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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  July 16, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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tuesday, julyy16th 3p
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3 3 3 p3 thhs heat can quickly go frrm this hhat cann 3
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3 this heat can quickly downright angerous.. it is city... with residents being
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urged to take extra ccre pay. joel d. smith is he - live at sinai hospitaa, where increase in patients due to the heat. good morning joel d. -- how does ittfeel out thereeright now? 33 yes... it doesn't take loog guys. it'ssunbelievable how hot it is alleady.. i can't imagiie what t will feel likk in a few hourr when the sun is really cookkig us. &pnow... sooyou don't enddup in. here.juut like waitiigguntill sunscreen... reeember to rinkk water all day... even if you don't eel thirsty. yyur body is working very hard to keep you cool,,whether yyu know it or not. seeking shade and air conditioning ii preaa... ut many people like putside most oo the day, so takkng breaks and ssaying
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hydrated is key.sinai hospital &phaa already seen an increase visiting tte e-- with heat week progrrsses numbers are expecttd to double. early &psigns of dehydratioo are feeling liihtheaded, tired,, vomitingg.. bbt if you &pare past the poont of heat exhaustion and instead you're experrencing heet ssrrke... the nnubers change p(sot--dr..waseem el-hallbii) to lowerryyor body emperaaure as quickly as poosible. senior centers are open... code red. water readyy.. and even n uubrella. thhre have been 4 heattrellted deaths so far his yyar. live in nortt baltimore, joel d. pmith, fox 45 morning nees.
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3 for the first time since sppaking out.der trial... is -e juror b-37... ssys cominggto aa after ccossng arrgmmntt were t ggven to thh bailiff... this y - "it aa just hard thinking sooebodyyloss their life, aad could be done aaouttit."t who thooght amonn the 3 whoo phe uror was it." itt."te juror was amonggthe 3 who thought zimmmrman was not guilty of either ccarge.shee says baseddon eeideece... such aa the placement of flaahllggts and keys andd onn man on op of the other... she belleees martin hrrw tte truuy fell his life as in danger.
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3a new repot rraks johnss in the country.tte list... &pcompiied by "uus news aad world repprt"... rankkd it bess ii 15 national nd 10 pediatric sseccalttes.last year alone... hopkins 23--houss surgeries... and 35-thousand &poutpatient addition... it had lmost 85- thousand e-r visitors. a 22year-olddggrl ffom little sspport from the communn. help cope withh cheeotherapy... hazel aad hhr mom osttd a siin on the "send pizza... rrom 41-12."ds - within no time at all... pozens of pizzas were sent to the room... ann a ppcture off -. &p:19 mooher: sheewoke up from nap to the tons of pizza in phe room and she thought it 3 slices and a party with ll of her friends. and thhre wass music ppaying, and she hadda greet time. time..te mother says hazee ii
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3 wear it out wedneeday starts jull 17tt at
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6:00 p.m. at he grand hiitoric venue to learn ore pcming p... rnnng.. weere getting new condition of randy travii.what doctorr arr noticing... bout hii hhalth. new this morning..cuntry
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showing signs of improvemenn. and stabilized.travis is ke breathing spontaneously wwth puttdoctors hope toohave him on his own.thhy ay the singer has a conditioo where his hearr muscle is scarred
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&p...causing his heart to e weak.last week, travii had emergenny surgery to relieve prrsssre ii his bbain some new inforrmtion &pprleasee by tth natiooall plimatii daaa center... finds june was one of the warmest and wettest monnts oo record. it finds the national average preciiitation total was 3-point-43 inches... ith 18 preciiitation totals.according to n-c---c... it wws also one of the warmest junes on record. problemssii the west.last g wildfires burned ore than ne milllon acres. ssme new memberssare being &paddee... to arnivall ruise ccmpany says ii'' appointed 4 &pexxerts to the board.the movee comes afterra series of troublessoo the high seassfor caanival'' ssips.problems have rangeddfrom teccniccl outagge.. to a alfunccioningg steering system that stranded
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after orced budget cuts grounded ii april... the aaeiil acrobatic jets are mmking a return.air force officials say thee were able to shift ffnds from less vital k in the air.the thunderbirds haae longgbeen a big draw at coming up... are airlinnecomppnies trade center ttack?we'll tell you're watchhng fox 5 morning news.. all lcall. ll the nest has been getting a little too quiet of late.
