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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  July 10, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> announcer: the following program is paid for by the friends and partners of joyce meyer ministries. >> joyce: anytime-- i mean, that's just so marvelous that god has given us this amazing spiritual secret. [music]
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>> joyce: words have creative power. when god began to create what we now know as the world, he said something. he didn't just think. he said, "let there be light." he declared ahead of time what he wanted to see happen. there's many different aspects of the power of words that we can talk about. last night we talked about how the words of our mouth affect the anointing on our lives or the power of god on our lives or the presence of god in our lives, and how there are certain ways that we talk that grieve the holy spirit and we will feel less of a sensing of his presence in our life. we will feel weakened, rather than strengthened to do the things that we want to do. so if you could increase the power in your own life by learning how to talk better,
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who wouldn't want to do that? how many of you want to do that? if you know you can increase the power in your own life by learning how to talk better, who would not want to do that? well, today i'm gonna teach you how you can instantly increase your joy, instantly. i mean, you can have more joy this afternoon than you would have had if you wouldn't have been here today to hear what i'm getting ready to tell you because your words affect, not only your level of joy, but the level of joy of all the people that are around you. has your salvation reached your mouth? is your mouth saved? >> [laughing] >> joyce: i remember when the lord said that to me, many, many, many years ago. he said, "you know, joyce, you're saved, but you sure don't sound like it. it's time for your mouth to get saved." and so i would venture to say that god has some of you here because it's time for you to get the lips on the altar.
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>> [laughing] >> joyce: and it is a decision we make. you can't tame the tongue without god's help, but he's not gonna do it all for you. and you're not gonna do anything if you don't know the importance of the power of words. words are containers for power and they carry creative or destructive power. i have a glass up here and i could have put anything in it that i wanted to. it's my glass. well, your mouth is your mouth and you can put anything in it that you want to. i have nice, fresh water here. it will refresh me today as i'm preaching and i get thirsty, but i could have also filled it full of mud if i would have wanted to. and so we have to make sure that we begin to be accountable for the words that come out of our mouth. we can bless people with our words. we can also curse people with our words. the power of life and death is in the tongue. let's look at james 1:26. okay, now let's get this.
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"if anyone thinks himself to be religious--" and i'm sure that's us. yes, we're the religious group. "(piously observant of the external duties of his faith) and does not bridle his tongue but deludes his own heart, this person's religious service is worthless (futile and barren)." somebody say, "wow." >> audience: wow. >> joyce: now, do you know that there are, of course, people who understand this and they exercise a great deal of self-control with their mouth. but honestly and truly, sometimes extremely religious people, especially if they tend toward the legalistic side of religion, they can be some of the worst tongue waggers in the whole world because they see themselves as being so religious that they then begin to look down on other people. and they have a criticism or a judgment about everything that everybody does.
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and so the bible is making it very clear. the apostle james is making it very clear. if you think you're religious, if you've think you're spiritual or if you think you're spiritually mature and you do not bridle your tongue, then you're deceived and your religious service is futile and in vain. i don't think it makes any difference to god how much we gather in our churches and in our buildings and we sing these beautiful worship songs if we're going to go out of here and curse men out of the same mouth that we just got finished praising god out of. >> [applauding] >> joyce: and i tell ya, i don't know about you, but for me, i'm glad i'm preaching on this this weekend because i need reminders in this area all the time. how many of you would probably say that more than any other area in your life, your mouth gets you in trouble? you know what? it's obvious god wants us to listen more than we speak,
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otherwise we'd have two mouths and one ear. but since we have two ears and one mouth, that means we're supposed to hear more than we have to say. be slow to speak, quick to hear and slow to anger. how can i instantly give you a way to increase your joy? well, let's look at 1 peter 3:10. let him who wants to enjoy life--" is that you? how many of you want to enjoy life. i mean, i really want to enjoy my life. i'm only gonna get one opportunity at this. and i tell ya, the older you get, the more convinced you are that you want to enjoy whatever time you have left. seems like sometimes when you're about 20, you think you got a whole lifetime to waste, but that time goes by pretty fast and i've already lived more of my life than what i've got left and i'm pretty determined that i'm gonna enjoy the rest of it.
