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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  August 8, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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wide receiver position. nice and see what the clean pocket does. gives them a chance freezes the line backers an and gets in the middle of it. garcon you have got josh morgan, santana moss, you have got to do something special to make this football. >> toss to williams not much as williams gets wrapped up by scott soloman. no gain on the play. >> tommy campbell coming up to support as well no. 37. the thing i talked to jerry grey earlier he's the coordinator. they knew they had to get bigger to stop the run. you see the corners up they want to play man to man like he did in washington and they realize they are going to play
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bigger receivers so more physical in the secondary. >> picks up a first down. there is a flag. >> illegal hands to the face no. 29 defense. the penalty is declined with the completed pass. first down. >> that's wilson. he just did that off head. there's the shot to the head just can't do it. >> any time you go near somebody's head, you are probably going to get a flag. >> redskins the penalty takes a result of the play and now royster tackled by eight year
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wimbley six and a half remaining in the third quarter. kirk causes started the game for the redskins. titans then scored two first quarter touch downs chris johnson. redskins tied the hankerson late second quarter. second down and 9. wide receivers screen nick william out of you con his first representation. city of richmond thanks the washington redskins for making richard pond virginia welcomes all fans of the burgundy and gold to visit the new facility and explore the richmond religion. >> the washington red skin training facility is really state of the art. they sit on as follows around the field. 100,000 people come down for
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fan appreciation day and believe me the players love it. they enjoy the facility the work out part the clean part it's all very good. and there's typical making the play. >> jump it by lance lewis and in for a redskins touch down. now there is a flag. the officials get it together to talk about it. >> illegal formation. offense no. five yard penalty still third down. >> richmond is really something. the players love it. it's great to get away and totally dedicate yourself to football. it's one of the things mike shanahan talked about. it's 24/7 football so the guys aren't going anywhere. you get away from some of the extractions at home and issues
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that happened in the family. kids getting sick things happening. for those three weeks your wife, partner, girlfriend they have to be in charge. >> redskins turning to richmond tonight. more flags and the play is dead. >> surprised this is moving to a little bit of sloppy with. >> wide receivers never understand why wide receivers move early. you can't hear anything anyway. >> i now it could be tedious but what was the most fun part. >> it was hanging out after practice with the guys. remember i played with the hogs and they would always go to the fire side in. it was just a question of how many longnecks were going down. it was a unique group and
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experience. >> third and 22 nearly intercepted april diving attempt and there is another flag. >> offense penalty declined fourth down. >> that's on penalty declined. not a very good serious for that red skin offense. rex was on his back trying to get the ball out of his hand. >> so now it's a punt for the 6th time. redskins on three consecutive plays. >> they've been penalized a lot six in the first half i think. >> 9 penalties in all. 69 yards. they are catch is caught for the 16-yard line by so the
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titans will take over at th
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the scene in downtown nashville just minutes away from. in the game it takes team work and changing how you play. the washington redskins have
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been rewriting the ruled for 75 years. start your own change. exclusive higher education partner of the washington redskins. fitzpatrick hands off to reynaud and brought down by gomes as we check in once again with randall standing by. >> alfred morris explain to me how training camp is going. >> it's going great. a little sore and different from last year. nobody knew who you were and since you do have a job but i'm still going in my mind set going into camp the same by i have to earn my slot so having fun and going great so far. wish i was out in the field today but wouldn't let me play. i look forward to next week. >> you'll be waiting for pre-
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season to take off. you have only offensive line one game great to have an offensive line like that. >> the same old line back in college and high school new guys coming in. i think my second year start i had a whole new line so getting to work and knowing what they are doing. sometimes they correct each other and somebody miss a ball they own it so they can correct for the others in the state so it makes it allot easier to know what they are doing and just having that com rody and making it a lot easier. >> there you have it training camp is going well and running hard when he's out there. thank you man. >> thank you. not consider himself the starter. >> he's upset he's not playing. >> he wanted the opportunity to
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be where royster is right now and he deserves tonight off but he's got once he gets to the second level once he breaks through the defensive line it's a little shake or move. he runs with power and quickness and that's why he gain as many yards as he did. >> down to punt at the 34-yard line a 41-yard punt and roll by kern. late in this third quarter 2 minutes 45 seconds remaining. minutes 45 seconds remaining. iyou know what's so awesome about the internet? it gets more and more entertaining every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- america's fastest, most reliable internet takes your entertainment to ridiculous levels. i was streaming videos, movies, music. once i realized how fast it was, that's when i got it. [ male announcer ] and now you can get it too, for just $89.99 a month
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redskins fans sub way has a special offer when the redskins score 20 points or more at home more details limited time only. >> that could happen a fair amount this year. >> the redskins finished fourth in the -n- and scoring. here's pat white who has not played in the -n- the last three seasons. the dolphin back in 2009 for the red skin. and he hands it off to royster not much.
