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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  January 25, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 st. ary's county public -3& chools closed closeddorchester county publlc schools 2 hour delay delaaand... the early dismissals are already coming into our newsroom.cecil couuty middle and high schools will close at 1:00.cecil county elemmntary chools will close -3 at 2. 3 3
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3 we're learning thh defeese pttorrey in anne arundel county executive john leopold's case.. will seee a potion for acquittal. acquittal.tom rodgers is here with more oo that and this morning's other top stories.
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3&p defense attorney bruce marcuu is expected tt seekka &pmotion for acquittal from judge dennis sweeney when the triil continues today.if thh motion is rejected... the defense will present it's case. case.the prosecution rested , pesterday.leopold is accused of misconduut or allegedly using his pplice detail for personal and political use. ttstimony revolved around money that officers on 3 receivedda former employee stated thht he drooe leopold around on the weekends... earnnng overtime in the process.he testiffed that he 3reassigned. 3 pitts a dissrace i just cant say enough about it it's just & fficers of this county have to endureesuch treatment 3&pit'' absolutely unaccepttble for an elected official tt dd & phat and for our county taxpayer dollars o be used for that reason . .severaa ppoole werr ánot
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3 former anne aaundel couuty policeechief james teare. 3 no police officers will be charged in the murder of n eest baltimore man who died inn their custody.the decision was just released from baltimooe's ptate's aatorney... greeg bernntein.but... amily members of anthhny anderson -3 tell us... thee're not pleesed. pleased.(anderson/son) justice is not being served.. it's not fair." fair."46-year-old anderson during a drug arrest in september offlast year. while... the city rosecutor says is investigation has officer's actions ácauseeá anderson's death... he says anddrson dded during he course of a legitimatt arrest... and the use of force was not excessive.because of ttat... he altimooe city not pursue criminal charges against the three police officers invooved. (bernstein) "i am committed to &pvvooates theelaa and dishonor the badge. in this case howeeer, thh evidence does not
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criminal laws in our judgment 3 rights division of the 3 initiating it's own invvstiiatton. maryland's highest court hhs ruled state police muss release files relating to how they innestigatt racial profiling..-- profiling..sate olice had argued thh documents are personnel records and exempt from disslosure. disclosure. but the maryland court of appeall ruled in favor of the american civvl liberties union and the n-double-a -c-p which - contended the ffles should be purned over. pver.the n-double-a-c-pp says the ruling gives it the wwen reportssand complaints - are throughly nvestigated. 3 the new orleans - colors. 3 the team announced that they'lllnow be called the "pelican's". the phange comes affer tom benson" the ooner of the "new & orleaan saints" bought tte teem last year. and insteed of ust wearing blue aad gold the pelican's will 3 the change gges into
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effect during the 2013 to 2014 season. 3 3 there are warmer wayy o raise 1 ppint 5 million -3 dollars,bbt it's hard to find one. thee17th annual polar bear plunge is this weekend, wiih ssme of the events starting this morning. p and joelld. smith is stteaming now at sandy ppiit &pstate park preparing to eeter the icy water himselff good 3& d..- 3 3
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3 poming up... one reporrer gets the lesssn of a lifetime.and no weere not talkign about joee. 3 find out whht happens hen she turrs her back on a goat. 3 and... ffllow the yellow brick & road.where yoo can go to make your children feel like they've stepped in the world of "ozz"you're watching fox 5 good day baltimore.
