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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 20, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> you know what, doc? you seriously need to chill. >> he's upstairs. >> louisa, when you came to the house this morning, i'm afraid-- >> quickly, come on. >> well, his pulse is very weak. where's that ambulance? >> shall i try them again? >> yeah.
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you tell them there are signs of cardiovascular collapse. can you hear me? >> there was a jam on the truro road, so they should be here within 10 minutes. >> um--all right, can you get me a--a bottle of water, or a container of fluid, or something like that? danny, i think you may have a collapsed lung. i'm going to make a hole in your chest. >> this is--this is all i could find. martin, what are you doing? [danny groans]
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>> that's better. i'll be off then. >> aren't you coming? >> no, there's no need. they'll keep me informed. >> well, shouldn't we just stay together? >> are you the wife, love? >> um--no, no. i--i'm-- >> there's a history. >> what? >> according to danny.
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>> martin, you shut up! [door closes] >> i suppose you feel superior now. you know, i was a bit hard on you. if you wanted to be here, practice here, it's your call. >> well, that's very generous of you. pity you can't be so generous with your sister. >> don't be like that. i was thinking--obviously, i'm going to have to start again.
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so i thought maybe i could spend a bit of time in the u.k. i could even see myself setting up down here. your mother's going back to portugal tomorrow. she got what she wanted. she saw me humiliate myself in front of my sister--and you. >> where will you go? >> well, temporarily--just till the money's sorted out, i thought-- >> no? >> bye, doc. >> mm-hmm. >> doc--doc martin! you were wrong. >> what?
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>> maureen's not having a baby. >> well, that's not possible. i did those tests myself. >> she's not having a baby. she's having twins. >> oh. >> our babies. aren't they bloody beautiful? of course, you can't really tell, but--well, i can tell. >> how far along is she? >> 30 weeks. can you believe it? they're keeping her in because they want to keep an eye on her--because of her age and because of the twins. but everything's looking fine, so-- >> well, congratulations. >> thanks. well, i'll just-- >> i've--yeah--got to-- >> bloody amazing. i'll tell you something. you think you know what love is until you have a child. it's the best thing. ask any parent. maybe i'll make a better job of it this time, eh? >> well- >> bloody amazing. oh--um-- >> oh. ah. well, thank you.
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>> by the way, i bumped into louisa at the hospital. what you did for danny sounds amazing. >> no, it was--hmm. >> well done, mate. >> hmm. thank you. well, good night, roger. >> your mother and i are leaving. >> goodbye. >> i'll wait for you in the taxi. >> regrettable, but--it hasn't been a great trip. >> well, where will you go? >> she'll fly back to portugal in the morning. i'll stay at my club in london--talk to the solicitor and get back down here in a few days--sort out this business with joan. >> no, you won't. here's what's going to happen. i'll get your money. i'll sell my flat. you
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won't get it straight away, but you'll just have to wait. and in the meantime, you can go ahead and stay in your ghastly club, or wherever else they'll have you. but don't come back here. >> you'd sell your place to settle joan's debt? >> don't tell joan. just say you've changed your mind or something. >> why on earth wouldn't i tell joan? you think you're living in a novel. >> no, i just don't want her to feel grateful to me. she doesn't have to. she's my family. >> goodbye. >> doc! >> doc! >> doc! doc! >> doc! >> come quickly. sam--she's dying! >> there's fountains of blood--
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>> blood! >> blood around her mole! >> she tried and cut it off? >> i told her not to do it, but she wouldn't listen! >> all right, i'll get my bag. >> doc, is she going to die? >> yep. not today, though. [captioning made possible by friends of nci] [captioned by the national captioning institute]
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[captioning made possible by friends of nci]
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[dog barks, whimpers] >> go away. [barks] go away! go away! >> oh, hi, doc. lovely weather. another cracker of a day--mind you, always is around here, except last week. tuesday, was it? >> mark, i have surgery. was there something you wanted? >> yeah, my favorite derby got a right soaking. it was on the line? >> right. >> doc? julie and i are getting married as you know. >> yes. >> thank you. all a bit of a rush--julie doesn't want to wait. i don't mind unless something could change her mind. anyway, i--i was wondering--will you be my best man? >> no.
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>> oh. [dog whimpers] >> so how much is the rent there? [al chuckles] >> none of your business. [bert chuckles] >> i don't charge you rent, boy. >> oh! [laughs] good god. needs a bit of work. >> you could say that again. >> oh, careful of that floorboard. that's--well, it's not there. it's a--it's a fixer-upper. >> a fixer-upper?
