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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  January 27, 2013 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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3 the 49ers are already theee... the ravenn fly down to new orleans tomorrow.we'rr live easy. 3 vytas says... &psayy... 3 2:16:35 "i just pray for the 3 anything so bad in a fire." fire."a fire in dundalk claims &pthe life of a littte girl... &pas nnighbors struggle to cope -3 withhthe loss. loss. & 3 and a couple from millersville uses the super bowl to fuufill -&pa lifelong promise to eachh otter.
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3 hello, i'm jennifer gilbert. after deallng with snoo just two days ago... .. now freezing rain is in thh forecast..- forecast.chief mmteorologist vytas eid isshere o tell uss wwat it will mean for your & morning commute... vytts. p3
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3 baltiiore has waited 12 years for this week.the ravens are - back in the super bowl.we have live overage tonight from new orleans..organ adsst joins us now to kick thiigs off.moogan. the 44ers have landed in the big easy...the ravens head to super bowl 47 tomorrow.but before anyone was there... was fox 45 sports new orleans.he joins us live now, hey brrcc. 3
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3 3 3
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3 thankk bruce...aan once pgain...for the thirr ssraiggt playoff wwek....he ravens are -3the underddg.the lineddoppned up at 5 in vegas...but since fans are betting raaens...theyy are now a 3-and-aahalf point &punderdog.just the way tth ravens like it. 3 3 we ave you covered on our website... all tte way leading uu to super bowl 3 dot com.go to ssorts... click
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3 coverage... ray's final ride... and his history as a a speccal look at super bowl's all there and more... at fox baltimore dot com. 3 our live coverage froo new orleans with bruce continues on sports unlimited.also, find &pout iffwinning the lombardi ttophy...puts any motionninto matttbirk's retirement plans... 3&pthanks morgan.the ravensswill llave tomorrowwforrnew orleans. but firss -- they are saying farewelllto ffns who've been -3 lining up to wish the team - good luck.melinda roeder is --3 live from the inner harbor amptheater... 3 where the ciiyywill hold an &pofficiaa sendoff tomorrow. melinda? 3 a super bowl sendoff rally willlbegin omorrow at 10:00 and last a few hours.... with live music and aapearances by ravens players - coach -3 harbaugg - cheerleaders and - even poe - the over
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haae made the rounds greeting torrey smith... spenddsome 3 at aacommunity eventtin harford county. county. 3 12::9:48 "he's a nice guy. very laidback. like a normal & person."a rowdy crowd of &pfans... lined up inside the olivv ree restaurant to have very sppcial dinner guest.on the menu tonight -- ravens "i love torrey smith... win - that suppr bowl baby, brrng it home."smitt came aal the waa to aberdeee to pose with fans - showing off their purple pride.mayor - 13::5:38 "it's very excittng for the city... thisscity goee crazy over tte -3 ravens."the team leaves monday for new orleans... anddthe super bowl.playyrr likk smith... will take pleety of support witt them.13:04:23 "i
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3 fans."toorey: 13:41:21 "it means a lot. you know, it's -& our fans here in baltimmre -3 beforeewe leave."the evenn rrisee money for charity. and it wassall organized by the restaurant's owners.who just happen to be ravens fans themselves.mindy hapsis: 13:08:56 "because it's ouur 20th anniversary and we wanted to thank our guests foo being so loyal and also bring torrey ravens!"thhy even had a special cake n honor of torrey's birthday. 13:02:35 "say yay!"but he's not the onny one celeerating this weekend.13:02:22 "her biithday isson the super bowl. her she asked foo - super bowl here are looking forwarr to sunday...and hoping to tasteevictory...12:59:55 3 gonna win, no doubt."12:53:59 "and this town is gonna go wild."(cover) 12:52:29 "....nd -3 p ttld ttrrey two touchdowns." as for torrey - he says he'ss happy to take a timeout... o show fans how muchhhe appreciates them this seeson. & 13:41:52 theseepeople live and ie by us... nd you have to show the love back."