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3 3 3&pcreate ttrnado and check out emerald city.porttdiscovery's wiiard of oz children's educatiooal exhibition openn this weeeend.nora moyniian from ort discovery joins uss - for this morningg hometown hootpot.- tell us aboot the 33 exhibit?- how can we
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3 creete a 3 tornado? 3 -what is the recommend age grouu for the exhibit? 3
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3 the wizard of oz children's educational xhibition openn saturday, january 26th. for -3 more information log on to fox baltimore dot commslash morning. 3 coming up... there's no cure.....andd ts sweeppng the country. 3&p thh new - stomach virus that oo should watch out for. 3 you're watccing fox 45 good day baltiiore. 3 ((break 2))
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3- 3 it's a tough job beeng 3 rrporter in fforida learned a valuable lesson while on assigment.....never turn your back on a goat. ---nats of fall-------- ,3 3 "linda carson" was at a state fair....working on 3 ggats....when one of the aniials suddenly charged her -3 ann knocked hee to the ground.. - carson said thee fall didn't urt....and sse plughed it ff. 3 3
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p 3 for more information about the maryland s-p-c-a go tooour 3 poming up... 3 coming up... 3 just minuues ago.. we sennt joel into the icy waters of the chesseakk baa!did he survive?? we check in on him in ust 10 miiutes 3 and... it's time for ballimore restaurann weekkone oo the participatiig restaurants shows us what's on the enu... for just 30 bucks. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimooe. 3 ((break 3))
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33 3 enjoy a hreeecourse meal for a ggod price!!altimore restaarant weekkii starting this weekendd mark mmrrnda &pfrom rustt scupper joins uu us about 3 bbltimore restauranttweek. 3& should we make a restauuant week.baltimore - tell us about baltimooe rrstauuant week.- shoold we make aa
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3 reservation?- what's n the 3 - what's on the menu? menu?
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3 3menu? menu?- wwat's on the reservation?reservation?- should we make a reserration? reservation?? should we make a 3 reservation?- should we make a 3 reservation?- whht's on the menu? menu? & p3 to get a liss of other on to fox bltimore dot com
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3 coming up... 3 the snow held ff for joells plunge.... but itts still on its way. find outtif it's enougg to ccncel phhse wwekend plans. p,33 you're watching
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3 3 33 3& st. mary's ounty ppblic schoolssclosed closeddorchester county public schools 2 oor delay delayand....the earlyy &pdismissals are already commng into our newsroom.cecil coonty & middle and high schhols will elementarr schools ill clooe -3 at 2.3 3 3 3&
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3 3 greenspring maa 3 greenspring map 3 3 opening statementssare scheduued to begin this morning... in thh murder trial of phylicia barnes. &pbarnes.tom rodgers is here withhmore on thaa and this morning's other op stories. 3 just moments ago our joy leepola tweeted michael johnson made his way in & court... he is accused of killing the 16 year old when she wws visiting family in baltimore.
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baatimore.visiting family in old when she was visiiing ffmily in baltimore. baltimore.thursday... a juuge ruled that a seperate hommcide detecttve in the case can be bbought up during the trial..dniel nicholson has been accused of breeking into a harford ccunty home wearing &pa black hoooie while he the incideet occured two days & before police chargee johnsonn witt barnes' murder. 3 3 first oonfox... fox...federal agents make several arrests during a 3- dayysweep targeting convicted see offenders...who are alsoo aliens. (27:10) (radio end unit here..... -3&phere...."" agents scouued the state ii whht's bbing called 'operation soor'. they spent hours searching for theer targets and this week, they arrested thee. after three days, thee nabbed suspectt who had 3&pwhill in the u-s illegally. illegglly.those arressed are 3 lock-up aa agents begin thee process of having them remmved from the country. country. 3
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3 a new strain of stomach bug is sweeping the country.heallh officials are caaling it he - "ferrari of viruses."it's new strain of norovirus, but experts ssy.. it's usually not pnd diarrhea.there's apparently o ccre... and - and you'll just have to ride it out for a couple of days. &p140 outbreaks have been reeorted in the u-s. 3 he polar bear plunge is back this weekend... just n time for he snow. snow. the annual event &praises mmre than a milliin dollars for speciallolympics, and this yeer those brave souls wwll be facing extreme cold. bearing it as well.....and s live at sandy point state park andda little later this morning you are goong in rrght? 3 -33 3
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3 33 coming up... 3 american idol.. goos oon south. south..e show you our favorite audition of the night. 3 you're ,3 you're atching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 ((break 5))
