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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 30, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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3 a man gunned down in a possible road raae incident in baltimmrr city.this morning... live froo ccty police d iss - headquarrersswhhre eteetives pay thee ave some good leads. good morning guus,pplice pelieve ttis murddr coulddbe the resulttoo road age. ttey're nnt releasiig many details at this hoor... as not butt hee are reeeasiiggthee &pvictims ddntitt. identity.thhs is 36-year old
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leoo anthony cannady.heewas shot several times n errdaa avenue near mayfield avenue just before 3 ooclook early sunday morning.cannady's way home from a faaiiy paltimore... when he had a fender beeder on errman. goo oot of the ar to eeccange insuranne... police say the incident escalated... the tte hospital.his mothhr... is -3 in isbelief... cooe n the door..."(ms. to - pistakee"police say ttee''e mi- llokiig for aa least two men and a van. they're are asking anyone with information to the nuuber is 410-396-2100. - we're told two of cannady's
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children were in the car... when their ffther got shoo in the baak.what family members they're askinn of you... oming uu innjuss 30 minutee. live from city police headquarterss i'' meggn a man covvctee f prisonn the judge who sentenced olicarpio eliiible foo parooe in 10 to conviited last month inn he 2204 murders at an pprtmenn in northwest altimore.he throughout thhetrial.cnce 3:22:42 and e saii he didn't &pdo t and i belieee himm thissthis was spinozz's ttird trial. his first trial ended in ung jury. he was but hat veedict was thrown defendant... adan canela... the accused leadee oo aa.--3 jaalhouss smuuglinggring... ppeads not guiltt to federaa charges in the case. tavvn white is one of 25 people
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correccions officcrs. fatteeed 5children ith 4 of awaating trial for attempped detentton centee.. ppooecutors say he's the ""lack uerilla amily" that other ontraband into he jail. 3 of the boston marathon bombings. bombings.investigaaorr tamerlan tsarnaevvswwdoo... katherrne russell... who says sse was unaware of her husbandd ppan.soorcesswarn is found on the cookee... it -3 doeen't prove that she was man knownnas "misha"".. who iss3 accused offraaicalizing thh mastermind of thh boston bombinns.thissmornnng brian todd has the sttry. 3 their search for the ssadowy
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figgre knoww as "misha" has ttken iivestigators to rhode it'' not lear f the man who's here.. ii the radicalized tamerlan tsaanaev.y repootee chriitiin ccryl of the new york review of books interviewed aaman named mikhail aalakhverdoov whh said &pthaa he wws a convert to issa of parrially-armenianndescent, as missa's been escribed. interviewwd by feddral authorities-- who he saii were pbout to close his ase. hh tamerlan. he said, no i was -- - nnt hii teacher. i didn't instrrut him at anytthng and i hhs development. butti any f -3 couldn't get him to tell me anythinn mmre thhn that aaout &ptheir relationnsip. he was just agittted, and diin't want tt o into detailss"(stann up) and a crush of other reporters
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he merred from the aaartmmnt l- riihard nicholson said hh y representee the arrets f aa pannhh ideenifieddas "mmke" also been interviewed by llw e enforcement."i suupecc they pill be aaked additional investigatiin."but law losing enforcement sources have not same 'misha' who heavily influenced tamerlanntsarnaev.. "this perron justttook is brain brainwashed him completely. tamerlan is off now, ttere's no obedieeceett respect is own fatter."otherr at nnghh- causing tenssin te -- between the parrnts.if misha haa been interriewed by ffderaa law enfoocement uthooities what ould hey have asked him aboutttamerlan &ptsarnaev?"how far did that
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mmch involved was this misha? did he dd more than just put hissppilosophy about his reeigion? or did he actually dd more? ddd he introduce him of this lot r maabe provide - maybe provided an apartment or &psomm garageeto store the eeuipment."-----eed----- cnn.scriptt---- the man ááoww charred with sending a poison laced letter to the president and other -la pppearance in federal courtt court.the judgg ordered james wiihouu bondd he aa d denied involvvment in the mailing of the letters and hearing.his capture follows the rongful arrest of one off hii rivals, paul keein curtis, framed y dutschke. curtis's lawyer says shh &pdoesn'ttthink her clienn was the pprmaay target of the scheme, jst a ssapegoat. chriiti mmcoy says:"i do noo creating this scheme - if he
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did so - that he did so with keein as the targett.i think it was a terrorist act aamed states ggvernment." gooernment." dutsscke will remain in ail untii a eaaing sshedulee for thursday. 3george zimmermannreturns to court today... ffr his latest zimmermmn is accused off second-degree murder... for the shhoting deatt off 17-yearr-old trayvon maatinninn &pneiggborrood watch leaaer claims he acted in sell-deeense.thh judge will phings....incluuing whether zimmerman should be askeddif to a "stand yyur ground" hearing.zimmeeman is set to go onntrial in june. a reeall today.... involving more han model year 2013..-&&p2013.the c &pproblem involves spare inflaaioo gauge on an ir puup. piisan says they were eithhr over-inflating oo under cars back to he deallrship forrinspeetions.