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and so i have spent a lot of time, over the last few years, watching for the joy stealers in my life because that's what the devil is. he's a joy thief. the thief comes only to kill, steal and destroy. that's his only purpose, to make you miserable, to steal every good thing that god has provided for you in christ. but jesus said, "i came that you might have and enjoy your life and have it in abundance to the full until it overflows." not a little bitty, teeny, tiny bit of joy to barely get by, but overflowing, abundant joy that will bubble up in you and slosh over on to everybody else. god wants to use you to make other people happy. god wants to use you. stop looking at everybody else to make you happy and start figuring out ways that you can make other people happy,
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and i'm gonna give you a handful of those ways today. the happier you make other people, the happier you're gonna be in your own life because we reap what we sow. anytime you want something, all you gotta do is start giving it away. isn't that interesting? anytime--i mean, that's just so marvelous that god has given us this amazing spiritual secret. anytime you need more of something in your life, start giving away some of it and it will begin to come back to you in the form of a harvest. but if you give away negative things--just go ahead, don't be merciful. don't give anymore mercy and then you'll find out when you need mercy, you're not gonna get it back. just be critical and say hurtful things to people and then you just wait, somebody's gonna say something to you that's gonna wound you deeply. and you know what? we're gonna deserve it because we dished it out. it's amazing sometimes we just can't believe the things that people say to us and yet
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we've said the exact same thing, and forgotten all about it. i'm glad some of you are smiling. it makes me preach better when you smile. "so let him who wants to enjoy life and see good days [good-- whether apparent or not]--" and i like that. so he's basically saying that even if you have a day that in the natural is not very good, you can still enjoy that day if you will do this, keep your tongue free from evil and your lips from guile. so, how can we deny that our joy is connected to what we say? "let him who wants to enjoy life." now some of you are thinking, can't be that simple. well, just try it. what have you been saying already this morning? hmm? hmm? hmm? >> [laughing] >> joyce: well, you know, most
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of us never think about it. we just get up and open the yap and... >> [laughing] >> joyce: all day long. thousands and thousands of words, most of them useless. >> [laughing] >> joyce: idle chatter, idle talk. and the bible says that idle talk leads us into more and more sin. hey, i like to talk. i'm a big talker, but i've learned that i need to say something that's gonna have some positive power in it and not just say a bunch of stuff that's gonna poison my spirit and the spirit of everybody else around me. amen? >> [applauding] >> joyce: you can use your mouth to be a blessing to people. words are powerful. the world is full of words, words in books, words on television, words in magazines, words in newspapers, words in schools. we're educated by words. knowledge comes from words.
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words are very, very important. and to think that we can choose the ones that we want to speak and that we can make them either good things or bad things is quite a privilege. but anytime we have a privilege, it's also a huge responsibility. amen? >> [applauding] >> joyce: how many of you want to be more accountable for your words? all right, i agree with you. it's gonna happen. this is an area that you'll probably have to study on and off all your life. because to be honest, the mouth, the tongue is like a wild animal and i got scripture to back that up. it's really just like a wild animal and you have to keep it under control and the only way you can do that is to lean heavily on god and to make this a matter of daily prayer. there's a couple of scriptures that i quote over my own life, i would say, most every day. "god, let the words of my mouth
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and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight. and god, put a watch over my mouth lest i sin against you with my tongue." king david prayed those things. this is the great psalmist david, the sweet little david, the shepherd david, the king david and he prayed all the time that god would help him with his mouth. we have to realize that this is not an area that we can do by ourself. satan uses people's mouths to bring pain and hurt, but god wants to use it to bring joy and peace. you can build up with your mouth, you can tear down. you can edify and exhort or you can just totally deflate somebody. we can cause people to succeed by what we say to them, or we can cause them to fail by what we say to them. what a responsibility we have. if you want to enjoy your life, keep your tongue from evil. well, what are some of
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the things that would be considered evil? gossip, criticism. isn't it amazing--let's go back to gossip for a minute. isn't it amazing how fast bad news travels? i am telling you the truth, somebody on the other side of the world can do something bad and within 24 hours everybody knows it. wonder what would happen if good news spread like that? 'cause there are good things going on. but for some reason, the human flesh, apart from being controlled by god, is not as interested in telling good things as it is bad things. there's some kind of a little perverted thrill the flesh gets by saying, "you are not gonna believe what i'm about to tell you." >> [laughing] >> joyce: gossip, criticism. what would happen if you would
