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deceived as they will think that christ is already here why because their sleep but you being awake and being familiar with the scripture matthew 24 mark 13 luke 21 there is no way that christ will return until after the son of perdition stands in the holy place claiming to be god and we will stand against him so let it be known the type of people are caught off guard is when they think that the day of the lord is already come only there being deceived how could they be deceived and never studied it never truly for themselves dugout chapter by chapter and verse by verse what sayeth almighty god because that's how it's going
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to come to pass that was some preacher my say not what this manner any other man my say but exactly as it's written in shall go forth the government be there you but you are because why because you're awake this is why it comes as a thief in the night verse three in other words is the birth of the new age the lord's day that's what it is that throughout the word of god ezekiel 13 i can think of many places this is their democratic peace and safety than that's what comes to structured well how could that be have you never read the
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book of daniel the book of daniel is an overlay of the prophecy of the book of revelation what does it say in the book of daniel said that the antichrist will come in prosperously and peacefully saying peace peace peace but there will be not any piece following him but the deception is set people are wired but if you're awake and you know the scripture it will come to pass as it's written why because you know who's coming first five i don't care what time of the day it is if you're awake spiritually
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speaking here that you're in the light and the darkness will not overtake you god will never allow it there goes that word again be sincere about it verse eight savior is here you don't have to worry about it he leads them follow i want to
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repeat that again for god has not in ot there will be many that will pray for mountains to fall on them why would they do that well their christian people they've attended churches i mean maybe the family had the first pew of the church have their name on it you know it does happen and if that door opens they were there but there was just one problem they were never said anything they were never fed the scripture they listened to stories they did not know that the false one would come first
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all they were told was that you don't have to understand god's word you're going to be gone if you would let what you would be foolish enough to let some preacher get away with that he deserved it be deceived you really do but they're going to be praying because they met to be christian they love the lord and then to wake up and find out they worship satan himself thereto ashamed to face the truth christ is written in revelation chapter 9 the pray for the mountains to fall on them you don't want to go there this way you must work and lead and guide the awake help all you can to prevent anyone you can from dying and
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being deceived into that terrible death of a nurse but you just don't want let him go there if you can help it at all god has promised you don't have to go through that day if you're awake that's why this is so very very important but put on the lord jesus christ 10 that's what got elect do they always do that we think our father for waking us with that think our father for the scripture that must be fulfilled and is being
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fulfilled for forewarning us to keep the shame away because the knowledge says you free of that truth set you free so always think our father for that heavenly father thank you father again for the privilege of being allowed father to serve these be with his family wherever they may go let them be a light to the world that example the following you we ask it in yeshua jesus name amen amen mark of the beast on cds or free introductory offer to you what is the mark of the beast many false teachers would have you believe it will be a tattoo on your four head or a computer chip implanted under your skin is getting late in the game you need to know what the mark of the beast is as it's written in revelation chapter 13 verse eight many will be deceived there is no need for you to be
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deceived christ said mark 13 183 behold i have foretold you all things jesus indeed told us how not to be deceived and pastor arnold murray takes you on a step-by-step study of god's word concerning this critical subject the mark of the beast telephone call is free the cd is free we don't even ask for the shipping and handling industries well all 183 behold i have foretold you all things jesus indeed told us how not to be deceived and pastor arnold murray takes you on a step-by-step study of god's word concerning this critical subject the mark of the beast telephone call is free the cd is free we don't even ask for the shipping and handling industries well all you need to do is call 1-800-643-4645 to request your one-time one per household copy the mark of the beast you may also request your free cd when mailing a request to shepherds chapel po box 416, gravette, ar 72736 don't be deceived by satan that's why they call him the son of man he was a son of the living god and you cannot it is a gross sin to try to bring another religion into christianity christianity will stand quite well on its own and it has for
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many many years out it will continue to do so so even if some fruitcake this trend to make a new religion there's nothing new under the sun he's probably six setting a bunch of people up to be deceived by the false messiah carl from wisconsin where did cains wife come from it all people and things get destroyed from the first world age he did make a complete into it is two separate questions the answer to all people being destroyed and sees you can read jeremiah chapter 4 beginning with verse 18 that was speaking of the first earth age were detained get his wife god created a lot of people all the races the sixth day and he looked at it was good some of them want to the net land of nod and wink king was driven from adam and
