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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  February 15, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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a long istance chase ends in west baltimore. baltimmre. -3 p3 "aa i was cooing out f the house, we heard loud ccr crashing 33the rime that started it alll and why its aiiing oncerns more than 15 mills away. awwy. "raii changing to snow - overnight..nd then another pafternoon..he plaaee that will gee the most cccmullton in my skywatch foreccstt & an incredible sight in the skies ovee ruusia. -3& 3- p3- 3 3 hho an expllding meteor left a trril f injurres and ddmage. 3 and speakiig ouu about a cop & who's under investiiation. investigation.06:35:12 "specifciaall i sawwofficer 3 3 what formmr cadet is saying about a police fficer whh acciddntalll shot a traiiee. 3 3 hhllo,... i'm jefffbarnd. barnd. 3 and i'm karen parks. winter
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33 tonight. 3 the... big quessionn.. is.../ howw... bad... meteorologist... emily racey 3 ii racking the storm... with your skywatch fooecast. forecast. p3-
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3&p be the first to find ut -3 about any changes overnight. get the lattst forecass ann road conditions... on foxx5 morning newsget hat commercials... on the fox45 - starts at 6 a-m tomorroww a... oman is stabbed... in the parking lot... of... arundel mills mall... this afternoon... -3 afternoon... janicc park... stteaming livee.. in... hhaover -3 tonighh.../ telll us... the attack... was followed by... a... highspeed & phase.. annce??-3 buuy nieman marcus parking lot. the suspect...trying to get the viccim's purse winds up stabbinn her in the &phann...he jumps into his suv and heads his ay to thh -3 some point he
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was going more 3 "thereewere 6 r 7 cop cars, at one point linnd up here"a leisurely afternnon of -33 shopping turrs intt a vicious attack.police say a wooolawn man, broderick bennett ptargeted woman headed to her car.just stees from nieean & marcus, investtgatoos say an attempt to get her purse, stabb the omannin her hand. hand."in an area like ttis it does sting a bitt bit""thaa's terrifying,,i want to gg to y car now""nnthe &pppst couple of years...arundel mmlls has had a number oo shoooinns toocar break-ins. &ptoday, the suspect who we accussd of taking today's crime one step - further...when olice say he hooped in his acura suv...and & flee the sceneeinvestigators say bennett darred onto 295...anddas state troopers
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chhsed him...was going as fast as 100 ph...just before 4 o'clock wth a wall of police cars nner him...bennett crashed hisscaa into a wall n - west baatimore: 3 "as i waascoming out f the crashing, police pulling upp - state troopers lots of &pcommotion, "both the crash and &pcapture...unfolding riigt in front of neighbors: walking, someone ran grrbbbd him up againnthe car" 3 when e dug inno thh suupects past, roderrck bennett...we founddhe hha been charged inn phe past with drugss rmed fox45 news at tenn thh teen fatally stabbed - following the ravens victory parade i aid to est. rest.friends and family ggthered today to remember
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& was tabbed o death earlier -3 ttis month during a fight -33 ddwntown after the ravens --3 suppr bowl celebration. on other teens were also injurrd. po arrests haae been made. 3 3& funeral servvces wwil be held tooorrow for university oo mmryland studenn... killed in a murder-suicide earlier thhs peek..2-year--ld steehen ane 3 death by his roomate on tte front laww oo his colleee park home.police ay dayvoo green &pkilled ranee. and injured another roommate... before 3 ... former... poliie cadet... trained by the officer... who shht a the hhad ttissweek..../ dessribes he... care-- lessness... he wittessed..../// he... -3 says... williim displayed.... daagerous behaaior... at... tte academy....// repprter... joy lepola.../ lepola.../ 3 has the story... youue eeinn ffrst on fox..- fox. 3& the ffrmer baltimooe citt police cadettsays ....he
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kern display angerous 3 formee trainee... al zzlivansky... was let go from thh aaademy in 2010.. but not befooe he had a ruu-in with kern during traannng. zzlivansky ssys kern refused to give up his service weapon.. s a recrrit zalivansky, was assigned to pat down officcrs to mmke ure they diin't have anyylive weapons or ammunition. heesays kern only complied afttr aaothee nstructior -&ptrranee... also says the ity police aaaddmy was laa... in pnforcing polices and - proceduues that could haae 3 first place. 06::6::5"no &pother officers haa a problem &fiiearms or being patted down but officer kern did have a &pproblem wiih that."06::5:12 -3 "speciicially i saw offfcer kern break rules that were suppossd tt be enforced for all pooice officers, not just trainees bbt instructtrs, and 3 hin." &p3 sources saa regardlesss f what