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just refrain from making critical comments to people? are they really necessary? do people really need us to tell them that they have weaknesses and problems in areas? don't most of us already know the problems we have? we don't need somebody to come along and confirm it. the devil's already beaten us up daily by himself. we don't need help from our loved ones. being rude, judgmental, complaining. we're gonna dedicate a whole message to complaining. fault finding, telling secrets. whoo! can you keep secrets when people tell you things? can you be trusted? can you be trusted not to tell things even if you're not told not to tell things? do you have enough wisdom to just keep people's secrets and
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realize if they want to tell it, you can let them tell it themselves. it's very hard to find somebody today that you can share with and be assured that they're gonna keep your confidence. but then, we can also just put evil into this huge, big, category of anything negative. god wants us to learn to talk about positive things and good things. now, yes, there's problems in the world and we're not gonna ignore the problems, but we don't need to rehearse the problems and that's what i felt like the way god wanted me to give it to you. don't ignore your problems. the problems are there. we have problems, but we don't have to rehearse them. we don't have to just talk about them and talk about them and talk about them and about them and talk about them and talk about them. if you're having a problem and you need somebody to pray for you and they're not mind readers, tell them what the problem is. but then follow it up by saying, "and i believe god's gonna work in my life. i would just really appreciate your prayers." and then you don't have to just talk about it and talk about it
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and talk about it and talk about it. the more you talk about your problems, the more unhappy you make yourself. >> [applauding] >> joyce: come on now. we're gonna say that again. the more you talk about your problems, the more unhappy you make yourself. so one of the ways that you can instantly increase your joy is to stop talking about all your problems, unless you have a real purpose or you really need to do it. yes, there's times when we need to vent. we need to talk to somebody. we need to tell somebody that we're hurting, but we need to make sure that we're doing it for a right and a godly purpose and not just in a manner of just complaining and moaning and seeking self-pity because none of that helps us and does us any good. let me say it one more time. the more we talk about our problems, the more we decrease our joy. and just so the people at home don't think that i've forgotten that you're there watching tv,
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a special word for you. the more you talk about your problems-- >> [laughing] >> joyce: hello. the more you talk about your problems, the more you are gonna decrease your joy. you can instantly increase your joy by deciding, "i am gonna stop talking about everything that's wrong in my life." >> [applauding] >> joyce: amen. i'm feeling better already. how about you? and let me just throw this out there too. the less you talk about your problems, the less problems you're gonna have. uh-oh. now, there's the real bonus. the less you talk about your problems, the less problems you're going to have. and even if you do have 'em, you're not gonna be all that aware of 'em. you're not gonna be that conscious of them. you pray about them, you go on about your business. you enjoy your life while god works on your problem.
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"be anxious for nothing, but in all things by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your request be made known unto god and the peace that passes understanding shall keep your hearts and minds in christ jesus unto life everlasting." >> [applauding] >> joyce: pray and say. and don't pray and then say something that sounds like you never prayed. >> [laughing] >> joyce: are you saying what you're praying? or are you praying and then saying the opposite? come on, i thought that was kind of nifty. pray and say. if dave's gonna write poems, i am too. >> [laughing] >> joyce: see, i think sometimes we have to be careful that we don't fall into this habit of just praying as a religious activity and obligation. but when we pray and we ask god to change something in
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our lives, are we releasing our faith and really believing at that moment, the moment that i pray, god goes to work on this situation? the minute that i pray and i receive it in my spirit as done, yes, there's gonna be a time period while i'm waiting, waiting--we receive by faith and patience. but let me tell you something, after we pray, what we say while we're waiting to see the answer to the prayer is very, very important. wonder how many times we pray and then turn around within the next 24 hours and negate our prayers because out of our mouth, we're saying nothing's ever gonna change. "oh, i tell you, i just pray for my husband all the time." and then 10 minutes later, "i tell ya what, that man is never gonna change." >> [laughing] >> joyce: "well, i'm just praying for my finances. i'm praying for god to give
7:17 am
me increase. and i tell you what, i just don't know if i'll ever be able to afford a new car." pray and say something that's going to enhance your prayers. give god something to work with. don't just pray some religious prayer. give him some positive, faith-filled words to work with. "god, i believe you're working in my life." that's something that i've learned and i've practiced that now for a good number of years. after i pray, i set myself to believe that god is working, no matter what i see, no matter what it feels like. because let me tell ya something, most of the time, when we see the least and feel the least, that's when god is doing the most. did you hear me? when you see the least and you feel the least, that's when god is often doing the most. god works in secret and then suddenly he brings things out into the open.
