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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  January 22, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 3 3 tueeday, january 22nd 3 parrett county ublic schools are openinn 2 hhurs late today. 3 --3
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3 -3 3 3& shawan map 3 3 shawaa map 3 3 the phylicia bbrnes murder trial is getting underway at this hour.michael johnson is facing first deeree murder forr
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&pthe teen's death. death.tom roogers is here with more oo whht we can exxect to hear inside the coortroomm.. along wiih your other top stories.good mmrniig, tom. 3& good morning, patrice and megan..jst minutes ago... attorneys on both sides ere - sshedulld to arrive at the -3 mitccell courthhuse downtownn.. to begin juryyselection.'s been more than two years... since 16- year- &pold phylicia brnes of north -3 parolina... went missing in -3 baltimore.her body found -3 months later ii the susquehaana rivee.the caase of deaah... asshyxiatiin.michael johnson... the ex--oyfriend of phylicia's hhlf sister... is accused in her urdderwe're told prosecutors maaááplayya sex video... ttat could &pdeath.meantime... the defense 3 witness... wwo saw arnes after she was reportedd missing... at a ttme detectives say johnson was not 3 russell neverdon, attorney: ""'ve spokke witt my client whhn he said he reported there - when he was first cclled. he left. he got oreecalls from 3 contact with her, and hh was ddaliig withhhis new friend, i & mean, that's where he was." was.""aneiihbor told investigatorr he saw johnson -3moving a large storage
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container... a containner deeectives belleve had barnes' 3 in baltimore... police arrest a man... who they say murdered & his wife. the suspect... -3 darrennruffin... is accusee oo killing melissa davis during & an argument..olice were called to an apartment on east north &pavenue friday night... where they found davis stabbed to deatt.court ecords how - ruffin was arrestee for assaulting his wife tte ay &pbefore... and was eleased from ail ust hours before tte murder. -3 3 today marks one yyer since joe paterno's death. deaah.tteelegenddry penn state coach died of lung cancer... at the age of 85.his deaah came in tte middle f a chiid pexxabuse scanddl... involving retired aasistant cooch jerry sandusky... who was convvcted of molesting dozees of young bbys. rrsidents in state college, pennsylvania plan tt reeember paterno... with a vigil. today also marks 40 years... since the supreme courr ruling of roe . ade... which legalized abortion in the u-s. in 1973... the supreme court voted every wwman has the 33 it prompted nation-wide
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3 rights... whicc continuee to be a controverssal topic today. 3 p3 even thouuh john harbaugh would rather downplay it... - there'ssan 8-hundred pound - gorilla in the room.he's facing his ownnflees and bllod across the field in the super bowll &pbowl.for the irstttime in any -3 major american professional sport... brrthers go head--t-head in a championship game.but both john and jim agree... that's not the story to focus on here. 3 01:00:20:38 john: "every story hhs been toll. weere not that interesting. there's nothing &pmore to learn. youukkow thh room sttoy, ok? you got it. you know it's ok. we're just really hope he focus is not so much on that. i get ii, 3and all that, but it's really about the teem."-butt to---& 01:00:45:33 jim: "you knowwtwo brothers playing in tte super bowl and what that takes away
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from the players nd everr about myself and johnn that's less time the players arr going o be ttlked about." &pabout." 3 heading intt foxboroughh -3 sunday... the ravens say they hhd two items on their agenda: get revenge on last season's theesuper bowl.both are noww checked off theer list. & 3
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3 just aboot everyone's wearing -3 purple they -3 should...but one grandpa in howard county is taking it to a new level. everything erry hhnline owns is decked out in ravens geer. his car has 16 flags on it....ut inssde it'ss a purple tailgating frenzz with plates and more.but that'ssnot all. inside hissman 3 heaven. 3 "handpainted wine glasses, ray - rice signnpictures hammers ravens couch he offfcial pelicoptee music." music."and you etter believe jerry's goinggto the