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unfoldee on tuusday.... under have even been aamed ith his ddeartment iisued hhndgun in reqqests, the deeartment has refussd to turn oove any oo its policies or procedures pertaining to traaning. meanwhile, aadepartment spokesman... ttlls fox 44 some training may resume at thh acaaemy as earll as next week. - joy lepola fox 44 news at 10. (that brings us o our question of the daayis it too early to resume oerationn at & the policeeacademy? 3-3 3 head to facebook and search fox 44. look for our baltimooe city nd coontt pollce along with he --b- & i... have arrested 3- men... &pbelieved toobe responsible ffr a huge ring of armed obberres. robberies..oliie say theettree -3& men used a peelet ann stun gun & convennence stores... one of 3 stteet in north baltimorethe
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as omar ance, darrell & bbackkell and willie vvnsonn the roobery spree started just before hristmms... and they had been n the runn inceewith the elp of witnesses... police spotted them ann went onna higg speed chass that ended at a nearry hhspiial and 3 3"ttere's no indiiatioo that these pople woull have -3 stopped, robberies in a short period of time,,occured in a few minutes without the hard work f ddtectives these robbing stores and terrorizingg & people hat worked there" there"police are lookinn into 3 to any ther armed robberies. 3 rapperr.. 2--chaiiz... is aaresttd... on to perffrm the university of maryland... -3 eassern shore. p tweeted about tte inccddnt.../ and posted ttis photo of 3twoo.. state roopers... who heesays asked to ttke a
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picture witt hii...//. he was arrested ...last night... after trooperss.. stopppd his van ...for sppediiggon routee 50... near easton. ...// inside, ... they found aabackpack.... & containing trace amounts of &&pmarijuana... and... drug - paraphanelia...//.statt police... say... thhy're authooities in pelaware... say the gunnannwhoo - opeeed ffre in a wilimington courthouse ... mayyhhvv hadd pamily. police say thomas matusiewicz (mmatoo-so-witz) -3 killed hii former daughter in - law christine belford ... aloog wiih her friend... before he was killed in a 3 pas in a ccssody disppte ith her ex-husband david (ma- too-so--itz) the gunman's soo. 3 and his mother lennre... 3 llnorr claims she had no idea violent rampage, and david owned a gun. p3 a meeeor exxloded with the ffrce of 20 nuclear bombs & over russia tooay. 3 3 3
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3at least twelle hundred eople & wwre innured whee the meteor slammed into the ural mountains. he bull of the rock deeonated in theesky. 19 mills er second and - exploded in a blinning flash & and a bang that shattered ear ddums. we'll have new ideo &pof the explosion coming up in 30 minutes. 3 p meaatime... / in.... a... galactic coninccdince, aa.. cosmic ock... the size... of a conno buiiding.../ 3 earth...//. hours... after... the russia... meteor...//. while... astronomer's say... the tww... - events... are... ánotá related.../. kathleen cairns... found.../ these... celestial... eeeens... a... hot topic...// at.... nasa's... top centee... inn.. p---g... coonty. - 3-3 3 the first images of earths close encounterrwith an asteroid knnwn as 2012 da14... a historiccl event. (sciintist)"weve never seen an asteroii fly this lose to the where sppce mages and
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technology are on displaa... 3 (littte boy))an asterood woold galaxy heading towards eerth" 3 (younger brother )"i think alot of people are fraid of alien invasions and stuff like that"(older brother)(motionn) "its rom the asteroid belt, it cooes ddwn" the asteroid -3 traveeed a well ppedicted path according to the wwrld's too sccentists::momm"iithinkk ts pretty cool...sse whats gonna happen"(littll boy)"i uess i hit me or.. where we live.""- the asteroid is going tt pass safelyyby the earth and all space assets are safe.. the ppace station and weather thing is its coming wiihin 17 thousand milee of the surface of the eertt and thats clossr &pthen those wwather satellitees - orbit."----cairns tand up for 10 pm only---- sciennistt half billion years oll and to -3 sizeeof his parking lot."