7:18 am
so you need to be positive and believe. and every time that you pray about something, when the devil tries to bring it back to you as a worry, just open your mouth and say, "i believe that god is working in this situation." give god some more faith-filled words. "i believe you're working, god. i believe you're working." not, "i don't feel like anything's happening. well, i just don't know if god heard my prayer. i don't know because i just don't see anything happening. i just don't know if i can hang on, god. i just don't feel like you're working." is anybody understanding what i'm saying? so we pray, but then what do we say after we pray? practice with me. say, "i pray." >> audience: i pray. >> joyce: but then what do i say-- >> audience: but then what do i say-- >> joyce: after i pray? >> audience: after i pray? >> joyce: we need to say-- >> audience: we need to say-- >> joyce: what we've prayed. >> audience: what we pray. >> joyce: all right. give god a praise. >> [applauding]
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>> joyce: numbers 13. you know, just because there are bad things going on around you, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to talk about 'em. you know what? maybe you work at a company and there's a couple things there that aggravate you. but--yeah, you're thinking, "it's more than a couple, honey." >> [laughing] >> joyce: well, you know what? complaining about it won't change it. praying about it could because all things are possible with god. and you know what? if you have a good attitude where you're at and they refuse to treat you right, you don't fall into the gossip and the criticism that other people do, god can get you out of there if he has to and get you a much better job. god will take care of you if you do what you're supposed to do.
7:20 am
>> [applauding] >> joyce: god will take care of you, if you do what you're supposed to do. so maybe there's--if you really, seriously thought about it, maybe--let's just say that there's ten things about the company that are great, but there are two things that just irritate you no end. well, which ones do you talk about the most? i'll just let you think about that for just a minute. >> [laughing] >> joyce: that just needs to settle for just a minute. i don't want to go by that too fast. you see, we don't have to be that way. we can pray about the two problems and then we can continue thanking god for the things that are great. come on now. we're gonna pray about the problems and
7:21 am
we're gonna thank god for the ten things that are great. and when other employees come to us and complain about the problems, we're going to try to help all of us by saying, "well, yes, there are some things that need to be changed, but you know what? there's some great things here too." so let's just keep the atmosphere good. come on. how many of you want to work in a good atmosphere or lousy atmosphere? well, you can help set the atmosphere everywhere that you're at. you. we, the believers, we need to be responsible for the atmosphere. "well, i wish the atmosphere here was better." well, do something about it. don't just contribute to it. let me tell ya something, if you got a bumper sticker on your car and a cross around your neck-- >> [laughing] >> joyce: and you sit at the lunch table and you gossip like everybody else, don't think for 1 minute
7:22 am
they're not judging you. >> [applauding] >> joyce: we need to have fruit, not just a bunch of bumper stickers and christian jewelry on. we need to start acting the way that god wants us to act because even unbelievers who tempt you to sin will judge you critically if you do it. they need us to stand up and be strong and be a living example in the world that we're in today. we are supposed to be lights in a dark place, and one of the ways that we can turn the lights on is by shutting our mouth. >> [applauding] >> joyce: at least shut it until something good's gonna come out of it. and you know the holy spirit, if you start praying about this, the holy spirit will convict you right before you're ready...