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,3 3 this!today on our facebook - page we posted a piccure f a - kid pulling a prank in the's what someeof you 3& it..- 3 "i llst my hhad attocean city". pity".."bottoms up" up" "oh that's whhre i left you"if you want to play along... join us on our facebook along... join us on if you wwnt tooplay facebookkpage at facebook dot com ssash fox baltimore. 3 ((toss to weatherr) 3 ((toss tooweather)) 3 3&p((toss to weather))((toss too weather)) 3((ad lib
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3 ((ad libb 3 ((ad lib
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3 meteooologist)) 3 coming p.... 33 p the ccassic up do never goes out of style. learn how you caa add some flair to your hair for any eventt 3 and... a maryland native... is still in thh running to be the next american idol.what the show's producers jjst tweeted us.. about the turbinator." p ou're watching fox 45 gooddday baltimorr. -
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there is something that is missing and i want to tell you that something missing is jesus. it was the beginning of a road of redemption for me. there is forgiveness, a new life, everything in trusting god. take that one step that is all it takes. i felt like a new person brand new creation. ill felt like i had had a weight
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3 3 3 maryland is in the national spotlight beccuse f some -3 superstar singersscandace is here to explain.miranda -3 currently ouring arrond the country for their locked and reeoadeddtour.they ssopped in baatimorr at first mmriier look at his. 3 3 thanks to my riendd over at live natioo for sending this
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piccure to e. & opening act thhmas rhett all wore ravens jersies last ight. miranda wore the number 52 jersey... diirks sported joe flacco's jersey. 3(((vo)))the openiig ct for the show...thomas rhett wore the number 27..e posted this & on twitter and said this is about to haapen. ravens! 3(((anc))))n otter musicc 3 news.... american idol &paudiiions continued in baton rouge lluisiana last night.the judges found some real talent. 3 nats: singing 3 3&pphat is iss baton rouge megan miller..he impreesed thee
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3 pudges while 3 auditioning onnáácrutchesáá. phe is through to hollywood. ,3 & from our ocal contestant.. gurpreettsing ssrin--allo knnwn aa the turbanator..ast night... i tweeted the patrick lynn and i said "what aae youu thoughts on tte turbantor".patrickkresponded and said i really like the ttrbanatorr.hees a great guy. thhs comes one day after the & executive producer of the show.. nigel ythgoe.. tweeted me and said tte ttubanatorrhas a great sweet voice... coming up...
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3 the snow's on its way! &pus when it'll hit. and... don't just go for thh same old look..ew twists on classic hairstyles. you're watching fox 45 ggod - day watching fox 5 good dayy baltimorr. -3
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3 3 ((break 7)) 3 3 we are gettinn you reaay or wedddng
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in a week aaddwe want toostart off with your hair! 3 dd'' for i do's is back again to show us what'sstrending in wedding hair. - what kinds of hairrstyles can we 3 expect from you hii year? 3 this year?expect frommyou hair styles cannwe expecttfrom you & phis yyar? 3 - whht are ssoe 3 good stylessfor - what are some
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3 good styles ffr short haii? 3 good styles or - what are some 3 good styles for --what are some good sttles for shortt - hair? 3 short haii?good styles for - what are some good styles for short hair?- how should we 3 style our hair if we have haae longer hair?
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3 3 for more 3 for moreeinformation abouttup do's forri o's... go to their webbite.. up do's for iido's ddt com. 3 to entee our wedding in a week
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contestt. tell us in a hundree words or less why youushould win.senddyoor entry to "wedding n a week".. 2000 pest 41st street in baltimore.. 21211... 3 or log onto foxbaltimore dot com tooenter... be sure to read the official rules and include a photo with yyur entryy entry!and it's all broughh to - you by he baltimore ridal -3 show at the baltimore convention center february 2ndd and 3rd. 3 just into our newsroomm... baltimore and carroll county schools are cllsing tww hrs early.we'll post the latest delays on our facebook page even hen the show is over..- makk sure you "like" us... at facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. foxbaltimore.and... jonathan tells us hen theesnow will hit.. and how much we'll gee. how much we'll snow will hit.. and how much we'll get.. you'rr watching oo 45 good day altimore.
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3 a new winter much
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snow we'll get this timm. on 3 - batto and carco closed 2 hours earlyclosed hours - batco and carco 3 3 paltimorr. 3 bbltimore. good day watching fox 45 you're get. you'ree watching foo 45 good day baltimore. 3 3 - batco aad carco
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3 clossd 2 hourr early- check fb ((cann) there are cancclations/service -3 alterationn due o power &pand baatimore. . passengers can expect delays of 1-3 hrs. &pp, 33 áá7 day forecastáá 3 &pp3 3 3 it's time for
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