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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  January 18, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 - purple caravan 3 friiay, january 3 11th - 3 3 3 &
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3 3--3 3 we are just two days awayy
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from the a-f-c championshhp game... and everyone here in baltimore is gearing up forr the ffce off against the patrioos. pattiots.joel d smmth ii streaming now behind enemy lines... to see how patriots fans re gettinn ready for the & purple invasion.he's up in providence right nnw where the ttams are stayiig.good morning joel d. d. -3& 3
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3 -33 3 pox455news ..will have continning cooerage... of the & long..and then on fox45 news at five and fox45 nnws at ten. p3 3 and even ttough new pngland is seven hourr away... you can still trash talkkttose tweet your thoughts on tte game ann use the hash tag "patriots beat down". you can see what other ravenssffns are saying... and &pphat patriots fann are sayyig foobaltimore dot comm & p click n "raa's ast ride". 3 if you're against &pgetting thh "old" flu shot....thii newwvaccination may change your miid.
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3 the f-d-- has approved a new flu vaccine that's made áwithoutá eggs or the influenza virus. it'' called "fluulok" and wass creeted uuinggd-n-- technology and an insect virus. the vaccine is for peoppe 18 to 49- yearr-old. experts say it uses aafaster manufacturing process....and containss three strains of influenza. 3 p ggvernor marttn &po'malley is makinn public safety a prrority this year. p today... he'' elaborating on is proposals 3 prevention in maryland.. he plans o propose a ban on military-style assault weapons and push for stricter licensing requirements. e'll also address mennal healtt and school safety. 3 poveenor o'malley's proposed budget would raise tuition at state universitiess.. if passed.that means students 3 semester to attend classes. students at the university of maryland... for instancc... univerrity students would speed extra 170 dollars... and
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coppin ssate would spend 115 dollars mooe. 3christtan harrii, coppinnstate student: "it doesn't seem like that much to anybbdy else, but it can make oo break--or make a difference. make or break a & ssudent, assfar as whether theyycan return to school, because they mmght not have & it."martell gayyor, coppin state student: "try to make it a little it easierrfor us to make the worll a bettee place, & becaaue the haader yoo make it for us to payytuition, the higher tuition is, the harder it is o pay." pay."for the detailed list of proposed tuiiion incrrases... you can finddit by going to 3 phis morning... there's ann "american idol" aadition... that as the worlddtalkkng..- talking.each year... there's allays that one audition that just pulls at your heart strings... and this year... it's all abouttlazaro arbos 33 sot: my naae is lazaao... i - movvd to florida when i
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3 was 100 11. 3& pazaro began to stuuter at age 6... and it intensified ftee he movvd to the u-s at aae 11. there were times he couldn't 3 had to ay verything for him. eventually, she said, "i would -3 just saa 'sing tt me! singgto me!'"here's what hhapenee when - over troubled water" in front of tte juuges last night. 3 nats: bridge over 3 troubleddwater water
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3 the stutttr disaapears when he sings!lazaro is now headed to thh hollywood ound 3 american idol returns next wednesday and thursday at 8-pm heee on foo45. 3 comingg p... foo45 puts our ray lewis danceeskills... to the test. test.jonathan ray lewis dance dancethe local lawmaker who steps in... to help us out. 33 you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. -3 3& ((bump out)) p(break 1))
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3 3 support a local organization and honor drr mmrtin luthee king jr. the y of central marrland pays tribute to his legacy.eric somerville from the y of centtal maryland joins us for this mornings 3 about the eventt 3 - can aayooe 3 patend?
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3 attend? 3 - how ong will the eeent last? 3 3 "a onummnt to greatness" the y oo cennral maryyand's annual tribbte to dr. martin luther king, jj. takes plaae todayy from 9:00 a.m. 0 10::0 a.m.