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paulsen nile paul still in the game. lance lewis. royster in the back field. second and 10 coming up. now we are first and 10 line bank of america the official bank of the washington redskins. second down and 10 white throws complete to paulsen at the 38- yard line for a gain of 4. >> when the redskins added pat white you get a guy with a lot of ability to be able to run and throw the football. did a lot of things away from the game and hasn't played a lot of football. you can see it early on but as he's gone through camp his footwork has gotten better. you see him get the ball out of his hands and he's understanding the offense better as well. >> third down and five as white
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throw nice catch by paulsen for a first down. >> you know i'd almost like to say it's a surprise but logan paulsen has made those kind of plays all last year. the redskins lost in the middle. he gets a play. he's a big body, done a terrific job filling in the tight end position. if you don't have them, guys number talking about earlier you don't have the tightened it's hard to be a threatening offense in this league. >> hand off to royster on the one minute remaining third quarter here in nashville. the redskins would like to thank all of the 2013 part enters who support the team season long military appreciation program operation absolute our troops. >> yes, sir thank you to every man and women committed themselves to be hitty to those
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who have committed themselves before and now. we appreciate it don't you ever think what you have done is not appreciated by so many. >> we certainly do. second down and 6. white to the outside and not handled by nick williams. >> nice throw, tight coverage. nick williams he's one of those guys you see nick williams first thing is west wellker. he's got some kicks and polish. also could return kicks. got some get up and go. >> played new england. >> sort of. >> similarity. >> yeah. >> third down and 6. white from the shotgun. on the slant unable too hang. >> i like what pat white did. he got the ball quick out of
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his hands he put the ball on the receivers. it's up to them to catch it. >> you don't get a lot of opportunities in pre-season. if you are playing four third going into the fourth quarter this is your chance to be able to make a play, keep a job for another week and impress the coach and other teams on film. they are going to be lookat you. >> white down on the 5 yard line gets it out of the end zone. the defending n f c champs so make sure you have got the inside story with exclusive video at redskins .com and follow on twitter and facebook. >> what's the next thing we are coming up to follow everybody
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with. there's i can't even keep track. i have twitter. that's it. >> if you figure out the next thing i'm not sure you'll be sitting with me. >> i'll invite you to the island i buy and the plane i bought. >> rusty smith hands it off final play of the third quarter as joe checks out his twitter feed. no scoring in the third. pre-season opener for both clubs. tied at 14 here in nashville as
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we start the fourth quarter here redskins titans tied at 14. nothing beats being there live ads the official fan travel partner of the washington red skin. prime sport get you there. visit prime sport .com today. >> a lot of redskins fans traveling to the tennessee. what a great place the home of country music. >> fun city. >> so many great people. hall of fame all my buddies living down here. toby keith. the less goes on and on. carieunderer wood. >> a blocker on second and 4.