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3 p maa smart map
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maryland has had 4 heat are worried that numberrwill
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po up thiss eek. hoopitals arr reporting an incrrase innpaatents &psufferinn from heat related illnesses, and that's before &pweek. joel d..smith is a sinai hospital with more on the dangees we'reefacing joel d. ((joel2)) ((ad lib)) it's unbeeievable ow hot it &pfew ours when the sun is ne really cooking us. that's why youuneeddto preeareenow... so you don'' end up i here. to drink water all day... eeen if you ddn'' feel thirsty. your body is working veryyharr knnw it or not.. seeking shade and aii condiiiooing is great....but many peopleelike these vaaet drivers aree outside most of the day, so hydrated is key.sinai hossital has already seen an increase
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in the number f people related illnesses and s the &pweek ppogresses numberr are eepected to double. early signs of dehydrraion are some nausea, r lightheaded, tired, eeling dehhdratiin are early signssof lightheaded, tiied, some nausea, or even vomiting... one of the deaths tis year them in mind today... and as &pfolks in your ife as wwel. my greatgrandmmther is 98 so 3 - you all and check n here, go by and make sure they're drinkinn, eaaing, staying cool ((sot---doctor ))
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are headeddtt washiigtonn.. to against georgee immerman. thii... after ziimerman was found "not guilty" in the shoooing death of floridd martin.on mondaa night... one of the jurors in the case come forward to explain whyythe pury camm to itt decisioo.she sat down exclusively with c- n-nns nderson coooer.the wommn... known only as juror b-37... saas coming to a verdict was not easy. "i hink both were responsibbe for the situation they ad gotten themseeves into..i thiik both of them could have happee."the juror says bbsed on evidence... suuh as the placement of zimmerman's dropped lashlights and keyy and wwtness testimony describing onn man on ttp of the other... she believes maatii threw te first punch and that zimmerman truly felt his liff was in danger.when asked if sse felt sorrr for
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trayvon mmrtin... he said she feels sorry for both f them. do airline companies owe billions oo dollars o thee world trade ccentr... for the &p9/11 attaaks? the wwrld trade center... he - answer is yessthey're suing claimiig the companies were &pneeligenn in allowing terrorists oo their lanes.a new orr judgg is expected to issue adecision on the matter . &pthe fallout continues at the confirmed oous names... as - the pillts oo last weekks intern....who rellased the &pnames to a alifornna t-v station... has sinneebeen released.tte alse names wrong" and "we too low"... ng which ere read during a friday.assana aiilinesssays it pirinn tte bogus ames.n for in japan... some women are snaill craaw all over theer fac.
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33 33 -& coming up.... sweeteneerversus sugarr..
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health?what a new sttdy revealss.. next. plus the oriilee are offering discounn tickets to somm f youuwhy... and how yyu caa &p45 morning news.. aal local.. youuwhy... and how yyu caa &p45 morning news.. aal local.. all morning. and hudson valley are backs and open for business. with hundreds of miles of streams to fish. and countless trails for biking. or hiking.
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we're ready to make your new york state vacation perfect. there's never been a better time to vacation in the catskills and hudson valley. plan your vacation at the new state of new york. welcome. pew thii morning... the
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american leaaueeall star game thii morring... we''eesharing thh starting line-up.leadinn off is thh angels mike trout... fflllwed by robinsoo davis batting clean up... ann jose bautista in th. 5th.davvd ortizz s batting in 6th with adam jones right behind him... with joe mauer catching and battiig 8th.o's ssortsttp j-j haady n the 9- schhrzer is the starttnn - pitther... you can see chris davis andd the rest of the o's ll-stars right here on fox 44...thhe best from the american and
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-3 it's a tragedd his
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i think bothhwere responsible - for the situation they had walked way, ii just didn't - happen. the juror knoww as b-37 breaks . plus...find out the áonlyá tting she beeieves george zimmmrran s guilty f. 3 tuesddy, july 16, 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3
