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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  January 21, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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hello i'm jeff barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert.for the first thh ravens are going to pro football's ultimate event. bruce unninghaa is here to &pbegii ur coverage tonight of the eam's magicaa ride through the posttseason .. one of thh hardest things about making the uper bowl is acceptance...realizing that pinnacle...making sure it hits navel gazing..even hough they ddn;t play this weekend, work...'l be ut there on 3& 3with raa lewis on his sell-descriied lass ride, there won't be is talk
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that ed reed could retire in &phis hometown,and then there's center matt biik, whh is in his 15thnfl season, and is &pmakinn his first super bowl &pa ong time to wwit,,but birk sayshe's nnt really focuued on that right now... "nobody deserves it more than anybodyyelse, it doess't matter how long you play. to be doinggit with this team, i just think theecloseness of this ttammand kind of the journey that we've been gettiig closee to ffnally -3 bbeak ttrough is pretty special." 3&the gravity of what has happpned is beginning to seetle in on the ravenss.john harbaugh alks about that, coming up at 10:50 and 11:30 on sports unlimited feddral hill was flloded &plast night- as hundreds of ravens fans gaahereddoutside- watching the game onnthe big sc. &pscreen. amber miller... shows uu.... how ...thee.. madness unfolded../ ran out... the... ccock... 3 ouu ((nat sound up))
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super bowl,,o, o, o, o, harbaugh super bowl> it's a atch up of historic porportiins---((nntt sound up)) the ravens and 49ees sqauriig oof in super bowl 47. people in federal hill sunday pighttgoing bonkers abouttthe oppprttnity.
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ffve>and when t wassffnally officiall the streets eruppee...((nat sound up)) &peveryone ((nat sound up)))25:22:20 wee allays.>>
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noo with thh ravens eading to the super bowl.... pans are tryinn to get to new o. orleans. jooh rydell... reports.../ if... youu'e... going to the big easy...// money--wise...// it... won'tá.. be easy...//. easy...//. ((nats))long before ime eepriee in sunday's...a.f.c. title game...ravens fans could smell victory.and setting their "there's no guarannee ttere'lll know ss i think it's well you worth t."but fans like thomas woollidge...know attendingthe a costly proposition. (woolridge) "forget about mortgage payments, rent aad car
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ppymmnts to ee the game." royal travel planners."you could pay $2,000 for a room." mary levin'...says hhtels in pheefrench uarrer...are &palrrady booked.and those that stilllhave acancies...wanttaa four night minimum.(leevn) "we got one phone call the other day and we checked on it and dollars, hat's crazy." absolutely crazy.. levin'...says many non-stop flighhs to new orleans that weekend...areealready ssld out. and if you can find a -connect and if you can fou...between 50 700-doolars.anddticket &pbetween17-hundred...and more thann12-ttoossnd...just or down on friday, you get back tuesday but what time weedon't know."(ryyell) "whillesome figure out how they can afffrd &ptooget to new orleans, others say juss the experience of being at the super bowl to five grand to go down there, h yes, 'm hoping like hecc that phey win but even iff hey lose, the money's not really a factoo, t's going there, it's &'ll bb a superbbol i
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expprience...they'll never &pforggt. in baltimore, johnn rydell, fox 45 news at tenn 3& there.... are... bus companies... bowl...///buu those packages... may nottlwayy include a superrbowl ticket. ww met a fann.. who actually is goinn to theesuper bowl... thann10 minutes on fox45 news at ten now... that... we're... on tte way... tt the super bowl.../áeverythingá... &p in &pbaltimore... is... turning pu/ purple..../hhrr's a look at p..and their costime designer sam ccn... fit... á3á eople... u pride shirt../.alexandda,... aidan..., and... aaaya... mmde... after... the ravens... last super bowl run show us your purple can upload photos and videos to us through purple -at -fox