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33& by capturiin these imaaes - scientiissshope to understand more about the asteroid's cheeical composition.. aad its rotation ssate. (scientiist"and it is going to pass etween our satellitee and the surface of he earth -33 but there will be no danger.. scientists say d.aa 14is postly geologic remmnantss.. most likely thruut this waa after being cauggt innjuuittrs gravitationallpull. kc fox 45 news at 10 p in... 2016,.../ spacecraft... toostudd... anothhr asteroid.../ &pcoming... closs...for a fly-- byy../// 3 daniels..... aabaltimore city employee faccs federal sex charges...........prrsecutors say one oo his victiis.. is underraedd we'll have 3 ttffaay's sues cootco. he easoo -3 there's goinggto be a llt of - very angry wives returninn
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valentine's gift. 3 ig trooble wwth your taxes. why milliins of rrfunds are going to bee ddeayeddthis ear. 3
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3 3 a baltimore city -3 firefiihter busted in the city &ppfrrallegedly rrnning a sex pinn.. now faces federaa charges. 3 3 kkith daniels streaming llve at the federal courthouss in firefiihter was inddcted this - week.. keith. keith. kaaen.... the &psimmons.. he appeared inncourt 3 hearinn.........and tonnggt, we're leaaninggmore about the federal charges againss him. him. 3 3 p jamar simmons is aa & balttmore ity fireeighter.. a ppblii servant now faciig áfederalá charges.. accused of
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running an on-line -3 prostitutionnring. according & toothe federal indictment, simmonss perattd aa ebsitee dedicattd to commercial sex. p investigators say he transpooted females, one of them a minor, froo at leass & seven staaes, includinn ppnnsylvanna, south dakott, -3 and texas to engage in prostitutiin in maryland. prosecutors have also chaaged him with human sex traffickkng..- sidney food.....(ford) pthey are lurrd in with promises of llve and success & sscial worker who worrs with women and girls involved in -& prostitution and human sex -3 calls the allegations gainst siimons....auseating.(ford) "it just mmkes me sick, it makes me sick to think someone 3 trust, someone who people count on to rescue them and innactivity that ills the - spirit
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and often the bodd off -3&psomeone who is invooved in human trafficking." baltimore city police and the f-b--'s human traffickiig safe streets task fooce busted raiddngga arehouse on south pulaski street.. where they say he ran his operation.. coit. he's no fiiefighter, police call himma onvicted same federal sex traaficking charges as "it'ssreally imporrant that people knnw that oncc a woman or a child issexploited thrrugh human trrfficking and & prostitution, their lives are -3 never the same. they are sexuallyyabused, they are often raped. .they're forcedd into accs that they would never do n tteir own." simmons s in jail ordered im detained until hii trial ate. iffconvicted of all charges.. he couud face up -3 to liie in prison. live t
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--3 the federal courthoose in downtown balttmore, kdd, fox 45 ewssat ten. 3 16... peepll... suumitted... applications... y... today's... noon deaddine.../ - competing... for... anne eeecutive...// 3 phey're... hoppng tt replace... john leopold.../ - who... resigned... afterr.. being convicted... of... misconduct 3 applling... include... acting - county executive... john hammond.../ 3 county executivv... john gary..../ and... kenddll ehrlich../ wife... ehrrichh 33&ehrlich) "i think because i'm not running in two yeers, i think that i can make good, counny, so i'm really exxitee about it." it."thh candidatts... -3 appear... before the... county -3 council thursday....// the... & ouncil... has 30-days... to... select the next couuty executivv. 3 it's tax time---only this pearr he fissal cliif is playing a major role &pdeterminingg hen you will receive yyuu reffnddas amber miller explains---some people are justtdays away froo receiving their checks--while oohers still have weeks to go. p3& leadit has evvrything to o
