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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  January 21, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 3 - m& t bank stadium 3 monday, january 3 monday, january
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3monday, january 3 22ss 3 &p3 21st 3- 3 3
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3 ,3&&pmapgreensrpingbat natl pikk395 map
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3ravens fans are feeliig the excitement toddy.aftee last nightts immressive 23-13 win against the patriotss.. e can proudll say... weere headed to the super bowl! bowl!herees a look at ssme - ppays that made it aal possible... ii the middle of the third quartee... the pavenn trail 11--.but then... joe flaaco hits dennisspitta froo five yards out.thh extta point is good and the ravens leed 14-13.llter... flacco fourth quarter touuhdowns... thii is the second one....from 11 ards out... giviig tte ravens a 28-13 lead.that proved tt be enough... and as the clooc wound down, the raaenn claimed the victooy. (in airspeee as: jan 20 prees pooference) 22:50:01:54 "it'ss
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amazing man. toobe going back to ewworleans man, i was so &pgreatful man. to be going to crystal city, hey here we ccme baby.'s the rrvens' firstt & trip to he super bowl in 12 years...they'll play john's brother im harbaugh and the p4ers in super boww 47 in new - orleans.the 49ers bbat atlanta the one bad thing 3 abouttlast night's gamm?ww weren't there! there! but joel d. ssitt and morgan adsit were... and they join us live from foxborough
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this morning... we're jealous joel!hoo was it? it? -3 3 3 3 3
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3 & 3 this little one couldn'' be happiir... that the ravees are going to the superbbwl.the bigg day... as this llttle cutie's show us your purrle pride.youu -3 can ploaddphotos and vvdeos to us through urple -aa -fox baltimore -dot- com.and yyu caa see those pictures onnour "see it shoot it send it" page aa foxbaltimore dot com.or you - can go to our facebook page.. - facebook dot com slass foxbaltimore... click on ""nside fox45." 3 in other news... some - terrrfying moments during a national confeeence in bulgaaia this weekend. weekenn.ooposition leader 3 delegates... when a man jumps on stage... ppiits a gas pulls the trigger.the gunn securitt uurds to wrestle himm to the ground.thh suspect was quiccly taken under arrest. 3 another reeaal is out foo more than 700-thousand hhnda
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"odyysey minivans" and ""ilot s-u-vs" thee driverrs-side airbaa could bb missing certain parts... keeping it from deployinn properly. those models include 2009 to 2013 &ppilots and 2011 to 2013 3 last month the ompany recalled 800-thousand offthe 3 3 today we honor doctor martin luther king juniir. p3 and to commemorate.... hhndreds... - including reverend jesse laying cerrmony at his memorial in -c. when pressdent obama takks his --3public oath of office later this orning....he wwll use a biile hat belonged to doctor king. king 3 3 we'rr ust hourssaway from president obama taking the oath of office outside the u-s capitol..ou''e taking a piie looo from d-ccnow. turn out of abbut 800-thousand people. peoplee before hii 3 a chuuch service. after the official business...the parade is - underway where the president
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&pand he first lady will get out and walk on pennsylvaniaa avenue. then t's time por tuxedos and gowns t the anticipated inaugurrl ball. 3 you can see president obama's it beginnnng at 11::0 a-m.go to fooballimore dot com. 3 nasa reaches another milesttnee.. in space exploratioo.the space agency says one of its rovers... called "opportunity"... will poon begin ddilling into a martian rook.since landing on the red planettin has mmde many discoveries including hat mars was once warmer and wetter than todayy "oppootuniit" remains healthy and is studying interesting rooks in a massive crater..- 3 math, science, social studies.....and ow gun class. carolina lawmaker can have his way. senaaor lee bright.....s pponsoring a bill that would ggveeschool districts the & option to creaae a gun coursee
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for high school studentt. the course woulddfocus on learning how to properly use a techniques, pnd thh history of the ight to bear arms.if each school distriit hooses the curriculum....the class would be offereddat a shooting range...since guns are not 3 3 "self agazine" rankk bethesda... one of the country's hhalthiest cities - por women.the maggzine says location... with little crime. also... 77--ercent of the 3 there are low ratts of high cholesterol, high blood 3 women.several cities in list... including san jose, & san franccsco, santa barbara pnd santa ana.other healthy cities for women include & honoluuu... minneapolis... fargo, north dakota... portland, mainn... and burlington, vermont. 3 cominggup... 3a seal hiicces a rrie on one family's boat... and it's all caught on tape.what boaters think this samm seal was spotttd doing... just days beforr.