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3 3 again tomorrro's event here & at thee nner harbor begins at 10... but the ravenn playerss will be stoppiig by around cooe on out... and wear purpleeto how your 3 thanks melinda.ann purple ppide is stronger thaa ver ttese days.take a ook at thiss artwork in one baltimore - mooell looking on at ray lewis. 33 and 6- yeaa--old tyler..... showing support for his favorite player... ed reed. reed. youucan upload your &pphotos and viieos thrrugh purple t fox baltimore dot com. nd you - can seeethose pictures on ur "see it shoot it send it page" aa fox baltimorr dot com. & oo you can go to our facebook page at facebbokkdot com slash foxxbaltimmre ccick 3& 3 and we're following ray's llst ride all the way toothe superdooe in nnwworleans.i''l be jjining bruce there later ttis week.see our tooies on the avens playoffs.... hear
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raw interviewssfrom thee - players... and find other web links byygoing to our website... foxbbltimore ddt com.. click on he "ray's past ride" banner on our homepage. 3 it was a deadly night of fiies tells us how fire crews braved the freezing temperattres o fighh three fires n ne - night... includiig one that & claimed the life of a 10- child. 3 ((sott) theresa sappee2:15:49 baak and the wwole house is in flames.> just before 11 saaurday niggt--- theresa sappe anddher neeghbors saw this house ii the 66-hundreddblock of hhrtwait street in dundalk engulfed in lames.(((ot)) ralph schrrck neighbors tell fox45 pat died about two years agoo-but liff, his son andd 3 some of hiss randdids livv
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here.everyone escappddthe fire except a 10 year old girl. ((sot)) (sttnd up)) ((sot))
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ray llwis... 3and new gun control pegislation being proposed... &pwhy at least one lawmaker ssys firrarms are nnt the problem. and what lawmakers ááhoullá be focusing on.
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3 mmssive loss of life, in peoole ddsperately try to escape the flamee from insiie a buuning nightclub. more than 230 people were anna kooiman shows pdeadliest nightclub fire in the woold - in more than a ecade. decade. a nightclub tragedy in brazil's souttern city of panta maria...wwere a fire and panic in its aftermath leaves hundreds dead.male pprtyggers -3 joining firefighters -- wielding axes ann sledgehammers... n a desperate attempt to free thooe trapped inside the ccub. rescue crews counting more phan 200 people, among the dead.dozens more have been hospitaaized.witnesses sayingg band member may have set off diee from asphyxiation and smoke inhalatioo, after the - roof of the "kiis niggtclub" ccught fire eaaly sunday people were innide at the time..- some people were crrshed, as panicked patrons rushed for - the club's only exit. firrfighterssand civilians pulling people from the
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smoking building.survivors carried injured and burned &pfriends away in their aams.the united staaes sawwa ssmilar tragedy in ebruary 2003 in when 110 people dded after 3during a pyrotechnics display. of peoppe, standing by -- aa families tasked ith - identifying their loved-ones -- were brought to a & gymnasium, to survee the emotionaa president, trying to soothe hhr country: (translated to engliss)) rousseff says: " thhse times of sadness we are -3 pogether. and out of necessity, we will heal... but will do ss, remembering our sadnesss"((ooiman oo cam tag) brazil's fire, now bbing called the ddadliest nightclub fiie the world has seen in more than a decade.santa maria's maaor, declaaing a 30 day mourning periid.brazilians on twitter, calling thiss-- 3&pkooiman, fox news. 3 police in anne arrndel county prr investigatiin aahomicidd & -- affer a man was shot dead
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in the woods. woods. the victim was foundd early thissmorning near marley neck boulevard in glen burnie.. &p he has not yet been identifiedd but police say into custody for quustioning. about some noise and they went to the wooded area , they ddscovered two suspicious vehicles neer the cene... and a man walking out f the woods. that's also hen they founn the body. 3 a pillar of alttmorr's civil rights history died this weekend.paul gessler went to baltimoreechuuch this for neaaly forry years. years. 3&pmusic: "hold on..."reve. hathaway: "our fellowwhip this 3 "hood on..."rev. dr. alvin c. hathaway, r., union baptist &church:"tte name of the church is union baptist church in baltimore."ssnnay service on druid hill avenue.carolyn robinson, union baptist member: "he knew everybody in the ccurch..."is missing somethingg - that made you feel really goodd"rev. dr. alvin c. hathaway, sr., uniin aptist chuuch:"you could go anywhere - in america, and everyyne knnw the name of rev. dobson."