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this heat can quickly downright dangerous. it ii a "code redd day nnthe city... wwth residdnts being pay. joel d. smitt ii alreedy eeing an innrease in ppaients due to the heat. good morning joel d. -- how does it feee out there riiht now? yes... it doesn'' take long guys. it's unbelievaall how hot it s alreadyy i can't in a ffw hourr what it will alreedy. how hot it ssii''s unbellevaale take longgguys. pys... it doosn'tt 3 riiht noo??t eel out therr i can't imagine what it will feel likeein a ew hours really cooking us. thatts why here.justtlike waiting unttl - sunscreen... rememmer to drink don't feel thirsty. your &pkeeppyoo cool, wheeher you but mann people like these of the day, ss taaing breakss and staaing hydrated sinai hospital has already seen an e--rwith heat related the week prrgresses numbers are eepected o double. eerly feeling lighhheaded, tired, some nausea, or evenn vomiiing... but if you are ast he point of heat exhaustion and iistead youuree stroke... theenumbers change to a point whhn you'reecoming in with heat relatee illnessss likeeheat stroke, the porrtlity rate is 20 percent.>
7:01 am
percentt> if you an't get medical help right away... them with cool aterr get shhwer... anything to lower your as uickly as possible. code redd water rraay... and &peven an umbrella. there have been 4 heat relattd deaahs soofar thii yyar. live &pssith, oxx45 morning news. -3 ,3 porning newsssmith, fox 45 balltmore, joel d. live in year. live in nortt baltimore, joel d. live in norrh year..eathssso far this 4 ummrella. and even an centers get pray ttem with your er,, - clothes... awayy.. take off medical elp right if you can't get is 20 peerent.> rate ellted illnesses liie heaa ccming in wwth heat to a point whhn you're if youucaa't get take off your cloohee....sprayy them with cool wateer get themm as uiikly as possible.nything - senior centers re open... code ree. water ready... aad even an uubrella. there
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have been 4 heet relattd deathssso far this year. live in north baltimore, joel d. &pyou caa sse an hhur-by-hour breakdown of jjst how hot it willlbe breakddwnnof just hour-by-hour brrakdown oo jjut &phow hot it wwll be today by &pdowwlooding the w-b-f-f wwether auttority app..herr's yyurrstreet tt see when evere - weaaher is when seevre yoor strret to seeeradar, which lees day planner and there's also a 10-authority app. w-b-f-ffweaaher authority app. &pthere's alsooa 10-day planner lets you oom doww to yyur stteet to see when severe weatherris approaching your nei. neighhbrhood.the aap is youu smart phone's app store n to et sarted. she's only known s jurrrrb-377 zimmermannnnt guilty of orge trayvon martti's phe's speakinggout... decision.the woman... who mm &p- pdentity secret... says it wass't easy coming to the emotional."b-37" says aater
7:03 am
closing arguments of he after houus of dellberattng &p...he ys there was no chhice buu "not guilty." "we had threeenot-guuityss ne second-degrre urder, and two mannlaaghters.""there was a &pcouple in there ho wanted to pind hhmm uilty of omeehing. & hours oo deliberating oovr the &plaw and reading ittover ann over and over again..we go."whennasked if heefelt sorry for wwen asked if she felt sorry for rayvon maatin, &pshe and hee husband were rr considering writing a book to tell their storyyabout hee servvng on he juuy while he, aalawyee, watched froo the ouuside.they have sinne deeided nottto.cominn up... in our second hhlf hour... findd believee zimmmrman was not ly - guilty...anddher feeling on ever serving on a ury again. zimmerman murder trail iss-
7:04 am
&preacting to the nntt gilly verdict.she sst downnii hhr first interview since person to ppakkto travyon martin bforr he was kklled. jeantel says she doos believe this case as racially motivaaed.sse also says even the verdictt.. she wasn''t &psurprised. 3(ppers) tell me firsttoo all, &pgeorge zimmermmn was upset,,angry,,queetion and mad." it was racial. let's be honest, racial. iffhe,, it wass raciall let's be mad."angry, question and mad.. it was racial. et's be honest, raciil. if he, trayvonn oo, trayyon was wite, and die honest, racial. if he, trayvon on, wouuddthat happen? becaase iffi ask youu thht was around that's around that people walk pheir dogss, eople till outside,,all hat. pierr: five pne hispanicclady.jeantel:
7:05 am
going to beea not guiltt. tte iconic ive words heii -33 houston ... are now on her graveemarker. singerr died n february 2012. 3 the orioles have announnedda ppan in which you the fans... season.the team is shavvng a july 0th thru uguutt st -
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august 2nd thru the 4th against the ariners.the ddal pousehold.just use the coupon code "cruuh" when ou buy ttem onliie at oriolee dott oo... the american league all star game is happening tonight... and this orning... we're sharinggthe starttnn line-up. leading off is the angels mike cano and miguel carera.ccris 5th.david ortiz is batttng in ssortstop j-j harry in the 9-be- hole... and detroit's max scherzer is the sttrtinn you cannseeechhis davis and the rest of the o's all-stars best from the american and naaional leagues squure off naaional leaith home field advv the world series on the fox45.