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cliff deal.filers now on & pold...((nat sound up))
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irs hasn'ttstarted to accept thee yet.> the delay has put a damper on tag &paddice is to visit your tax preparerrnow to submit your 3bbgins to accept speciilized tax formss everything will be in the system ready o go. amber millee fox 45 ews at ten. 3& the prrsidenn hit the roadd today to push his state of thh 3 countryy aii forre one parrived in chicago for a spoke about gun viollnne in deliverrd speech... at a local hgh schooo ...calling for... tougher gun control spoke about... 15-year-old... hadi--ya pendleton.... who waa shoo and illed....ii -3 a chicago park... last month peforring the inauuuration. - 33
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3 and, as yoo know, this week in my state of the union i talked about hadiya on tuesday night and the fact that 33 uufortunately what happened to &phadiya is not uniqqe. it's not unique to chicago, it's not uniquu to this counnry. 3 visit... came aftee a white houseeceremony ... too.. & award... te... presidential included... posthumous ponors... for... sixx -3 educators... killed... -3&palonn with... 20 first- graderss.. in decceber's connncttcut school massacre 3 morr debbte in annapolis... - over governor o'malley's un control bill john rydell has mooe on why republicans are so upset... -3 upset... &p3 (nats)) outsidd the historii - annapolis courthouse...repuu-- bliiaasssre talking aboutthe pights oo gun ownerr. prghts...they claim...will be polleaaues aaprove governor p''alley'sfirearm safety bill. ppipkin)
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"the licenningg --3 provision combined with the penalty provision providde with the open ended regulation ii the governor's bill, actually what we're facing is -3 nnttgun controll we're accig aagun ban."to - gun owners...comes will - come...with a hefty price.they will wind pp costing arouud 400-dollars...for someone buyingga obtain a licenne...get fingeeprinted...and omplete a fiiearm safett course.. nd gun righhs supporrerss..ssy faillng toabide by ttattnew law...would pptentially send & oofenddrs to jail for up to novemberr they're going to - wake up crimmials, owning - somethinggthat the state just the daa before was pprfectly -3 legitimate." (rydell) "but & supporters of the governor's 3 would prevent the illlgal saae of weappns when a legitimate - gun owner tries to sell his weapon to aaother person who cannot pass background absolutely we need to look at a way in whhch we can license
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and control the flow of these 33 onees tte semi-auutmmtics."but the licensinngprovision...and many other elements...of his -&pcomplex bill...are expected to heavily amendddd..long befooe... a final vott. in annapolis, john rydell,,fox 45 news at ten. 3 another public hearing on the governor's gun controll fiist. p3 tiffany... announces... that... retaill giant costcc... was selllng counterffit... tiffann's ringgs-3 ringg. the... hhgh-end jeweler says... customers,,, thinn,,, they got a deal,,,. but,,, in fact... it was more of a steaa..../// & costco... advertised... tiffann engagemeet... rinng... thht weree't... maae by tiffany...//. noo... costco... is the target... of -33&pcounterffiting,.../ & palse advertising.../ and... deceptive... business practices...//. nn... -3&& we're going to
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3waae up to cold air aad snow tomorrow. tomorrow. butwhhih arras are going o see the most snow? snow? 3 let's go to meteorologistt emily ggacey, ttacking it ll forecast. 3 -3 3forecast. forecast.skyyatch witt your traaking t all with yur skywaachhforecast. forrcast.
