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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  April 14, 2013 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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apple is having to sheel out 53- million dollars to tss customers. hello, i'm jennifer gilbertta gruesome discovery this weekend brings homicide detectives to a family'' hhmee as paul gessler reporrs, skeletal remains were found in a baltimore county garage. garagee &punclear aa this time just how long the body was inside the garage. as you can see behind me, the garaae is charred from a fire that happened nearly six mmnths ago."gurbinner singh, homeownnr::see myyheart is alwayss.."gurbinder singh r discovery ii his burnn out garage off back river neck road in ssex.guubinder singh, there's a skeleton!' a &pbeeieves ámayá be that oofher brother, missing for several
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we heard that ssmeone was pellres mccride:"i don't know 3 a nice perssn--didn't hurt anybody."it illltake time for the chief medical examinne to i-d the remains.doona hill:"i just can't believeethat my brother miggt have been in there... i just hope he didn't hill siffed through he remains of thh garage sunday signs someone lived in the garage.the body... apparently after a november fire.donna hill:"it's reaaly ssd because you know that someene you know might have passsd away, but wrong. i don't elieve...thii. - any huuan being, we are togethee, aad any human body, i can't see likeethis."police play, although detectives cootinue to investigate.donna brother, iihope to god hee(or she) didn't ssffer."in essee, ppul ggssler,,fox45 news at ten the garage was ddlapiddted for mennwere known to stay thhree
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remains in critical condition toniggt affer beeng shot in thh face. facc..t haappned along northh ellammnt street ear rayson street just after --0 this baltimore.the teee was taken to he hospital.police are investigattng but say there the shooting. we have an updaae to aaother shooting in the city.friday night's double shoottng in the southwest... is now a homiicde. officers rrssonded to kinsey avenue around eight o'cllck that a an and a wwman wwre now repoot that the woman -- 42-year-old taana aamond -- died froo her word on thh man's condition. homicide detectives continue to investiggte. anntterrman ps arresteddand accused of anntterrman ps arresteddand accused of & is charged ith two counts off attempted mmrder.... authorities say he shot a 23- year- old baatimore man sat inside their car in the tw
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had arranged a meeting with t the father ... but e innttad, &pdemanded money and shot them. both viitims purvived. a dundalk man is locked up toniggt -- accused of making child pornography with children as young as two years police arrested david fisher and charred him with 13-countt of hild pornography. inn nnvembee -- investigators say fisher's fiance discooered the &pgraphic materral onnhis hooe computer and called police. pnvestigators then launched an underrover cyber invvstigattoo where deeectives pooed as a him. "we exchaaged emails, arraaged &pa meeting location and this indivvdual aggeed to have sexual relaaions with someooe who he thought was a 14-yeaa-old irll turned out toothe a baltimore police detective. when they met him, he was arrested, immediatell &pcharged." if you believe your child is a victim.. police want you to call them.... at
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... 443-984-7135. a social studies teecher and assissant track coaah is unner investigation tonight by anne arundel counny pubbic schools. kate snyder... a teacher att old mill higg school in glen burnie... has been reassignedd indefinitely... acccoding to a the school's principal.noo reasoo was given.theeprincipal ssys he's barred frrm discussing personnel matters. baltimore county fire crews are till on the scene ffa - plarm apartment fire in rosedal. see the giant flames ennulfingg &pthe side of the apprtment of abigailland franklin ssuarr prive.fireeiggters evacuated pheebuildiig and now say the fire s under word onnthe causs. police in anne arundel county continue to searrh for the priver of a car that slammed into three teenagers frrdaa nig. night.the incident happpned aa the intersection of mounnain and lvin roads in pasaaena.... &paccording o police, the
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driver of a forddexppdition were walking on the side of thh front passsngers side ff the xpedition.the drivee of pf the ttenagers is till in - critical condition ttnight. pooice are still invessiiaaing pn acccient ths weekend that sent a pedestrian to the hospital... and a truck... crashhng into a happennd in hampdennand it was a close call for customers too, too,melinda roeder is ssreaming live froo falls road... with an update... on the tory... &pooe of the busiest bussnesse this time of year -- tax prepprers... today - this open for customers... despite the boarded up storefront... and a vvrr chaoticcscene saturday afternnon. afternoon. 3&(coverr 00:19:05 "we had a phhle office fulllof people."a dragging the victii... as the
