu enjoy it if you get to see it" 3 when it comes to the toogh game coming up in pittsburgh,
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unlimited whht suggssthinks about the possibility of ben rothlesburger not harbor east, jp fox45 news late edition. 3 a really bad day for competency in government.the city's ethiis board ssys it's can't keep track offwho has...and hasn't submmtttd forms designed toodisclose connficts of interest. interest.the board asked with weeding out city employees who says it can't keep track of all the forms which are now filed on paper.the boardd admitted the lapse to the city's hief technology officer during it's monthly 21:39:42q: how dooyyu kkep traak oo ppople who do not ile?"a: that's a work in ppogre" progress"the mayor's officeeof technology toddy say they could fix the problem by aalloing employees to file a good day for storm recovery. the ocean cityy piee... left damaged... by &psanny... will soon be...
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according to mayor... rick meehan... / who says the ier... has tremendous importance the town and its visitors...//. meehan... expects.. it... to beerebuilt in time for the summer season..../the project -. 33 & temperatures have dropped nd it feees like fall again. again. almost a 20 degree swing ffom yesterday's highs. highs. let's gg to chief meteorologiss vytas reid for a look at what's happening now.
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3 the etraeus sex scandal is growing. how another general got caught up in the mess and why it may cost himm there's no time for the national anthem in this hockey league. why they won't allow the star spangled banner befooe gaams aaymore. 3 police track down a car thief who could useesomm common ssnse. hhw they were able to find him within minutes of sttaling a car full of chinese food.
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the... scandal....invooving... former ...cia director ... david petraeus ...widens../ ...widens.../petraeus stepped pffair ...and now the top al - commander of us forces in
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afghanistan is under invvstigat. investigatiin.emily schmidt explains why it could cost him his role as supreme allied commander of nato and may lead to prosecution. 3 ii simple termm: this is a story about a former top geeeral, david petraeus, his successor john allen-- and two women: petraeus biographer paula broadwell and petraeus faaily friend jill kelley. between themmis complicated: involving the fbi, cia, ppntagon, the white houseeand congress. "i am puzzled by much of what has occurred in to an affair with broadwell, which amm to light when the fbi investigated what one u-s official has described ass "jealous" emails broadwell sent to elley. now, general allen is under investigation for allegedly sending to kelley email messages one defense official escrrbed as "flirtatiius." defense officials say authorities are pages of documents. "it - really makes yoo wonderrhow he it, and the motivation to do o -
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that from afar." the news about allen--which the national security council spooesman says president obama learned about the same day petraeus resigned-- has put allen's nominntion to be nato's supreme allied commander on hold..allen denies any wrongdoing and &premains on duty in afghanistan. "the presidentt has great confidence ii the military, great coofidence in the commander, and will continue to have that confidence." a defenss official tells cnn there's a defense department ty" the investigation into allennis connected to the petraeus fbi investigation. fbi agents removed property rom broadwell's nnrth carolina cooperating, which is a good idea. the qqestion: are these classified documents?" the answer may show if nationaa pecurity was thheatened by personal choicess in the... type of relationship... between... gen. allen... and... jill unclear.../; howwver, ... evidence... offan
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affair... could lead... to... miliiaay prosecution.../ beeause... adultery... violates military law. defense secretary leon panetta was asked if david petraeus could be rosecuted if his affair with paull broadwell begaa while he wa on aative duty. panetta said he doesn't 3
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3 3 an open and shut case. how police easilyytracked down the man who stole a delivery driver's car. p3 they say the national anthem is just too long. why one hockey league says they won't play the song before any of their games. aúó
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during the season of audi event. aúó common sense says this next criminaa hhs never been accused of being an intelligent person. person. 345 yeer old keith hinds made it into the criminal hall f fame whhn he stole the car of a chinese delivery driver. hinds really stepped up his crime wwve whee he found tons of chinese food in the car, ready forrdelivery. rather thanndrive off hiids decided to pose as he delivery driver and collect extrr cash while
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delivering the food. policc getting a list of the delivery destinatiins from the restaurant. & 3&that morning iiwas atching a thhught my brother and him i - were in on it, i mean, messing with my head, thee waan't, the car is back with the driver tonight and hinds is sstting in a jail cell awaiting trial. mistakes... are... going tt happpn... on... live tv,.../ but... one... denver station... showed... a... complete lack....of common sense.../ during aasttry... about the petraeus affair. affair. the... a-b-c... stttion in denver... aired... coverr.. off.. paula broodwell'ss.. bbography of petraeus...//. the... sommone... grabbed it... off the webb../ and... didn't notice... the book's... titll... "all in".../ edited... a tad...// let's... just say... the altered... the title.... - mooe words... describing. added....// the... station says... the... editor... grabbed the
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picture... from the web.../// not... p realizinn... the title... had been altered...// until... it was &pbroadcast... to... thousands... of people. high school... hockey teamm... in... pennsylvvnia.../ being told... to... stop playing... the... national anthem.../ at games.../ in... order... to savv time and money. money.thatts... because ...teams... rent ut time../ . so... every game carefully timmd... to... get in... as muuh possible... in the the ... me....////- commissiinerrsent out an email tt the 183 high school teams.../ informing them of the change..../he says... the bbn... on the nntional anthem ....s purely... because of time constraints.../ not because of any political or anti-patriotic :23 "the national annhem because of the time constraints...okay? it's not that we're not patriotic, that's the furthest from the 3& maay residents disagree... saying that cutting the
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pational anthem is not the best wayyto save tiie. 1:166"i go back to thee1960s with igh school hockey, and we've always played the pational anthem. so, i thiik that it's something that shoulldbe done. it's part of oor history and our country and absoluuely should be parr of the game." the commissionnr says that because of the backlashh they've been getting... another meetinn will be held... to see if there's a way ttomakk aajustments. 3 3& not voting could costton wiih her car after eleccion 3 dayy 3 & [ dollar ] that's me.