7:07 am
the 9-11 terrorist attacks are &ppurning into a courtroom batt. ownerssof the orld trade centerrare suing sevvral majoo . airlines. youure watching fox 45 morning news.. ((break 1)) all morning.
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3&pp3 p when you're started.everyone whootaaessthe 3 pledge also qualifiis or monthly prizes. workers ... reeoice! coulddsee n your paychecks, next yeaa! you''e wwtching fox 455 orning ewss. all locaa.. all morning. &p3&p((break 2)
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pomen held captive in a he's lost his job and is hooeless.according to online he was fired rom his restaurant job because customer's kepttcominggto shake his hand.he also ssyyshe &pbeccuss his neighbors feel like he exaggerated hii role in the's reported from peaking ennagements ann ponations... but he claimm do airline companies we biilions of dollars to the 9/111attacks?accooddnggto center... he annser s yess thhy're suuig american airlinee, united airlines and u-s airways... claiiing the coopaniis ere neggiggnt in planes.a new york judge issr expected tooissue a ddcision bbmp in your checc, nexx yearrn that's according to a ew
7:19 am
survey by consulting firm pprrent in 20-14.meecer's aat - survey refllcts the pay practties of companiess employiig more than 13 illlon workers combbned. get dressed to imppesss baltimore is givinggyou a reaasn to get dressed uu with ""ear itt ut wdnesday". derrick king from wear ii out this morningsshometoww now for &photspot. -tell us about ear it out wednesday.- whyydiddyou come
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&pup with thiss eeent?- what can we see attthe ? event? 3
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pear it oot wednesday starts grand historri veeue to learn more log on tt fox baltimore pdt com slash morning. a rank gone horriily wrong. wronn.the ffte of the n-t-s-b names to a california t-v statt. zimmmemannthe ounntng rge pressuue on tte deparrtent of justice. you''e patching foo 45 mornnig nnws.. pll loccl.. alllmorningg 3&((bumppin))
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george zimmerman's courtroom &pbattlessmay not jjssica yellln eeortt..even
7:24 am
thhugh he was found ot guily ii travyon maatin's murder... ssme want civii charges fiiee against him. hhi. -reporter pkg-as follows--the prottsts acroos theecountryy and onnthe sseps of tte holder, weere asking thee hitee ssheduled remarkssmondayy -&att team has not decided whether they'll charge george have opened anninvestigation into the maater..// the &pdepartment wiil continue too pct n aamanner that is consisttnt with tte facts aad hate crime, the goveenment would have to show geooge zimmerman intended o shoot trayvon mmrtin and wass
7:25 am
legal experts ay that's a federallcivil rights case would be difficult because intent, racist intenn. it would require prrving phis puts president bbmaain ,i yeaa ago.since the verdict the hassyet to address the issue t 3 on cameea.instead in a wwitten stttement hh callle martin's deatt is a "tragedy...ffr america""... but he alsoo callld for "calm" and said ""e are a nation oo laws, andda jury hhs spooen" bbu his team knows that on't be ttan half a million siggatures case.....and meethan online petitionnto the &pwhitt housedoes the ppesident
7:26 am
feel some pressure on hii administration to bring caae brouggt on tte merits, and phey aree-- the meritss re pvaluated by the ppofesssonals that meann all et of justtie. - eyes are onnattorney general holdee.....a man nnt always of wn for his politic choice words....and onday hh eemee vviws oo the case, qqestiooingg argumentthe trrgii, ense - unneeessary hooting death of trayvon maatin-----endd------&c- civil charges shhuld be filed &. wondering bout the fate of "gl.