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superbowl. he's beenna seeson ticket holder for 17 years.he says the big event willl ost him about 5-thousand dollars. 3 fans are placcng bets about who will win thissyeaa's super bowl.if they're smart... &pthey'll takeessme advice from an animal at a new jersey zoo. zooo"princess"....a 6- year-oll camel... picked he giants toowin last yeer... and they did.this year... zoo 3 prite "49er's" in ne and... andd ravens" in the ooher... then overed the woodd with couldn't sse.soowho did she choose? the ravens!! 3 we're following 3&pray's last ride all the way tt the suuerdommein new orleans. see our stories on the ravens interviews from the players... and inn other web liins by foxbaltimore
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dot com. click banner on our hooepagg. 3 some couplls take ayear or more to plan their weddiin.but -& we're doing t in just one & week contest... and you can enterrto in an all- expenses-- paid wedding... on us. entee.. ttll us in a hundred words oo less wwy you shoull win.send your entryyto "wedddng in a week".. 2000 west 41st street in baltimore.. 1211... 3&por log onto foxxaltimore dot commto enter... you can also enter on our facebook page... jjst clicckon the wedding in a week tab on the left side of the sure to read the official rulls ad include a - photo witt yoor entry! pntryyaad it's all brought to you by the ballimore bbidal show at the baltimore conveetion center february 2nd and 3rd. 33 coming up... 3 all eyes weee on president -3&pobama... ffr hii second presidential inauguration.but there was someone else...
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stealing the spotlight. spotlight.we'll reveal one of the most talk-about moments from yesterday's event... 3 daughtees. 3 you'rr watching
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3 3 3 it's a tale of bird that destroys a garden of children 3 in....he quest of ziz bird is starting at the pumpkin theatre ttis weekend. & morniigs hometown hotspot. - ziz bird.-what age group is
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the play recommend for?- what can we ee? see? 3 &p
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3 the quest of the ziz bbrd starts saturday january 26th and 27th then rrns again eb. 2nd and 3rd. to llarn more log on to fox ballimmre ddt com slash morning. 3 coming up... 3 "groupoon... is making a big change to the services it --3 sells.what the daily deals site is now cutting... that's 3 and all is calm now... bbt wait ntil you see what's laundy baskee... that has this video goiig vvral. we'll show you're
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watching fox 45
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3 one uddly little kitty is reaching new heights... literally. llterally. take a look at ttis new viral video... that &pshows a cat springiig intoo action... while helping with some irty laundry. the cat's name isn'' mentioned in suggesting ittbe named "meow ping"... "ssotty kitten" or
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3 3 & &p 3 3 3 3& mewwng." 3 kittenn or "patrick
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3 ming"... "scotty 3 named "meew 3 suggesting it be 3 bbt some are 3 the viddo.isn't mentioned n & the catts name dirty laundry. helping with some p3 3 ((break 2)))- 3 -3 3 3
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3 33 p3 &
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3 3 3 coming up... 3 kevin acon fans have a lot tt look forward to monday iihts. his nnw t-v show....and why e says it's the right project 3 but nexx... we're taking yourr callssaaouu fittess. fitness.have aaquustionnyou & want answwrrd?justtcall thh - number on your screen... 410-481-44455you're watching & fox 45 ggod day baltimore.. 3 ((break 3)) & 3 3 ((brea
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havv questions call us at 410-481-45-44you can also postt a question to our facebbok r twitter page-how many 3 calories can we burn working out at home? 3
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3jessica- baltimore leslie - "wwattare tte bbst 3 handles?" & 3 beverly --"howwdo i eliminaae
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under beverly --"how do i 3 beverly - ""ow do i 3 eliminate under arm fat and around the back? 3 p brandon - "i
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3 normally workout for 1 hr 30 3 mins on thh other days. am i pverrworking myself?" poming up... -3 3 britain's rince harry... returns rom deployment.what & he did... during his 20-week tour. 3 "i, baraak hhssein obama do solemnly swear..." swear..."and thousandd turned out tt watch reeident obama's not áthisá moment that had social media usees buzzing.up ádaughterá wws spotted
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doing.... durinn his speech. 3 you're watching fox 5 good day baltimooe.
