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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  January 29, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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the super bool mediaacircus spotlight.25-29"i wouldn't & give him the creeii tt even mentiin his name" -the questiin he faced thatts - poucchd ff cootrrversy. -3 controversyya day of reckoning for john leopood. 3haaeeanything to say??humbled ddcissonwhat the anne aaundel & poonty execcttvv was ound guilty of dding....ann what happpns ext in hhs bizzare cass. overnight...then another warmm day beforreteemeratures start to akk a dive. when thunderstorms couud arrrve in &pptannplant opeeationn oo a 3 iraq...rendann "i feelllike p'm getting a econd chance to start ovee &p3 how opkins surgeoos aree& giving him aanew leese on life.. 3 phllo i'm jeff barnd. anddi'm jennifer gglbert. --3 3 pmid all
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the excitement of superbowl week comes pontroversy. a magazine & using a banned substance...... substance.......-& 3 karen parks... stteaming -3&plive... at... m and bank -3&stadium....// and... raven... deeiee the alleggtiin.... allegation.... 33 phii isswhere rra lleis theeplayoff game against tte & recoveey involved deer vvlvee medicinn for centuries.....and - ray lewis says its all a lii..... liee.... &3 ((1:00)i wwuldn't give im he - crrdii o even mention his name or his antics in my - speeches or ii my momenn..... &pjust ays before the superbowl......rayylewis iss pacused f sing a annee ssbstanne.....(football nats) a reporttreleased today by sports illustrated llnks lewis - claims he used it during his
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muucle lass ctoberr....(miich ross)(1:50)ray lewis s not & wronn for using thiss prottcol.....mitch ross owner pf sports with alternatives to steroids says he assiitee 3 reeab....... ross ssys he return.....he & told lewis to tll the truth.....(mitch rrss)((ont bite)alabama players aae not - wrong for etting oo the protoool they are actualll - smart beeause they are saving their bodies rom damage and & injury....ross ccaims he - presccibed a program which prooucee human growth hormone and testosttrone..... suustanccs baaned by the nfl.....(37:07)i've bben in -3&pthis businesss17 years andd &pnobody has ever got uu with me pn the nfl therres never been a question f i''e ever even & thought about usingganythiig ps to evennenttrtain stuppdity like that tell him to try to & get his story off someone & else....(7:33) aanumberrof
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studies on tths proddct have been done nddit really hasn't - showw ittdoos anything at aal exccpp emmty your wallee.... 3 sports meddcine at meddtar pnionnmemorial hhspital.....he 33 been used foo almost eveeything from ssomach ulcers -33 to hhadaches.....(10:00)this been ffuud....((ats of rry playing)amid these & pans areesayiig(24:00)he's finishiig outtat tte superbowl and he's etting a riiggso it - doesn't really matter....- 3 in is 17 year career.....ray lewis haa everrfailed a drugg &ptest.. 3 that brings us to our questton of the aa.what do yu think about the accuuatton that ray -3 llwiss used a banned substanne to help recoverrfrom an injury? -3& injurr?here's our facebook page.thhi is what people are talking about ttoay...abouu
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500 comments on this question 33 peeppe tt keep their handd oof -33 pf rry lewis.stephaaie ays"so why is it that it s just 3 haters! ravens fannfor life!"&plife!"...and andrrw says... ""ppreciate the hate.. thh nff despises the factt ttat theirrmedii darlinns... & (patriots)... aren't in."join the conversation right now... sllah oxxbaltimore there.... always... seems tt be one story... that cooms out....the week of theesuper bowl ..ttaa addssto theecraziness. -3& craziness.but sports director brucc cunnnngham... is... smacc ii the middle... 3 whiih... is... a... hhlee other worll ..of crrzy... -3 crazy...and that's where... he joins us.... bruce. 3 3 3
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thankssbruce 3 3 in just 5 days... ray lewis hopes to lead the ravens to a &super bowl victory... ...and.... this... will servv s a reminder... that he's done it before.... he now on diislaa... at the sportt legends museum at & camden yards..../.superrbowl 35... was the first and only super bowl... for tte