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to learn more log on o ox morning. you can get your morning news and weather... even days a week righh here on fox45. fox45.fox45 morniig news - it will be annhhred by - longtime baltimore broadcaster parianne baniiter and meteorologiit tony pagnotti show premieresstomorrow at 6 a- m... and sunday at 7 a-m. 3 coming up... 3 the "mooa lisa" travels to the moon... but not in the way you'd eepect.what folks in ááaaylandá did... tt get it there. 3 22::5:22234 (pp) jonathhnn and this is why you don't wantttoo mess with him. our studio.why this guy threw you're watching fox 45 good 3 ((break 2))
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3 33 leonardo da vinci's famous pasterpiece, "the mona lisaa... travels to a spacecraft orbbting the moon. but it's not the paintinn that made t there... it's aalasee image. image.. signal was firee from an installation here in maryland... as part oo a nasa -3 experiient.theeimage managed &ptt travel 240-ttousand miiee 3 3 3
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,3 & 3 -3
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3 3 3
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33- 3 to contact the spca, go to our
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3 website at fox baltimore dott com slash mooning. 3 coming up... governoo martin &po'malley is making heaalines of álamb chopsá hh reeeived in the mail.the story ehind it... minutes frrm now. ray dance nats -3 natsand... thh wait is ovee.we take on ray lewis' signature - dance... right afterrthh breaa. you'reewwtching fox 455good
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3 ((br
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3 &p3& t's ssill harr to believe ttat the heaat and ssul of the baltimore ravens is saying goodbye after this season. rry lewis has given so much over these lass years. his hard its and passionate leaderssip will definitely be missed ... but it's his danceecoming out of the tunnel hat might bb missed the most. moss. for challeege ...we try to keep the rry dance alive .. in our own way. -3 way. 3 (((pkg))) when you hear this music ... you knoww -3 what's coming next. raa &pdancethe unforgettable squirrel dance
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3 made famous by ray lewis. &poften imitated shirley -.... ut never ddplicated.
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>tom megann ffom the studio to the control room .... it wws gettinn hoo in here. rob 3 biyea matt
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3& jada we even otta respected state elegate to pay tribute.. el. ttarant but nn -3 mattee hoo many people gave it thhrr's only one ray -
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3 - post your ray lewis danne video by gging tt our - websitt... foo baltimoreedot com--lick on "ray's last ride" page pagewe're folllwing ray's aat ride all the way to the superdome in neeworleansssee our storiis on tte ravees playoffs.....hear raw interviiws from the players... and iid othee eb linkksby going to our wwbsitee.. foxballimore dot com. click on the "ray's llst ride" coming up... firss 3 ray lewis... now the "turbinator." "turbinatorr"09:51:21:04 (both dance) turban manl: 5,6,7,8 - --candace & man dancing dancingthe other dancc moves we busttd out this week... - coming up in our "say whaa" ssgment. 3 you're watching fox 55good
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day baltimooe. -
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3 3 3 p ,
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3 3 3
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3& shawna map
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the countdown is on!the ravenn &ptake on the patriots in the paf-c champiinship game in just two days!and ww know &pbaltimmre's purple pride is in 3 swing.jool d smith is 3lines... to see how patriots fann are 3getting ready for tte purple invasion.he'ssup in providenne riggt now where the teamssare & stayinn.good morning joel d. 3 3
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,3 a dozen lamp ccoos have arrived in the maii... for governor martin o'malley.and they're all courtesy of john hiccenlooper... the govvrnor & of's paameet for the denver broncos' loss to -3 the ravens last week... n doubbeeooertime.if tte broncos had won... o''alley would have &psent 12 chesspeake bay crab cakes to colorado..- 3 ravens ann across he state haveebeen showing their purple - pride all week long... includdng baltimorees finest. finestt.00-105"hhy ray, take when you go up there, brady may eed it. hit ee hhrd." hard."142-147"this is how e 3 essecially you tom brady - ptackle). go ravens!!!!" ravens!!!!"police say the
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pavvns were hhppy o help them -3 mmke ttis videe... whichhtook days to put together.officers want fans to enjoy this weeeenn... and elebrate in a 3 3 "as it iiporrtnt assit is to fight gainst crime, it's equally impprtant to engage & with the community show a humannside of department and offfcer sand support our hhme team which is hat we wwnt to do" do"police are planning to step & up patrols on - federal hill,, anton and feels point. 3 we're following ray's laat ride all the way to the - superdome in new orleens.see our tories on the ravens playoofs.... hear raw & interviews froo the players... -3 and findd thee web liins by going to ourrwebsite... foxbaatiiooe dot com. click bannneron our homepage. coming up... it's friday... and that caa ooly mean one thing. thing.22:24:04:04 ((ay what - flacco underwear) jimmy: old jje is 28. i got underwear &pttat oll. undershirts... undershirts. pndershirts.the ther outrageous thingsssaid this
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week....coming up in our "say what segmentt" 3 you''e 33 watchingg ox 44 good day baltimore.
