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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  July 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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goveenmmnt should get nvollve with. the sad thing is nobody wins in this situation a yyuug killed annther young man and in a veey violenttwayya young mmn loot his liif for no trial whiih hey ried to make 3ot rear out that he shoold be illiams says he bout race untii members of phe media labeled zimmerman as a "white hispanic" for what he belleves was ann ttempt to increase ratings. 33&that brings us to our questi of the day.sshold tte justicc go to fox-baatimooe dt com &pfacebook. send uusaatweet... text your answer to 5223. protests cross the couutry since saturday night's 'not zimmerman murder triall.. trial....aul gessler... ive... frrm
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pae rallying forra seccnd pime... in... &p as... many days. more thhn 110 people were hhre protesting for juuticc for ay trayvoo marttn...organizers are xpecting óóóóóóhere today. scene> 3-3 3&anggla davis, prrtesserr "you're gonna see justice. yyu' gonnaasee united, communities oming together no thompkkns: "he as guilty. he pas wrrng what he did. that's why i'm here because i want justice done."
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this rotessttonight uns &pthrough o'clock. live froo ckeldin squre in baltimore... p3 police... phootings...ovvr the &pweekend...//.one of them... p a... homicide. the scene... in... southhast baltimooe...// on... goff foond a man shottin the ce... head... who later died...//. phere... were also... earlier shootings... on... north avenue and on robb &pptteet. the shooting... on... robb street... involved teenager...//.police ssy.... the 15-year old... ear...//.as of now... pelp finding this maa....whh
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one."they say darryl anderson -- also knownnas daaryllmartin -- s rrsponsible foo ámulttple""shootings and purders n both the city and in altimore coonny.if yoo baltimore ity police. meanwhille..murder ates forr childrenn teens and youngg pdults... have hit a 30- year- low. that's according to 2010 data... jst released bb the and prevention..he c--dc says homicide rates for 0 tt since 2000. it says most of the iilings involvee firearms. &pinnestigation thht found city pposscutors cutttng deals wwth inmates to avoiddretrying the uncover filurrs... in he ... system. as much as some of these &pfoomer inmmtes may want too poming at a poonttwhen.....
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life... that seems almost ffrri. 23:46:02 when i left ouu of thh courthouse i stepped out prounn aad saad this issthe free world agin... and i ran away from the courthouse wwrren plad made ittout hhre. juss &psentenceddto life... wiiliams about 36 - 37 years aao. hha i thought wassaa ream ut in less than 60 dayy a dream &pbecame a reality oomy -pfreg rrcently be set reeein 3
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being sennenced to life. e that wws theeehappiist day of mm life. it stees from a couut found jury instruccions - every other beforee1180 were hunnred cases coulddbe affected in bbltimore citt. all but time servvd with a d - term of probation no douut was aapropiaat :422. 2:33 i thank who spared williams a life behinddbars..1:144were humaa peings we did thngs that e - &plook ahead. the baltimmre city states attooneys office has yet to
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saa whaa theyyre dding to hhlp williams anddotherr who might department oo ublii safety justtcootactee me inutes ago saaing aa a result oo ur cclls...they are now doing eveeything within theii power... to help affer our calls.... joy - lepola fox 45 news at 5. a... nnw... ooened today... ii cliftonnpark. park.the maaor ... phicchinlcudes a pool... ... - and... aa.. computer room....// ccuncilwomaa... ritt church, .../ who serred ...on thh council in thhe90's...//.the ayorr.. .the all part... of hhr effoot... ss to upgrrdeethe city's aginn recreation ccnnees. 11::4::22i cannt keep, old rundown unsafe recc enters open anddbuild uu ee ooes, so please 15:00049elllme ow ii ccnnspend the samm ddolar twice? twice?""heecityyplans to pen 3- mmrrenew rec centers...
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thissyear,.../ including a new facility... in... morrel park....///the &t faailities... is... 199- &pmillion dollars. how are theeroads looking tooig? ttniggt?brandi proctor hhs our repprtt port..- maapreenspring bat natl pikeshawan399mapss,3
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hollywood continues to react to the loss of a young actoo. actoo..ew t 5:300..candace have the latest. on hh deathh f glee star... 3 33n-s-a leaker edward snowden... aaruusiannairport....//the &asy pucc he knowssabouttthe national securiit agency and who he's willing to share thee two ennsylvanii ttees are hhroes they saved a girllwwo as kidnaaped. 3 33p-adblib weether tt--
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pennsylvania are being ailed girl whoowas kidnappedd &p3---clapping--- ---clapping--- thh girl's famill embraces one of the teens who helped save went missiigg rom heerhomeein lancaater township..plice say shhewwa playing outside wee a &pman ffered tt take her for &pice cream.her fammly launchedd a search effootaad ooice were alert--when the girl was found.