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ravens... since arr modell -&preeamed and relocaaed the team &ptooballimore..../ lewisswas named mvpp.- 3 "iq: its huge ann its a very graciouss... oq:ssme of thh other things that e have." have." 33 the trophy will be on display &&pat through sunday... aaong &pwith othee memorbilia from puper bowl 35... includiig brian bbllickk' playbook...andd the jersey worn by o.jj. brigance. 3&ppw have you covered on our weebite... all the way sunday.head toofox baltimorr - pott om and cllck on the the ttp of the screen..ou'lll see innerviews with the - pllyers... stories on the ravens suuer bowl runn. and linns to ooher super bowl related sites.yoo can allo 3 deedcated to super bowl 477it has all tteeinfoomatioo leading up to this sundayys game... and facct on all 46
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past suppr bowls get started & com. 3 mayor stephanie rawlinns--lake & is donating her inningg frrmm the ravens victory overrnew england. 3 thhs morning, he delivered aa 3 avvnue commuuity in park heiihts... a transittonal housing rogram for omeless fammlies.....he fooddwasssent by boston mayyr thomas meninoo afterrlosingga bet over tte afc championship gaaeeagainst the winnings included mussels, ssallops, oysters and four llve lobssees. hear why this áásllingá his suppr owl bouu 15 inutes on fox45 newssat ten 3 breakinggnews.. &panother pooice involved 3&pnorthwess baltimooe. keith ddaiils, live at city police headquarttrs in the llst five days. pays. jjnnifee.....
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33 hhspital at this hourr. with what police are calllng, p the shooting happened just before 7 'cllck toniggt on pimlico road neaa sevillee avenue in park heights. investigators say officers in - unmarked cars were already working the area beccuse offa few recent violent crimess. &pwhen they heard ggnfire. -3pofficers then spotted a man walking down tte strret &pholding a gun.. poliie connronted him.. then exchanged gunfiie... hitting &pthe suusect several times in hissupperrbody. it'ssthe third police involled shooting in less than a week. pweek. - 3 (deptt comm. kinner) "youu have to looo atteach ccrcummtance indivvdually. & probably prevented another violent crime occuring. --33 thhy're doing exactly what we & ask hemmto do. they'ree &pennagiig really vvolent community.. some of the ciicumstances from this weekenddis veey, very ssmilar & to ttat." 3 no officers were hurt. - p mmantime, the suspect remains under police guarr &pttnight at the ospital. - live attcity pollce & headquarters, keeth daniels, -3 fox 45 news at ten. -3 3also breaking tonight...thee
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& arfood ccunty sheeiff's death... of a 9 month old irll 3 in thh 900 block of scanneel thissafternoon...beeaasee f a child in cardiac arrest "uppee cheaspeaae mmdical centerr... and ronounced dead lesssttannan hour llterthe 3 also taken to the hospital in critiial condition.police are & sttll investigating -3 3 aa.. guiltyyagaanst... anne arundellcoonty execuuive... john leopoll..../// & hhrgee ... 3 for... using....his -3 security detail... to... haadle ...all kinds 3 was... in annapolis.../ 3&p verdict.. came down. down. 33&&p(rydell) 3 john leopold leaves & theofficial anne & aaundel county
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of misccnduut in suspensson...withhut payyoo benefitt.(question) mm. plopold, do yyu hhve anything to say? leopold) "humbleddby the ddcision.""hile that wws leooood's onlyypubllc -& attooneys call the verricc disapppointiig. here representinn poor judgment as opposed to criminal conductt"but the & jjdge found leepold abused hhs - power by forring pplice officers to puttup campaign officers...and his assistant.. empty hs uriinay catheter bag. eopld as acquitted of two other chhrgee...incluuinn officerssinnddiving him to a bowwinn allly parring with a femaae ssaafer.but thh outtome has been cheered by joan harris...she's one of peveral former emplooeee....ho suitt.. against the coonty executive. (harris) "it's a good dayyfor anneearundde coonty. now lee's get a new county eeecctive. mr..leooold, maybe he ccn get a job attthe bowley allly, i hear theyt pave free parking."
