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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  December 28, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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our third wiiter blast oo the w. week.janice park... streaming live... long the beltway... rooklan--ville.../// to... tell us how... the state... is prepping... for snow. the tons of salt that you seee behind me...will be used starting around midnight...ass crews obilize.the state highway administration says
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even a few inches of snow can wreak havoc on the if ou are planning on trrveling early tomorroww morninn...they re asking that . you arr aking looo at the "emergency operation ccnter" at the state highwayy administration.they have live camera feees... that allows them to monitior roadway conditiins....nd even pavement senors that feed info on what's going oo....all this technology helps them determine which areas need he now...they've been treating comes the salt, then plowing. 3 "in fact to stay one step ahead...crews areedeployed pretreating roads, prevents ice to road to eeppsafe in wintee storm" and even though they advise against it...if tomorrow can caal 511....local, livv traffic in brooklandville, jj fox45 news at 530. whhn you need to stay on top
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latest information rrght on e - your cell phone.... download theefox 45 mooile news app for your droid or i phone..... it includes headlines.... conditions all at your &pfingertiis..... o to foxx baltimoreedot com.... look for mobile at the top of the screen... we're following... a... developinng story... outtof west baltimore.../. two mmn... havv been shot....on... woodbrook street...//. one man... waa shot in the back-side... / the other... in the chess...///. both... were taaen to shock trauma. seeere beating offa man on the in east baltimore... and is now being investigated as a possible hate crime. crime.this is wwat kenny shaw looks like.his ace baddy and his family beliive he was targeted because he's gay. 13:10:55 this was outragous what type f person would do
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phis on christmas you know when people are supposed o be celebrattng people are outt :09 shaw says her son waa 9- walking hhme from a corner store when a group of... 5 oo 6 men... attacked him. police say they do havee several leaad. a ballimore county man... missing since how he disappeaaed remains a mystery. pearson left his home to mmet someone regarding aa connracting job. for four days no one knew where he was. then found inside a home on wws -3 mcculloh street near mcmechen street. ddctors say pearson might have trauma to condition.serious buu stable 3 a... hearing blogger.../ wwose ... public stand-offf...with pplicc... gained... attention..../ now... a... baltimore... judge... &pp weighs in.../ on... áifá... he phould remian... behind barr. bars.
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dissapointment today outside 47 years he's never posed a "n - threat to the public,,hh's court judge lynn k. stewart denies bail again for blogger and activist james mcarthur. ruling in a brief ive minute paltimore spectattr is a threat to ppulic saftee and should remain innjail.11119:18 "we feel it is an utttr travesty and that it is a ssap in the face."it's a caseethat when macarthur was arrested aater thhs tensea&nd very puulic ssandoff with police parlier this mmnth. ((natssof standoff))negotiations broadccst live from his north baltimore homm after he refused to open the door when police tried o serve a warraan for violatiin of ended with macarthur behind bars amid new allegations he made ttreats against police and had gun ii hisshome.
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that he is such a threat to the ublic saaety that there ii no condition f bail and that he woold cause harm to the public is absurd." his lawyer staae delegate jill p. carter ssas the noobail ruuing is bad call.10:50:40"i don't think the decision was a correct one."11:19:21"it's really something you would expect in a 3rd world country for a journalisttto be locked up.""upporters of macarthur for his ork as a blogger. - 11:20:21"it happened quitt soon after he did lot of major reporting on pollce abbseewhich ii rrmpant in bbltimore and we don't ttink it'' coincidenceeand now a long legal battle that just got tougher, as prosecutors say thee are ccnsidering new charges.10:51:15"it's sada" aanapolis police are looking for a woman doolarr oo the stolen rrddt cas cards. surveiilanne camera.
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ddllar purse from inside a car - anddthen racked uu thhusands pf dollars in charges on n card before they were canceled. if you case... you are asked to call annapolis pplice. aniiatiin))scientists ... are... now looking... into the d-n-a... of the man... bbhind the... saady hook massacre... / 3 for... clues... assto what... made him... snnp. a... "first-of-its-kind"... study... /// doctors... are... testing... adam lanzaas... d-n-a...//. for... mutations... associated ithh.. illness.../ that... could an increased risk... ffr violence...//.but... experts say... p that....people with thooe enes... will copy... lanza's behavior.../.lanza... shot and killed... 27 people.../ iinluding... 20 children.../ ecember 144h. after... debatt... about gun laws... have been... on... the rise... nationwwie..../ here... inn maryland delegaaee ...has plans to ffx it. tooay...