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frussrated over presiient obama's re-election is accused of taking her anger out on her . husband... by... runnnng him over! over!caller: "he got out of the car and shh was ssreaming at him, and he started walking awayyand she starteddddiving in circles around him and shee finally, he took off to try and get away and she rrn into h" him."officers say the woman got mad at hhr husband... when she found out he didn't vote. according to the policc report... she blamed the
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family was going through... andd as upset after learning he won. "i just think it's completely silly that a marriage can get political. families should be able to stay stronger than what's goinggon in the governmmnt right now." the woman is ccarged with assault with a deadlyyweapon. her husband is in the hospital with serious internal injuries. what's the rest of the week going to look like? &plike? let's go to vytas with tte extended 3 3
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was bucc showalttr named manager oo the year tonight? bruce cunnnngham has the sports unlimited. 3
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3 3 3&that's all for the late edition, i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jenniferr ilbert, here's bruce ccnningham with sports unlimiied. 3 3 3 the ravens nd ben rrethlisburggr have a long history...heemay be the single biggest baltimore ttrmentor f this generation..and it looks sunday night..'t be playing thi night.. rothelisburger suffered a shoulder injury on this sack last nightagainst kansas city, and was forced to leave the
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hospital, and has been diagnosed wwtt a sterno-clavic- ularsprain, and is in a lot of mike ttmlin calls him questionable for sunday.. byyon leftwich will replace big ben if he can't go..the ravens ffced steeler backups &pin 2007 and 10 and won both says steelers minus three...we'll see...and at least one raven is gonna missol' #7.... 3 also, the ravens made a roster move today...rookie bobby reserve so tte ravens couldadd cornerback...ttey siined veteran chris johnson, who's played with oaaland,green bay and s louis....the move was in response to a lingering injury tostarter jimmy smith... smith... across town...despite leading the orioles to the biggest turnaround in baseball, aad theirfirst post-season &pappearance in 15 years, theee wwll be no manager of the year awwrd forbuck ssowalter...the
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oriole manager finished secoind to oaklandds bobb melvin..a onetime oriole catcher, melvin received 16 first place votes to vote since 2004 whee showalter &pwon whilke with the texas rangers...this veeision is &pconsidered the official ooe, baseballwriters association...showalltrrhad alreedy won the sporting news version... it's another tuesday night and around here that means another edcition of our prep player of the week ii it's the aree's fnest high school &pathletes since wwy back in 1991...his week, aahistooy making peeformaace... performance... 3 in one form or nother, there since 1885. ann in all that tme, the school had never won a football playoff game.that all changed last friday night, mills in the 2a northhwings - quarteeback davon ingram was the catalyst, the owls had second quarter when ingram added a d run aad dundalk he
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poldthem it was a playoff t game, nd playoff game heans something. we're the best team in our divisiin so that means the gamessare goong toget harder, and don't hold yyur head down because there's ccn play""ddaon's a sophmore, so we put a lot on his shouldees. e keeps his huge play to make it 13-7, so he came back and stepped up. he's a 15 year oll kiddthht's playing a lot higherr"ingram takes possession oo thh &pcoveted prep player of the week awwrd.called the allogram on greenspring drive in timonium. your wholesale now it's time to announce the candidates in ourrhigh schooll brought to you by arsity . sports network dot can voteefor the gameeyou'd like to see highlights of on ur website... fox baltimore dot com.... click on high school game of the week. peek.all of these are regional announce the winner on of sports unlimitedd....thanks - for joining us.i'm bc and be
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starting at 5-am.goodnight. goodnight. 3 3 aúó ♪ ♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review.
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aúó cup of tea with lemon. what happened to your voice? i was screamin' at hecklers all night. the last time i open for a rodeo. well, jerry, i been thinkin'. i've gotten as far as i can go with george costanza. is this the suicide talk or the nickname talk?


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