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3 (rrdell) 3 in annaaolls, john rydell, &p why one chooll.. banned toilet paper...later on fox45 nees aa ten 3
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,3 ttough... no one'ss.. bben charged... / tte... line offquustioninn... by... proseeutorss oday..... & suugests..../ relatives of... michael joonson... may... know morr... about theekilling of hylicia barnes... then ...they're &letting on..../// crime and justice reportee joy &plepoll... investigates... how rackinggthose... closest to thh accused killer....--3 killer... ccuud mmchaelljohnssnn johnson. regarding he whhreaaouts of thoseeclosess to suspected & killerrmichael johnson.... thh & case and tte rrle those indivvduals may have played in crime. one yyone... - relatives of johnsons... answereddqueetions on where they were the ddayphyllcia - barnes' went missing. kevin -3&pjohnson is michael's cousin ... he lived in the apartmeett the nooth carrlina teee vanishee from. kevin works at a rental car company.... a businnss the stttes sspbeaaned
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records from in reference to ccrr michaee johnsonnreeted priorrto and foolowing wwen johnsoo's older brothhr 3& e was questioned about & inntrnet searches he did the day after phhlicia was repooted missing. specificclly those searches on cell phone traccinggand gps. sttnn up as the state trieedto mappout wweee joonson as.... jurors hherd frommone o the firrt detectivessbrought innto investigate the teen's disappearancee nd how it was kkpt qqiet because 33 of family ties o the pd. & seaach warrant at well
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in downnown baltimore oy - lepola fox 45 news at ten. a speech that was originally intended to pressure congress to takk p immigratiio reform written...a&. president barack obama applauded a biiartisan proposal...sayinn tte principlee in it mirrrr his own...... though hhss pritics disagree. the piggest diiferrnce is that the president's plan ould give a the 11 million peopll already --3 ii thh country illeeally. p3 obama says: ""ys, they broke - the ruues, they crossed thh border illegally, maybe they --3 overstayed thhir visas, those &are tte actss nobody disputes &ppnd women areenowwhere. many of thee have been here for years.""-years..rubioosays::"the last legal immmgration, it
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3 and ddd nothiig about ennfrcement. the resull is ww had 11 million peeple and 12 million t its peak ii the pountry undocumented. we can'' repeat thii mistake now.. pow."the senate ppan calll for phe border to be strennthened beffre illegal immigrrnns are & allowed to beggnntheeprocess of paying ffnes and taxes, and - coming out of the shadows. 3 pthings are not going aa planned... wiih... another... obbma initiative. & initiatiie. so ar 22 states have rejecttd theeidea of &psetting up their own inssraace 3&pnnw the fees seem almmss -3 desperaat ttogee the states to &ppreate theirrown exxhaages. secretary kathleen sebelius moved the deadline from -3 novembbrrto december, then from deeember to anuary.... & aad has finally just leff it -3 open altogether: kim ays: "they failed too meet eaalines withhn the first 12 months. the fact that ttey have thhs & will b up and runniigg in -3 2014, it's like inding a & impossible to meee that deadline" & peadlinn" but tonight the
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&pobaaa administration says ponssmers can beeassured that wwether their state ccoosessto rrn its own marketplace, or &ptaae the lead, they will have mmrretplaae next january. p3 the... wars in iraq nd afgghnistan... ave causedd.. hundreds of woundedd 33&&pllse... arms, legs.... oo booh. both.paul gessler as at johns & hoopins hossiial one offthese soldiers was dischargee wwth two ee aars. at johns hhpkins hospitaa,sgt. -3 transplant patient:"i've pvercome so much in the llst fourryyars."a rrvoluttonary &pprocedure...""onestll, i wasn't worried about the risk.. worst ase scenario, if i lose the arrs, i go back to tte way i as."sst. brrndan veeeran... ann a quadruple ammutee.sgt. brendan maaroccc, -3arm trrnsplant patieet:"i hated not having arms. i was pk with not having legs." ffom arounn theeworld.... brendan is discharged frrm thee -3 hospital.brendan: "" feel like iim getting a seconn chanceett start over aftte i got hurt." he got hurt in iraqq our years ssarted putting him back
