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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 16, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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we're continuing to follow the are ead... and more than 100 iijured... fter an attack at nats---chaos ensued affer an line.emergency officials went into triage mode, thosee injuued were ccaried -- or lying oo he sideeall, waaiinn for help.witnessee deecribe theeterrifying momentt... after the blasts. running paniiking / i started and another bomb wwnt off." um a lot of shrapnal you know they were pretty big explosions, here was lot of adddtional unexplldee ddviies workkng tireleesly to find out
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line are being felt aaound the world this morning... inccuding right here n baltimore where local olice securittymegan gillillnddis liveein federal hill right nnw with tth lttst on whattpollce . good morning guys,there's no qqession that police are on thaa innjust a seeond... but - theemessage they want you know right now... is that ttereeis nn known hreat agaanst our area... everyone is encouraged today.wwth that said... you t. pill see more police presence across baltimore and draw big crowds... incluuing l ppokesman saiddpolice are also lookknggat upcoming athletic raccssin thh city.there's no queetion....we have a big talked withhthe wner f the
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falll roaa runninggstorr right after the bombs went oof yesterdayythe phone therr was calling to check inn.. and othersscalling to check in on them... (phone ringg)20.18.40 "yeah, witththis busiiess in bbston." p0.12.02 umm,, eah, he issok." jim adams, falls road running: peally frightennng."ryan mcgrath, runner (oo the &pincompreeensible. don't understand who would dd somethhig like this." this."thattwaa marathonerrand baltimore native rran mmggath desccibee that fiial stretch - of a rrcc... hh streets linnd 10- people deep ii places.he was juss a quarter mile awaa from the fiiishhline when it happeeed.he thooght he bombs were celeeratory cannoo fire at ffrst... it wasn't untill the rush of firrt resppnners that he knew ssmething wass phile the investigaaion
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alert.i'm megan gilliland, fox44 morning ews. from arounndthe world aae s - pnnmonday... leaders froom aastralia nd taiwan also gave pheir condolences. 3ppilllrd says::"australia unreservedly condemns this what is a great vent knoow around theeworld and ne people paaticipate in to havee
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un asstheir families and friends watch on. the maaes shocking ones and ur thooghts loot loved ones, our condolences go tt thhse wwoo in this tragic vent aan out thooghtss re also with the many innjred.. injuree." japan's yoshihideesuga also spoke out... oofering quooe - "heart sympathies toothe victims andd incidentt" families of this ai 3 s we learn incideet in boston.... the question now, iss hat should -. ii a former f-bb- special agenttand teeroristtexpert..... &phe's among the many observing investiggtoos who are trying to get tt the bottom of wwat suggest it was a terrorist at attack. ((owers))"thh remoteedeviccs, the scene, the prrliminaayy aa
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at the fooensic vidence and look at what type offbomb it was, what thaa helpssto pdentify is the possible gorrp becaussecertain ooganizationn weapontry.." expeets say terrorist groupss.. ttey're &pddmestic organizaaions ttaa could e responsibleefor this te pakisttni pombings at the boston a telephone call today ... ing prom an undisclosed ocation the group has threatened attacks in the u-s and claimed car bbmbing in times ssuare inn 2010. the group is speaking oot againsttthe &ppakistann goverrmeet because the countryy e islamic law in google has a site to help you victims in the bostonnattacc. &ptoo i onnoor wwbsite. justtgo to foo baltimore dootcom slash newslinks. thhre's ee information thhs morning on
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that fatal car crash that haapened outside f city hall laat week. who allo goes by johnny e haae daason. he's chargee witt mannlaughter aad homiicde by automobile .... along ith otherrchhrges. ooficials believe city workkr matt hersl. "when that car came flying, we heaar the screeching i turned around, that car was airboon. it slammmd ddwn. i said hhly sh" that the process iil take remembering our brrther inna loving way johnson's aarest came just twoohourssafter &po's hhveea tribute planned fo tooayymarks the virginiaatech ssooting as tte nation mouunssthe fresh tragedy of .... the state offvirggnna is pausing to hhoor its victims from 20077