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&pccn see those pictures on our "see it shoot t send it" page at foxbaltiiorr dot ccm.or you caa go to our faceeook ppge.. facebook dot coo slash foxbaltimore... click on "inside fox45." and... we're ffllowing... ray's... ast ide... all the pew orleans....///see our in - stories... on the ravenss playofff.../ . pear... raw inteeviews... frrm the plaayrss../ other web links... - at... foxbaltimore dot com...//. the... "ray's last ride" 3pbanner... on our homepage. here's a look at the the presidenn... and the first lady......dancing at the "commander-in-chief" ball... just a couple hours ago.the fewest number of fficial partiis since 11-55...meant to the weaa eeonomyt spending in - ...just before noon today... president barack obama was sworr in for a second term. terr.preserve protect aad
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defendthe constituuiin oo the united stattsso help me god congrattlations mr president president &p he was sworn in for a second termmonntheemartin luther king jr hhoiday -- ss he leaned on the words of both obbma says: "through blood chh- drawn by lash and blood drawn by sword, we learned that no union ffunded on the ppinciples f liberty and equality could survive &phalf-free."thii time hh was more aggressive in using his inaugural address to repriss &pthe centtrl message of is ccmmaign -- making clear he believes he has a a time when debt and deficits are front and center, hh offered a vigorrus defense off entitlement programs. obama says: "weemust make the cost of health care ann the size of our deficit. but wee must choose between caringgfor
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the generrttin that built this pountry aad investing in the &pfuture."the president has one more big speech to try and sell this agenda for his phe union address next month 3see the prrsident's entire inauguration speech online... go to foo-baltimooe dot com slash raw news this inauguration was far different from the president's first inauguration..hat it says about the ppesident's second ust 15 minntes on fox45 news at ten the ... crowds... were... aalot... smaller....for this iiauguration... than... president obama''... first one... fourryears ago..../// was in waahington... d- c... and... joins us... with a look... at... what was... was...happening... ouuside of the ceremony. ceremony.
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that brings us to our uestton of the day.are you better off
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took the oatt office. irst this is our facebook page... more than 4-hundred of you left comments on this question tonight.a few of yoo say ou pre betterroff than you ere 4 years agoo.....but mmst of you are saying no.join tis discussion riiht now...go to facebooo dot com lash fox- baltimore the trial f the an pccused of killinn phylcia bbrnes at 10:30 tte strategy that a woman... making her .- getaway... in a scooter...her pox45 news at tene...later on - (jerry)"i usually run 15 to 16 " flags" ....nd the super bowl...the 1 souvenir missing &pfroo his collection...after the break
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p seems ... everyone's... wearing urple... nowadays.../. -----but... what about ...decorating your car.../ . anddhouse.,.. with cairns... as ...a stooy ...about a ggandpp ... in... howard county.../. who's... a... ravenss 'suppr an'. fan'. it's hard.. ot to notice jerry driving by:((id)"its get a lot of thumbs up" his license plate ays it all:he'ss &pa rettred randpa... (driving )"i feel a part of the ttam" and today... he's going to dicks:(jerry)"and everything else issravens"ii his ravens mobile... (jerry)"i usually photo with girl:)"whatt it - an purple tailgate frenzz:(in
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back)""w got 6 placee setting" still jerry wants more... (ffet walking iito dicks)(guy danncng whoooo &phooooo quick) there's piles of ravens gear... (puts good")(saaes laay quick)"youu the air"as the money goes out...(nats))with ashiee) " stuff goes home.(cairrs)"while theres plenty of sweatshirts... and of couuse tee shiits the next ttme jerryy comes he will probball be looking for home decor" (((exterioo quick))) at his home... (vvice only)"for my mmn ccve"(feet nats on stairs) &p it's jerry's ravens nest. ((ancinggsinging statute)the season ticket hlder has collecced hundrrds of things... (voice only)"ive spent thousands oo dollars.. " and now haa his heart set on theesuperbowl. (geeald hemline)"were going to the superrowl" my step on and mysslf it looks likeethe package is going to rrn 45 hundred to five thouuand dollaas.. plus spending monny once we get there..i guess you coull call jjrry:(jerry)"i running through me"hh could be called... the ravens 'fan- thats a ery good worr..." a ggod fan...for a great team...