10:21 pm
&ppogether.dozenn of volunteers pprformmddthe first surgery of iis kind ere at hopkinss.. onny tteeseventhhii the country... giving brendanntwo pew aams in a ccmplicated -3 surgery.dr. w.p. andree lee: "the surrical team ad rehearsee the procedure foor - last 18 montts."mike marracco, talking to doctors and it was all baaed on prosthetic work." yeers ago at walter reed -3 shores: "ttat's one of the reasons we picked brennon, just how hhrd he caan orr." paul gessler, reporter: "but, pe's not oong home o staten & island quite yet. doctorr here at johns hopkins hospital want as he continuus his iitense w.p. ndree lee::"the progress wiil be rrwarding.""gt.. brendan arrocco, armm ccn't do ssmething. juss work your ass off to do it."brendaa will be wookkng.daill hhrapy &ppessions will last six hours a day..gtt brendannmarroccoo arr
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trannplanttpatient:"i've neverr accepted thh fact i don't have arms. so, nnw haa i have them aaaii,,it's almost like it -33 pever hppened. it's likee went bbcckfour yeaas, and '' pe aain.""n altimore, paul --3 pessler, fox45 news at ten. 3 brendaa aasoo eceiied bonee marrrw from the same donor. hhlps his body... accepp the new arms. 3 p3 & 3 & p3- 3 3 3
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3 p33 theesecurity measures... being added to & paltimore cunty schools... after tte ssoottig at perry pall high school......aad how 3 "hopefully this ill bring some additional karmaato the game" -3&pgameethis man... is selling his tickett to the super bowl....he charityá this ill
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3 befooe we all about the super bowl...therr is oneebet from a previous game....hht has yet thatii theebronnos lost...he wouldddo ray lewis's dance 3 haveedone it... right after the amm......buu he says hee got injjred at aarodee.
10:27 pm
today... hhedeccdee to make good on his et betiq: 3& q: good luckk ray rry ray 3 watcc that aaaii.go to fox- balttmore ddt com... aad click on "around the web" in the news tab oo/... most people... whh live in baltimore./.....goong.... ...would be... a... dream come true. ptrue.ssowhy would ne mn bbu two tickees---and then turn bay?aabee millee... says... -3& ii... doesn't turn a prooit.../ 3 - 3 ((nat sounddup))
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two tickets to the uper bowl. wayne rutt--a dde harr ravens fannand season ticket &pholder--bought the 55 dollar tickett for hhmsell and his wifee bbt thee quickly deeided to give up tte opportunnty to watch the ravens go or their second spee bowl ring. ((sot-- wayne uthh)
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trrnsentness among homlessnesss the children havv been so mmay if yoo turn riiht. to be able to placeetthm in permanent housing to help them say this is my house. his is mm home that's the biggest smile anyone cculd ever givv.> thhoe interested & n he tickets can makk bids. phursday a winner will be wonnerfullmann heedoes so much &pseatss t football's most - anticipated ame---not a &ptypical move---but ruth says & he ouudn't have it ny other way.((sot))
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3 lisa seet us this photoooo her -3mom chris..../ aa ie hard ravens fan who's - battling cancer... but still suutssuu to watch her eam &pplayy -3 3&pand this little an spooting a puuple mohawk is amed braxoo. -3 he'ssgotton hhs ace paint... just like his favooite player... numbee 2. 3 yoo aa upload ppotossandd videes to us through purple at pox baltimore dot com. and you can see &pp or you can go to our -3 facebbok page aa facebook ddt coo slash fox baltimmrr click on "innide ffo45". it's time to prash talk those 49ers ffns.. - the twiiter ffght ii on. send a tteet to ttose san francisco fans what you think of howwthee'll do against baltimore. -& use the hash ag "49ers beat down". see whattravens fans and 49ers & ans are saying by going to on "tweee beat" under hot &&ptopics. & 3& the drug aacussttons...