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3 and restaurant week kicks off... with sooe tasty & specials.a sneak peak at the dishee being offered... oming up in our hometown hotspot. day baltimore. ((bump out))
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3 3 3 try something different or pick your faaorite meal... & baltimore county restaurant kooler from pairings bistro joins us for this mornings hometown hotspot. - what's on your restaurant week
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3&pmenuu- how long does restaurant weee 3 runn- wwat do you have here? & here?
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3 baltimore county rrssaurant week bbltimore ccunty restaarant week runs now thrrugh jjnuary 7h to get aa listtof restaurants loggon to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. 3 coming up... it's a good day to be a ravens fan... where burggrs are being giien ut for free today... because of -33 last night's big win. 3 plus... 11 big companies... hiring thouuands of workers áthis week.áwe'll tell you & who's on the list... justt minutes from''e watching fox 5 good dayy baltimore. 3& ((break 2))
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3 3 "oh mm god!" -3 god!" 3 this is video out of
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3 plimbing aboard one amily's ttem... but the murray faailyy & puickly realizes... ittmeaas - no harm. harm.the family says... he felt ight at home. "it was ike ttis littleedog ttat went up side of the boat and laid down front of the boat..amazing..-butt tt-""t was so ccte just sitting and sunbaking..""i ssii to dad we have to get a seal it's cooll" cool."booters think it's 3 the same seal who leapp onto a ferry last that -3 case... he hung around on the boat for about a half an hour... until he was askee to leave.
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3 3 3
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3 maa 3 greenspring
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3 bat natt pike395map 3 stilllahead... 3 still ahhad... before you get the job... you need to nail the innerview.up nnxt... the best lloks to help ggt you hhred. "i thouuht i was being very have to get a million likes." & likes."and later... one dad tells hisskids they can get a puppy... only if they get one- how long it took... for his plan to're watching fox 45 ggod day baltimore.
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3 ((break 3))
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3 p3 3 the men have goo the look to land the its our turn. towson town center guru rebecca kleii joins us forrttis mornings maaeover mmnday.- whaa should 3&pwooen ear to interviiws?women wear oo- what should women wear o interviews?- what are some o thh rofessionnl & trends foo the professional ,
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3 trends for womee?- what lse can they wear? wear? 3 to earn more log on to fox &pbaltimore dot om slass
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morning. 3 ccming up ... 3 knnw ssmeene wwo's looking for - a job?this next story may heep. the 10 big companies looking to hire thousands of workers... this eek.yyu're watchiig fox 45 good day baltimore. 3& ((break 4))
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3 3 - 3 3 3 3
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3 3-&p3
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3 3 map 3 greenspringlibertymapp,3 3 3 it's all anyyne can tall aboutt
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--3 today... after last night's well-deservvd win against the & patrroos....the ravens aree -3 headed to new orleans... for super bowl 47! 47!here's where it you might say it started... third quarter... the ravens traal 13-7.but then....joe lacco hitt dennis pitta frommfive yards out.the extta point is - good anddthe avens lead 14-13. later... fllcco hits anquan boldin for two fourth quarter touchddwns... his is the sscond one... from 11 yards out... giving the ravens a -3 28-13 lead.that proved to be enough... and as the clock pound down, he ravens claimed &pthe victory. p3 22:40:55:16 (in airspeed as: & jan 20 press conference) 3 special teem and i think we've had a ssecial teamm these - gamms are ough to win and we've puttourselves in the position to win these games a lot and eventually you're goong toopush through and play to."it's the ravens' first trrp to the super bowl in 12 yearss..they'll play john's brother jim harbaughhand the 499rs in super boww 47 in new
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earlier in the ddy. 3&pwouldn't it have been greet to &ppeeeall the action livv been ggeat to see ll the action &plive in person? person? 3 joel d. smith did and he is streaming now from providence this morning.we're jealous ii? 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 we're following
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3 pee'e ffllowing rry's last -3 ride all the way to he superrome in new orleans.see our stooiee on he ravens playoffs.... hear raw interviews from the players... and find other web links by gooig to our website... -3 foxbaltimore dot com. click 3 banner on our homepage. 3 &p3 to celebrate the ravensswin... "z burgerr" is offeringgfree puuple burgers to customers's haapening ust over an houu from now... between 11 a-m and 2 p-m.all you have to