7:23 am
>> joyce: proverbs 15:23 says that you have joy by the answer of your mouth. you know, a wholesome tongue is a tree of life. words are containers and they can carry creative or destructive power. i suggest that we all form a habit of confessing the truth of god's word out loud, and these truths will definitely increase our joy. today we're offering my book, "change your words, change your life." and you know i really am praying that you will get this book and read it and perhaps even read it like maybe once a year because our words are so important. it's a very easy area where we can just kind of get loose in and just start saying everything we feel and saying everything we think and talking about our circumstances too much without even remembering how important our words are. so please consider getting this book, read it and maybe
7:24 am
even buy one for a friend. >> joyce: have you ever really listened to the words that you say? your words are either helping or hurting you. in my new book, "change your words, change your life" you'll learn to get more joy, power and progress in your life simply by choosing the right words to say. >> announcer: today, we're offering "change your words, change your life" for your donation of... so don't wait, call us right now, toll free... or visit us online at >> joyce: well, we are very excited to welcome priscilla shirer as a guest speaker at our love life women's conference. you know, priscilla, far too many women think god's mad at them and the truth is he's not. what have you seen in this area? >> priscilla: you're exactly right that there are women that are cloaked in a sense of guilt and separation in their relationship with god simply because the enemy wants to deceive us. and it's possible that on that other side of the spectrum, there's a woman who needs to recognize that the love of god
7:25 am
can be felt and experienced for her, personally and individually, not because she's related to anybody or not because she's been in church all her life, but because god loves her for who she is. >> joyce: and, you know, priscilla, we are really looking forward to having you at the conference this year. i think that we can just give them the old one, two, three, knock out punch. >> priscilla: sounds good to me. >> joyce: just get everybody out of their messes and into a place of healing. so register now. you don't want to miss it and we don't want to miss you. don't put it off, do it now. >> announcer: we appreciate you and we thank our friends and partners for making this worldwide ministry possible. together, we're feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and presenting the gospel to the nations. please contact us or visit today to share your prayer requests, find out more about our resources, see joyce's conference schedule and to join us in partnership as we share the love of christ around the globe.
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cc by aberdeen captioning 1-800-688-6621 >> announcer: the preceding was paid for by the friends and partners of joyce meyer ministries.
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>> today on "on the spot," we'll find out the true story behind the face on mars... ask what you would rather do-- run 135 miles in 120-degree heat, climb everest, or eat a bowl of cockroaches. pass the salt. all this and more, coming up now on "on the spot." this is the world we live in.
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how well do you know it? well, we're about to find out. this is "on the spot." the world sure is filled with mysteries. i'm tired of it. grab your magnifying glass. it's time for mystery solved. do you recognize this man? it's the face on mars, and it's haunted us for decades. in the late seventies and early eighties, nasa's viking i and viking ii orbiters traveled to mars and took hundreds of stunning pictures.
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martian sunset. martian soil. martian canyons. but no martians. just this eerie face. is it just a trick of the light? scientists thought so. but when they went back a second time, they got the same image. scary. or is it? let's solve this mystery... in 2005, the mars reconnaissance orbiter launched and snapped some updated pics, including this image of the face of mars, which turned out to be a mountain that from the right angle, looks like a human face. we actually have a similar phenomenon on earth. this landscape in the badlands of alberta, canada, looks like the profile of a person. it was shaped by water drainage.
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sharks--it ruined my dreams of being a pro surfer, but they are pretty amazing. especially this female hammerhead shark that in 2001 gave birth without ever mating. it lived in a tank in the henry doorly zoo in nebraska with two other females, but no males. so, how did it get pregnant? let's solve this mystery. scientists at the zoo assume the shark must have been pregnant when it arrived, but when they did a dna test on its baby, the entire dna strand was an exact match of its mothers dna. the hammerhead shark had impregnated herself. but how? well, asexual reproduction is rare in animals, but it is possible, although no one had ever witnessed it in sharks. they had witnessed it in the
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whiptail lizard, though. certain species from the americas have no males at all, just females that can all reproduce by themselves. it was noon on may 19, 1780, when the sky over new england suddenly turned gray, then black. people couldn't see. they stopped working and lit candles. new england remained in complete darkness until the next day. what caused new england's dark day? massive forest fires to the north in canada, which, combined with an overcast sky in new england and winds blowing south, brought an impenetrable blanket of black smoke over all of new england. how do we know? written accounts of the dark day tell of smoky air, ashy streams, and then there are the scarred
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rings of old-growth canadian trees, which reveal that a massive blaze happened in may 1780. mystery solved. and now it's time for a speed round on mysteries. we'll give you a mystery, and you tell us if it's been solved or it's unsolved. the bermuda triangle. it's believed that planes and boats in this cursed area of the north atlantic frequently go missing. but official records indicate otherwise. there's actually no statistical increase in boat or plane accidents over the area. solved. in taos, new mexico, up to 10% of residents and visitors hear a low and persistent hum, but studies of the area have turned up no good explanation for the phenomenon. unsolved.