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3 ((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 p
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3 coming up... 3 candacc gets a ddace lesson turbinator."09:51121:04 (bothh - dance) turban manl: ,6,7,8 --candacc &&mannddncing dancingwho he comparrs her &pto... coming up in our "say what" seggent. you're watching -3 pfx 45 good day altimore. &p
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i know that what jesus christ heard my momma's prayers. god answers our fervent heart-felt prayers, he answers those and delivers us. i realized that the stuff i have been through, the seven years i was on the streets, god was going t use it fo
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hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi3 &p3 this week... a loud guest visits our studio. studio.tom rodgers shares a
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littleetoo much information. honors joe flaccoos pirthday... in a unique way. 3 meteooologist... to mime.3 phe moments of thh week that hadd s all going... p3 say whhaat?! whaaat?! 3 22222:39:12 (say what shirley dance 22 joel: our very own ray lewis is here right here,, right ow.22:24430:00 (say -3 what jonathan mime) jonathan: maybe i can get my moves on? &pmmgan: wow!22:24:25:34 (say wwat shirley dance 2))joel: you'reepracticinn the ray lewis dancee right? ok let's see whht we got here. 22:24:36:10 (say what jonaahan mime) patrice: is ttat what you're doing? i thought you were a mime.2:24:29:11 (say what sirlee dance 2) joel: ffrst you ggt to ttke a whif of arra here,,riggt? 22:24:51:42 (say what jonathan pime))jonnthan: i'm a meteorologist,,iidon't know what you want ffom me. 3dancc 2) joel: alrighh, ot phen kick it out, break itt ohh yea.22:24:46:37 (sayywhat jonathan mime) patrice: dd it pne one more ttme,dooit againn -- jonathaa mimes-- 22:24:42:00 (say what shirley dance 2) joee: you were a cheerleader in iih school, weren't you? shhrley: yess 22:24:55:38 ((ay what jjnathan --3 mime) eg: just go like this and pull yyur knee down. --meg and jon make gestures-- 22:24:43:30 (ssy wwatt oel kiiding? what are you saying? 22:23:58:18 (say whht flacco undeewear) jimmm: just want 5, my man joe flacco. 22:23:43:49 (say what
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3jjnathan leg) jonathan: ughhh & here we goo2:24:04:04 (say what flacco underwear) jimmy: oll joe is 28. i got unnerwearr that old. undershirtss.. undershirts.22:24::8:57 (say what joell hakes camera) joel: i'mm ginggto preeend that you 3 (say what tom fail) pat: tom that was aafail.22:23:46:30 (say what jonathan leg) & jonaahan: i was almost ttere, 3 22:24:22:26 (say what tom fail) --tom turns head-- "whoo me?"22:35:08:57 (pp) jonathan: what is it? ooan: it's a kukarburra, t's a laaghing kukabbrra from austraala.09:51:21:04 (booh dance) turban manl: 5,6,7,8 --candacee& an dancing-- 1,2,3,4 smile and look at the jonathan: --makes louudsound-- ... --birr makes sounn-- 09:51:28:41 (both dance) candace: it's hard to balanne while wearing heels22:35:22:34 -(pp) jonathan: and this is why you don't waat to mess with him.09:51:32:27 (both dance) man: you know ryaa seacrest has some competition. ccn: my.. he was not doing thhs during the break.22:24:01::4 psay what tom ppntt) tom: i'm tom rodders and i'm wearinn 3 pants right now. 3 p,3
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3coming up... 3- you're ,3 watching fox 45 good day
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you are looking at the new movie luv starring commonn danny glover, rrc duuttn and dennis premiered &pat last years sunddnce filmm festival and it's being &prellased in theaters nattonwide today. 3 get this... it was shottright -3 hereein maryland.the film's &pdirector...sheldon candii... - is a baltimore naaive.hh joins us in studio this morniig with more.ccngratulations. know this has been a long process.. but certainly wwll wortt it, rrght?tell s about the
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,3 ppemise of the mooieepremmse of the 3 movie.where in marylandddid you shoot? ddi you shoot?where in marylaad here in maryyand did you shoot?where in maayland movie..remise of the ttlllus about the
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3 premise of the movie.where in - maryllnd did you shoot? did youu hoot?where in aryland movie.premise of thh tell s abbut the worth it, right?tell us bout the premise of the of thee & tell us about the 3 premise of the movii.where in maryland did you shoot? coming up...
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3 coming up... 3 fans are gearing up... for this weekendds biigravens gaae..-3 is back with your game-day forecastt..'re - watchinn ffo 45 good day paltimore.
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3&pa big honor for marylandd marching the young -3 musscians will be in the national spotlight on fox 45 pews at five
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3 áá7 day forecastáá 3 ((breaa 8)) 3
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