7:27 am
saying about theefutuue ff hh shhw...after the death of corey monteith.youure watching a raven is attackeddby a ocal.. porcupine.the latest on the strange inciient and the recovery... tonight oo fox 45 news at 5.3
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p3 3p - 3 map 43 map 3
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maryland as hhd 4 heat related deaths so far this had 4 hhat related marrlann pas maryyand has had 4 heat related deaths ss far this year... bbt heelth officiils are worried that number will go up worried that officiaal are worriee phat umber wwll go uu this week. hospitals are reporting illnesses, and that's before the ottest days coming up this week. wwek.. joel d. smith is live aa the city health ann ssme ways o prepare now. good orninn joel d. itts unbelievable how hot imaginee lreadd. how hottii is it's unbelievvbll cannttimagine alrrady. how
7:32 am
imagine what it will feel like innaafew hours whennthe sunnis peally ccoking us. that's whyy youunned to prepare tat's whh yyuureally cookkng us.when the ssn is like n a ffw hours when tte sun is reallyycooking us. that's why you need to end up in heree here.juut like waiting until you re in the sun to put on donnt feee hiisty. your u -3 body is working very harr too &pkkeppyou cool, whethhr you knoww t or not. seeking shade aad air conditiining is these valet drivers are outssde mosttof the day, so taking bbeaks ann stayingg hydrated breakssand the day, so taaing outside most of vaaet drivers arr people llke these vvaet drivers are outside mmst oo he daay so hydrated is key..inai hhssital has already seen an increase peek progresses nnmbers arr &ppigns oo dehhdration are feeling lightheaadd, ttred, sooeenausea, orreven vomiting... one of the deaahs this year was a young in mind today....anddas always check on the older folks in yyuu life as well. ((sot--braadi)))4:43::3 my prratgrandmothhe is 98 so you and make sure they'ree drinking, eatinn, staying cool ((sot---doctor ))
7:33 am
coming in with a heat stroke.> strokk.>>if youucan't ggt meddcal elp rightt waa... takeeoff your clothes... sprayy them with cool wateer get them in the cold sshwer... anythinn tt looer your ody eepprature as quickll as ossibbe. coddered. water ready... and eeen an umbrella. there have been 4 heattrellaee deaths ss far baltimore, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. yoo cca see an downloading the oday by just downloading the w-b-f-f &pweath &ppowerrul radar, which lets ou zzom down to youu streee to when severeeyour treet to sse when ssvere eather ii approachhng ourrneighhbrhoodd free... just search wwb-f-f in yyuu smart phone's app store one of the six womenn ho
7:34 am
helppd deccie the fate off &pjuror b-37.she spoke wwth rwa3 the decisionnwasn't easy. said - "iiwant peoole to know thaa we put everythiig into evvrything to ggt thii verdict. weedidn'tt just gg in ttere nd'e gonna it for hours and criid over it afterrards. i don't think ann sheesaid wwhn the jurors first & weet into deliierations, they pere split with three nott murder... and two cond-dderee -3 manslaughhers.the woman as among thh hree whh thouuhh
7:35 am
zimmermannwaa not gguity... sheebeliives hh's only guulty of uuing bad juugement. &pfederrl authorities have uncovered a masssve childd those cases... focuu on 20 of &pvictims here nnmaryllndd maryland. the 5-weee investigation lee to the arrest of 255 people... including 1 ovvrseas. authoritiis say 61 children victimizzd....incllding 6 (iie)"they will e duped or abuser an iiage of themselves sexuul in nature aad the prrdator fllttering or is sexual in themseevess hat is nottto an abuser an image of flatterinn or is sexuallin nattre and he predatoo takeesthe iiaae ann blackmaill &pthe chill ann says im goong t pend this image aroond the iiternet unllss yyu produce christopher barnes... a was - 53-yearrold mannfrom glen bbrrie. ffmily,,frienns and fans
7:36 am
"glee"" tar, ory memorial at the hotel where n found over the weeeend.resulls forrthh future of the shoo "glee" executives ssy t's tto soon o know howw hii death wwlllimpact it. the fallout continuessat he nationalltransportatioo safety boardd.. over an intern who the pilots of ast week''ss deadly aiana crass. crash.the intern... who rellased the names tooa califoonia -v station... has since been reeeased.the false namms phonetically spelled out pprases sch as ssmething wrong" aad "wee oo low"... which weeee ead duriig a station'' noon broadcaat fridayyasiana airlines sayssit 3&p the searchhis on for ompetition in mmryland!s on for maryllndd ffx45 willl conduct the seerch thii
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33 3
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3 pre george zimmerman's legall troubllssover? over?an n-a-aa--p is &pciicclatingga petition... and the departmmnt of justice to fill civil ccarggs. zimmerman?our hone lines are u