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>> off sides no. 93 defense five yard penalty first down. >> that's on phillip merling as we go down for our what to watch for in the next 15 minutes. >> over the next 15 minutes pat white is what to watch. he's coming already making good throws. expect that a little bit more and run maybe some of the options but he wants to throw the ball down field at the end of the third quarter. expect a lot more from pat white. >> thanks. jack doyle geico saving people money on more than just car insurance. >> i want to this is a tweet i
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got from james. i agree not playing rg3 in the pre-season but do you think not playing him 11 on 11 in practice is a mistake. >> no i don't. 11 on 11 in practice you've got a lot of bodies to get around and it would be unforgivable if robert got hurt. plus i don't think he's ready for all those people around his feet. there he is. mike basically said we have a plan. we are following the plan and we are watching robert's progress and as he progresses more and more. early in practice and they gave him 18 and some more. watching him work out before this game you haven't seen a lot of of him. what did you think. >> i thought he worked very hard. he knows it's the right thing for him. as we take a look back to the
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couple of hours prior to the start of tonight's game. >> first of all you look really good dressed up and you visit with the owner affect you worked up alatedder and work on the hand cake with the guys. you go and visit and sign a few autographs. you ask to get in and he says no and you get yourself a nice floppy hat and go sit down. >> you saw rabbit robert listening in to all the plays. he told perhaps kyle will let me call a quarter. >> he want to do something. for robert you just don't feel like you are a part of it and he hasn't got enough years. wait until you have ten years and look forward to not playing. i don't think he ever will. he's dedicated himself. dr. andrews talked about three
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guys were superhuman. beau jackson, adrian peterson and robert griffin third. you watch the way he's built the jeans he has the body responded and get excited about the future of the washington redskins. >> third down and 14 a diving attempt but unable to make the catch in bounds. michael preston. there is a flays. >> personal foul roughing the passer defense forcing contact. 15-yard penalty. first down. >> yet another red skin penalty. >> and again jim the defensive coordinator can't be very happy. no matter how you do it you don't go to the legs. chris baker wind up down low. again the league continues to make every effort to protect
10:24 pm
the quarterback. i think the position has such value to the league plus you are on a very defensive position is he you have to protect. >> this is on a cross the 45- yard line. taking it back to rg3 i worked a couple of pre-season and some games during the regular season and whenever i was asked the question what were your impressions upon meeting rg3 and mature beyond his years. >> he really is. i think that's has to do with his mom and dad in the military. he has--he just doesn't live for today. he's not one of these guys that grab everything. he's very thoughtful about the direction of where he wants to go as an athlete and a man. he and his wife got married an went to europe and had the
10:25 pm
honeymoon got married in denver. moving into a new house. becka is stuck with all the moving. she said becka is doing a great job. that's part of going away. he couldn't have picked the week any better. >> he found some receiver. >> he worked out with a few guys. he wasn't going to sacrifice the time away. that's how dedicated he is to his occupation and to the franchise an the fans of the washington redskins and remember when the 8th of march a couple years ago came around and the redskins made the deal they didn't know if they were going to get robert given third either one would have been great. i personally think andrew is a
10:26 pm
great quarterback but robert was the perfect fit with what mike wanted to do with the even. >> pulled in williams for a titans first down at the redskins 30-yard line a 22-yard pass play. >> that's what you want. you want tube able to throw the football and go get it. rusty smith is a big tall guy, 6-foot 5 inches. >> who did rusty smith hand off to for two years in college. >> let me guess. >> carry the ball you are up for the redskins. >> morris. >> absolutely. >> not a bad deal. >> two years together at
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florida atlantic. >> meanwhile a little power. when you get a lot of people around the ball, makes good things happen. brandon jenkins another player making the transition from defensive end to stand up line backer. orakpo did it cardigan's done it. for the end zone. what a play by crawford. richard crawford comes down with the football. >> he wants to coach to challenge. nope said it's incompletely. >> so not an interception but he breakup the pa pass in the end zone. >> he wants to challenge. balls in the air. >> he's got a point. >> i'm not sure. >> it looked between his knees. >> right at the end it snuck
10:28 pm
out. i know rich is going to give us a chance to look at that a little bit more. worth a challenge. here you go. does it sneak through. it's in between his legs. is it on the ground? it might have snuck out. >> there must be evidence in order to over turn the call on the field which was an incomplete pass. not sure
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
alternative anderson taking a look at the last play rule an incompletion. richard crawford thought he got the interception. conclusive evidence in order to award the ball to the redskins. >> the angles you see on replay are different than the angles you see from the replay booth. it gets bounced over. he's got it. now you have to maintain possession just like a receiver. does it hit the ground or does he manage to get that right hand under. it looked like the toe or i should say the point of the ball might have just touched the ground. >> the ruling on the field stands not enough evidence to
10:31 pm
over turn. so the titans will maintain possession. >> it's those kind of plays that gave richard crawford an opportunity to make this team a year ago. >> so despite the end result a terrific play by crawford. third dow and 10 for rusty smith. and apartmently the titans first down inside the 20 to the 18 gain of 11. we approach 9 minutes remaining fourth quarter here in nashville with the titans on the move redskins titans tied at 14. rusty smith third quarterback used by the titans tonight. off the fake.