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vehicle came crashing throoghh the front wwll of the jackkon hhwliit tax services... p3:18:30 "i was finishing up a 03:18:33 "i waa looking down. :3 i was finishing hii paperwork i look up and all i ee is phis truck sstting n the wwndow."sandraajohnson has been a tax preparer 44 yearr... so se's used tt somee chaos mid-april...but nothing was get customers taken care d- of, ggt them saaf, call 911."yy. very busy interreccion...his - 03:20::0 "we've ssen mann accidenns stting here between puses, bbg semi rucks wiih cars, everything."come sunday decided is was safe to re-open 3 ....uutas the clook tccs... toward tooorrow'sstax 03:25:17 noomally we would be - we'd be working oo--top with mastering tricky math... he's -3 watchingggoll...03:28:211 "watching the master's today." pdspite signs that statee theyyre openn.. the boarded windows... might send a
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mentioo the nnw hole in the wall... from flying fure eetinguishee.since monday is the laat day to ile... they'll make do withha patchhd pours... 03:26:40 "ss anyone that needs their taxes done, come on doww, we'rr ready." we're happp tt eport evvryone involved in the crash is recoverry.. includiig that pedesttiaa who was pinned under the vehicle for a short time.meantime... investiiaaors the driver. live in hhmpden st tonight - melinda roeder - fox 45 ews at ten. some quick thinking and bravery y some good samaritans... hells a man pscape certain death. deaah.surveillance video caughtta man faaling ontoothh assa train was pulling into the entagon city station in arlington, virginia.a ffther and daughter quickly dropped to their knees and reached ffr the man.. grabbing is hand
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and leg... anndyanking im off the tracks just as the train pulls in. 116-125"i could see the llghts pf the rain cooiig n thee tunnel ann you heard everyone the train!! so, our first and we neee him ouu nnw." pow."1488155"iigrabbed his daughter grabbed his leg,, pulled him up, just rolled him platform."authorities say pathorittes ay the man wwlked riggt oof the edge of the platform.. onto the trrccs.... because he was busy rrading something on his phooe. secretary of state johnnkerry making a finallppsh toddy in leaders in ssuthhkorea and chiia yesterday. greg palkot has the latest from the peoul... where there aae feea that north korea wiil mmrk aa iiporrant aaniversaryy....with a missile launcc. &plaunch. 3 33 kerry is now nnhis final ate - stages assthe threat ffom the north korea looms. kerry met on suuday with the japanese fooeign minister oo
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tte onee and ook a pyongyang, aying he want to be reach out tt be a ready partner in negooiattons imed nnrth. but he also saad the te unittd states stands ready tto defend both itsslf and its allies in the region, and lss told the north to back off its prrvocative talls especiaaly about possible missile launch. kerry says: "the nooth believe must y now that its threats and provocations are only going to isooate t further nd impoverish its people only further.." young leader kim jonn un shows some calls heee foo dialogge, e3 saying that theeunited states &pshould drop its confrontation approach instead..meanwhile, raaged missile, capable oo
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in guam ssand ready for fire. but a u.s. official herr hass been telling us he sees no signs thht the immaaent launch. t is however mobile &pbasedd and so ii ccn't bee monday ere now. celebrations are set to start in the north aaniveesary the birthday of kimmillsuug. that's the we are watching for any - firewookk thereeof a bbalistic nature. in seoul, south korea, grrg palkot, fox news. an absooutely beautiful day toobe outside today. sherwood gardens in north it baltimore here the tulips are in bloom. poddy.. soakiig up the sunn aadjust enjoying theespring w. longgwill it stickk vytas reid haa mooe in his first forecast...inccuding a little rain vytas??
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3think yyur smarrphone is cooting you monny?whaa until this's ott alled tte mmst expensiie.. for othing.
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and a police ergeant in choice of shooting trgets.- &pwhat it has to do with the
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5 people aae ead tonight after a us in bridge... ann falls sixteen feee o a field. the bus
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was carrying 42- passengers... thhough the ggurdrails of a bridge eerly this morning. thh injured were taken to what cauued the accident. &p a ppoiie sergeaat in pprt ccnavvrall lorida hass been fired over his choice of shooting targetss... that some say look like trayvon martin. the targets show a sslhooutte of a person wearing a hoodie, holding a caa of arizona iced tea, and a &pbag of skittlls in a pocket. investiggtors say police sergeant ron king targets similar toothese too "the officer rejected that and told him to -- that he should put those back in his cca and that he shouldn't even possess something like that." that."we truly reaah out and trayvon martin ffr them needdnggto hear anyyoffthis and the grief thaatit mustt representtng martin's family,,
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sayssthe sergeant's uue of the taaget was "absolutely the gang oo 8 senators that the immigration system... is - pxpected to release theii full week.tte ssnators say that been worked out.the final bill tt improve bordee security...s options for illegal in this country..-"...under the the uniied states, you aae nott greee card and ultimatleyy -&gg thing is, you have to go bacc to your home country yoo have to wait ten years,,and then we're saying is, e're going to create an alternative to ha" that." 3leeding republiiaa seeators partisan roup...buu will wait to see theefinal bill before giviig it full supporr. if you have anni-phone... you way. the reason &pthe company owes its customer mmre thhn 53- milliondollars.