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win"in howard co kk fox 45 erry's... holdee... for ...17 - years. as we celebrate one of our peamm... baltimore is also mourning the loss of one of legendary manaaer earl weavee died saturday at the age of 82.he was called the earr of baltimore, a beloved figure who lead the orioles through several winning ssassns. and managed to win the hearts of thousandssof fans. of weaver's death brought doobbe the croods to orioles fanfest.all of them brought their memoriis of earl ...the team's feissy, became their hero.ho quickly - (35:16) (greg eller) "myyfavorite memories are earl
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weaver tuuning his hat round getting in umpire's ffce and let him havv it......"" (37:08) "i remember earl kicking ddrt in the umpire shoe" shhes...."plans for weaver's funeral have nottyet been 3 governor o'mmlley's... proposed budget... would raise... uition... at... state universities... / if passsd..-passeddthat... means... students... would pay... 3-percent ore... per semester... to attend classes...//.students at the university of maryllnd... for instance... oold spendd.. ann &peetraa215 dollars per year...//.towson uuiversity studdnts ... would spend... another... 170 coppin state....wouuddspend 115 dollars more. christian harris, coppin tate a ifference. make or break a 3 &pstudent, as far as whether they can return to school, because they mighh not have it." it." martell gynoo, coppin state sttdent: "try to make it a little bit easier for us to make the world a bettee placc, for us to paa tuition, the higher tuition is, the hhrder it is to paa." &ppay." 3&ffr the etailee list of
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propooed tuition hikes...// go... to across the natiin thhs fill gun stores and eeurged to 3 ssow their support forrgun owneeshhp. owweeship.earlier this week, like jerrold take his 10 year old shooting: 33"you should allays beeable to &pdefend youusslf if necessary" from the other ssde of the aisse...delegate pat mcdonoughh.. proposed the "criiinal gun control bill".... which would harrhly viiious crime with a ggn: a... year- long... celebration... for one kicks off... today. ssngingpeople... - gathered saint in... eaat baltimore.../ to... the nation's... oldest... . as african--american catholic church...///.theetheme... thiss year./ .. "historic,,black and catholic!"
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church members ...say... eeen though... aces change... / the message of community stays the same. 0001fs10:01:22-10:01:36"for me i've been here since i was 9 years ood.. i've seen many families groww i've seen many come and we're ssill here with there's nnthign like it- to factor likk that." that."the church has plannnd several events throughout the year to ceeebrate the brace yourssll for some bitter cold. pold. chief pereewithhhis first look lookat he'' skywatch forecast. forecast. 3 3 3 3
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the death of phylicia barnes... the man accused of killing her... goes on trial minutes on fox45 news at ttn 3 (sot vatz):411ell, the address four years aao was filled with . platitudes..our years later. what was different in thhs inaugural ddress..... aadd &pwhhttit sayssabout preeidentt obama'' second term.coming upp
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aa president barack bamaaii sworn in for a second term..... a new poll shows ttat inauuuration haa drrpped. áfirstá... inauguration,...///3 68... percent... of ...or... happy about itt..///. now... 5... percent... feel hat way... aaouu the second swearing in.../, today's... from... president first..... ../ in... many wayy.... /// ///many would arrue the tonn of the speech, reflects a it was four years ago. 33 (nats of speech) the second inaugurall address..... of president barack obama.we at down to watcc it ..... itt two maryyann lawmakers on oth
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sides of the aisle.....and a professorrof rhetoric at towson university.all with clear meeories of the president's inspirational speech n 2009.(sot vatt):41 well, tth addresssfour years ago was filled with platitudes. (sot from 009 address--diged in by mike )starting today we must pick oursslves u dust ourseves off. and begin the work of remaking america.(sot vatzz:51it was all general, he palked about creattng jobs,'s inaugural... dr. phan just platitudes.... and was connsstent with president thought this was the anti kennedy inaugurual.(butt to):16 this inuaugurallwas all about what your country can do for you.(sot from speech-- little girl)(sot del. mcdonough)4 57 he talked abouu a little girl. well that little giil will be paying for the debt that's creating by president
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pbamaaanddother politicians curt anderson)1 7four years - ago i watcheddenraptured witt the fact that we had made that there was an african american who was going to lead the unittd ssates of america. del. curt anderson, an obama sspporter, admits the alllthat he had hoped in his first term.(sot)4 23am disappointed about cerrain that we're not as much s a nation as we coulddbe. and nott totally out of the wars, al though we will be out oo afhstanistn soon.buttanderson has the best vision for the rrcessioo.... toppling of 3mstad pertainly america has to help. pnited states government. (soo vatz)1:03in this inauggrual to tackle the debt. he's ot going to ackle foreign policy. (sot mcdonough)4 44he talked about hope and change, and
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peopll had belief in what he would do, buu now we havv a record. he talked the talk, but doesn't walk the walk.(sot pal)15 25the key hhre issnnt to rehash what happened four years ago or the election that jjst passed. or the thingg that the president did or did not do . why can't we findd common ground sittdoon and when is it goinggto happenn you have to talk to the &pppesiient about thht. not the answer i was looking for.not the answer he was looking for either..nd now he nntion watches to see if the president who inspired so much fact, turn hope, into .can inn ccange.... ... ii his second onn polllter says that like his first.... and more like theesecond inauuuration of george w. bush. bush.innfact,... the... 50 percent... who matches ... the percentage of ameeicans... excitedd../// just... before... presidenn ábush'sá second term. 3
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the response this ommn gave hee overrin a 10 minutes on ffx45 news at ten and i'' paul gessler at the i'll tll you what to expect . high- profile phylicia barnes &pmurder case. 3 [ male announcer #1 ] verizon fios
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that's once you've got fios, you get it. and according to pc mag... [ male announcer #2 ] if it's available, you should get it.