10:32 pm
pass is caught and knocked out of bounds at the 10-yard line as full back collin moody as we head down to robert griffin third. >> so you are in camp you are working hard an excited about tonight maybe a little bit but tell us how camp has been going. >> great. getting a lot of work in. we are therefromming to get this victory but i think the guys are glad to go against other freedom. >> when you are coming to a game when you know you are not going to play or get any at all. >> you still approach it like a game. i asked coach if i could dress even though i knew i wasn't going to play. just so i make sure i continue to stay in shape and be ready to play when my number is called. >> do you feel like on schedule
10:33 pm
for week one. >> no doubt. i'm committed to this team and to coach. >> right here and now right there but i'm pretty confident it'll all work out. >> that's all right. >> thanks for coming over. >> thank you. >> robert griffin third chatting as smith gets quinn johnson for a 6-yard gain. >> some really good plays for the titans a little play action. we have seen the redskins with kirk causes full back out in the flat a little screen play moves the ball. >> so go ahead score quinn johnson into the end zone and now the titans are back up by 7. russy smith hitting the
10:34 pm
10:35 pm
midway through the 4th quarter titans lead by 7 following a 14 play 94-yard drive as we check out more tweets joe. >> dan tea needs to stay healthy to have a shot at this
10:36 pm
football team. >> burgundy and gold. rg3 excited to see white back out on the field during this next series. >> right. west virginia is going to be this year. jean so smith for the battle in new york with mark sanchez been given the go ahead to start in the first pre-season
10:37 pm
10:38 pm
young redskins fan in attendance. redskins trail by 7 will start from their own 20-yard line. >> an opportunity for pat to. there's robert. taking in some snacks during the third quarter. >> that's why you don't put him on camera. >> he was sharing with his teammates. >> that's the way to do it. pat white second series at quarterback for the redskins. you like what you saw during his last series. >> where he but the football out of his hands quickly. one of the things about mike and kyle shanahan's offense is quick decisions. has to do with running the football and plant and go. when you have the ball get it
10:39 pm
out of your hands as well. just like this. miles paul. >> to the outside paul to the 25-yard line gain of 3. >> throwing the ball very well so far. >> early in training camp i think not being familiar with the terminology not necessarily being that familiar with everybody when they get pads in training camp his accuracy was not what we've seen tonight. it's very good. >> 14 yards. >> should be five of five. >> from the shotgun redskins must get to the 30 for a first down. this time redskins able to pick up the first. it's nick williams. >> i don't know if nick williams has a chance but i will tell you this guy like
10:40 pm
west welker, they didn't necessarily come on and take the world by storm. he was a miami dolphin. nick williams as time goes on will find a place and home in the national football league. could possibly be here or some place else but he's that kind of a player. >> this is what we saw from white in miami back in 2009. >> even though robert griffin third is not play agonize paul on the kick out a little fake to royster freeze the line backser and go outside. you still have to run this offense so that everybody can practice it even though you don't have robert back there at the quarterback position about everybody being familiar once he gets back on the field. >> gain of 17.
10:41 pm
we head downstairs to an woman you have experience in this offense as well. >> yes i have pat white i am proves the passing game and able to throw it the two drop you can run option and running that i think rg3 has opened it up for a player to get back in the lead who has improved his passing game as well. >> we saw it in seattle out in san francisco. >> i think we'll see more of it with cam new tone. he's a beast when he gets the ball. i don't know how you stop him. and of course our guys the same way. >> white on second and 1 looks for and picks up the first down. you know what else i like is he knows how many yards he wants to get and goes out of bounds and these are the things this
10:42 pm
has been the primary conversation with regards to robert how do you protect yourself and run the football. robert's dad has expressed how do you protect my son. if you play the quarterback position you have to take care of yourself and a game where people get hit but you don't want to take any more than you have to. >> royster gains 5 down to the titans 30. a nice drive as they look to tie the score with under 1 for and a half remaining. >> now with pat white in here it's a little bit of a different offense. >> and you and both agree pat's done a nice job. >> i like what he's done. doing a nice respectfully sister doing a good job.
