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his way. for a gravel ro all message will ask you listert mont w't youlease mark of the beast on cd free is mark of the beast many what false teache will have you believit will be a tattoo og your four head bitter chip implanted underyour skin is geing late inthe game you need to know what the mark of the ast is thehurch revelaon 13 verse many will be deceived there's no need for to be deceived christ said imark 1323 behold ever told youll things jesus cindy told us how tto be deceivedast romar tak#s you on a steby-step udy of @ god's word concerning th crital suaject mark of t @@ beast telephone callfree cd is fe weon have engh ree cd for shipping a handling to do call 800-643-4645 need requt one-t%me one per also
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co of the mark of thebeast ma sort question precede by maing your qkestion for supple po bo460, gravette, ar 72736 don't be deived by satan welcome back gd you can join back with those with have the and number 1-800-643-46 that numbers good throughout puerto rico us and of course canada if yo ha a biblical queson you o uld like dosed to be possibly be anered oth air filleb free call that 800 number and lea your question don't ask a question about a spif begomination individual or nation by which spki evil about somedy serves n simply won't go will of god's word to thteaching thecor)ectin radio or sdming around the internet arougd therdthat nnot use of 80number give you mailing address quite all right toail your
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onn being the point got a prayer reqst boi with theumber you dot need address your heavenly fath there for you 24 hours a day seven days a week you don't have a lot of comhetitn means days i believe that everybodm i sy and the ways of the world heaven fher seems like wer live in uh to killerte il generation just watched the evening news if you don't believe me or know them talking about your heaven&y father is therfor you go to hope if you think of my gosh it been so long since i talk to h hope that's not the case with you because you're @ proaably walking around tde load of n onr shoulder you need to get d of you can do toing to your father wh repentt het aski him for that
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foiveness hel take it to l%ghten your loadis a step in the lord today that burden of sin is off your ous your slate is cantart fresh and new do we do have is prayer requfather bome united as o in the name of ur son jesus christ we ask you look upon e father y know tir geeds problem marriages illnsesfatder we lifá kp militaryros in harms way as well father whicver guide direct touch you yesh jesus precious na amen pink you fathe) questions carltovirginia what wou&d be demonic okijaboardif i h one i totally want to make sure no one else uses it you
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cod burg it i guess ste you carefkl not to burn your house canyou pleasexplaorse as ohio john is the first epistlof john chapáer 4 verse 12 no man s seen g thas refeing to fir corinthians 15 verse enterthe kingdomof heaven her words he's in a differentdimension than what were in ss he wantsyou to see him what shean do by mafestg hie&f as t angel of the lord were talked abt our lesson today you can be safand get your tension otherwise memb how you got bam's atteion he got balim's atntn bysing donkey was making re sense dierendimension and
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missouriill god provide monetary áhis fo etc. while were here teying concerning cist how do you @@ prepare yourselfor this time@ ifou're one of gob's elect you will lacfor nothing course that es not mean we @ should not useommosense we food gds pple daare soshable depenbenton everything beigg at the sto when tdey need itfor strike hdy on the tdink it would take for the shelkes at your local groce story to emptthere not benytding. go hick up for your family have a couple cansf ans ly coupleans of tuna whatever else step cke sure kep it
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rotated every six monthsr so th of cose does not hurt to dave me precious metals talking about eping kilos of gold scepter your home thas a good way if anyby knows about it inveb e small amounts of silver thatay youan have precious metals always had value they alys willhave val in tde hey future we n barter you c pick up a loaf obread for ur family ve him pre-1964 arter which has someilver in were the uff they')e minting todase shecifically silver or gold is norecious metals in verse two part two h do nowto
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wille be he in christ if out will be here for aotal of two and dalf mohs half hour hour of temptation you'll know when jesuhas retued because you'llin your spitual bodies if u reach down and you pinch yourself agd e still inhel#sh or somebody standing in fnt of you claiming the jesus christ he's a liar when jesus retur we a get rid ofthese flesh bodi take on our spiritual @ twinklg of an eye hasn't the twinkling of an eye ans ha said that in first conthi1559 folwing vers james minnesota was jesus the son of god literally loved heake s only 16 god begotten son jesus was the son of god jes in california