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and according to pc mag... new at 10:30--the phylicia barnes murder trial is set to begin tomorrow.paul gessler joins us live from the mitcheel courthouse downtown... downtoww...with a look at what we can expect to sse from the courtroom.paul-- paul--there are 30 thousann pages of discovery in this case...of the missing north carolina teenager found dead... a stooy you saw first on fox. foxx &p3 12/31/10:(mom) 11:53:07 i think somebody has her agaanst scared and i don't knnw how to reach her.12:12:51 (dad) why i don't know.phyyicia barnes' parents earched and hoped for their daughter's safe return... bbt, tuesday, mooe thhn two pyears later, jury selection 3h
10:34 pm
step in he barres' famiiy search for justice....after the 16- year- old went missing more than two years ago... ...her body was found months later in the susquehanna river. the cause of death: asphyxiatton.johnson-- barnes'' half- sister deena's ex- boyfriend-- is accused of her murder.a neighbor told investigatorr he saw johnson container detectives believed had barnes' "i phylicia's body in it not a chance."defenne attorneys plan on calling a witness from cecii county to have cllimed he saw barnes after sse was reported missing.sources tell fox45 they also want copies of baltimmre city detective in - the case.meanwhile, prosecutors ay duuinggdeena barnes' testimony,,theyyámay play a sex tape recorded on deena's phone.they've also phone and car rental records. cousii: "wwaa i was reealy of timee he made contaat withh- my little cousin she's 16 500 text messages."barnes' - family is expected to be in town from atlanta or the case.
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johnson was phylicia's half- sistee's high school sweetheart... thee were in thh process of a breakkp at the time of phyliciaas's sttlll unclear how that sex tape ties &ppohnson to barnes' death.paul gessler, foo45 news attten. police have arressed a an who they say murdered his ife. darren ruffin is accused of killing melissa ddvis during an argument friday nighh. police were called to an apartment on east north stabbed to deathhcourt records show ruffin had been arresttd por assault the day before... and released from jail ust hours before the murder. continuing.... doctor... martin luthee king's service... on this holiday. prrup... of about... 40 people... from... the... and... ffom the... university of maryyand school of social work... volunteered toddy... at... james... mchenry...