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anywhere you sit, you hear the conversation on stage. and from the back row, you can even hear the strike of a match. but how can an open-air theater have such perfect acoustics? because, as scientists discovered in 2007, the seats are made of limestone, which absorbs low-frequency crowd noise and amplifies the high-frequency language on stage. solved. these amazing circles of mushrooms or green grass are found all over the world. but they're not caused by fairies. fungus under the ground depletes nitrogen in the center of the ring and the fungus grows outward, causing greener grass on the edges or a ring of mushrooms. solved. and finally... an area of death valley, california, called the
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racetrack, is famous for its moving rocks, which leave long trails behind them. theories abound for what causes this phenomenon. it could be 90-mile-per-hour wind gusts or ice that forms beneath the stones during winter nights. so far, it's still a mystery. time's up! when we come back, we'll find out why you can't take a satisfying breath at the summit of mt. everest. the real reason people first mushed 1,000 miles into alaska in winter. and why anyone would run 135 miles through death valley in july. all this and more coming up next. this is "on the spot."
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pick your [bleep] up. you're not [bleep] sittin' here. yes, i am. [laughter] move. move. [laughter/indistinct chatter]
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bully: give it to him hard. no, no, no, oww. announcer: every day, kids witness bullying... boy: why are you stabbing me with it? no! announcer: they want to help, but don't know how. no! oww. ohh, you guys... announcer: teach your kids how to be more than a bystander. visit but you have the power to change your problems... to change your life. all it takes is courage. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) >> we're back. in time for globetrotting. but this trip isn't for the faint of heart or the unfit. we're talking extreme travel.
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so let's fly to nepal and start with some mountain-climbing. the himalayas, as seen from the international space station, are home to 29,029-foot mt. everest, the highest mountain on earth, first climbed by sir edmund hillary and tenzing norgay in 1953. it has since been scaled over 6,000 times. climbers pitch tents at one of the two bases camps at 17,000 feet and spend days getting used to the altitude before making a summit attempt. everest isn't the most technical climb. its biggest challenges are bad weather, crossing the khumbu ice fall, and dealing with severe altitude. many climbers get altitude sickness that prevents them from summiting. why is the altitude such a problem?
8:40 am
the area on mt. everest above 26,000 feet is called "the death zone." here, freezing temperatures can cause frostbite. one out of every 4 days has hurricane-force winds. and the air pressure is just one-third of what it is at sea level, which means there's only a third as much oxygen to breathe. in the death zone, the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream falls dramatically, and you have to breathe up to 80 times a minute just to keep your body going. that sounds awful. so why climb everest? as mountaineer george mallory said before he died trying to become the first person to do it, "because it's there." here's an opposite extreme that'll take your breath away. running across death valley in july. the annual badwater ultra marathon is widely regarded as the hardest foot race in the world. it's 135 miles long and starts in the hottest place in north
8:41 am
america--death valley's badwater basin, 282 feet below sea level. in july, temperatures can be 120 in the shade. the race follows lonely roads and rises 8,360 feet up the side of mt. whitney. and there is no prize if you win. 4 1/2 hours is about the average time that men run marathons, which are just 26.2 miles long. the average pace is over 10 minutes per mile. the fastest badwater time is 22 hours, a pace just under 10 minutes per mile. about 80 people run each year. you don't have to be invited to do this extreme challenge, though. at 2,200 miles, the appalachian trail
8:42 am
is one of the longest unbroken trails in the world and probably its most used. the trail's south end is at springer mountain in georgia. and it goes through 14 states, and it ends at mt. katahdin in maine. people who complete the hike in one season are called through-hikers. the trail is well-marked, offers astounding views, amazing wildlife, and solitude, which is assisted by very, very bad cell service. if hiking the appalachian trail doesn't fill your need for carrying 60 pounds on your back, cooking all your meals on a teeny camp stove, wearing dirty socks, and not showering for months, well, we have good news. there are lots of other long trails. in scandinavia, there's
8:43 am
the 500-mile-long arctic trail. in the u.s., the 3,000-mile continental divide trail stretches from canada to mexico through the rocky mountains. and last but not least, the trans-canada trail, when complete, will stretch 11,000 miles across canada. the famous 1,100-mile iditarod trail race isn't for hikers, but for sled dogs. the race has been held annually since 1973, and both men and women have won. the record time is just under 9 days. the race begins on the first saturday in march on fourth avenue in downtown anchorage, alaska, and ends in nome.