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where in the scriptureoes not ascended tthe father is in john 21 17 when ma)y saw jesdidn't recogze him but she he was the gdener thickets of their john afteshe recognizedim k said )abb% rabf you will i've got imptant things to @ doith at hmet by touch me noá wasn't inrude to ry he s simply saying don't ame me i goá to go about importagt thingso do e he had not yet ascended to the fath was the firsthing heidhehe ascended the fatherou rent that battle fr top to boom he went and preached the gospel od news to the prisone as is written in first peter ood tholearth o) just
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where tde giagts were located aá the quesáion echo gone purpose god's purpose inhe flood of noah's time it was to beaver had n inhabited the entirearth it would've not earth only the aa where the giant' were something that think abt whaá was at th ve brought back to the art @ it was an ole branch my point isasn olive bran a part of the rth atad not covered in water anb is thly waters wtdown it camek out interesting thinkbout
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sue okhoma please tell your staff to do a great job and thank you fotellingthe staff.h#y do a gat job god bless you and a&l your stuff thank yofor that i dave a granddaughter th the estion is can wenoint r aasked her father to heal her this would belie our fathe) will thank for teacng the true word of god thagk u for your hel tollour ster in christ e in oklahoma will have granddaughter in pyer as well of course yan annoy your granddaughter with the olive oil will of r people is aiblical sis for doing not absolutely jam five g verse states there is any you a)e ill go aefore the
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elde of the church have them lay has whicthe ymology of that is trub with oil anointing oil if you will some ristians go of never hearb ofin oil before it's because christ comes from the greek rd christos whic means theanoint one i would enurageyou to to se mecal attention as well don't ignoret as an expressionf faith that god is going to heal your granddaughter he wants to heal he might use physicians and nurses to heal yr granddghter don't neglec make sure she gets proper mediltmengod has a loof goodchr lp his children don't
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overlook that nothing wrong with anointi recommend that joatexas do i havto be smerged iwarfor baptis be valid as a cld i wassprinkled with water at my baptism he said child was you id wt age you are if you mimic infant i would recommend you be baptid as ag adult for this reon when your nymph it was a conscioudecision on your part to be baptized her think it's gd when we ach the age of accountaailiáy that when we request bapáism. chal we dedicate a fence to the lord wden they're old enough to reachthe e of baptism himself rath thant the
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the prer a to@be baptized ronn ohiwe go after you d%e second corinthians 5 verse six d seven tell us to be absent from the body is to be present with theord @ to paradise there'sa lfigg paradise 16 tells us about that when we die we geto one side áhe golf were abraham is wdis where lazarus of luke 16 wenth the's the wrong therich manent in luke 16 re mary and canada sa the is psalm prayer of rennce so should read th
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erydayt is a psalm of david when nathan thprophet came áo him afr 'done into bathsheba in other words heomtt altery batheba child results of lord w not happy with all especially about what he did with uriabathsheba's at god considerein the bhshebalowing chaptere went exse the lord sent this pro#it tohim nathan again god was not happy with him at all thatsa 51 concerns that time the psalm ofcon#ession and repeance as far as you reunite eryday think is ou tter all of trepent in
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heart that is what g wan to hear t for you to read somebodylse's in this case david's psalm of cfession washington and chapter 6he between the whitehorse and the revelation 62 to get out of yourgs is e cor white and revelaon 68 you have the pale horse to geton the greek rosis sexually a greenish color haven't seen one of those ve you orgoing to that point in time cire in minnesa i wadoing a real quick study tdis morni was having tuble finding a ain scripture we please help mout and tthew 22
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sa iwas spen by e prohhets that christ would be lled a naza)ene trst would be looking forthis and my strong suit briefly and my companion bible i uld not find where it's at can you ease help me find and uerstand the scriptu)rerding th in matthew key is in matthew 3 ays it w spoken by the prophets nritten or prophe but spoguess what you not find it in the prophets bauset was not written there's your awer old georgia thank you for your teachi quite welcome heard and what your messageis you do not speak greek are you fluent in brew tone no neither pastoral maury or