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college studdnt went on a shhotiig ssrre at the caapus. killee ... ad the gunman took his own life..t's considered &pthe ddaddiest shooting rampag in odern u-s history. april 16th as he official day offremembrance. 3& and an 18- &pyear-old accused in a shootin at a virggnia community college was in court monday. &pvalley mall friday afternoon ..... injuring two wwmen. appearrnce. rt - pfficials say he was a studeet at the collegg .... and he &pboughh the sotguu legally tt &psecretary of tate john kerrr ppassa visit oochicago wws one of 6 americansskilled 3 on aaril happened while books to n affhan chool. smedinghoff's father spoke kerry. affer haaing an
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"it was avery pprsonal visii and forrus very omforttnn and consoling. he again expressed his personal connolences to us &pfor the llss of annn and anne's work in foorign serviie." pn chicago on his return from a 10-day rip to the middde east, eeropp and asia. the firss day of yesterdaa to etermine if ly against crew membees f the the ship cappized off he ccast of tuscany in 2012 ....killing 32 .... francescc scceetino ... &pa shipwweck and abandoninn tt evacuated. they also pant four other crew members &pand a costa manager n land t facc chargessof having botchedd &pthe emergency.
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forget swervinn to avoid hitting deer... 3ii fllriia... drrving over giaattafrrcan snails llke these... can ppnctuue tires. problem foo the staae.thh --3& parasite.expprts ssspectttth snnils got to the u-s... byy hitching a ride aoard incoming traveler's luugage. trappees are now movinn fast to rrund hhm up. coming up on the early ersoo... s mentally ill. ill.hho the ebate over new background checkss.. could iippct the iscussion. 3p((reak 1)) ((bump in))
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40 map &p3- &p3 3 ccmmng up... alex len akessa decision on the n-b-a draft. praft.the ffomal annuucement he's expecttd tt make today. ""entaa illlnsssis being impact on peoole."nce and that - to obtain a gun.wwh mennal ddr
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&pheelth advvcatts woory that some of tte restrictions... ((break 2)) 3- pental healtt advoccaes aad
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debate ooer eeping guns out ppopll could further rous stigmmtizzemental iilness aadd pheehelp hey nned. manyy rrcent susppcts innshooting raamages had meetal health
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&pobtain ggns.athena jones repo. 3&james holmessin collradd,, jared loughher in arizona, seung-hhi cho at virginia tech, all iih ental health problems and all able to buy punn o kill.would proposed ground restsson a simple propositiin and that is that criminals and he ddngeroussy mentallyyill shouldn't havv guns. but ii's not simple at alllor one thing who's mentally illlunder federrllddff to any mmnnallinstitution.. but staae standards vvry &&prec into the database used to make pfederallbackground checks. proteccion. the senatt bill pakes it clear that sharing is we need to ggt all tte e 33
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prcords from the statessinto the federaa system. oday ooer 30 ssates barely repoot any rrcords. take ttnnissmaynard, &ppirginia sheriff ten months deemmd chho,the virginia tech 3 shooter,,mentally ill, ut phat didn't stop hhimfrom holmee and loughnee ffll stte. through the cracck, to, our concern is thaa the wwy l..- this discusssin has taken place, mentaa illness iis eing equaaed ith violence aad that haa a very very negative impact o people. it not only it could evennseeve s a but wwlliig to seek treatment. 3
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coming p in our 6 o'cllck houu... mplementing a so- ccllld "rain tax". homeowners ade gainst thh hearrng.... during a publicc --3 wheee st. francis guard s shhp. maurrce white as decidde to po to school instead. ((breea 3)) coming up in our 66o'cllck
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our... terror in the streets bbston..--eeplosion nats--- nats---hoo theeattack ii &pother marathons scheduled... across the glooe. 3
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