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pgainst rry leeis...hear more -- froo the omppny... acccssd of suppling the drrgs....n 0 minutes on fox45 news at en & 3 22:27:44 "deep down inside, we know that we can never fully prevent another andy hook." hook." 3 imprrving sshool security... - the exppnsive hanges baltiiore county is making to keep students ssff. pa 5-yeaarolddfacing puspension ....what he built ouu of legos that landed hhm -3 ii big trouule. @
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pn theewake of local and national school shootings... officiallsin baltimooe coonty security.melinda roeder explains tteeplannincludes of newwtechnology... and training for teachhrs. teachhrs. 33 (covvr ith file id from perry hall shooting) 22:25:43 "well on monday, august 7th, & the very first day of thiss school yyar,,baltimore county children weee forced to grow up muuh more quickly than &pabouu securrty....fears that -3 would later grow.....2:26:42 "and then december 14 -&phappened."baltimore county officials,
10:35 pm
eduuators and pooiie have been working out & wwyssto make schools saaer. 3for 3-point-- million dollars in uppraaes - that's "on top" of the 2--nd a half millioo --3 already budgeted or next yeaar new equiiment - rom ann electrooii ntry system to cameeas... will be inntalled feeds ill be streamed live to &&ppolice preccnctt and patrol cars.teachers will nnt be armed with guns... but willl unddrgo somm police training po better respond in police chiif: 22:42:24 "ii's - pbbolutely essential that our &peducators and administrators knnw what toodo ii the eeent -3of a crisis.... to protect themselves and the chhldren & phey are charggd with."theee are no plans to nsttll mmtal detectorr... but they'll conssder a ssipe card i-d - system forrteachhrs nn they'll consiier hiring more plan a proactive approach... 22:27:47 deep down insiie, we -&pknowwthat weecannnever fullyy-3 prevent anothee sandy hooo, let alooe a perry hall."
10:36 pm
mmeiida rreeer - fox 45 news at ttn..- 3the ounty councillwiil vote security plan at it's meeting next month. 3 a... 5--ear-old 3 for buildinn aagun....out of legos. legos. joseph caadosa... is part of an after school program. a fee days agoo hhs paaents received a letttr saying joseph as pritttn up for playing inapproppiately. the school & ays iffhe gett aaother written warning... he'll be - thhngs tto far..- 33 joseph carddsa ayy: "we were like don't shoot mee we weee just preeendiig." &ppretending." 3 "i can understand witt all the thinns that re goiig on rightt now in schhols,,buu on the other hand, kkds re tauggt & pou know 'here's a squirt un, fun." he principal sayss he letter is part of & schooo policy. but -3 this isn't the ffrst time -3 joseph's been in trouble. a few weeks aao he used his áfingersá to pretend to shoot. 33- 33
10:37 pm
10:38 pm
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3--3 3 comiig up n sportss
10:40 pm
uulimited...hear from he mmn who allegedly provided ray lewis witt performaace ross says his system hhlped ray lewis... 3
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3 six onths... 3& vowed toouphold its ban on ggys...... it... &pappears ...there's a hange of heart...// heart.../. jeff & scout headquarters innooth balttmore has reactiin to review its olicy, jeff.... jeef..... the orgaaizatton - has orever barred gaas from becoming boy scoutt or oy scout leaders.... ut after intense pressurr, many ppople &&pdays, before the b---a goes gay.... gaa.... & 3 & 3&pp (langbert) i thinn itt & great step in he right direction..." jon - and a former cub scoot -3 leader.....who wwa recently forced out of thh couts (llnnbert) "ssouting has so woull have really liked to continued and gonn oo more of the campouts and do more of the activitiee...." he's a victim of theescouts llngstanding policyywhich prevents "open or avowed homosexxuls" frommbecommng the supreme court upheld he policy 13-years aag... but thissweek, the couts naaionall
10:44 pm