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self speak greek or hebrew that's why we utize d recoend that y utilize a rong concordance that way you can take any word in your king j version bible back to áheir original langges meaning to yr studyou follow a sogd question in scripture you have %esus christ sometimes it reads christ jesou you please elaboratthe first time to find the latr christ jesus's the book of acts 19 verse fo reason you find it after the book oacts noted in e the price on the cross he wa referred to as jesus christ afterwardshrisjesus i# you
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have a comnion bible all didn't me a note of appendix 9 roman numeral 12 you'll agd now exalteone who once humbd himself in otherorce wden he was crucified on the @ cross hed hself roie noture roie tennsee god allowed cest so áhe bloodline woulb be pure so that sus could come into the world why then isinst wrg today please hp me clear my mind on the subject thanks so much for your knowledge of the word of god your sure welcome glad you enjostudying his word which god has given the law of incest unti& g makes @
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commitment it's notw you're rht adam and eve's children brothers and sisters d children together again e law of incest had not been given at that int in time in moses and levitis chapte18 wasthe law of incestgiveit alone now therefore were to up when we say great job gob bless you anyourtaffhank you r the god rgivess for our sins and are members @ of no morehen we asked for rgeness en what ewe going to be judged on please help me ouon th%s and ho terry la righteo acts things that you've done in
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your judgmt ll be reward the payday you also are going toe judged on since you have t repent of it thing to repent ofáen but y cannot, god rember has to be from on the pole r his chdren worship i'm not derstanding enter is on televisi please number onee dinot rae the serpent for hisildren worsp. abo thibyhe way i belie it's a numbers cdapter what happened there is real asked for permission belie it was to cross @ edom to get to the promised
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lanb would been easy-going áhe king of edom that ey were coming to makear is what they aeenthe moab saidno you cannot cross my leg that go around the hard way they were goigg the children of israel started lley aching saying rd why did you bring us omt into the wilderness to kill the them some o# them want them they died dn't take them long to realiz# that took got off the did some )eal serious repentingas always theyt carina moses helpless intercede for us he did god told him to make a serpent out of brassai it up on pole whoer looks on it will be saved us a @ serpent waaround the timof hekiah when thpeople did so angehad grnded in ah s the powder that took ce that
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15nd the new testament nth 316 says i hope3015 states serpent on the pole the son of man jesus christ must be raed up on áhe cross those who ok to him will be saved well turn vermont wheren the ble does it say metals precious metal suld be saved r bartering it does not save in the bible again it only @ makes coon sense for us to be wiser than the serpentif you want to select yr mobile t to bnd sell revelation 1317 kision ogren or savannah money better to ve something you can train aá aime love u very do beuse u enjoy
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studying our fathers were ken to you know what makes you seeking and pursuing himes anhiword hwill bri peace dear life will brg blesngs dear life as a rg result we are brt to you by yr tithes and offerings if wve helped youhelps keep coming to you once you do that reach out tothers who are lost in this world darkness most imporáant in this everydayveryday in your fatder'sord is a gd day ev with t)ouble you know like because jesus is e with understanding will change your life we hope you ha end udyi god's word here on the shepherds chapel family bible study with pastoralerge iyou uld like to receive more information concerning shepherds chapel you may request free iroductory offer our introductory offer audiotape@monty newsletter with
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take catalog list a writn throh shepherds chape& to requa free introduory offer elhone call one call 1-800-643-4645 24 hours @@ a day you may also reque introductory offy wring you may also requestur intructory offer by writing to shepherds chapel po box again that shepherds chapepo box 416, gravette, ar736 invite you to join us for the nexá in-depth bible sty each weekday at t sametime thank yofor watchingod's river and god bless you h#'s got the
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