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33 when news latest inforration right on your cell phone. downnoad the fox455mobile ews app for youu roid or i-phone. it includes & headllnes.. traffic.. and yyurrfingertips..go to fooballimore dot com and look -3 for ""obilee atttop righthand
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corree oo the screen. 3 ---eeplosion nats--- 3 houseeexplodes. the vvlatile &pcheeical that fueled thh blaze. 3 3 i yelled,,"stop""and i saw hii -- his pistoo coom up. we both shot prrtty much about the & ssme time, -3& 3 a cop is shot 15 times - cover story we tall wwtt the cop who tried toostop a
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... police offiier... -- is shot... 15 timms... trying to ssoo... a massacre ... by... a... whittesupremacist... at... a... sikh templl... is wwsconssn ...last summer. -3&p3 chris cuomo ttlked with offiier rian murphy who survived the attack desppte his horrific injuries. & iijuries. -3 3 p haddbeen hii n awful lot. you look down, and yoor hands &pare basically just shot to thinking i might be in trouble brian murphy rreembers every one of the 15 bulllet he took on what hh calls a beautiful ssndayy -& mmrning this past aagust, just -& moments after esppoding to call of shots fired at a sikh &&ptemple in wwsconsin.cuumo: what happened?murphy: i yellle, "stop" ann i saw hii -- his piitol come up..we both shot pretty much aaouttthe & same time,,30, 40 yards away,
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maybe. i misssd and he hit me directly n tte -- the chin. it went down my throat, uh aad ripped apaattmy voice bbx and my lrynx.his voice is still daaaged, but thhre is the dashcam video to tell he & ptorya murphy coofronting pte shadowy figure oo tte & killera& who runn right at hima both firing.when murphy is hit, the shoootr ccoses in. nine ppople were aaready shot, six died in a hateful act of domesttc terrorism.nnw lt. sights.and that's wheenthe shots hit me in the back of the leg and in thh vest couule of timms. then hee uh, & shoo e directly in the bacc innthe bacc of he skull..and sttpped me in my tracks for a secood.that should haveekilled - murphya& but ii was just thee beginning.he just conninued too -
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shoot, probably six to eighh -3 feet awwy..uh, and all of a sudden, t got ery quiet. - there was no sound. hereewas nothing. and that was the first time that i thoughtt -3 might be going out. i felt cozy..i jjst felt warm and mm eeys got heaay. and i tought, i could stay heree.n a life or death situution, the officer maaes an amazing ecision: -33 instead of curliig up to a heroic ove, that came at greaa ccstcuomo::nobody gets shot this any timee---was 3 at all, ttaa i can't believe how many times 'vv bbennshot? 3 you say that and it's kind of silly to laugh about it, but thhee was a point where i just thought, geez, you're not &pdone? i meannhow many times can you shoot someone?even when help comes, murphy waves telling them to help others first.. his survival ii a -3&pmiraale...cuomo: i've never
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hearddof anybody who tookk15 3 never heard f nybody who took 15 rounds before.murppy: & ask yourself why was i chosen to survive?muuphy: prooabll one offthe first uestions i askkd, even n intensive care, was why me? i probably &pcouldn't have lived wwth myyelf if it waa ne of the of "whh" may have been answered when received an invitationnto be a guest of the president at he state of tte union.cuomo: when peoole & seeeyou at the state of the union whaa do you hink yyu'll -3 symbolize?murphy: hope perseverance. i hooe dedication to duty.his - preeence in the first lady's -3&pbox may also symbolize the president's push for tougher ressrrctions on ggns.murrhy: 3 problem. does it necessarily
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meannrestriction? i doo't pnoo. my shooter wwuld have passed ny ackground check. 3&pbought his weapon legally. does thht mean that we just give up and say, we ddn't need to ttuch nythhng? i thinn 3 correct thing.for all heehas liied thru, there is only one sure he caa live with... he ddesn't want toobe clled that wood...murphy: if you wanted 33& stuubornnman f the year, i'll pakk t. but hero i still have a harddtime ith.... cuumo: you'rr ggiig tooget used to it, because you''r going to get sooe practice. -3 murphy: okkcuomo: because &pto hold out to people as what - heroic behavior is all about. appreecate you saying that, i really do. cuomo: i've neeer from brooklyn befooe.murphy: - thank you. thank you. the... shooter,.../
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the scene... by... a... police officer.../ , affeer.. he... was wounded.../ hh... -3 shot himseef in the hhad. headd 3 six people were killed aad the shootingglast summer. 3 3---explosion natt--- explodes. the dammge t caused po neighbors ann firefighters. p3 prepare tt be watched around the clock. the group that's writing the rules which will overn america's growing drone army. 3 3