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3 3 -live ook downtown 3
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3 garrett ounty public schools arr opening 2 hours late today. 3 3 - 3 3 p3 3 3 hhurs llte today.are opeeing 2 public schools arretttcounty puulic schools are opening 2 hours late today. 3 3 3& 3 shawan map
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3 the murder case agginst
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miccael johnson is underwwy at this hour.he's theeman accused of illing orth carolina teenager phylicia barree two years aao here in baltimore. & baltiiore.tom rodders ttlls us -3 what we can expect to hear inside tte ourtroom this -3 other top stories.gooo -& morning, tom..- 33&pthere arr 30-thousand pages of discovery in ttis case... pieces of eeidence that will be used durrng this wws all scheeuled to staat &pjust minutes ago... with jury selection.'s been two years paltimore.her body waa found -3 months later in the & sussuehanna rivee.the cause oo death... asphyxiation.michael johnssnn.. the ex-bbyfriend of &pphylicii's half sister deena & brnes... is accused of her murder.a neighbor ttld innestigatorr that he saa jjhnson moving a large storage container... a container that dettctives believe had barnes' body inside. 3 attorney: "i certainly don't think itthad phylicia's body in it notta chance."ccusinn & "what i was really surprisee -3 was are he number of times he maae contact with my little cousin she's 16 yearr old he's 28 years old 500 ttet messages."
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messages."proseeutors say testimony....they ámay plly a pex video recorrdd on deenn's 3 several subpeonas for phone and car rental records.3 plannon calling a witness from cecil county ho claimed he saw barnee after she was repprted missinn.sourcee tell ussthey also wwnt copies oo personnnllfiles for the leaa &pbblttmore city deteccivv in the case. 3 moreethan 190- million peoole areewithout -3 jobs... and about 40-million have given up on loooing. looking. this ii &paccoodinggto an annuul report from thh iinernational labour organizatton. eeperts sayyunnmployment will lack of jobs available. 3 whh have been out of work for 6-monthh or longer.....damage their long-term career ppssibilitiis. "groupon" hhs announced & it's ending alllcurrent nd future gun-related deals. the move comes a month after thh deadly mass shooting in newtown, connecttcut.. diicounts for shootiig ranges, shooting have been canceled
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the decision ii now cooing - under fire rom some businesses... who ssy their ann unfairly. 3 manti te'o is ppeaking out aboutthis girlfriend hoox.......and patii cooric will be theefirst to hear it. couric tweeted that sse'll interviee te'o and his &pparents n her talk show where te'o is settto reveal all about the girlfriend hee claimed he hadd. who died of leukemia.. te'o pnssstt hh's thh victim of aa internnt hoax. he's tte runnerrup for this yyar's heisman trophyy & prince harry is 3 ddeloyment in afghanistan. tte "ttird in line" to - the british throne was serving as a "apache" helicopter co- &ppilot with the army air corpp. harry says while on missions he fired roccees nd mmisiles at aliban fighters. thissis harry's 2-nd tour in afghaaistta. his first deploymenn inn2007 was cut short aater his whereabouts were leaked. 3 fann are now one degree actor makes the move to the
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small screen... in he new fox show "the following." following."innthe shoo... - bacon is annf-b-i agent who's & tracking a serial killer.bacon says he's been looking for the right project. p3 "i love the fact that the charrcter was heroic but aa 3 the twists and turns.""- purns." "the following"" debuted last night. it airs pvery monday nighttatt99 o'clock.... right here on fox 45. 3 it's he yawn... hat's gone viral. viral. ttissis video of sasha obbma... caught oo camera... yawning during herr the resident waa talking about educatton at the time. ii's nclear iffsasha needed ooe sleep... or shh was just bored.but she still managed to eep 3 clapppig for her dad throughout his speech. -&
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3 it'sstime to caption his! & this!tooaa on our facebook ppge we posted a picttre of a boy... in a toughhsituation. here's hat sooe of you - captionnd it. it. 3 "where is the ccisco?" criscoo" 3 "challenge accepted and completed." 3 my head." head." 3 hhee's some of 3 your other captions...your -3 other here's some f your &pother captions...((áááad - libááá))),3
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if you want tt plly along... attfacebook dot com slash fox paltimore. -3 33 coming up... from analyyts jooing around... to ooe offthee first daughters... juupinn aroundd 3 "therees organ freeman i sorry." we'll 3 moments from the president's innuguration. &p33 you're watching fox 45 good day altimore..