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one small flighh ffr major fllght or mannind..-brit brrnnon is one step losee too peinggable to launch tourists into space.yesterday , hii company irgin galaatic mmae its firsttpowered flight over the mojavv desert. of sound on its own rocket ppwer...reachhng an altitude of morr powered flights are plaaned for this galactic plans to rrach full ssace ffight by the end f the year. areeyou our biggest ffn?then yo pveryday we'll pick one of our fox44 news at becomeea on faanjust go tooour facebook page... facebookkdot com slash foxbaatimore. coming up on the eaaly editton... a pro-athleteecomes out tootheeworld. world.hhw fans are reactiig to his "sportssillustrated" covvr 3 (((reak 1))
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(((d lib meteorologgst)) 3 ((trrffii reporter ad libbs) mmp ggree map 40 map 3
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3 33 p, mother's day is justtaround
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thh corner... and here at fox45... we're looking foo thee bess mmm ii baltimore. pr less why yyur mom deserves the tiile.send your eetry to 2000 west 44ss street, paltimore 21111... or you can enttr througg may 3rr... and we'll announce the winner he friday before motter's ay. "island rootes" caribbean - 5-day, 4--ight stay in st. e aa lucia... a 5-thousann doolar arthur jewelers.. and gardiner's ffrniture..mke sure you ggoto ffx-baltimoreeddo contest rules beeore enttring.
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pfter annooncing that he is gay, n-b-a veteran jason colliis has rrceived and oveeflow of suuport rrm story. &p jason ollins has coming oot is a mmve that's gettinn tte most attention..n an upcoming issue of ""portss saying the recent bosson maraahon bombing rrenforcedd &pthe notion that i shouldn'tt wwiitfoo he circumstances f py ccming ot toobe perfect." former teammaae keyon doolingg (pponoo key-on ddo-lingg of the memphis grizzlies said he ii ppoud of coolins."at the end of the ddy he's a good ggy. hh'' hard wooker. hh'ss juddgd ffr, anddthat's what he &pphould be known for..."coolin may be the first gay athleee mmjor uus spoot, ut ormer -- saysshees not tte onny ggy thinks they never played ithh &pa ggy player is an iiiot. i played wth sevvral gay players. it's thhir oww business. i think they should
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geetto be who they want o be." (prono:ah-mee--hee),a former n-b-aastar who came ooutafter he retired from the port, a step toward acceptance... "there aae actual logistical &plegislltiie hurdles and once we sttrt addreesing those, then theemovveents that, the &pand people like him will star impact."on twittera& collins thannee everroneewho sent him . "alllthe support i have received today is ttuly &piispirational.. knew that i was choosing te road less trrveleddbbu i'm not walking ii aaonee"i'm ed paynee reporting. n-b-aacommissionerr david stern rrleased a statement saying collins s widely resppcted n the league and he'' proud that ""e has on this veryyimportant issuu." ssrright aaeed... theesummer travel season... is about to gettunderraa. underwwy.the three tips that saviigs. ((break )) 3
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millionn of aericans will be 3 taking to the skies for the get the deals yyu've been looking for this seassn. alison kosik is ii new york to why. your flight toomiami this memorial day weekenn won't be much cheaper than last data frrm trrvelocity showssthe vvrage domestic rund trip fliiht &pe p341-down only two perceet from last year. that works out tt jjus a six dollar like mucchof a drop in price... pravellrr. emoriaa day arks the beginning of the ummer travel ffres usualllystart to riie around expeetsssay demanndhas been may ot find the amazing for...airline experrs stilll
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some money. anallsts ssy you time...histooy showssthht a of - prices tend to gg up 10 to 25 pollars each weee leading up travel o buy your ticket - ii - experts recoomend taking addvntage of last minute deals..orreven bundling our &pflight and hotel togetherr thhn going on thh typical you3 frrday to sunday vacation. leaving tuesday or wednesday, 15%%.and if you stiil haven't - deetination arr ay - some optionn to consider. flights to d-c and cicago phe last yearr..airfaaes to in d-ccaae down 6% while &pchicago's hhs dropped by 33. i'm aliion kosii n nnw york. 3&commng up... a teenager eate up... t a baltimore bus stop. stoppthe injuries he sufffree... and how his ammly is trying to track down the
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people reeponsible. & getting eady foo a disaster.
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what the city of baltimore has five.ed... on fox45 news at - p,3
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it'ssour "spii into summee" giv. giveaway.we're giving yyu a chaaceeto winnup too500-dolllas. have ollaas.óóóóóóóóóó yyu 30 minutes to call us at the thee... weell ssin the wheel to ddtermine yoor prizeeif you don't call... we'll draw another nameeat the ttp of thee nexx hour. enter... juut gg to our wwbsite fox baatimore dot you can also go there to read theecoopleee contest ules.
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