executive oord aanounced it drop the policy and allow decide for themselves. -3 (saraaeddy) (mmckeway pkg) "i believe you'rr born gaa and being around gays isn't going pooturn yyu gay..." but 3 booing toothe strong-armed &ptactiis of accivvsts..... (rob schwarzwalder) (mckelwaa homosexxal man to be a role model for my sons. ii has &pnnthing to do witt hatred. it morrl conviccion." 3 yyung boy or young man the 33 sad." 3 lass year, he boy scouts lost one of its major corporate dooors becauseeof this current policy. we could know s early as next toodroppii.. live in norrh - baltimmre, jeff abell, ffx 45,
10:45 pm
3 ii's... harder... ooe pennsslvania school...//. the... pprincipal's,... making boyss.. signnouutátoiiet paperá! paperá! administrators removed toilet -3 paper from the boys bathroomm bbcause they say stuuents were &&ptoilet....streaming it overr -3 the ffoor....even urinating on thh floor. now studdnts from the front office whenever theyyhave to uue the bathrooo. 3-"i think it's a far aa you can possibly ttkeeit s ffr aa the oilettppper but it & doesn't make much seese to m." me."""re you kidding me what the heck thatts razy. wwy childrrn that dii the vandalism?" vandallsmm" thee &pprincipal says its been a problemmfor 2-yeers. -3&pand sttdents have cauued thousands of dollars inn damages. 3 3
10:46 pm
3 some healtther & alteenatives... tt potato -3 chips...for your super bowwl party...after the break menendezlast spriig, sscret & serviieeaaents on official prostitutes. the scandal broke when one agent didn't pay his prostitute the agreed amount..- inna ttlevised nterviiw, new & jerssy senaaor robert menendez ddnoonced the agents' behavior. [sot] "if the facts are true, thhy hould all beefired."but days earlier menendez reportedly id the exacttsame thingg. except he hirrd two 3 them tte grred amount of -3 monee. and theyywere underage. also in a foreign countty. federrl crime to travel tooa ffreigg ouunry to aveesex with hildren.menennez went to and frrm tte island nation on &pthe private jee of a cammaign donor. ut we can't finddttis
10:47 pm
reported anywherr iinhis - pandatory ethicc and campaign filings as required y law aad sennte gets worse. he was booked to appear sunday pon abc'ssthis week wwth martha -3 raddaaz. then the nnws broke -3 he's under invessigationnby most cases, 3 apparentty e as confiddnt his scandal wouldnnt be raised. an hhnest journnlist 3& raddatz never questioned menendez about the iggess & scandal of his carrer.forrmmre 3 headlines dot nnt and follow us on twitter and faaebooo.i'm - mmrk hyman &p
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3 medda day ii a zoo....arounn 55 trying to get their sttries....- everything from players hitting onee.for rayyleeis - reports came to light. light.yes, he wwssassed aboutt atllnta... a tragic event where ttw men lost theer lives at thhs timee13 ears ago.ray respectfully declined to answer..a reportt.. releasee ddstraction.lewis''innolvement witt a mmderr science ccmppay -3 ii alabama called ports with "swats."two of the comppnn'' -3 prooucts... contain deer-antlee xtract... which -3 contains i-g-f-1.... and is this is all accoriddg to s-i... ann he magazine's inveetigation wwth swwtt
10:51 pm
-&pfoundee mmtch ross.lewis & denies the report. 3 "that waa two-yyar--ld story - poulln't give him tte credit to even mention hii namm or - his antics in myyspeeehes or my moment. i can't do itt so i won't even speak abouttit because i've been ii this bussness 17 years and nobody has evvr got uu wwth mm every morninn anddtrain with me. every test iive eeer tooo in the nfl... here's neverrbeen a uestion ii 've ever evee ttought about sing anythingg 3 stupidityylike thaa, ttlllhim to go get his story n mitch ross... aaso poke toddy. tooour fox friends in alabama.. he ssys he knows ay... treated hhm.... even as ecent assthis season wwth his triceps iijuryybut his company &pis natural... and usessgod made proddcts.... not steroids. 3 "it diin'' make ray ewissray lewis. he is ray lewis. e did
10:52 pm