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pchool...///.thh... group... is... working library... and... getting help... from mann groupss 10:16::4--0:16:43"we ant to provide them with materials, education materials that are up to daat and current bbcauus a lot of the books are at least 10 yeaas ood oo older, we're doing that hrough a some volunteers bring in some mateeials today to helppus and our re-shelving process. process. the library... rrepir... taaes part... in... three phases... / &pbeautificatiin,... re--helving... books... and... the dedication of a corner. it was the same story over in northhass baltimore.but instead of a ibrary... people were fixing up a lace for kidssto play safely. volunteers painted eeces aad dug up and ssoothed out the spiiit of dr. kingg 11:58:48-11:58:57"we're tryyng to be helpful in ballimore and this sort of embodies some of the things dr. king was committed to and we are too." &ptoo."operation: olivee' ii
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a neighborhood, and tackling them aa the resources become avvilable. 3 33 3 3
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heeravens make a major
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&pcoaching decisiin eeks before the super bowl....oo it impacts next year's team... 3and she was gettiig away...... at two miles an hour.the response this woman gave whenn a police officer pulled her over in a scoottr used in -sup. -3
10:42 pm as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmm, tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? the 37 deaa hostages in
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algerii... //...include... 3... americans... americans... includinn victor lovelady...// he as nearly 'halfway done' with his month- long job assignment in algeria. loveladd was working at a natural gas plann. a militant weedesdaysaauuday... algerian the algeriaa government said the militantt wwre planning to ill the hostages.. and bbow to up the siteeour sister station up with his ffmily...they weree always coocerned about his safety iq: we asked him all the time...oq: we have protection prrtectiin 77of the hostages have noo
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been identtfied.5 others are missing a waco, texas school community could be the next pistrict is hosting free concealed hhndgun classes. so far, at least one--undred peaccers have enrooled to takk teechers and staff leern the gun basscs... the school board will meet to tall boutt gun pplicies. grinnan says: "we've seennthe all the otter hootings that &h protect oursslves and the kids around us and be preppred at all costs" don't ant to have to shoot.. pe can let people know we have the ability. we are prepared - diffuse difficult situations in hurry" staff say regardless of whetter they'll ever haae to they're noo arrmd with moree knowledge. a... strange... traffic ii, this is grand heft... i'll go back and retuun n."
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arrest... a....22- yeaa--old ptole... that... electric shopping cart... from a supermarket../. and... attempted to drive... it all... the way home! employees... contaated police....after thee say... the woman... bought hee &pand... didn't return... the cart..../// the... woman... told olice....her why... - sse took the cart...//. she... was arrested... ann atari -- is filing for chapter eleven bankrrptcy protection. the comppny brought games like played with that icooic m... - one-button jjy-stick.but now... the 1-year-old video game pioneer waats to separate its u-s operation from its money- losing french parent comppnyy according to the filing, new-york based atari inc is &pseeking more than 5-and-a- quarter milliin dollars in new financing.theecompanyystill owns and maaagessmore than two &phundred games that can be pllaed on consoles, on line and on mobile deviies.
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3 ttw dogs, ... left homeless superstorm sandy,.../ coast. are... saadie andd bayley... are... in portland, oregon....// they... traveled... all the way from new jersey,.../ where .... their previous owner.../ until... sandy... floooed... their owner's house....// retrievers,.../ each... about... six years old.../, were... in... a pennel... since the storm....// 3 which was a block from the - bbach, took a real hard hit from the sttrm. its no longer habitable. she's been unable po find another to place to live permanently that would also allow foo her dogs." dogs." 3 from day one.... the... rescue center... wished... to keee the dogss together...//. getting the "old" fll ainst shot....this new vacciiation may change your mind. approved a new flu accine that &pthe inffuenza virus. it's alled "flublok" anddwas created using d---aatechnolooy and an insect virus. the
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vaccine is for people 18 to 49- pses a faster mannfacturing process... and proects against 3 lonelinees... maa harm ..the body's... immune systtm. two... stuuiee... suggests... lonely people.... ssucumb... to more... virus'... in theii system...///, long known ...chronic strrss .... from lonliness... had... similar... effects... on theebody...///. these... findings... shouldn't be seen... as all... doom and gloom...///. doctors.... feellgood... their health getting a boost.../ from ...feeling cllse... to family and riends...///. hhving... a ...lot offmoney... doesn't necessarily... make you pappy... ut things likeethose red kettles from the salvatiin happya business professor at harvard fouud giving away money -- even if you're not riih makee you feee weelthier.. and happier. it'ssnot only about money. timm.. feel they have more time than those who doo't. the ravens are going too
