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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  December 9, 2012 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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lloking to their taalets and hhllo, i'm karen ad..-&3 weekkafttr a steeelers, today's gameein landover came down to field goal in overtime...sports director bruce cunningham joins us ow as another backup quarterback beaat the purple and black...bruce... there are defeats ann then there are paiiful pefeats..and then there are really painfuu defeats...we got the third option today.. quarteeback robert griffin iii out of he game..and then the proverbial bottom fell out.... the ravens were up 28-20 hadkockkd rg iii out of the - game.. but backup kirk cousens &ppierrecarcon froo 11 yards - was 28-26.......tten,,
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cousins keeps t himself for the two point cooersion..the game is tied, and headed for overtime......innthe extra period, the ravens areeforced to ppnt..and watch what éhappens...rookie richard crawford returns it 64 yards...onlypunter ssm koch &pthere...the skins ran a few plays, and then haaded t to kai forbaah, whocalmly kicked tte 34 ard field goal to stun the ravens...31-28 the final... our moogan adsit spent the afternoon down at
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fedex...her reportt and aa exhausttve looo at today's pame,coming up on our expanded sundayh night edition of sports unlimited deepiie he outcome of the game... ravens fans were deeked out and ready for the game beforehhnd. bbforehandd16:46:49-16:46:58 "who's yourrfavorite raven?... 52... who's number 52? ravens. who's number 52? ray lewis." lewis..that veryycute video came from one fox 45 unfortunately.. the ravens were ithout lewis today s he is still ecovering from a torn tricep. and check out this cute little girl.she was ready for game-time... rocking her bernard pollard ersey.check out that ggme face! aad this photo is simply titled... rrvens fans vs reeskins fans.ed reed and joe
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flacco... well represented in that office setting. can upload photos - and viddos to us through purple -at -fox baltimmre -dot- com..nd you can see those pictures on our "see it shoot it ssnd it" page at canngo to our ffcebook page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore... click on new reaction to aadeadly crash involving a dallls cowboys' lineman josh brent now facing up to 20 years behind bars for an alleged drunk-driving accident that killed his teamma. teammatt.policc say early saturday mooning... the club in dallas... he wws a - speeding... hit a curb... and flipped his caught on fire.cowboys linebacker jerry brown was also in the carr.. but was killed in the crash. investigators say brent failed field sobriety tests at the scene and waa arrested. 100-113"the focus from our ssandpoont on behalf of josh is jerry brown, his family,
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his loved ones, his friends, this is a tremendous loss to him it's like losing a little b" brother.. brent and brown had been frieeds for a long time. hey played football together back in college in illinnis. brent wws arrested in 2009 in illinois for driving while intoxicated. diitrict police are on the &pshooting that happened aboard haapened around 6 p-m at he intersection of 19th strret and minnesota avenue in adult woman was shot and killed as she was gettinn n follooed the woman on and shoot started shootiig.a 4-year-old girl may have also been sttuck. she was taken to the hospital and her condition ii unknown. police aae still looking for the shooter. an off-duty baltimorr county police in overlea. investigatoos call the officer.. the victim of a random shooting. shooting. keith couuty olice headquarters
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with the dettils.. keith. keith. karen..... survive. he's a patrol officer.. the his name. they're -3 working now to find the one responsible for the shooting. shooting. 3 an off-duty baltimore &pcounty police officer shho inn oveelea.. a victim after neighbors reported a figgt at the corner of dale avenue and penwooo avenue.... a quiet place to live thee say. but gunfiie disturbeddthe peace justtafter 3 o'clock sunday orninn. joan &pgebhardt heard the commotion. &p (ms..gebbardt/resident) "well, i didn't hear the shooting but i diddhear the round and round. i thought, uh oh, there must be a ttrrible accident, cause of.." but it was a shhoting. investigaaors say it all started with the &pwhee he saw a large group of people......(keith) "police
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say the officer topped his car...asked the roup to move, ss he coulddpass. buttthen a man in the crowd pulled a gun struck the officer."(ááánats "the officer ii fine.." "thank god."ááá)(ms. ferguson/residdnt) "it's a bit frightening causeei've been in that police need your help finding the perssn that shot a man in a wheel
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&pchair in west baltimore. 22-year-old brent nikcees is escribee by person. he was in a confined to a wheelchair. buu friday night nickkns was ssot several times near westwood avenue and north bentalou ssreet.. tonight a push for someone to come forward in hopes of solvvng a senseless crime. "if people ddcideethat if they arr going to stick togethhe and not put up wiih it and we have a ccance of topping it, as long as people thiig well im ot doinn anything about it and they see somebody ii trouble and et it go on -i" they are not sure what brrnt &pwas doing in the west baltimore neighborhood the thaa he had recentty started hanging out there. the fourth suspect in theebeating of a tourist in front of the miichell courthouse in downtown bbltimore has plead guilty. it was a story you saw baldwinnpleed guilty to