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&ptwo boys saw herrin a car wit &temar buggs: soon s the ggy 3 hasing themm,he sopped aa her outand he raa to me ann paid that she neededdher mom tracey clay:he's hheooe who heeoed track her down and she 3 police are now checking with prea ice creem shopp as they believe hh's between the ages a limp.nd 77... anddwalls with 3 ttere's still nooword on where fuggtivv... has been... on the - claims... requested... until... he can get latin america../ . where ... several ounttris have offered him aaylum. asylum. as stevv centannia reports, hhve thousands of documents &pdeeaiiing the sttucture and opeertion offthe national seccrity agency. edwwrd snowden is till beeieeee to be stranded nnthe
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kkng last mooth. the - former n-s-a yyttms analyst countries offering him aaylum.o3 snnowenn sys: "i believe that the legal means to staa in russia safely, o atteept to federatioo" (nooton cam) the heed of amnestyy &pinttrnational in russia - who &ppays the ressncc of sppkee- government officials at thee mmeeiig s a good ssgg foo the iifhe had said thhtthe : "evenn at the meeting and the russian government hadn'tt een he it simmlyywouldn't have takenn russian news agenciee say - pfficiall have nottrrceiied a formal sylum appliiatton from snowden. and some annlysts say allowing hii o inneenattonal relations to those of he cold wwa.lipmmn the united states, of the united statee government, is therreore a friend of russsa. &p// and i don'ttthink hat
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(on caa ag) russian president vladimir putin saay snowdee's stay ii aa unwelcooe giit frommthe u-s fttr intimidatton from washington prevented hhs traael tt other coontties. he's quoted by locaa media as sayiigg.. "succ a preeenttto us. merry waahington, teve centanni, o o fox-baltimoreedot coo and tell us what you ttinn.and pell us what baltiiore dot com and tell us what you think. om ffcebook. send ssa tweet.. h
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at foxbaltimore. andd ou an &penter fox455 for yee.. oo fox44b or nn.. - react to ssory- tony wx 3
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poisoned by the air we breath. how many people die eaac yeea from oolutiin aad which (ryyell) "looal attornnys iss -
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&pweigg in on possibleefederal chargee gainsttgeorge zimmerman.. chargee gainsttgeorge zimmerman..
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new york state beaches. plan your vacation at the new state of new york. welcome. eeery yearrair more than 2-miilionndeathh r worldwide and nearly half of thooe deaths are caused by iicreeses in ozoneeby humans. researccers ozone in 1855 aan 20000 ttey founddparticulate patter air ollution...which are tiny air particles that
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penetrate deep intootheellngs responsible for moreedeaths than changes in zone lvels. expprts say outddor children punishee throughh puuhingg,shoving and slapping may be more likely tt become more than 34- thousand adults home usshe, slapped, grabbed & kids... the participantsswhoo showee an increased risk ffr arthritis, cardiovascular disease and obesity..stuuy pnflammation from physical punishment aa well as psychologicallresponses to term roblems for some working longer may help avoid types of ddeentia.researchers thousaad workers witt an who aa been retired for an -&
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dementta... and afteer ther riskk actoos wwre taken into account.. the risk of &pconnractiin dementia ddcreese pasttthe age of siity fivv. despite he east balttmore got some tipss on eating and living healthy. 3 at the carmelo ccnter childden in ggades firrtt o ighth eee aught foottaal and basketball skillss taekkondoo and howwto makee ealthy food choices. the vvnt was b-more. thhy're also larning about bei decisions at the same time &pthey're having a great time with llving claasroomms &p" orr han 100 kidssparticipated in toddy's event. new researchh.. reveals .../ ii... for someone ack into your cellphonee att.. a....securitt ffrm... were aale to spy... on a verizon mmbile phone .../ ...thee.. so- calledd.. bbost wireless signnlss...//
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p iddll school teachhr... in and.... aa.. 53 yeaa old ccuntt... haaeein common ?... ttrgeted sex predators on the pnteenntt... kathleen cairns &pwhich lead to hundredssof rr. (cairns) "we are insiie icee child predators has lead to 26 &pnew casee in marylaad looe" p feddral authhrities iiclude 11 overseaa... the pccussd... ccild predattrr &ptarggting children on the across the ccuntrr weee en - vvctiiized.. iicluding (marcus brownn"thhs initiative
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has developed 6 nnw cases that we are in the process of how they will come out e have sevee viitims and we expect more to oocur."it's disturbing trend... chiid ppedators posinggas kidss.. "nationwide the majority of children targeted in this oppration wwer between the -&p &ppredaaors used blacckaill pice)"they illlbe duued or pricked intt submitting to aa blaakmails the child nddsays around tte internet unless you images for me"(cairns))someeof uuderrthe age of 3 aad fed
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&pinvessiggtoos say they have vowed o onttnue the program tooprooect our children.. in to... detectiie... - shaneevolk. -& vo funeral... was held pt... saint he died... wednesday morninn... aftee... he... lost control hhttingg.. an - embankmenn on glen armmroad ... pike... áiiá glln arm...//. thrownnfrom the vehicle .. and....died at the scene...//. thee.. on--going...// by his preggant wifeeand one chill. police fficer is creditinn patrol dog wwth he police out of window and ran iito aa &ppeiggborhood, armeddwith aa handgun..o rambo's handllr, cooporal ssott aalen, deppoyed 3


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