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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  January 30, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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3 when accesss...the latest inforration... iiht on your & cell phone..../ downllad... the foo45 mobile pews app yyur droid or i-phhne...//. it... includee headdines...ttaffiic. and weaaher cooditions.. ll at your fingertipss...// go... p look for "mobilee... at top righthand corner f thh screen. 3 5-29"iithink it's one of he most embaarrsssnn things that ww can do on this ttpe of stage. i thhnk it takes totally away from- you give somebody th abblity to come -3 into our world. our world s
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a very secret society and e pry to protect ur world as & let cowardd come in and do things like that." ray lewis.... & today...again denying... a... sportssilluutrated report... company....that mmkee deer- antler sprry... containing... a banned... substance. 3 him that there is nothing to these accusations.karen parks - joins us now with aalook ack at the measures we know leeis field... and it was a story you ssw first on fox....aren. 33&p ray said yesterday......that - he hhs been n tte businnss 17 3 his record speakssfor 3 last october......when ray 45 then learned ray went to europe for experiienntl stem pell treaaments.... treatmentt.... 3 the reatments currennly noo &prebuilddhis torn tricepss fasserr...thaa esearch heee in theeu.s. is limitee by -3 government regullttons aad
5:02 pm ray traveled to europp or thee plaamm injectioos with stem oncee aggin.......ithout ever nnming -3 mmtcc ross.....the founder of the company is at thh center of the report which alleges lewis ussd a banned suustance during recovery.....lewis refeered to ross s a coward & at ooe point and the devvl in another... another...& 3 (24:59)to try to ddsturb.....i was suppooe to do (25:12) 33 - 33 lewis struggled to hold is tonguee....but he ppeeches to his teammates emotioos and that other 3 that brings us to ur queetion of the day.will ttii latest controversy damage the legacy &pof ray lewis? 3 go to foo-baltimore dot ccm and tell uu hat yyu thinn. youucan lso sounn off througg
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facebook.. send us a tweee.. at foxbalttmore. and you cann text your ansser tt 452033 enter fox45a for yes.. r foxx5b or no. &p3 it may be thh most sauggt after trophy in sports... sports...and today players from oth theeravves and 49ers got to see itt.. itt..bruce cunningham.. joining us liie from new orleans ith what players 3 3 3 33 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 we have you covered on ouu website... all the way
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leading up to super bowl -& sunddy.heed to ox baatimore dot om and click on the 3 the top of the screen..ou'lll & see interviews with the playyrs... storiis on tte liiks to other super bowl relattd sites..ou can also harbaugh" to fiid a page 3& has all thh informmtton leadinggup toothis sunday's game....anddfactsson all 46 past uper bowls get started com. &p3police are ssarching forra 3 a few feet from the department oo parole and prooation..- probation.more thanna dozen police officerr were on the scene... momentt afttr a man & puilford aveeue near eaat 22nd & happened in broad daayight... acrosssthe treet &pfrom an elementary chhol... parole and probation...police say the motive appeers to be & 3 "right now its still a veryy preeiiinary invesstiatton, bbt ittdoesntt lok llke paaole ad probation had anything tt do 3 theeproximiiy to the uilding had annthing to do withhthis incidentt.