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years in prison after a man 3- was punched, knocked unconscious, stripped, obbed day. we spoke with attorney warren brown who defended anothee suspect in theecase ... who calls the acts senseless. p don't think that was really what ganeeed the emotional response i think it was the senseless attacc of someone who inding his bussness the degrading of the individual once they wee knocked out once &pphey derobbd hhm and what appeareddto be a animaliitic treatment of this ggnnlemannof a crowd of individuals... individuals... phayona davis, deangelo carter also plead guilty to assault and both were given probation. aaron parsons pleed guilty too rrbbery.... heeserveddless than a year of his 3-year pplice want your help in catching a suspect in a fatal hit- andd run from last month. paul ggssllr reports the victim's sisters all their
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chauna morris, ictim's sister: &p"yes. yes, yoo are, ann noww you're in ttat picturee." sssters chauna nd maaieka remember their brother, leee sister:"i love him, and i'll never forget him as long s i live.""arnes was killed outside this shell gas station on frankford avenue in east baltimore llst month.chauna morris, victim's sister:"it was not a hii-and--un. it was malicious murder. she hit him pwicc."paul gessllr, reporter: "homicide detectives have had very ittte to work with over the course of the last three weekss that is untii they ame across a picture from surveillance video. they say this is one of the two suspects--both women, ho were in the mazda thht hit baanes,, and then fled the scene." chauna mooris, victim's sister:"it was malicious. it was wrong and she needs to atone for her sin."friends say barnes exchanggd words with a woman at the gas station before she ran him over. malieka barnes, victim'ss why? why wwull sheetake his life like that?"barnes died an an aree hospital.chauna morris, victim's &psister:"nobody deserves to di &pfamily and friends remembeeed him a week later aa a
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candlelight vigil.chauna thank the lood forrthe time he gave me with him, but it wasn't enough."pollce plead alongside barnes' family... anyone who recognizes this woman, sppak up.chauna morris, yoorself to justice'."in ding baltimore, paul gessler, fox45 pews at ten. the wwmen were seen driving a black 4- door mazdaathe night of november 17th. ....rison officials are lookinggfor this woman.her name is tamicia haggr.she was released byymistake from the women's ppison in jessup.she's 5 foot 5...300 pounds...and 26 years ood.she was serving two 3 year entences for burglary. anyone with information in either case is asked to call police after some sun yesterddy... the rain was back today.a how does the weather look for week?chief meteorologist vytas reid has a look at your first forecast. 3
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natsscauggt on camera... amazing video of a minivan crashing into a jewelry &pstore...the suprise reaction &pfrrm the driiee. aproachhss.. none more than f this "type" of businnss will feel the impact more.
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just waiting for inspiration to strike. and there it is! done. genius. give the gift of dunkin' coffee. get two pounds for $14.99, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin'. called "fiscal cliff" would pave n impact on mmst people but noneebigger than small business ooners.brenda buttner these owners may facee face. on any ffll ff the cliff, some will get hurt more thann others. small biz owners face some of the biggest hits. that's &pbecause most of them, who are
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far frommrich as inddviduals, and oottn struggge to startup taxed on the individual level. if we go over the cliff, and that temporary taxx reak, which waa originally intended to help companies on main will suufer a 5.8% tax raae ift business is clear what thht &pmeans to the country:card says: "i hope the federal goverrment in dc recognizes that small business owners pay their taxes at the indivvduaa rrte and when we ttlk about corporate tax reform or business tax eform, that that's not a good idda. thess are the people thht create two thatts part of thh reason the estimates the unemploymmnt &pthe end of nexttyear if we y - jump off the clifff which impacts customers of firms big and small but the small guys on main street could also &pfind ii hard tt eep business all in the family. a fall off he cliff means the
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death tax goes wayyup; the maximum essate size exempt 5 million to one millioo. lus: higher taxes could also have an impact on investors. small businesses reey on outside go from ssall to bigger. all this is why any polls themselves by hiring ewee spending less on marreting. that has a multiplying effect on the businesses that &pprovide thoseeservvces and many of the customers, fearful of job losses, who are the engine of the economy. fox news.rk, brenda buttner, a minivan careens into a georgia jeweery store... and it's all aught on tape. 38-43minivaa crashing inside, woman screaming screamiinthe horrifying crass surveillanceecameras at chandlee jewelers lasttweek. the driver says a carbon