8:44 am
it's based on the route taken in 1925 by mushers, who were rushing diphtheria serum from anchorage to nome. the 20-pound bottle had to be carried on a sled because both of the state's planes were in the shop and hadn't ever flown in winter. balto was the lead dog on the sled team that arrived in nome with the serum, and his statue is now one of the most popular landmarks in new york's central park. you deserve your own statue if you can get through this globetrotting speed round on marathons throughout the world. we'll give you the name of a marathon, and you tell us in what country it's held. every may, hundreds of marathoners run 26.2 miles along the great wall of china. it's pretty hilly, and there are over 5,000 steps. this 26.2-mile run in nepal goes from the 17,000-foot-high base camp at mt. everest
8:45 am
down to namche bazaar at 11,000 feet. it's the world's highest marathon. the athens classic. this one is in greece, home to the first marathon in 490 b.c.e. which legend has it, sent pheidippides running from the battle of marathon to athens to deliver the message that the persians had been defeated. but after delivering the message, pheidippides died. someone must have thought, hey, what a great idea for a race. the ice marathon. if you want to race in below zero temperatures around penguins, this marathon in antarctica is for you. it's the world's oldest marathon. and finally, the big five marathon. here's a hint. you run through the savannah with no fences, past lions, elephants, cheetahs, wildebeests, hippos, and hyenas. armed guards line the race to protect the runners. it's held every june in south africa.
8:46 am
time's up! when we come back, we'll find out which insects make the best snacks. and how much a japanese restaurant is charging for a meal of dirt soup, a dirt entree, and dirt ice cream. it's more than you might think. next on "on the spot." vo: getting your car serviced at meineke, smart. saving time by booking an appointment online, even smarter. online scheduling. available now at
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girl: don't look at me. second girl: your hair's a bit frizzy today. aw! ha ha! you should pick that up. [girls laugh] oh, you're such a dork. loser. here. let me help you with that. oops!
8:49 am
ha ha! announcer: every day, kids witness bullying. oh, look! your crush is looking at you. [girls laugh] poor you. ha ha! announcer: they want to help but don't know how. bully: see? no one here's gonna help you... announcer: teach your kids how to be more than a bystander. visit >> time to put your food preferences to the test as we gobble up dozens of creepy-crawly edible insects. why? because they're on the menu. depending on where you're from, this may or may not gross you out. if you live in new guinea,
8:50 am
these grubs might look tasty. ooh, great texture. in parts of latin america, you might crave fire-roasted cicadas, tarantulas, and ants. and in china, eating bee larvae is said to make you virile. and to that, most americans and europeans say...yuck! so let's find out... survey says... for centuries, people in thousands of different cultures have eaten bugs, and they're not about to stop. aristotle harvested locusts to eat. aborigines in australia have always eaten moths. even the bible recommends it. today, about 1,500 insects species have been catalogued
8:51 am
as edible. but why eat bugs? reason one--cost. they're either free or very inexpensive. 500 large crickets will cost under $10. reason 2: they taste good. no, really. fried larvae can taste like bacon. mmm! delicious. reason 3--they're nutritious. and a great source of protein. the united nations has even encouraged people to eat more insects as a way to stay healthier. so let's find out how healthy they really are. the average pound of hamburger is about 18% protein. but a cricket is nearly 60% protein. hamburger also has lots of saturated fat. crickets, not so much. and like other bugs, their fat is unsaturated, which is healthier.