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inccdent." the viccim s in fair condition. police did arrest one person oo innerest... 3 second susppct. - 3 two suspects... are charred... in a atal apartment complexx 3 kenneth jhnson and ddontt robinson re behind arss..// they're accuseddof killing 27-year-ooddal-sawab sawab... at the fairways apartmenn & complex on lachlan circll.../ pollce say.. in november... the suspectt wenn tt hee apartmenn to buu marijuana, but didn't hhveeenouuh mooey. 3&pshot the viitim. & tte eennger accussd of gunning down a ellow perry fighting to ssay out of ault court. aahearinn today psychiatriits are describing 155 year ld robeet gladden ass a depresssd suicidaa ttenager who woold often cut himself and hide the woonds.he's slated to standdtrial nnxt montt for the attempted mmrder oo daniel bowery who was shot deffnse attorneys maintain that gladden needs intensee psychiatrri treetment and want him ttied as a juuenile..he - juuge
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is expected to ddcide 33 shocking ttstimonyywwapped upp - mmments ago in tte hylicia joonson ii on trial for -3 killing the north carolina teenaggr 2 years ago while she wws visiting famliy in & balttmoremellnda roeder liiv 3 a friend oo thh ddfendant just ttsttfied with some bombshell information informaaionggx rq: phylicia barnes' hhlf sister sister 33he testiffed that 3 johnson asked for advice on getting rid oo phylicia's body thhy discussed bodythhy discusseddbbrying hee but were conccrned johnson'ssdnn were conccrned buryiig er but they discussed bodythey discuused - bodyrid of phylicia's addice on geetinggjohnson asked for he testified thatthe testtfied that joonson asked forradvice on getting rid offphyliciaas booythey ddscussed burying her but ereeconcerned johnson's dna might be discovered if tte - bidyywere ever &
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3 a principal at a high school ii southwest baltimore ... resigns... amid allegattons... he had... - inapproprrate communiiation 3 mount sainttjoseph high scchol announced barry fittpatrick's resignation earlier today -& fter rrcently finding that some of his communicaaions inapprrpriate..../thh
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vice princcpal will erve as acttng 3 some animal rights ctivists arein annaaoliis..urgingg protect it bulls. bulll.ttey want lawmakers to decissoo thatdecllaee pit bulls aa telling tenanns with it bulls dogs...or move oot. manyowners too bandon theerr 3 (graybushh "so many animals are needdessly'' 3 tt change our policy." 3 bills being consideeed would of dogs llable....i their pets --3&pcause ssrious injjry to othees. 3&pttnight?brandi procttr has our
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mapgreenspringbat natl pike shawanccmputer hot!!!!399895 & much more ravens 3 covvrage oming upp.. aa 5:30... sports - pirector bruue cunningham 3 fan experience.
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p bbs driver mmrdered... and a on-going situation. and a surrrise guuet testifies as conggess holds its ffrst hearing on gun connrol since tte sootings t sandy hook eleemntary. &p
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33 ---people werreshot todayyat a business complex n phis offfce round 10:30 his morning. thhs is aerial video oo some of he victims coming out on stretthers. one of conditionn.. the othhr two are eepected to recover. -3 ppliceesay it was a tarreted &pact and not random shooting. thee are still seercchng for - the hoottr tonight. 3 a sixxyear old is still bbing hhld captive in an
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& underground bunker with an armed man who already uudeeed tte child's bus driver. ddiver. &p3 the hostage situution is allbamm. the gunnan &pboaaded a bus yesttrday, killed the bus driver then kidnapppd the ccild. he ttok them o a unker r torm shelter he had een buildinn 3 with the fbi. they say thhough a bunker entilltton --3 pipe and ttat so ffr, he 3 3 3 i talked with a girl that was poll me that he came onto thee bus with a gun and shot into & the floorboard orrthe eillng -3 once nd hen shot the bus drrver three times affer psking forra chhld... 33 witneeseessay tte buss driver ggve p his life to -3 ppottct the 211otter childrenn tracking the hostage ituation &pand ringgyou the latest as it ddvelops. the gun ontrol debate takes - penter stage on capitol - hill... as formee congresswoman gabby giffords, her husbbnd maak kelly, the
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nationaalrifle assoccation's -3 wayne lapperre ann others testiiy... & testiff...jennifer davis &pwith the enate panel bout how best to solve he roolem. problem. 3ggifords says: "you muut act." -3 former congresswomaa 3 emotionallappeal for tougher gun laws ppakinn haltingll pwo yeerssafter hh was shht in heehead during an assaasinaaion aattmpt that says: "too mann children arr 3 giffordd madeeher aa connrrss' firrt eering on &pgun control since the nnwwoon schooo massacre. democrats are pushhng for -3 reinstattngg he assault weapons bann limiting &pammunitionnmagazines to 10 rounds nddmanndaing unniersal close tte un show loophole that doesn't require them johnnon sayss "besttwwy oo psop a bad guy from getting a gun is a good background
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3 the nna says more schhol & sscurity and mental healthh & resourres arrewhat's really now alss opposes expanding baccground checks.laaieere & says::"law abiding un owwers will not accept blame for thh acts of violent or ddranged crimmnals"" the hearing -clearly highhighted vastly differrnt and emottonal views &pon the subject - that maay -believe will akk passaae off any gunncontrol leggslationn challenging. graham says: "" & am not an unreasonable person por saying ttaa in omee circumsttnces thh 155round aa-15 maaee eerect sensee" "followinggher capitollhiil appearancee gabby giffords and - her husband, retired navv 3 the president aavisit t the jeeniffr davii, foo news." & p3&p eating... to lose 3&pweight.the time offday... that the fastest. a recall today... involving a popular item sold at whole & foods.what it is... and the - health risk it ppses.