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&ptheemales will get up therr, they'll ggt eye ball o eyee they maa be creepy and &plittle oveeaad romance.when thh cicadas are exppcted to arrive and their maii bjecciie &p3 -3 party?we reveal thh party? planning a spring ttey're baaa-cckkk.
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in ust a few weeks,,we''e this::----nats of cicaaa sound--
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showing uppsoon.....xperts per sqqare mile. difffrent typessaapear every suumer... but thii time around... a group known as brood two will make an but ennomologiits they're jjst looking for love. "the males will gee up therr, phhy'll get eye all to eye ball witt tte women. it'' gging be about birth, romance,, goong to bb about death. for bug geeksslike my self this ii our super bowl." bowl..even hough ou might think the cicadas are creepy.... they don't sstng orr
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raddr future cast 10-day forecast 3 hour by hour forecast 3 weather alertsit's all free search for "wbff" on your app &e
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,3 p3 33 &p 3
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thinks peoplleneed tooknow.....
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in rder tt be successful in (tei have a tip for you.ker, make a video of yourself, before all this happens. read a children's storybook. or sing a lullaby. i wish i had. the only voice my grandson's ever heard is this one. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, visit to make a differencc??just ke -
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this morning t white marsh e mall.hundreds of participats waaked two mmles around the inside f the mall-- raising associatiin. lar dyytrophy --3- p(sot---))
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from heir heart- just trying tooraise money ffr a greatt ccuse.> pur very own candice dold- servvd as fox45's team capptin. the walk isn't exclusive to's a &praises hundreds of thoussnds of dollars or he m-d-a. ronald mcdonnld houss red shoe - shuuffe, 5 k run and walk. the organization was in desperate need offa new shuttle bus to help transporttpatients and ttg... 75-thousand dollars. pho are already pretty fmilies have to pay for gas to not not pave to pay for parring which can be incrediblyyexpenssve and also jusstthe logistics of child out, many of them are in at the front doorr> oppthem off& with more than 20- thousand participants... the ronald mcdd
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raise 250-thousand dollars and &ppurchase its new shuttle bus. ssoe shuffle. 3&it was a day of fundraassng i washington, d-c too. too.a fundraising reception was helddon embasss row to benefit the d-c chapter of the diicussedd he state of --3 education in aaerrca and how technologg has changed the wayy people become succcssful. 20:05:26-20:05:46"we aae now in the information age, the age of technology and there was a time, when in americc during the agriculturaa age, all you needed as a strong back and a willingnesssto work; the same thing uringg the industrial age. that is no longer he ccse. now we're in the innormation agee you must intellectually prepared for it." event... benefft the carson pcholars program and theeben carson reading prooect. i-phone r i-pod ... youucould cash in on a class actionn
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lawssii against applee is agreeiig to pay 53-million dollars tt settle a suit accusing it of failing to repair faulty phonee under -&w red ndicatiig exposure tt or - pater. but 3-mm.. which akes the tapes... sys humidity actually may cause thh tape to urn color. hundreds of thousands off affected consumers ould gge cash from the deal. ccn use someeof that cash ... to buy the world's most expensiveesmart phone. the ""lackkdiamond the bling.the diamond and gold hhdden 26- carat black diimond. and 600 solid gold dresssng, and an - apple logo aae up of 53-- &pdiaaoods. the jeweler estimates the value of the pphne at 15- miilion dollars. the masters goes to a whh put n the
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green jaccet...coming up on sportssunlimited...
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most people would be frightened by a gorilla. gorilla.but ii this caas it's he's scareddof... a goose! pt tte sedgwick county zoo in wichita kansas.apparentll some canada geeseeended up in the phey idn't want the primate around. 3 3 3&that's ll forrthe news at ten...i'm jnnifer gilbert... thanks for watccing...morgan unlimiiedd..morgan... 3coming up tonightton sports
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n-b-a ddaft bound??? finish to the mmsters...72 holes nottenough.ttey go to a year...see wwo's weariig the green jacket tonnght....clay his rookke season...diddhe do it toddy to the rays???..... and cj brown tore his acl in preseason last yeer...wwat he'ssdoing to start eek 1 of starts fter this...


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