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dioxideecanister wedgedd causing the minvian tt lunge into the store.. the van narrowly missed the store ownee's daaghter and a 43-54"heard what i now know o be the revving of an eegine. i lookeddto my ight and blinked store ann my customer was missi" missing."105-111"she ssid, 'can you please help me up, where's my pursee she was ll talking.the crash cost he dollars worth of dammgeeandd lost jewelry. the driver f that van isn't 3expected to face any charges. riving while high. the leggl limit marijuana users can smoke whhle behiin the wheel. dozens of mailing your holiday packages -
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the year... onday. 3 people came together to
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celebrate the holidays and raise money for arthritis. the 23-rd annuul jingle bell 5-k run is a nationwide fundraiser. the burnn arena. paatiiipants dressed as santa, elves and his reindeers..... "it's a holiday themed 5k run &pso really benefitting arthritis its a really seriius condition ttat affects over 50-million people ii this country aan 300 thouuand children are actually affected by juvenile arthriiis." from todays event will go eeds
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towards advance research to find a cure for arthritis. 3 &p3
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3&p if you're writiig a letter to santa....forret the pen and pencil...he's going digital. find out the sites you cannvisit to make and post your hollday wish listt and driving while high, how much marijuana is too much?how l and driving while high, how much marijuana is too much?how l
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♪ oh, what fun it is to ride... ♪ get in the holiday spirit with dunkin's peppermint mocha, new white chocolate, or gingerbread flavors today. america runs on dunkin'. driving...but in olloado and
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washington their now drumming high. ssnce pot has become legal for recreational use in both states....washington is iiposing a strict limit on the amount offpoo drivers can have pn their system. one study showed that within 3 hours of smoking drivers are twice as likely to cause a crash. so in washiigton the limmt is 5-
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nanograms per blood saapll. but expertt say hey still don't know how much pot actually causes impairment. pbecauss we are early on in the reseaach phase it is veryy difficult to tell if that 5 nnnogram level will change, -s haae evolveddover theeyearss" //butt to//"for anyone to say 2 hits or dosages would get me to 5 nanogramm - it is nearly impossible to make that determi" determination." colorado has already defeaaed the 5 nanogram known to stay innthe bodd for thh impairment limit. we hope santa is tech savvy...because now... people are ditching the pen and paper...and sending tteir wish digitally!sites like amazon, wishpot and tall wish are letting people post their gift ideas on social networks, friends and family. the website pinterest has created
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i hare it with everybbdy. i make my list on pinterest, all the pictures are there.// and i have one foo my kids, i have one for my husbbnd, he makes well.just last month pinttrest businessess which means retailers caa highlight their pwn merchandise this holiday season. 3 the ravens knock obert griffin thee3rd out of the and black home with a oss... unlimited...
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3minimal lothing for charity run in uugary. hungary. over a hundred competitoos came to budapest in swimsuits or underweer for the ninthhannual santa run. the event benefits the magic lamp foundation whiih acknowledgesschildren's dreams. in below freezing
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condiiions,,the rrnners did their best to have fun... mmtivationnto keep n going. &p3 p3 that's all ffr the news at ten....i'm karen parks...up next bruce cunningham and morgan adsit have full highlights and reaction from landover as the rrvens let one slip through their fingers... bruce and morgan... coming up tonight on sports unlimmted...the ravvns were early in thh es - they've lost back to back games on last second field goal. goals... even worss, they've lost backkto-back games to packup quarterbacks... last week the old man beat'emm but his initials are not r-g-3.. r-g-3..i talk with ravens center matt birk and linebacker courtney pshaw to both sides of the ball...on ball...and the one area that has been strong for the avvns all year let them own oddy... the baccbreaking mishap by thee special teams...sports unliiited sttrts aater this...
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bruce cuuningham...i'm morgan - getting over lass week's loss to the steelers...the ravees drop thh ball again n the moments..... and for the second straight week, they let a baccuppquarterback win it... ((turn)) ravees woold have ann8 point e - leadwith lles thhn a minute to play, had knocked rg iii out of the gameand were acing a second rookie quarterback, who had to produce a touchdownand p two point converstion just po tie it'd think thingg looked prettyysecure right about then, wouudn't you? think again..... again.....the avenssgetting tteir first look at rookie sensaton robbrt griffin the 3rd....1st play from scrimmage...alfred morris, allo a rookie, busts it up the gut...refuses toogo down... taken out at the 49...gain of 29...skins in business....


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