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3 3 --adblib weathhr tz--
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3 just in time for the suuer &pbowl... some troops serving -3 overseaas.. will get a little thoussnd chicago-sttll pizzas will be delivered to soldiers it's through a program callld "pizzas 4 patriots." this is video of employees from -hhl & expresss.. loading uppboxx 3 pizzas onntuesdaa. & 3 - react o stooy
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3 - adlib toss to vytas...
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3 earlier we told about how ray lewis was trying to puu to - rest the allegatiins thaa he used a banned subssance ii his recovery from a torn triceps. 3 the ay we are aaking if you think the controversy will legacy. shekeyya wrrtes on - facebookk age...""ooreall it." and cassandra wirtes..." not in my eyes." 3 question.... and moot people --3 pre coing to ray's defense. 3 go tt foxxbaltimore ottcom &pand tell us what you think. & you cannalso soond off through - ffcebookk send us aatweet.. - text your answwr
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to 45200. enter fox45aafor yee.. or 3 3 governor martin o'malley &3 a nee health initiative in bblltmoreeisstargetiig the numberrone kklllr offwooen in the city.what it has to do with "going red."-3
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the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left.
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3 palttmore city is kickinggoff & month.mayoo stephanie rawlings blake announcee the campaign phis mmrning... which ncludes a series of "go red" evenns &pcity startssfriday promoot awarennss.hhart baltimore... and thh leading cause of death overall. -3 3& srb: "iq: city agencies arr - actively.... oq: get our & citizens movvng.. for mmre iiformation and a list of other events... go to foxbaltimore dot coo slash news llnks. 3 a new study finds thh timeeof day you sit down to eat... may 3 shedddnn pounds.thoss who eat lunch bbfore 3 o'clook looe 25--- percent more wwight....than those who eaataftee 3 p-m. rrsearchers conducted hee study in spainn.. where luuchh is ooten eeten later in the day and is ttpiiallyythee bbggest meal of he day. 3 p... rcall... iivolvvng
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sallmn... sold at whooe foodd. ffodd.the company is rrcalling because of thee ttreat of listeria.the & reealleddproduct was sold in 3 when it comes to tte best airport ffrr rraelers.../ atlaata comes out on & top...//.that... aaccrding to... a nnw leaddrs groupp... whiih ranks... hhrtsfield- jacksoonattantaa - est... for catching a connecting &phighly regaaded for its & dining, ann... buuiiess traveler ssrvicess../..the survvy ranns chhcago's -& o'hare... as thh áworrtá for p3 newwat 5:30... sports directoo -3 pruuc cunningham joins s again with what fans aa experience all week while down 3 3 whill fans are looking for & wwn... hey may want to search -3 foo the baltimore briie whh -3& will also be at the game... 3 3
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