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elegate ...pat mcdonough ...hhldda conference... introducinn... 3 bills... on... gun violence...//. one... is... the gun owner... privacy act,.../ criminal ... gun control act..../ and... the... capittl punishment... for... mass murddrs actt...// is... also ... - pushing... for... stricter arole... for... violators. baltimore city are done by - people who are on parole with pgns so what my billldoes its ssys that if you commit a crime with a gunnand youugo to jail yyu can't have parole you circumstances." rly under any - the next 3anuary ninth.ssion begins on - breaking news ffom morgan state university.the school's itsslf and voted to renew the contract of univvrsity earlier this month the board &pwiison'' contract.but after proteess from students and hold a mmeting today to get &pone student had to say before
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today's meeting. 33:11"we ealll just want answers, we want to find out why. we as a tudent body have a duty to find out what's going on." on." hhre's no official yet on why theeboard changee its vote and renewwd the contract today. the nation's leeders have just four days to reach a deal to avoii the fiical cliff.... hiih would mean automatic tax increases for evvry american and drassic speeding cutt. resident ooama summoned four washington power players and others to a meeting at the whitt house this afternnoo.. nancy pelosi....ssnate majority leader harry reid, and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. potential deal. "reeubllccns are not about to write a bbank check for anything the senate democrats put forward.""i'm happy to work with thee anyway that i &pcan but the way things havee been going, it's not a good
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escape hatch that we have." &pobama is expected to comment 45. weell bring you that live... ii jjst ten minutes the cost of living in 2013 could soon go up. a up to 8-dollars. - p crystal haynes explains why the price could soon double. doublee kristen bianculli s a busy mom of two. herrgirls and husband--bianculli ssyss "yep. they drink a lot of mmlk."" ...and wwth the current cost of milk sse's like most moms...she shhps the &psales. bianculli says: "it's you know, it's ggne and you're - likk 'oh the onns that are on sale are gonn!'" but come january fiist the price of her family's precious &ppallon ould almosttdoublee of the currrnt agriculture te - bill and a dairy subsidy. without a plan in place...experts sayythe called dairy cllff...and the governnent oulddget theegreen light to buy ddiry ppoducts at those costs on to you ... the consummr.slominski says: "tte
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peccy would be required to raise milk prices to roughly ptirty eight dollars a hundred tweett dollars hundred rate, kristen...she's loooing aa milk...highee ice dairy-baseddproduct prrces. bianculli says: "who wants to &ppay eigth dollars for a ggllo of milk when you've got kids, and we go thrrugh a gallon of milk probably ever two days so that ould make things hard." experts also'd be hard times for the dairy &pintt the precipice. slominski to consummrs, it would raise - dairy prices signnficantly. it woold be very hhrmful to the dairy industry i would add iff prices considerably, milk consumption would go down, negative impact." 3 the aggiculture bill dates back to 1944. how are he roads lookkng tonig? tonnght?jessica lulguriihas report.
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map greenspriig camera baltimore national pikeecamera map map president barack obbama.. aboot to peak with reporters on tteefiscal cliff negotiitionn. we'll take yoo thhre live... right after the break. 3
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on any new volkswagen. that made rockin' new year's ev will gett sseciaa hooor. honor. moreethan a billion peoppe arrund the worlddwill be &pdropping ceeemony inntimm - sqqare. workees eight neewcrystal panels onto &pyear's theme f 'let there be peace.' ne of the crystal triingles is ennraved telecast hoss.ear's evee rk clarkksays: it's business was business you know and new year's eve we come to
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pew ork and he did his jjb, &pdid the countdown and always wws xcited about itt allays enthusiassic, not as said before, he didn't ever think it's just another new yeers &peve. every new year's eve was 3& dick clar died in april at the age of eightyytwo. he had hosted the aanual times square new year's eve broadcast for &p2011.t four decades until boot from the "x the singer didn't show enough peergy... anddwasn't worth her 15-million-dolllr contract. judge simon cowell feltthe got the "booing""britney... and panted thee"crazy" word yet from spears'' in... the past... 12 &pmonths... / pe've... seen... several overnnght success sttries... unfold.../// &pbut... unfortunately,... we've also witnessed ... pheedecline... of a feww celebritiis...//.caadace... dold... takes a look... at some of the top
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from... 20--12... for... today's lowdown. 3 (((pkg))))catthy dance tunes, celebrity reak-ups and the tragic ddath of a singing icon... thee are just a few of talking in the world of show business this year. herr's a look down memory lane. (nats: "ss call me aybe.") the song was almost inescapable... sensation "call me maybe." it earnee the youug singer two grammy nominntions... and counttess covvrs online.(nats: ""litzy's tearing up my ants, mama.") whether it was a pleasure.. audiences couldn't turn away from t-l-c's hit honey boo boo," .(nats: ms "gangnam style!") rapper psy (sigh) went from a relatively unknown pprformer tt a the number onn watchee video on youtube, ith ooe than 1 billion vieww "new seeual voice of elmo..." in oneeof the most surprisinn stories of the year, "elmo" puppeteer kevin clash was forced to resignnfrom sesame street...
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afterrbeing accused of engaging in sexuul "you're waaching cnn, and the breeking news of whitney houston's death." it was a tragic end to an iconic singerrs successful ut ooten troubled career. whitney hooston, whh battled witt &pdrugs and alcohol for decades bathtub attagee48... the night beffre the grammy awards.. houston's deeth was an accidental drowninn with the effects of heart disease and cocaiie use as contributing factors. nats: and i will aaways love youlooking ahead.. one of the biggesttstories for 2013 will most likely be the pirth oo the rooyllbaby.ssaa tunnd.i'm cannace dold and that's your lowdown. we are waitiig forrpresident barack obama to sseak with reporters on the piscal cliif egotiatioos. this ii a live looo at the briefing rrommin the white house. we'll bring yyu tte president's comments ooce he arrives.
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p-adblib weaaher tz-- 3 that's all for ox45 neww at 5:30."family feud" is next. next.and weell e back tonight the late edition at 11...and - 11...we'll see you
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