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3 the ffa is in overddive trying to figure out the rules por the thousands f drones skies n the next fewwyears. athhna jones explains the bbnefitss challenggs ann threats to personal privvcy these flying robots willlbring america. the skies across america could poon e welcoming moreedronns. -3&pthe f-a-- issseekiig proposals from ciiies, statts nd universities o creaae six test sites for unmanned aircraft systems. the sitess will help officiall develop saffty staaddrdssthat will allow the government to fulll iitegrate drones into the nattonal airpsace by 2015. tte
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droneeindustry says they make gooo economic tte next 3 years aftee the faa has figured out integration, we could see 70-thousann jobs crrated in this new industry. the coast guard usss drones in alaska and local authorities in nortt dakota once used a order patrol 3 cattle. drone makers redicc - they'll eventually be used by energg comppnies to monitor pipelines ann by farmers to monittr uses wiil require new overnnent rules to protect privacy.we don'' --3 want drones to become eyes in the sky constantly spying on us. we need controls so that drones areeonly used when we believe a crime isshhppening or we're ttyiig to do something particular like fight a forest fire or find a 3 controls in place we'll have a powerfulltechnology that has approoriaae seettle earlier this month, the mayor enned a policc
10:39 pm
ddpartmenn drone rogrrm ovee priiacy concerns. and the virginia egislature s at work on bills ttat would temporarily ban drones there. & 3 congress... hhs... 3-- weekk... to find a &ppolutioo... to the sequester. .../ sequester... is... an... across thee board,.../// finanicaa blizzard... toothe -3&plikes... washington has áneverá... seen...../ p automaticcspending cuts - to theebudget ...will reduce &pnavy patrols he middle east.../ , federal employees, .../ ground the blue angels,.../ and... tte list goes on...//. 3 economists say... the sequester... will send america back into pecession...// nd.. -3there's raveeconcern about - ouu nntional secuuity. 3 [taak sot - "hunttr sott]in 1:00::1 "if sequeeter goes through we are goong to haaee fewer ships than we had during 3 haae fewwr pllnes that we had sinceethe airforce brokk out from the army corps in the mid 1940's. it's going tt take a dramatic toll on the u.s.. militaay, and it's going to ssop us fromm eing in he places that we need o be at." at." ourr.. mmdia partner,
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-3& ...the washington guardian,... --3 has been closely political game'... of... what it caals... 'sequester chicken.''../// read.... ore about it ... byy.. going to... foxbaltimore ot com...// follow... he link... 33 3 a grease fire in a homm in alabbma... quiccly spreads... ----xplosion nats--- nats--- 3 aanexplosion inside the home firrfighters.. who were on their way intoothe home... to thh grouud.officcals ay an oxygen tank inside the home is what caused he fireballl and the family f ix who lived in tte house... all made & it out without injury. 3 a... horrific scenee.. at... rooe's international airport... as... a pteenagerr.. sets himsell on &pfire...//. tv crees... caaght the smoke and flames on camera...// thh 19--year old man --/ an... asylum seeker... from the ivvry coast -- set himsslf on fire... after llaaning... he &pwas being eported bbck home....//he's .. in criticaa condition..../ olice the victim knew... he had
10:41 pm
3 deportatton ordee. 3 south .. african... olympic runner... 3 pistorius....facing pre- &pmeditattd murder hargee - phe vlentine's day shootinn of his girlffiend..// - . model... -3& eeva steennamp. steenkamp.26- year old - olyypian pistorius brokk down & n court....shhkingg uncontrollably... as the charges were read. te juude -3 pelaaing pistorrus' bail phearing and ordering him held pt the loccl police stationn &punttl the hearing coull be rescheduledd steeekamp was -3 shot mmlliile timessand died eaary thursday morrinn at pissorius' pretoria home. the charges caasing shock and -3 ddsbelief among the champions' 33 3 134-141"" don't know whatt really cross because he is y inssiration. i am extremely happpned."pistorius has released a tatement saying he 3the strongesttterms.. but has not offered other details of & the shoooing.prosecutors say they will inttoduce evidence shooting -- and that his heroic image masks a troubled
10:42 pm
personal life. 3 a meteorologiis n 3& spokann washington .. is geettng some attention online... of somethhng... sse said... & durinn a valentinn's ay forecast. & far, ss good....- steady.. oq: thankk daniille. 3 that was mmterologiss danielll grant ho mispokk onnair ...// we're guessing its a moment... she'd like to -3 forget.../ but her slippof the tongue has since gone vvral. 3 &p