7:45 am
open now.. 410-481-4544. morring news...all foo 45 looall. all morning. (
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7:47 am
pt's our questiin of the day. dayythattbrings us to our questton f the ou belieee civil charges should be filed against george zzmmerman?our phone lines are 4-sharon - glen urnie 5-david 3 3 3 33 3 5--avid
7:48 am
3 3 3 p3 who'ssfault is it? it?the heaaed exchange bbtween pwo delegates..concerninn the ballmore connentionncenter hooee.. you're watchinn coming up in our 8 o'cllckk
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&pthooeetriipe digits c!when - neighhorhood. you're watching fox 44 moonnng news.. pll looal.. all morning. p(break 8))
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juror: i don't think it did. for he first time ever... we''e hearing ffom juror in the geooge zimmeeran murder &pttial.what she reveals... about how theejury came to its pecision. heat advisories are n effect for arts of maryland today. how hot temperatures are expected to get... nd how mucc hotter theyyll actually
7:58 am
&pnats offbird squawkkng squawkinganddwhat happens when you mix aa rven with a porcupinee... one unhappy ird! hoo much effort it took... to 3 3 tuesday, july 11tt 3 3
7:59 am
8:00 am
3-& p this heat cannquiccly po from uncomfootable... to downright dangerous. it is a "cood ed" ay in the city... with residents being during the hhttest pprt of te . live at the city health
8:01 am
depaatment, wwere they are already seeing aa increase in patients dde tootte hhat. does ittfeel out there right 3 3&yes... it doesnnt take long guys. it's unbeliivabbe how in a few houusswwen tte ssn is - really cooking uu. thatts why 3 you don't ed upp n - here.just like waiting unttl &pyou are ii the sun tooput on &pwater all day... even if youu bodd iss orking ery hard to kkep you cool, whethee you shade ann air conddtioninggis great... but many people llke these valet driverr are taking reaks and staying oo - hydrrted is key. sinai hospptal has alleadyy seen an increase in the number
8:02 am
with hhat relateddillnesses numbers are expected tt double. earll signs off dehhdratiin are feelinn naussa, or even vomiiing... but if ou are past thee point of hhat exhhastionnand instead you're experiincing &pchhnge dramaticaall. ((sott r. waseem l-hallbi))
8:03 am
thhi morning we're getting a zimmerman trial... frommone of fate.onny known s juror b-37, thh wommn ssoke with andeeson ccoperr ast nighttabout what it was like to serveeon thh zimmerman jury.shh cried while cooppr also asked hee the one n3 tting hat has many aaericans protesting... cooper: you ddn't believe race e think if there was another same situatton wheee trayvon was, i thiik eorgg would have reacted the exact same way. &pthh wwman saad zzmmerman was guiity of one thing... using &pbaddjudggment.
8:04 am
news this morninn in nother arias is exxected to be in court tooay in phoenix.her lawyers are ready t ask a judge to throw out the jurr's decision that thee2008 kiiling of herrex-boyfriend was quote gets ossedd so does the death &ppenalty.two weeks after finding arras guilly, tteesamm a pecial deeiveey... orrision than a áthoosandá stuffed e - 3 animals... donateddthrough a school district nearrtheirr twisters... and decided t put phose wwrries to actioo. special stuffed animal that that just mean everythhng to
8:05 am
everything they also lost pheir sppciillfrrenn soowe that they could have. new one will be ppssed out at back-s - to-schoolleventt nexxtmonthh coming p... a bizarre exchange... between presiients.we'll tell you hy former presidenttggorgg h-w buuh gaae president obama... some colorful socks. ann áoops!!what mmkes this trophyy.. even harrer to waath. newss. allllocall. all morring. p(bump ouu)) morring. p(bump ouu))
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new york state beaches are back and open for business. with miles of waves to surf. with brand new attractions that will have you screaming for more. fleets of fishing boats to reel in the big one. and more than enough wineries to please every palate. we're ready to make your new york state vacation perfect.
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there's never been a better time to vacation in long island and new york state beaches. plan your vacation at the new state of new york. welcome. 3
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coming p.... know someone whh's training for tough mudder?the best pwrkkutt... for tackling those tough obstaclessyou're watchinn fox 45 mmrnnng neews. ((break 2)) ((buup in)) training for a triathlon or
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maybe even a tough mudder may maybe evenna tough muuderr mayy chris nelson from goll's gym is joins us this orning ffrr get fft with fox. - how should
8:19 am
triattlon??what about a tough train or one of these evvnts? do you have queetions about your workout?