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their first supee bowl in 12 years...what john harbaugh says will never be the same... nexx in sports unlimited... walking you would need to do... to urn as many calories... ...and some of these exercise prrducts...after the break
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john harbaugh is gonna keep his playerssnoses to the proverbial grindstone...with
10:52 pm
next weekend ooen, it was exppcted the ravensmmght get a &pddy orrtwo off this gonnahappen. harbuagh says they'll be back to they'll need every minute they can geton the prrctice field... field... p think about it...32 late july...and every one of thee has the amegoal in mind: getting to the super bowl..the ravens know just hhw fortunate they've earned tteright to be - hhre...and they know exactly jjut how big ttis al is.. here's john harraugh... "we get to beetogether forrtwo team, where you're sitttng riiht now is whereethey sit in the team meeting and you look out and you ee aal these guys. this grruu will never be togethhr again aa that group. they'lllnever be the samm. that's the way it is with now for two more weeks in to the ltimatee ame is rrally the ultimate opportunity. we're going to o eveeything we can to ake the most of it." meanwwile...jim caldwell is nno longer the ravens interim haubaugg announced that caldwell has agreed to stay on, pt least thhu next season... caldwell took over from the
10:53 pm
piree cam cameron decembee 10th, ndin the playoffs his unit hassreallt hit it;s three post-season morgan adsitthas report from foxborough following the ravens afc championship win... plus hear oj brigance's speech 11-30 on the lte eedtioo... 3 if... getting... iito shape... is... still... high... on your pist... of... new year's... resolutions.../ and... you'rr wondering... if... exercise products... can... gee you... theeee../ you're... in luck! ps tom rodgers explainn.... three to the test. 3 ((tom on cam))there's nothinn like a good iifomercial to &ppunnh yyur way to the perfect body."(v/o)consumer reports tessed hree - jayy lazer's perfect punch....rhythm rocker by kymaro... and for women - the cooebody reformer. sot) "we rounded uu staffers to try outt acc product. we called on a fitness industry exxert to eealuate each one. we evennhad our nutritioo expert take a look at he diets that caae
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with two of the productss" (sot: infomercial)""ust glovee up, ssrap in, and start punching!"(v/o)the 30-dollar perfect unch uses mixedd martial arts techniques to get you in shape.but consumer reports found you can bbun poughly the same amoont of four-and-a-half miles pr hour prom perfect. (sot: eugene chin)"it kept rubbing against my shouuder."(sot: erin guddux) "ooe more time those bands come snapping up and hit me in the ears, i was going to rii it in half."(v/o)next up - the rockin, crunchin', rollin' the - workout system." ((/o)the rhythm rooker comes with several different workouts and a nntrrtion guide. consumer reports' panelists ried out the elevvn-and---half-minute dance blast viddo. turns out you burn the equivalenttof walking only tww miles per hour on a treadmill. (sot: kim klemann"assfor the sevennday diet, itts pretty strict so weiiht, but our nutrition expert said it offered limited food ootioos and no maiitenance program."(v/o)and pinally the 250-dollar
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nautiius corebody eformer for pilatee, and dance in one porkkut. panelists found some of the balanceeexercises tricky, but overall this machine did ell innconsumer reportsstests. (sot: im kleman))the orkkuts aae well- rounded, and if you're to improve your strength and to consider."((tom on cam)) consumer reports says the corebody reformer can alo &phell you improve youu balance and another advvntage is the &pdiet. consumer reporrs says it's easy to follow, and you one to two pounds week. tom rodgerss fox45 nees at ten. 3 3 "it was pretty scary a fearlees confrontaaion. howwa man wrestled aashark away ffom younn swimmees. ...and coming up in just 5 minutes onnthe late edition... "oh my goo!.. screaming" why thii might not have beennp.- the first time this wild seal got frieenly with humans.
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3 and a controversial plan to reduce the clutter in one new jersey town. why ome sayyitt unamerican.
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- ♪ shine, come on and let it shine ♪ - hi. - hi. newworleans?what you need to cashh.. tomorrow on fox45 morning news. it was a battle between
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bare hands and fins. fins. a man in australia wrestled a shark away from beachgoers. the incident happened on friday in the state of quuensland. it was captured by a loccl news channee nine says the shark and tww men rushed to move it - away before it reached children who were playing in then pushed tte shark toward open waters. mos ays: "it was pretty scaay so i was just callinn out o them and they couldn't unddrstand what i was ssyyng. (cuts to close up wiih child) do you think yyu'll go back in the wwter?" (child answers) "no" pno." the shark was also spotted ii the shaalow waters of a creek. the odds were agaiiss them 3 themgame clii"back to boldin por the ttuchdown" touchdown"then, they put away patriotsgame clip - show williams iin,"cary williams ices it." it."now, tte team and he fans..celebrate a trip...t


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