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3 ((break 5)) 3&p((ad lib meeeorologist)) 3 3 weather kid tease
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3- 3 coming up... planning a trip to the "big easy".... onnhhw you can show your rrvensspriie ii new tte bank........nd just how - watching fox 45 good day jgñpnñ>pwxo3txx
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3 the raaens are goong toothe ssperbowl and if you arr planning on attending theree are a few things you should know. yythia amin fromm polesville travee joins uu ttis morring with mmre. - hat -3 should we know before 3 pooking a trippto the superbowl?- how much should we expecttto spend?-aae there any deaas out there or he superbowl? superbowl?
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to learr ore llg on to fox
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baltimore ddt com slash pooning. p3 ccming up.... we''ee not sure if he was he wiping a tear....or getting something out his eye.... eye....----nats of choir singing: "glory glory hallelujah."---- hallllujah."---- or whethee malia kept ppckinggor wipinn somethinggoff her coatt... but either way...... we'll show you all - the quirkk moments from president obama's &pinaugurationn you're & watching ox 45 good day bbltimore.
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wasn't ll abbut pomp and circumstaacee jeannn moos explains... there were some oddball moments too... ffom beyoncees eaapiece to a -3 prottster up a tree. tree. 3& it was a dayythat got ff with -3 a bang...(nat)not haa bang. the bangsson michelle obama. "and the bangs, lets not forget the bbags."it as also &pand jy z rubbing 3 shoullers with newttgingrinch -and calissa. audio difffculties forced beyonceeto pull out hee ear ppece."the still naileddthe star spaagled bannerr the president, on he other hand,,bllw neelittle word aa he took the oath."ttee 3 unitee ..."no stumbling by psasha as shh literally skipped sasha gyrated, malia danced as
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they waited foo the ffstivities to begii. sasha kept pickinggat and wiping something off er coat.(nats) when the brooklyn tabernncle choir sang..."glory glory haalelujah."thh pressdent may or may not have wiped a tear from his face, but a second later he ddfinitely winked. singer kelly clarkson's rendition of y counnry is of & thee ....(nat)got a one word review from senator huck were a few media flubs... "therr's morgan freeman i ttinkkbill russell, 'm sorryy" "the freedom of every soul n eaath..." "welcome back to our 3 did it ontinue... from famous faces..."hey ello.. ey oww pre you all? hi."to he unknown anti-abortion prrtester inna ttee..."when i'' makkig an important decision like whether to haae men in trees." when he finallyy
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climbed down a police ladder... jail."there wwre ppenty of -& solemm mmments. ike when the - president paused after mmking 3&pwanna take a lookkone more time i'm not going to sse thii again." and spent almost 0 seconds gazing back at the sea of spectators. but solemnity gave way to fist pumppng and the kids taking kkssing picturee of theii parents. aa -3 for michelleeobama's ouufit, it was y ammrican designer ttom browne. and whether you like it or not, it cculd have been worse. imagine hess insttad of the obamas, it couud have been the (nat)jeanne oos, cnnn ny. &p3 commng up... &&p a bitter cold start to the day... 3 how long theee low temppratures coold stick aroundd.. and whhn ásnooá --3 ighh
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appear in the forrcast. you're watching
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the trial of a man accuuee of killinn phylicia barnes.the prosecution's strategy on foxx5 ews at five.. 3& áá7 day forecastáá
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