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ease family he went to the land of nod and took one of the six-day creations as his wife is real simple when you follow the manuscripts murray from iowa some christians say that jesus gives us power like he had them because we are children of god we can be just like jesus can you please explain i don't want to be deceived because they see the satan will come back preaching he is god what is true that he will come back saying he is god second thessalonians chapter 2 verses four through seven will color declare that but i would be very uncomfortable listening to somebody that would say we would be just like jesus or that we would have the same power he has not the scripture
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quoted from isaiah chapter 7 that you'd will call him him and wealth that is to say god with the cc then that if we believe we can have the power of god question that's almost knocking the door on blasphemy and certainly if you went along with it you would be one deceived person it would be extremely disrespectful to the office of the godhead to teach a message of that nature it is a blessing to be a christian it is a blessing to have the spirit of god upon us but don't ever compare yourself to god that is blasphemy jeannie from california to god know that adam and eve were going to send before he created them
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did he know that more people after them were going to be sinners think you what he had a pretty good idea because of the first earth age when does god create people what is he just create them where they can't send well then he would be controlling and he would have a bunch of zombies wife because the main thing he wants from man is for man to love him that you can't control somebody and have genuine love because love must generate within the entity's heart and mind and go our to the father knows what he wants that's why he will not force people to love him i think he knew people would set this matter fact if you read zechariah chapter 9 verse nine and 10 you've got first advent second advent so he knew christ would be crucified long before christ walked the earth
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diana from michigan i am concerned about the number 666 is coming out about all things around me earmuffs daughters phone numbers have it is anything wrong with that is scares me will don't be frightened you know knowledge is a wonderful thing drives fear away that you know what 666 means is the number of the one who will be the deceiver known there are six seals there are six trumps and there are 6 miles and in the book of revelation word speaks of 666 every time the sixth seal sixth trump six plow opens you got satan here is the antichrist so that's what it means to have the knowledge to know that that were speaking here the six seal sixth trump
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six file if it's your christ doesn't return until the seven or you could be deceived so hang onto that don't let some big a tattoo you with sixes all over your body but it would change which mind that your blind loves god may for mississippi there something in the bible that says flee to the mountains i would like to know what that means you're quoting mark chapter 13 verse 14 where it says when you see the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place where it ought not properly translated in daniel chapter 7 verse 21 which is what i has reference to when it says the desolate tour not desolation the desolate tour will come on the ways of deception the desolate tour is satan as
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antichrist so what daniel so what mark 1314 is saying please to the mountains you're in jerusalem when that started talking about the chapter it means that when you see the antichrist standing in the holy place you want to flee away from their however at the same time it is our responsibility to be delivered up so that god can speak through us in witness that's where it's written this would be shared from washington how often to anoint one's home every 24 hours question because different people enter one's home every day to thank god for shepherds chapel thank you for being with us share in which you what to do is anoint your doorpost with the oil of
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our people against anything evil coming in piggyback and/or otherwise in the name of the lord jesus christ that way even if somebody does come in that has an evil spirit that got a park it outside it is power it's not your power that's christ power but anoint your home at any time be filled something negative about it came from texas does the five month period have to be made through september or can it be another time of the year will we know when the first half of the five month period begins guess we will wife because the two months witnesses come prior to the five months that it is possible that the antichrist rate will be made through september but is coming is the season that night meaning we
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don't know why or what would you say that pastor very because i do what she deceived if he comes in december i want you to know who it is and what he's doing if he should come in december are at or any other time of the year it will be a five month. in my own opinion i think it will be may through september but were not going to be deceived here regardless of that whatever time he decides to come he will be as a thief in the night ever going to be ready for him john from north carolina i've been studying with you for about four months and have been learning a great deal i enjoyed your teaching very much question i want to ask you is does god control the weather this pastor told