8:20 am
this hour... to shhowus a feww questions.meannime, you can send us a tweee orrpost your quession on our facebook page. disccunted tickkts... o some upcoming oriolee games.what &pyou can dd online... tt take mornnng newws. all local.. all porning. are nnhot waterragain... over
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lebron james' wedding invites... get leakee toothee press. bbandi prootor has moree foo today's tabloii ttesday. beyonce ad jaayz caased aa stti when ttey traveled to &pcuba for their 5th edddng anniversary.... somm goveenment officiils said the trip went aaainst america'' 511yearrold embargo pct, which prohibits u.s. citizens from traveling to cuba for tourismmpurposes. itt pventually came out that the carters ere noo in breach of the act during their visit and that tte treasury department issued thee a license for pteir trip. now word is that committee has jjst passed a bill inspired by the restrict travel to absolltely... he says their -3 excursion.she proved this ppst pprson... when visiting her hom
8:24 am
shopping at one of her leeron james' wedding invvtaaions weet out but they're so top secree.. they don'' list a time or locationn location!he dddn'ttwant tte media there.. and just ike 3 kim k's friend who tried too ssll her baby iccures... ooe of bron broos guests leaked the invite tt tmz....e'ssset to wed his high schhol swwetheart in ssptemmer... tte weekend starts with a welcome ccokout... anddends with prunch, but theedetaill are vague. ttendees must call a nummer foo speeific details... i ggess ebron didnnt anttto be pranked like jimmy kimmel! gaddy sideba played the gaddy siltimate prank on hii du his ceremooy...sse arrived walked down he aisle to greet
8:25 am
to be had actuaalyy et the 3&maaiah careeymay have a wounded wiig butta dislocated shoulderr doess't stoppher show!she hit pte stage this weekend with hhr rm inna sling... out? hhr arm coversswere it bedazzlld witt rhiinstones... on hhwwlonn rs. caanon will pover her injuuy...stumee too &p &pcoming up... expectt o get... from a frmer - ppesident.we'll telllyou why george h-wwbuss gaae you're watching fox 45 morning
8:26 am
news.. all loccl.. all &pmorniin. ((open))44)3
8:27 am
3 3 p
8:28 am
8:29 am
map maryland has had 4 heat relltee eaths ss far this year... but health officials year... buu health deaths so e -
8:30 am
maryland has 4heaa related maryland has hhd 4 heat related deaths so farrthis go up thhs week. h officials hospitals are rrporting pn increase in patients suffering from heat rrlaaed illlessee,,and that's beforee &pthe hottest days cooinggup pt. peek. joel d. smmth is live at the ccty health good mornnng joel d.oday, 3 ii's unbellevable can't imagine what it will -
8:31 am
feel like in a fewwhours when that's why youuneed to prrpare noww.. ss yyu don't end p in h. &phere.just like waittng until pou are n theesun to puu on sunscreen... remember to drrnk waterrall ay... feel thirsty. your body is wooking verr hard to keep you cool, hether you knoo it or not.. many people like these valett drivees are outside most of the day, so taking breaks ndd pospittl has already seen an peh hhat related illnessss and s the week ppogresses numbers arr expeeted to double. early signssoo deeydratioonare feeeingg llghtheaded,,tired, some one f he deatts ttis yeer - was a yyuug ccild left in a ttem in mind today... and as always checc on the older folks in your life aaswell. greatgrandmmther is 98 so you caal and check in here,,go by and make sure they're ((soo----octor ))
8:32 am
of the time it will be simple & ired, some nausea, dehydration but thh ttte 33 occassional time you get ptroke.> if youucan't ggt -&me &ptake off your clothes... spray them withhcool water, get them in the cold shower....anything body temperature as qqickly aa code red. waterrready... and 3 &peven an umbrelll.. there have been heat related in north ballimore, joel d. vv foo the first time since a verdict wassreached... ooee
8:33 am
zimmerman murder trial... is sseaking outt out.tte wommn... known only s puror b-37... says commng to verdict as not eaay.she told c---n's anderson cooppe that mmde... the jury was initialll split.when theeverdict was given to heebailiff... his juror says everyone started tt pry. "ittwas justthard thhnkingg somebody lost their llfe, and theeees nthing elseethat could beedooeeabouu it." itt"the juror was amonn tte 3 ggilty of either chaage.she says bbsed on evvdence... such as the placement of pimmmrman's dropped flashlights and keyssandd witness testiimny describingg she belieees martin three the firrt punch and that zimmermmn truly elt his life was inn danger. &plater this morning, ww'll hav a better idea of whh will be on the ballot for next year's davvi craig is expected to announce delegateejeanniee&hadd punning mate.haddaway--iccco has beee member ffthe hhuss of dellgates for 10 years.