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reverend vernon dobson preached here for nearly 40 3 be alrighh..."downssairs... in the ccomunity center he helpee renovate....henry goodman: "i remember the march on washhngton. he got buses!" congregaaion remember the taylor, union baatist member: "he helped everybody--the rich, thh ppor, the white, the black."dobson's reach surpasses the church... to the adjaccnt head start center bearing his name. it serves &pmore thaa 200 children.he founded the maryland food bank. founded community group called 'build'-- baltimoreaas united in waa even a mmmber of the pcvil riggts leaders who fought for integration.kurt 33 ""ny time people were in trouble, they came to that man and he was there for everrbody. it's gonna hurt my 3 maybe god wanted himmto come hathaway, sr., union baptist churchh"rev. dobsoonlived a tremendous life. he touchedd manyyspirits and heaats."woman aa pulpit:"praying ffr dobson,
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who passed yesterday."back at thh union baptist, though, his former ccurchhmembers praise his ssills at the pulpit. carolyn robinson, union baptist member:"he was a great orator. he was a great ppeacher. i oved hearing him preach."soloman taylor, union baptist memmer:"i will miss him very, very much."paul gessler, reporter: "reverend dobson's memorial service will be this coming saturday morning at 11 o''lock. it will saint mark's institutional - baptist church. hat's on bentalou street. forrnow, we are reportinggin baltimore, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten." 3 3& while the gun debate rages on... at least one lawmaker doesn't think guns are the 3 and he's goo your rrvens gear &pvendor... to keep you in & purple and black.
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it's time for baltimore restturant eek!what's on thh menu... for just 30 bucks... - mmnday on fox44 morning news. 3
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3 with the ravens headed to the supee owl... there's a huge demand or everything purple businessman... ii working ovvrtime to make sure you have plenty of ravens gear. "dan & the -shirt man" has set up shop attthe corner of -3 philadelphia and rossville boulevard in ssex.he's selling ravenn gear... including itemsslike ssirts, & hats anddcups... 24 hours a pay... 7 days a week... until the monday after the suppr -3 bowl..-
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3 a couple from millersville uses the supee bowl toofulfiil a lifelong promise to eaah other.
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3 senatorrdiinne feinstein is pushing for tougher gun legislatioo... seeeing to ban military--syle assault weapons. weapons.under the senator's legislltion... ore than 157 kinds of military style assault weapons would be -3 laws...
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hh also says he has a 3 traditions f hunting...andd there are manyywho think banning assault weapons won't prevenn annther public massacre like saady hook 123-127"doing so-callee & assault weapons bannis going aattr a syyptom and as -3 teachers have said to me. -&pdon't focus n whatever is the weapon. get to the root causs." causs."senator feinsseinndoes - not expect a vote on her & proposed gun control legislation anytime soonn 3 fans have lready began their trii to the superbowl. 3 two college sweethearts are fulfilling a promise they made tooeach pther years ago... to goothe super bbwl if the avens made it again. ttey've gassed up their r-v that's decked ouu in ravens gear nd journey to new orleans. p they ouple says thee'll keep drivingguntil ttey get tired... and then park at a palmart. "in liff you always do i alwwys realize you're truly -& blessee,
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and this is one of & the blessings." blessings." they aren't tte only ones from & theirrneighborhood making the trip. a father and ssn will enjoy the excitemmnt of the gamm...but they're travvling bb plane. 3 3 coming up in sports unlimited....ive coverrge as the ravens plln & pn sttpping san francisco's & ddnamic quarrerback...
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3 finally tonight.... the nation is atchinggas the altimore ravens head to the super bowl. and ray lewis plays his last gameeand last niggt, saturday niggt llve, had a little
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fun.... wwth our number 52. 3seth, if we win the super bowll i'm going to go to 3 tte 50 yarrdline of the super dome, get down on one knee, and ascend into heavee. i'm goinn through the roof. that's going to be a sight. (laughs) woo!!! ray leeis everyyody. (leave up his ddncinggwhile we tag ouu) out))- 3 you can watch the entire ay our website, foxbbltimore-dot- com.... and ccickkng on "around the web." 3 3 that's all for the news at ten...i'm jennifee ilbert... cunningham have live coveeage of super bowl week froo new ooleans in sports unlimited... morgan... 33 cominn upptoniggt on sports unlimited...brrce cunninghamm is live ii the big easy as super bowl week beeins...hear ffom the 499rs who just got off the ppane...
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plane...ozzie newsome has been since they moveedto baltimore...what it meens to him reaching his 2nd super bowl....colin kaepernick gives dean pees plans on slowing down san frrn's q-b....and he's overshadowed by ray lewis but this could be the final game for matt birk...what a uper bowl win or lossswould mean for his return or retirement... sports unlimited starts after this... &p
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