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3 toss to emily
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3 & 3 3 ameteor hits with the & the new video from russia of today's oncc in a century &pimpact. a highly infectious virus spreads at aa east coast school. the thheattnorovirus poses to your health. 3
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happy valentine's day. i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. try the new brownie batter donut. get any six donuts for $3.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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she's in a meeting, could you call back in 15? -- not now. nope, no. sorry, love to but can't. i'm sorry, she's very busy. enjoy the rich taste of dunkin' mocha lattes and coffees. now in dark chocolate. indulge in one today. america runs on dunkin'. 3 we... have... new meteor... eeploding... &pover russia..//. ith... & the... force... of... 20 hiroshima-sized... nncllar bombss..//. it... an steroid... barely.... mmssed... striking the 3 ssows you ...thh rude awakening... for tens f
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thousands... of russians this morning. -3 morning. 33 it came from the sky just - after nine o clock i tte morning locaa timee a &pten-ton meteor, racing aa around 33,000 miles an hour throogh the atmosphere, &pstreaked over the russian ity --3 of chelyabisk, some 990 mmles past of moscowa"a&. a"aa&beforeeexploding in a fireball of blinding briiht & light said to haae the power -& of an atomic bomb. aa few minutes latee shockwaves were sent from a sonic booo. ttat smmshed windoww, damaged hundreds of buildiigs, knocked out phone service. 3 were hurt, a hundred peoppe &pwere hospittlized. no nn wws reported killed. it likeeterminator 4," this eyewitness said. "the light was veey bright. like a bbight happened."" anothee -3streets. anotterr aii it felt like aawar zone. 20,000 3across the regioo. three impact sittsswere found. thh meteor missed nuclear and chemicallweapon ssorage facilitiess
10:51 pm
russian -3 ppesident puuin promised aid &ppor ttose affected. some small meteors ssrike the earth every year, incluuing in the us. but this oneewas injury tolla"aa&and visibility. harris says: "the thing is that t came down ii pa popplated area an induutrial maybe uunsual." ((on-cam tag)) today's incident haapened about three thoossnd 3 yyars after a massive meteor -3 sttike in tunguska, siberia. that one kkoccke ddwn millions off rees over an 800 -3 square mile area. not a cell phone amera in sight. innlondon, greg pplkot fox newss 3& a orovirus outbreaa hits a massachusetts high school... 110-students.the health deeartment says about ttenty percent of the studentssat pentucket regional higg schooll -3 have the norovirus.symptoms innlude upset stomachs and &pvomiting.the school is closed for vacatiin next weee... that 3 to o more op-to-bottom cleening.
10:52 pm
3 zach britton says he's reccvered from hhs shoulder injuryy..theeformer oriole thii in sports unlimited... 3 it's a nice day for - aa wwt wedddng.. the unique i - po for ne couple. &p
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
3the orioles finally siinnd jair jurrjenn to a minor leagge tthrr are
10:55 pm
now 8 ppichers vying for 3 of the 5 ssarttig roles....jason hammel and wee-yin chen plready ave two spots locked 33 likeel call-up at some poinn... guy wwo hassto - prove hiiiself... lefty zach bbitton.he wwnt ack and forth between thheminors and the o's injury before the season...and that's why he's edicated this - entire offseason making sure he's ready in 20-13. 33 3 frances hostiig john carroll... panthers fans ready to danne....- p2nd frances uu 9...kurk lee junior spots up &pfrom eyond thh arc...pantherss by 12 after the 3....4th pevon saddler misses pfr the put back...panthers by -
10:56 pm
wwlls from long range... rances on op 3 final.61-47... 3brian matusz on whether he wants to be a starterror a terr suspended tomorrow against duke...tonnght at 1-30 on he late edition... 3 p no nnee tt dry ccean your tux. the rason this couple ot married in a hot tub boat. &p3 ....nd coming up in just 5 & minutes on the late edition... edition... worried abbut zombies.the unlikely group calllng foo ppecial training exercises. 3 3 3 &
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
3 jackpot is up to 2-hundred dollars.we've got yyur shot t pinning... monday at fox45
10:59 pm
a washington couple decided to start tteii married life-- in a hot tub.. tub.. 3&p---heering nats-- nats-- 3 it's... whereethhy haa... their ceremony too....// the lucky couple- sharon and brian-- won the hance... to... get married... in a hoo tub boat--- thanks to a local radio contest..../ they're onsidered... the 3 p hot tub wedding.


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