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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  January 17, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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&pcharged as adults. but it doesn't stop there. ((vo)) under theenew plaa,,a smaller existing facility will be reeovated to hhuse those offenderr who legallyycannnot be housed with other juveniles adult. today, they're held here at the baltimore city detentionncenter... whicc has long been thh source of harsh criticism because of he inside... not to mention it's an adult facility... and was never intended to be a place for younn criminnls... yet that's what it's bbcome. 17:34:09 the current for kids 34:11 that's been te made very clear nd 34:13 we haae to improve those conditions leaving youth n those conditions are ssmply nnt our priority we have to p3ange that circumstance for kids :23 3 ((joy)) a number of things ssill need to happen befooe all of this can be finalized &pand that includes finding a location in the city where new treattent facilty can be news at 5:30.ylepola fox 45
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a statt trooper is in serious condition this morning after an accident in hhward county. & happened around 4-3 wednnsday afternoon on i-70 near route 32..nvestigators say that's when corporal matthew telep veereddontoothe shoulder of the highway... and innide for a short time before being airlifted to shock (19:41) ww ave had a witness call the barrack who saw this crash an rrports that they believe he trooper was cut off by another vvhicleewe will continue to followwup on that the crash...igateethh ccase of - crrsh... anyone with inffrmation is aaked to all maryland state police at 410--99-2101. thieves in howard coonty have a new target tonight. from pooice.ompting a warning - police. jeff abell shows us why deteetives... are urging homeownnrs keep watch... over their mail, jeff..... homeowners in howard county on the door.....anddaa eye on the mail. thieves have hit seven s,
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mailbooes in clarksville and boxes that are displaying the red flags.....and thee swiping the outgoing mail. dettctiies saa they're stealing chhcks, altering the &pinformation on them, andd attempting to cash them. dolllr heck was changed to - nine-hundred dollars..... buu the bank caught the fraud before it waascashed. 1:46:11) "uh, its prrtty know our mail. i just feel like we need to be a whole lot more careful.. we're aalot ore worrred in the neighborhood now aboutthomes being brrken into. people watchnn uss" 3 us."people watchng us." 3 so far, there's no arrest.... but there is a warning.... if you can't pooice are urring homeowners to mail ccecks at the poss office.....oo in one of thooe blle mailboxes that are owned by the postal service. jjff abell, fox 45, news aa 5:30. olympics officals havv meddl.the i-o-c discused of
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pevoking the medal in december on chhrges of dopinn but delayed.the disgraaed 7- time tour de france winner is &pexpected to admit to using steroidss. during an interview with oprah that airs tonight. lancc armstrong myyhaae been stripped of his only... olympic meeal....///.. but reputation... as a philanthropist... in the cancerrfighting world...may survive. at the ulman fund foo young adults in memorabilia hangs onnthe walls. it's founder, doug groups aimed at helping people 3 &pwith cancer are nootletting the armstrong controversy (brock yetso)"its ceetainly disappointtngg o learn the focus and the focus of so many - amazing organizations that are helping caacer survivors." survivors." lance armstrong has been a mmjor donor to he ulman fund. in 2007 he gave 1000thousaad dollars to start yoong adult navigation programs inssie
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hospitals. dame... football starrs... inspirational girlffiend... is... really... taking a strange turn. it. the viccti of a "sick and a- 3
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3 ppople throughout maryland and baltiiore hhve been showinn their purple pride...and now... bbllimore's finest are haaing their say. 100-105"hey ray, take thhs bunker uu there with you wwhn you go up there, brady may need it. hit em hard." pard."142-147"this is how wee treat guys from new englaad, eepecially you tom brady (tackle). go ravens!!!!" ravens!!!!"244-255"ray, ray,, terrell, ed, joe, kick some patriot butt...go ravens... &pthaak you, thank you, from me to the baltimore policeedept. you." the baltimore police departmenttreleased this video... showing their spiiit and support for the ravens the patriots. at baltimore citt police headquarters with the story of how the video was cceated..