8:52 am
to a lot of folks, a cricket kebab will never look better than a juicy hamburger. but it takes a lot of energy to make that hamburger. in general, 100 pounds of cattle food result in just 10 pounds of beef. bugs need less energy to grow. so... 100 pounds of plant food will result in 45 pounds of crickets. that's 4 1/2 times as much edible food as you get from a cow. but this european is not about to eat a cricketburger. so should we tell him that he's probably eating insects right now? it's true. he just doesn't know it. sorry, buddy, it's all of them. which means your hamburger bun probably has insect parts in it.
8:53 am
in fact, a lot of foods we eat every day probably have insects in them. they're caught on food at harvest time, or they crawl into food before or during processing. so they end up in peanut butter, coffee, spices, and veggies and fruits, raisins, peas, mushrooms, noodles, flours, and so on. yep, pretty much everything. but don't worry. the fda says it's safe. and two billion daily bug-eaters in the world can't be wrong. now it's time for an on the menu speed round on bugs. we'll name a country and you tell us which bug is often on its menu. thailand-- deep-fried crickets or termites? the answer is... deep-fried crickets seasoned with pepper and eaten as a snack. mexico--french fried caterpillars or fried silkworms? the answer is... french fried caterpillars. very crunchy. japan--
8:54 am
scorpions or wasp larvae? the answer is... wasp larvae, boiled and heaped together. very tender. and finally, brazil. locusts or ants? the answer is... ants. queen ants in particular, which are fried or coated in chocolate and taste a bit like mint. time's up! now, let's find out if you'd eat the stuff a lot of bugs live in--dirt. true or false? a restaurant in tokyo recently offered a $110 dinner of nothing but foods made with dirt. we'll have the answer when we return to "on the spot." after 19 years of pro ball, i know pain. but icy hot lets me power past it. [ male announcer ] icy hot no mess roll-on. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. [ shaq ] icy hot. power past pain.
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[ female announcer ] new gold bond diabetics' dry skin relief. 9 out of 10 saw noticeable improvement. gold bond diabetics' dry skin relief. or just act kids scooby-doo rinse. it tastes great and helps reduce cavities up to 40%. so it's all good. act kids. >> we're back. here's the question again. true or false? a restaurant in tokyo recently offered a $110 dinner of nothing but foods made with dirt. it's true, of course. the high-end restaurant is called ne quittez pas. and what do the critics have to say? delicious. but i say, i'll spend my $110 on a really good shovel. stay sharp, because you never know when you'll be "on the spot."
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- today on "ricki..." a close-up look at gay parenting. - at the end of the day, the diapers smell the same. we just may look a little nicer while we're changing them. - ( laughs ) and later, rosie o'donnell opens up about the newest addition to her family. - there was no way that i was gonna, you know, go through life without having a whole bunch of kids. - a lesbian couple's ups and downs on the road to motherhood. - you have to tell yourself the whole time that you don't know where it's going to go. - a mom comes out to her adult son.
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- it was just complete shock. my friends were taking me to a strip club and my mom wanted to come. - ( laughter ) - and how being raised by two moms made him an internet sensation. - good parents are good parents, no matter what. - ( applause ) - ...on "ricki." - ( theme music playing ) - ( cheers, applause ) - thank you! hi, y'all! great to see you! thank you so much. have a seat. let's get started. in the u.s. nearly two million children are being raised by gay and lesbian parents. today we're going to find out what it's like to be those parents and children. here's a hint: it's not so different from living in a so-called conventional family. our first guest plays an investigative reporter
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on abc's hit show "scandal." how much do we love that show? - ( cheers and applause ) on the show as in real-life, he is also a gay parent. take a look. - you know what? i probably shouldn't. i mean, all the papers aren't signed and i... i was just stopping by. - you're gonna be her father, right? come and meet your daughter. it's fine. - oh! - would you like to hold her? hi. - please welcome the author of "does this baby make me look straight?", - dan bucatinsky! - ( applause ) - i'm so happy you're here! i'm a little obsessed with you. - oh, likewise. likewise. thank you. - great to have you! and we've-- have we ever really met? - we did in weird-- in, in-- through many of our-- - we never slept together. - we didn't. - we definitely did not sleep together. - this close. i could tell. - this close. ( laughs )


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