10:43 pm
trueblood in there, stevens in as guard. nixon out of florida a tackle position. you basically have a bun ofch of young guys up front but with the type of offense that's run knowing where they want to be some good things are happening. >> third down and 5 from the titans 30-yard line. >> they are going to go for a 4th. pass is caught for a first down it's lewis. redskins needed 5 and they gained 10. >> they are squeezing one into traffic. not a bad decision a very accurate one on the money. that's exactly what he did. >> now if you score a touch down you go for two. >> absolutely unless you just want to look at some more guys and i don't know if that's the
10:44 pm
case. >> williams now in the back field first and 10 from the tennessee 20. the pass is intended for skye dawson. >> that was the first one thrown inside to the receivers inside shoulder. if you are going to throw a hitch it has to be to his outside shoulder. if the defender want to try and make a play on the ball you can't give them a free run on the inside or you hear those you don't want to hear an. >> a chance for the pick. now second and 10. off the fake to williams. white looking he throws and the catch is made and it looked
10:45 pm
like the football came loose momentarily and it appears to be a touch back signal. titans recover. there is a flag down as well. so the redskins maintain possession the penalty called on 72 of the titans. >> good job on pat white. he's a lefty turns his hips gets hit in the head. there comes the flag. can't do it. easy. >> nicholas rookie out of oklahoma state. >> what happened on the goal line. >> made the catch and lost the football. >> thought he was the end zone. >> headed down to the 23rd first down. first and goal from the
10:46 pm
tennessee 10. >> the question i'm wondering if they want to review and see if he might have possibly gotten in the end zone. >> it's have to be a challenge from the redskins with over 1 minutes remaining. >> it's not a scoring play. >> under farther review. >> they might have considered a scoring play because it was a touch back. there's one for the rule book. >> it was not ruled a touch down. >> it was a touch back. did they review
10:47 pm
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god start for kirk causes touch down pass to fred davis gave 7-0 lead. of the defensive play by one of the three rookie starters david amerson. respectfully helu. >> a really solid performance together. now they are looking to see. i think if there was possession into the end zone bubut because of the penalty i don't know. i'm not certain that play can be reviewed because the redskins already accepted the
10:49 pm
penalty and it was not a touch down. >> right. >> after reviewing the play the ruling is confirmed the penalty will be enforced first down washington. >> so it will be a first and goal for the redskins. i'll be interested to hear as to why they looked at without a coach's challenge. >> i don't believe he challenged it. >> no. >> so in any event it will be first and goal from the 10-yard line with 2:35 remaining fourth quarter. royster in the back field. white on the keeper. white out of bounds at the 9- yard line. >> it's amazing to watch the expectation of the right
10:50 pm
option. now he had nowhere to go. really he was trapped. the end did bite but the speed and misdirection allowed him to get out of bounds. >> now second and goal from the 9-yard line. 12th play of the drive for the redskins. white pulls it in takes off. touch down. the two series that pat white has been in very impressive with his exposure and acreself and decisions. doesn't like what he's seize pulls it down from a defensive standpoint got some wheels. trailing by one 2 minutes 23
10:51 pm
remaining. >> good coaching decision. i think the redskins had so many guys hurt a year ago lost certain guys in pre-season you want to play a pre-season football game and leave it at that. >> this is for the lead. white in the end zone now he throw and the watch is made for the two point conversion and the redskins have taken the lead. the rookie out of georgia state takes the catch in the end zone. >> does a real nice job and when you have a quarterback you can't be stationary in the end zone. you have to work and work back to the quarterback. don't stand and wait for him. watch pat white buy some time and finally gets rid of it. really a nice job.
10:52 pm
doesn't have anything in either direction. seize a flash. comes back for the ball indigents the touch down. >> so he finds the chemistry degree was not crafted he though he was headed and got a phone call from the redskins. >> pharmacy school can always wait. so following the 14 play 94- yard drive by the titans the redskins come back and 12 plays 80 yards to take the lead. >> robert griffin third told him to see pat take him down the field and win this football game. now it's going to be on the defense's shoulder. it's a 22-21 lead for the
10:53 pm
redskins just over two minutes remaining. potter kicks it off. out of the end zone by wooten. to the play potter in on the tackle. 29 yards on the return. our player of the game brought to you by k f c. >> did a really nice job. 13 rushes. solid performances. ran over people and made them miss. throw tackles. coaches have to be very pleased with what they've seen out of them. you get a game like this you feel good getting ready for the next week of training camp. >> rusty smith out of the
10:54 pm
shotgun. time out. and the first down michael preston gain of
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
jeremy kimbrough is the rookie injured on the last play three seconds back on the clock.
10:57 pm
kimbrough an undrafted free agent. and his family his mom lisa won two titles playing basketball. >> she was something too. and he was nick a little bit in training camp and he never like to guess what it might be. he reached out and having trouble with the right arm. he was in a lot of pain. watch where he reaches out with his right arm to try and make the tackle. you don't know what transpired but he went to the ground and it looked like the right shoulder and arm area is what was effected. >> so kimbrough heading back to the locker room. 2:03 remaining. so we step out once again with mike shanahan's redskins
10:58 pm
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