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everyone came on everrone came on boaad for this one...from the poliie academy to the homiciddeunit. the baltimore pooice department says they madd the weekend.and who knew! there pan danceeolice fficers thaa p3 "next stop new englaad...let's po ravens, thhnk you thank you there's no me without you!" &ppolice say ravens pllyers were happy to help them out with this wasn't just ne pprsoo's put the video each police unit showed their purple theirrown unique way.commissioner anthony batts is from saass he ravenn are his adopted team. this video s o celebbate fight against rime, it's
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equally immortann to engage hhman side of depprtment and officer sand sspport our home team which is what we want too increasing patrols...fells increasing increasing paarols...fells point, canton federal hilll...traffic in dowwtown 530.imore,,jp fox45 news at - 3how are the oads pooking tonight? tonight?carrie eirce has our traffic edge repoot. reportt mapmapmmot- 695 libertymdot- 695 balt naallpike mmp
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start thh newwyear off on the righttfinancial foot. foot.what you ccn do today to falling ehind yoor goal in our take aation thursday. amerrcan idol is off and punning...theeimpact a maryland man s alreaay making. --adblibbwwather tz--
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maryland &pman... is... on his ay... to hollywood ...///.he... earned... a... golden ticket... puring his... american idoll audition... last night...//. but... before... e... heads off... to the bright lights... in tinseltown, .../ stopped by... our studios... to... ccat with... &p candace dold. &ptoddy. -3 3 p, now that weere into a new year, many
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people are hoping to have a one good way to starr is ttoss start spendiig less ... and saviin more.easier said than done? for this eek's takk action thursday, gary joins us with the steps you - &psuggest people do o you to begin saving-you typically spend to the level of your inccme-when should you start savvng and howwmuuh 3
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p you''e gonna needda bigger find themselves ii the middll of what could have been a &psteven spielberg movie...hear their reaction to this large fish... p3 &p--addlib weather tt--
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pn invvstigation iito some unusual computer activity
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reveals a uus based programmer... outsourced hii áownáájob to china.aacase study by the verrzon usiness consulting ompany documents the scam of aadevellper... peferred to as ábobá.his bbsses noticed their cooputer systems were being accessed prom first... they thought hackers were behind it... but an investigation revealed that ábobá had hired a firr in china to do his work. the programmers werr fifth ffbob's six-figure salary... while he surffd the internet all day.ábooá has since been fired. - adlib toss to vytas...
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it's joe flacco's 3rd afc it's joeeflaccc'' 3rd afc championship...the playoffs that he doesn't buy in sports unlimiied... death, injuriee... there isn't anytting thii ...
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pavens team hasn't been through...and vercome.
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pell in the -f-c championshhp...sunday night in familiar.... just have o go y - .just a month ago...plenty of what, if any, playyff run they coulddmake..then came january... ray lewis back on "d"... the offense, explosive thaaks to joo flacco.almost as if ttey've eeevated their play from theeregular season to now. &pbut joe disagrres. "i ttink thht'd be a &pput there. the fact thht youure playiig one way in the rrgular seassnnand a ccopletely dfffrent way in the playoofs, i think hat's a bunch of crap. i think we go out there and lay it onnthe line eveey week, aad like i said, i'd be doing myself a disssrvice and everybody else in the leegue a disservice if i werr to say i thought the playoffs were diiferent. i really don't. here's obviously a littll bit more on the line,,because if you don't wii, you go home. but you've put yourself into that &pposition and every one of those games wws just as ddn't reallyybuy into that."
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join me tonight aa 6-30 oo fox45's ffcebook page for a ravens chat aasthey prrparee for the afc tt facebook dot com slass fox baltimoree.. the orioles off season approach has been...if it's not brooe, don'ttfix it. they've made very little noose with off season movee....nn feel like they've got ieccs in lay for another ppst concern was those in chargee.. theeoriolls extended dan showalter thhoughhthe 22-18 season..aano brainer... fter duquette picked up some kky players like jason hammel, wei yin chen and nate mccloth forr tooa franchise most wins... and first post season appearance... since 1999.with that order of business out of the way... the skipper'ssready to move on... we'll announce our high school game of the
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week winner...and hear a pooer- ballad from terrell suggs.aa 10-50 and 1-30 on sports unliiited... --toss tt vytas-- vytas-- 3 3 p33
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it's a once ii a lifetime &pencounter most coold live wit. without...two... australiin... fisherman... got... too... close and personal.... with a... grrat white s/ shark...///."oh my god yeah the engine and just haae ttat r. running."a couppe of locall were out fishing for smaller 3 gigantic great white that s peasured more thaa 13- feet. but insteed of packing it in... the mmn sat mesmerized by the giant fish for forty minutes while it ccrcled thhii boat. 33 3&phat'ss ll for fox45 news att5:30."family feud" is nextt next.and we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and
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