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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  January 28, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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[ woman ] you'll never settle again. p,3 monday, january 288h. & baltimore city... frederick .. garrett.. howard and kent county schools are late.cecill.. harford and
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are closed. cllsed.baltimore county schools re aaready closed for day... but on-public bus rrutes areeoperattnn on a 2 hour delay. delayyanne arundel county schoolssaae also aaready are opening hours late.ccs - 33 3 3 3 3 & 3
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as jonathan warned you... therr are cy
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conditions out here or your commute.megan gilllland is live in north baltimore now shaping up at this hour. good morning lib...
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live look... 3 joinssus on the have
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sooe deeays to tell us about?
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cooing p... it's thh ssht of a lifetimm.. ann he ailed ii. it.hii maaing basket nats looppd bbttee ttan sinking thisshalf you're watching ox 45 good day baatimore. ((bump out)) ((brrak 1)) 3
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the ravvns leave for new oollans today. but not &pbefore, thh fans hhve one mor and purple pride. joel d. smith is ive at the inner harbor wheree
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eveeyone from theemayor, to pllyers froo the last super bowl team will be sending the &pteaa off in styll. good morning oel d. 3 3 3
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we''l be streaming the ravens rrlly live on our website.. foxxaltimore dot coo.. startinggat 11:30. the nntion is watching as the paltimore raaens watching as the the nation is starting at foxbaltimore dot website.. llve on ourrthe ravens rally
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we'll be streaming we'll be strraming the ravens ally live oo our website.. poxbaltimore dottcom.. starting at 11:30. the nation is watching aa the plaas hhs last game.but this &pnumbbr 2. seeh,,if we win the super bowl, i'm goinn to go to the 50 yard line of the super dooe, get down on onee knee, ann ascend nto heaven. i'mmgoing through the roof. that's going to be a sight. pveeybody. (leave up his dancing while we tag out) &pout)you can atch the entire ray lewis s- p-l skit by going to our websste, foxbbltimore-dot- com.... and clickinggon "around he web.. we're following ray's last ride all the way to the superdome in new orreans.see playoffs.... hear raw
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inttrviews from he players... and find othee web linkksby going to oor website... foxbaltimore dot commclicc oo the "ray's last ride" banner on our homepage. ccming up... annunbelievvble half court hot.. caughh onncam. &pcamerr.him making asket natsd loopedbut what haapened afttr the incredible shot... that's even better than mmking thee pasket. you're watching fox 45 good day baatimore. ((break 2)) there are over 200 varieties of gou that have earned the "keurig brewed" seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed -- look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality.
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"i knew at that point that god himself rescued me." "god had a reason for her to be there." "it's only because of god's grace that i'm sitting here." "i can only say that the lord sent an angel and removed lisa from the car." "god can conquer everything, even death itself." "i love god because he saves you when you're sick." ?ó new york is no
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stranger to the cold.....but it's nnt everyday you get to see a sight like thii.
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a water fountain in new york's bryaat park freezes over. low temperatures turned thee waterrall. frederick .. garrett.. howard and kent county schools aaee opening 2 hours latee late.cecil... haaford and &pqueen anne's county schools arreclooed. closed.baltimore county schools are already closed for a professiinnl developmmet ddy....but non-public bus protes are operating n a 2 hour delay. delay.anne arunnel county schools are also alrrady ccosed... but ounty offices are opening 2 hours late. 3 3 3
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3 a fan maaes aa 3&phalf court shht and wins 75--
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thousand dollarr.but the best nextthookkshot nats/lebron huggs natsthe fan gets bear hugs im.he looks more wh excited about meetinn hii favorite player than making the shot. cominggup... &pyou're going to need one on a dayylike today.the kind of hat you need to wwar... to make you're watching fox 45 good dayybaltimorr.
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xx 3grabbyour hat and bundle up!justin seidllr from
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hats in the belfry joiis us with some tips for choosing the rrggt winterrhat for thhs segment!- what are some of , your most popularrhats?- what hats caa you wearrto work?- what casuul hats should
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womennwearr wearr 3 to learn more log 3&pon toofox baltimore dot com
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comiig up... our overageeof the slick weather continues.i'll tell you where the roads aae at you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.. ((break 4)) 3
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3 &pbaltimore city.... frederick .. garrett.. howard late.cccil... harford and 3 queen anne's county schools are closed. clooed.baltimore county schools are already closed for &pa professional development day... but non-public bus routes are operatiig on a 2 hour delly. closed... buttcounty offices
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are opening 2 hours late. 3& 3 shawan map 3
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give yyurself 3some extra time this morning.
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freezing rain coull make forra slick ride. in north altimore wiih a look at wat we're dealiig with at this hour. pood mooning lii... 3ive look....- 3- the ravens are rrady
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for newworreens and leave this paternoonnto officiallyystart super bool week. yet you still have a channeeto show them your purple pride one morr ttme. live at the inner harbor with the details on who yoo'll ee and how long your lunch break needs to be. goodd morniin joel d. 3 3 -
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we'll be streaming thh ravens rally live on our websste.. foxbaatimore dot com.. starting at 11:30. insiie the super bowl all week rom ew orleans. tune in for easy at 5 anddten.from the ig coming ccmes tte bride.what you can do todayy.
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youurr watchinngfox 45 ood day baatimore. ((break 5)) eat reat foodd. for a great
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week is underway!chef jared rhine from city cafe joins us
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this morning wwth more. - how is city cafe elebrating restaarann wwek?- what re you
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pestaurant week running? running? &pto learnnmore log on to ox baltimore dot com slash morning. 3&coming up... make ure those memorres ast. the questions you need to ask.. beforr booking a evennt.. plus- what you can do ttday to enttrrtoowin a ffee wedding! you're watching fox 45 good ddy baltimore. nn!nn!n!n!n!
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i do interior decorating
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make sure yyu select the right photographer to captureethe memories of your wedding day. cllrk phoooggaphers joinssus this morning with more on what to look for... and how yyu can enter o win a free wedding on us.- how do you select a photographer- how do
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&pmiis a moment?- ell us about the photts you brought inntoday - sunset photo p coupll in streett,3 - couple witt wordss 3
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- couple onnsteps - couple and sparklers 3 - bride
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por more information about michael cllrk... go to michaee clark photographers dot com. contest.. telllus in a hundred - words or less whyyyou should win.seed youu entry to "wedding in aaweek".. 2000 west 41st street in r og ontt foxbaltimore dot &pcommto ure to read the official rules and include a photo with yourrentry! entry!and i's all rought to you by the baltimore brrdal shhw at the baltimore convention center ebruary 22d and 3rd. coming upp.. the winner mees isn't over it'll finally head out of our area... ppus-- when we could see temperatures in he 60's. 3 it's ti the ravens head to new orleans.
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theebig send-off for the team phank yyu to... ubble wrap. e.3 today ii national bubble wrap appreciation day!- best known for protecting products. - helps relieve trrss. - ii was originally intended to be sed as a ffrm oo popping!
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3 ((break 88) 3
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