8:34 am
former president george hhw bush rettrns tt the white house... with quite the gift known for his fancy ffotwear... as you can see nn the picture.hh was ttere helpinn president obama honor volunteers. as f getting second place wwsn driver had something else - prokee... hii trophy.while standing n the podiim next to the wiiner, sebastien bourdais was holding his crystaa trophy in the air &. it bounced, then shaateree.he looked noticeabby more deefated once he rrelized whaa &phe did.later he seemeddtt sayyng heehas plenty of isn't what makes your day.
8:35 am
3 the orioles have announcee a plan n hich you the fans... . dollar off all field-level ticcets for each home runn pavis hit monday jjly 30th thru ugust 1ss mes - agaanst the astros... and &paugust 2nd thru the 4th against the mariners.the deal household..uut useethe coupon code crush" when you bby them online at orioles dot com... the est of he o's all-stars right here on fox 45...the best from he ameeican and -na with home ffeed dvantage in line... tonight at 7-30. heee's a ssooy thattwwll stiik way ssme porrupine quills got pstck in a rrven's face. &pface.nats raven squawking
8:36 am
squawkingthat will raaen lnded on gerrie cleary's fence in ova ssooia.shh and was brave enough to approaah the bird.with her daughter holding thh camera, cleary went after the prrckly nats ssuawk"there we me of a chhld with a splintee ouu, ttey holler ann scceech under a microscope yyu can see tte barbs that make it so painful to pull out. the quills out... and the ll of& raven flew away.
8:37 am
coming up... it takes to be thh next "ameeican idol"... nno s your chance to provveit.whereeyou shot at landing an auditioo.o a ((ad lib eteorrlogist))
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3 pa we meetioned... someeof the &porioles biggest names are takiin the field....for tonight's all ssar game. game.and to ceeeerate... faaatics ot ccm enn us his chris davisst-shirt o ive awa. at 410-481-4545 wins aat-shirt. pnd don't forgett.. you can catch the game tonight at theessarch ii on for -&3
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official ameeican idol pompetition in maryllnd! paryland! fox45 will ccnduct the searchhon sattrday,,juuy 20th at huun vallly towne centre. foo45 morning nnws will be and highlights from the hopefuls. pay....3 night trip to bosson pe on te next sason oo the show! visit fox baltimore ddo com forrdetails and official rules. commng p... we're taking your questions one... call us noo at tte nuuber on your scrren... just hhad tooour facebook or twitter paae... nd post yours. you're watching
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phen itts hoo outsiie who when outtidd whoodoesn't like the sound of the iceecceamm &phooing to re-hab one local group is cream truck.... sound of the ice doesn't like the sound oofthe ice cream local group is hopinggto re-hab an old ice creaa trucc aaddget it to &pcommunittee that may ot get to hear the truck as uch as they likeede'von broww from taaarka brothers joins us his morning wwth more.- how can we help you?- whhre can we ggt your ice cream?- how uch more
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do you need to 3raise? coming upp.. rmation og on to
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[ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] whoa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens. ssay consisttnt with your
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workouu . chris nelson froo gold's gymmissback taking your
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calls for get fit with fox.if &pyou hhve a questions call uu post a questton to ouur ffaebook or twitter page. 3 michaal - ""ow often should we change our ork" don - "how do i gain mass in my chest?" 3 chest?" &ppylie - "how can i increaae ennurance wittout
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cominn u on ggod day baltimooe... heat advisoriessare inneffeet por parts f mmryland today. pow hot temperatures arr &pexpected tt get... and how
8:55 am
[ female announcer ] at your local subway, summer flavors are served up fresh. like the delicious taste of the orchard chicken salad. you loved it, so we brought it back as a five dollar footlong, and now as a five dollar chopped salad too! diced white-meat chicken with sweet apples and tart cranberries. get it as a tasty sub, or as a refreshing salad loaded with the veggies you love. the orchard chicken salad. one big flavor. two real values. hurry in to your local subway today! subway. eat fresh.
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tuessay, july 16. ,3 3
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3 ttis heat can quickly go from uncommortable... to downright dangerouu.


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