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us in church did or didn't i can't make your writing out i know god controls everything can you explain this to me wealth of father created the heavens and the earth and when he destroyed the first earth age this earth knows about 90 miles off true north of magnetic north little bit this allows the firmament to fall the jet streams appeared in the jet streams basically control the weather or determined the weather so yes god created it that he's not necessarily in every little storm is the thing of nature and this is why we have meteorologists that are able to determine by the jet
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streams by the pressure millibars dew points just about what the weather's going to do their pretty good at it but nature itself determines that if god so chooses to bring a storm he certainly can do it but not normally would he this would be diana from tampa your knowledge has helped me understand the meaning of the bible how it is remarkable comforting to be closer to jesus christ our father ps my sister asked me where did amen come from exec translation and language please well it's either hebrew or greek is the same word and amen usually closes the topic simply means when your teaching and you say amen
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you're saying that that in the words there's no if's and's or babies amen means that's that end of story linda from indiana was the year of the faith please explain will we are told to learn the parable of the fig tree didn't say maybe you should learn because in that generation all prophecy would come to pass it would conclude so therefore it becomes very important that you know in the ground basis for it is the fig leaves that adam and eve covered themselves with but the year part you determine a jeremiah 24 concerning the config in
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the baghdad in jerusalem at times it would be inhabited by both the good and the bad seed that when it established itself as a nation that was 1948 that generation would not pass until all scripture is fulfilled jeremiah 24 or if you have trouble with that i have a work titled parable of the fig tree is not maybe you should know it you got a know it michelle from mexico is it possible that god would allow a family member to be our guardian angel or even more like john the baptist or elijah or one of god's people that has passed on i think you know my love for what you do will think you we appreciate having you with us matthew chapter 18 verse 10 is what you're looking for if you are one of the set-aside ones that
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means one of god's election states that your angel has the face of god at any time you need him if your angel has the face of god it means they can get god's attention and you can give some hope that quick i believe that with all my heart because i've seen it come to pass in my lifetime and war and peace our father certainly. children stephen from tennessee is a possible for a christian in good standing of course to repent for other people's sins that is they have any of course like intercessory prayer intercessory prayer is very good is not to say necessarily that god will answer it there may be reasons that he's dealing with that person that
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we would know but it certainly never hurts i have seen intercessory prayer work over and over i have seen intercessory prayer change the minds of people even a team of mules could change stubborn obstinate and yet intercessory prayer will make it happen a new creature doesn't happen every time that i have witnessed it god works miracles awesome jeannie from oklahoma i have learned from your teachings about the seals vials and trumpets the question is will the children of god be able to actually hear the sound of the trumpet and to follow the words of revelation, sure i can recognize the symbolism what you're good how the two witnesses here but you will
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unit with the seals are a step-by-step it's pretty well laid out god will never leave us nor forsake us you can count on it when you need him he will be there and so it is vicki from arizona when a young person sends a does not know a thing his assent it is forgivable right now all you have to do is ask for forgiveness right vivian from florida to watch her tv series almost every day i believe in you and feel good after watching and listening to you the only thing i'm concerned about a you are using the term spirits stubborn ghost well as
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numa and i choose to say duma spirit rather than spook there's no word spook in the bible about time hey i love y'all because you joy study guides word list of all god bless you for it it makes his day were brought to you by your tithes and offerings if we've helped you you help us keep coming to you what you do that plus god he will always bless you most important though and listen to me now you listen good you stay in his word every day in his word even with travel is still a good day do you know why because jesus yeshua is the living word. god's word with understanding will change a life with hope you have enjoyed studying god's word here on the shepherds chapel family bible study hour with pastor arnold murray if you would like to receive more information concerning shepherds chapel even request our free introductory offer our introductory offer contains the mark of the beast
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audiotape our monthly newsletter with a written bible study the tape catalog and a list of written reference works available through shepherds chapel to request our free introductory offer by telephone call 800-643-4645 24 hours a day you may also request our introductory offer by writing to shepherds chapel po box 416, gravette, ar 72736 was again that's shepherds chapel po box 416, gravette, ar 72736 we invite you to join us for the next in-depth bible study each weekday at the same time thank you for watching today's program and god bless you he's got the whole world
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