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password... which is super bowl"... to receive a hhmburger, heeseburgerr pvggieeburger or turkey burggr. whitt mmrsh restaurant. 3 if you know someone looking for work... nnw s theetime to apply. apply.a-o-l dot coo is out with a llst of 10 big -3 ccmpanies hiring thousands of workers this is the liit... -3 3 toys r' uss.. pizza hut... 33 rent-a-centtr... wells fargo... chrysler-mopar... - sears and macy's. pgain... oo to get more information about these companies... just go tooour - website... fox baltimore dot com slash morniig. more to plan their wedding.but we're doing it in just onee's our wedding in a week contest... and you ccn enter to win an all- expenses-- paid wedding... n us. eeter.. tell us in a - hundred
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words or less why you should win.send your entrr o "wedding in a week".. 2000 west 41st treet in &p3 or loggonto bbltimore.. 21211... 3 or log nto foxbaltimore dot enter on our facebook page... just ccick on the wedding iina week tab oo the left side oo tte sure to read the official rules and include a photo with your entrr! entry!and it's all brooght too show aa the baltimore convention center feeruary 22d and 3rd. & 33 cominn up... 3 the batmobill... from the 1966's ttv series... i sold at auctioo. auccion.we'll tell you how much it went for... and wheeee &ptheewwnner plans to put it. you're watchhng fox 45 good 3 ((break 5))
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((ad llb 3 meteorologist))
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3 coming up... 3 barbara walters... admitted tt a hospital.the health scare thattlanded her there... next. 3 anddyou better have aapretty sum of cash... to get your this baamobile... from the - 1960's... sold for at auction. ann why some fans of the movie might be upset... with what the new owner is about to do with it.yoo're watchinggfoo 45 & good day baltimore. ñ)jgpnñ>pwxo3txx
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3 3 in entertainment news... buzz around the oscars and gglden -globes is translating intoo mooey at the box office... and the original batmobile has a new owner. owner.but first....we start with barbarr walterss.. who took a fall last night on aa step at the british -3 ambassador's home in & washington. 3 the "view" host was taken to phe hospitallto be checked out... after getting a cct on her forehead.accordinn to a statement frommabc news... telling everyone what to do), whhch we all take as a verr positive sign."the 83-year-old is still in the hoopital today... for observation. 3 movie-goers wereeall about horror this weekend.the film "mama," starring jessica chastainnas a woman tryiig tt raiseehhr haunted nieces... -3 won weekend box office... withh in ticket sales."zero dark thhrty" came in secondd place... pulling in 17-point-6-million dollaas. golden globeeand oscar nominee, "silver linings - playbook"
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roonded out the top 3&ppoint-fourrmillion dollars in ticket sales. 3 katy perry ats natsthe kids' inaugural 3 weekend.stars iicluded katy perry... ann usher... who sang ii root of a high-energy crowd.the concert was orggnized especially for the & children of active duty,, reserve and retired military pembers.first lady michelle obbma and dr. jill iden spokke &pat the event.the first children sssha and maliaawere & also there. 3 the batmooile... used in thh 1960's t-v series... has sold at auction.the wiining price? 4-point-6 million dollars.rick champagne... ho owns a logistics company in & arizona... wassthe winning bidder.he says he plans too keep the batmobile in his piving room.
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3 coming upp.. itts a bet teer ddd nevee thought they would win. puppy?""millie, but if ou go by her full name according to joe it's millie smore cordell." to get 1-million likes on a picture... they osted to facebook. pacebookkuu next... the &psurprising people who helled their cause. you're wtching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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3 just about every 3 kid wants a dog..and wwth onn photo and a little help from social famill now has a furry, fouu-legggd new addition. kanya whitworth in massachusetts shows just how 3 3 3 it's nothing new for kids to kids in mmnsfield asked their ddd for one, he hought he had being very clever by saying,, &pwell, you'd have to et a million likes."mom took the picture,,the sign reading: if we getta million likes we get
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think weecan dd it.once the than 6 hours for the cordells -&pto hit that million dad came throuuh on hhs pheyythink is a lab/shepard mix whiie on trip to new york..what did you name your puppy?""millie, buu if you gg byyhee full name according to joe it's millie smore cordell." ""hoo big issshe going to be?" 3 networking propellinggthis story o aanational thhn & global llvell so much so, iis prompted geographh lesson. frrm lebanon, all iving their the most part, the reaction has been overwhelminnly positive. but the corddlls poo't wanttto ttke risks witt pheir kids privaay."ii's a llttle it scaay. i have about 20 lose friends that aae moderating the page and theyy are going in there and making sure there are no asty comments. they are helping answer the thousandd of messagee we've gotten."the
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exciting, but dad is making it clear, the pup stops heree commng upp.. ll looks clear now... ut pretty soon... -3 parts of maryland ould see - some snowflakes.meeeorologiit jonathan meeers is back to let us know wheree.. next.yoo're watching fox 45 good day - baltimore. &p
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3 the presidential inaaguration. how maryland is playing a role in the festivities.on fox 45 - news at five.
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3 3 áá7 daa foreccstáá
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