his recoveey work. i just ee a protocol uppto help the bdd heal faster, so he coold gee the result he anted..ok, itts &pthat imple. iididn't make him - tackle any better. he 3 makes him a... just a higger gassed athlete. an attlete withhmooe ang for his buck. - yoo ffllow what i'mmsayiig?" -3 3we do knoo rry lewis has nnver ffiled a n-f-l drug test.. & lewis willlplay sunday.and rrtire lattr thht there's 52 othee active guys on the rostee...and they are pexcited to be in new orleans. orleans. let's headdout livv 3 ccnningham in the big easy... who caught p with the ttam t medii day, hey brucc. 3& 3 vo roll cue: "like it n
10:53 pm
sports"sot roll cue: ""een 3 anything like it" 3 3& it's still early in the weekk super bbwl has to entail, - we're eeperrencing ittrighh enjoy this experience but bb peady to o oo sunday and -3 that'' ouu main objjccive." ccyyie brown: "i mean, we're -33 here. the game'ssplayyd onn goiig to enjoy it while ww can right now but we got to you -& knoo get back foccs ann get ready to play sunnay." &p33& 3 more with mitch hee eeplainn the exact protocoo he claims ray lewis useedto get
10:54 pm
& back onnthe field...coming p on theelate edition... - 3 with super bowl eason... upoo pss... many -3people ...willlbe tacklingg.. pheir... salt craviigs with a bag of chips. chips. some options hat seem chips... are ot.ccnsumer reporrs put chips tootheeteet. & tommrrdggrs hhs the resultss that mighhtsurprise you. you. -3 p plenty f kidssmunch on eggie chips, often 3 because well-intentionedd parents hinkkthey aae a & healthier alternative to potato chhps. (sot: anthhny)) "ddde, these are ggod." dude, not always o, say the exerts at ccnsumer reports, who &evallatedd18 differeet chips. pive of the nnckk, which calll thhmselves veggie chips, are 3&&pflour. and you ight be surprised to leaannthey rr pot nutritionally superror to potato chiis!chyron: erinn guueux consumer reportt (sst) 33& veggeable powwer, wwich seems
10:55 pm
mostly to add color. buutthey -33 have about as much fat nd calories as potato chips, and a lot mmre sodiim." ttey aaso ccst an average 30 percent portionn arden veggie straws, & gardennveegie crisps, and whole foods 365 everyday vvale veggie chiis. consumer repprts -3 says a healthier alternative are chips made from sliced pegetabbes, llke ttp-ratee terra exotic veeetable chips. - phee are much lower in sodium and are made from real slices of root egetables ike sseet potatt and parsnip. (sot: erin &pgudeux)"keep in mndd this iss not crrdita theyyre still -3friedd they're loaded witthfaa & and calories."chhps made froo & bbans offer a nutritionall --3& boost. boulder canyon natural in the taste tests. (soo: errn ggddex)""nd beccuue & phey're maae frommchhckpea - flour, you get some proteinn &&pand fiber,,too." pair these with salla to getta serving of lot of fat and calooies. calorree.wwen yoo have a sally itch that only potatoochips wiil scratch ccnsumer reporrs says consider lay's &&pccassics - topprated potato
10:56 pm
chips n previoos tests. and &psomeeconsolation, ppoaao chiis on verage have a lot less & odiummthan those pptatoobased vegetable chips!tom rodders - fox45 news at ten. &p a world war 22vees has his funeral his way. a casket, fowers and urgers... next & 3 ...and coming up in justt 5 & minutes on the late ediiion... pdition... a baa day in to this wiid ssene 3 and riding a giant thissoneecould be isttric.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
3 choices... thaa realll aren''. the sensiill snacks that ree -3 accually worse for you than -3 potato chips... tomorrow oo
10:59 pm
3&peven after death, a -3 enoogh offhissfavorrtt fass poodd 3&pp . this issthe storr of a wwrlddwarrtwo vet laii to rest... rest... david kkme'ss &pfuneraa... processioo... went tru... a burger king drive thru on the way to he cemeeery.../. ime... of -3 york, pennsylvania,... loved fast food... essecially -3 whopper juniors....// the funeral diiector asseddthe -3 family....if there were any pay... thhy'd like too perronalize the serrice. and ww kind oo said "oh, what pe ouuhttdd is go through, have one final bbuger." 3 i ttink it's great. i mean thaa e have somebody that's ttat devottd that that's heir last, a inal thing that they're goinng o do..- do. theefuneral direct


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