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>> hi, mark. >> oh. hi, louisa. did you get your invite to the wedding? >> yes, yes, i did. thank you. >> only i thought it might be difficult for you to come along, what with, you know-- >> why? >> our history and everything? >> well, i'd like to be there. >> oh. thanks, louisa. that's the spirit--water under the bridge, eh? >> you all right, mark? >> me? yeah, no, fine. just, um, the doc--i asked him to be my best man but-- >> oh, dear. >> do you think i've maybe done something to annoy him? >> i doubt it. >> of course, you'd probably know him better than anyone else around here. wondered if he'd said anything or-- >> no, i haven't spoken to him recently. just try not to take it personally. >> i mean, you know what he's like. he isn't really one to explain his ways, but sometimes it seems like he's being, well, rude. >> yes. he is rude. [kids laugh] james white! look, mark, i'm
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sure you're going to find someone else. just get to school right now! and you. i'll see you later. >> ok. george, come on. >> you can go in now. hey! >> what? >> chewing gum--put it back in your mouth or in the bin. >> you're kidding me, right? >> don't make me get out from behind this desk.
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>> how did it happen? >> i don't know--it was just a sting. hurts like a bugger, yeah? >> stings are usually caused by something. what was it? >> i don't know. >> what time was it? >> i don't know. >> where were you? >> i don't know. >> all right, so you were stung by something you didn't recognize at a time you've forgotten and a place you can't remember? >> yeah. >> good. >> the wedding is in two weeks. >> yeah, i know. >> you're just going to have to find another best man, mark. >> i just really thought that doc would say yes. morning, al. >> mark, julie. >> how you doing? >> look, i swear, mate, i was just about to take it out of the garage. i mean, right this minute, i said to myself, "needs to get a new m.o.t. done." look, i know you're only doing your duty and everything, mark, but it doesn't mean it's not road-worthy, does it? >> we get on well, don't we? i mean, we have a laugh and a joke in the pub, we're on the same quiz team.
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>> yep. >> you know how we're getting married? >> yeah. >> al, i--i'd like you to be my best man. >> best man--yeah, sure. huh. >> really? >> psst. [mark chuckles] >> isn't that fantastic? >> that is fantastic! oh, i'll be talking to you about what to wear and stuff. >> oh, right, yeah. mark, you wouldn't fine your best man for having an overdue m.o.t., would you? >> ah, don't worry about that and don't worry about the stag, though, either--i've got it all planned. heading out of the woods, steep and rough, under the stars. how's saturday sound? >> uh, saturday-- >> ah, it's a date then. all men together into the great wilderness. it's what i've always wanted to do. [julie chuckles] >> whew. >> who's next? >> oh, we got another couple of weavers in, doc. >> what's a "weaver"? >> a fish. >> a what? >> a fish. [chuckles]
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>> it's an identical sting to an earlier patient. >> hmm--nasty those are. wouldn't want to be stung by one again. >> you're familiar with them? >> mm-hmm, yeah. they got poisonous spikes and when you step on them-- [pauline hisses] it's agony--not that serious, though. just soak your foot in hot water and it'll be all right. >> all right, you can deal with that then. i have patients to see. louisa. >> martin. hi, joey. >> ms. glasson, i'm on a study break. >> if you were still my student, i'd fail you for that excuse. you're in a doctor's surgery. martin, a word. >> take this. i'm sure you're aware that unless it's an absolute emergency, it's not a great use of my time. >> yeah, well, i would consider this an emergency of sorts. now, you might not think you're a part of this village but you are, like it or not. we're a small community, almost a
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family, and sometimes people feel a little bit put out by the way you are and sometimes people feel that you just don't care and i think that it's about time that someone told you that. now, if you'll excuse me, i've got a job to get back to. oh, i didn't say what i was talking about, did i? >> no. >> no. well, i bumped into mark this morning and he's quite upset. >> well, i'm certainly not qualified to be his best man. apart from the fact that he's the local policeman, i know absolutely nothing about him. >> precisely, because you never bother to ask him anything! >> precisely, because i'm not remotely interested. are you? >> martin--oh. mark likes you and you've upset him. [door opens] and by the way, danny is doing very well. thank you for saving his life. >> you're welcome.
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>> hello, boy. thought i'd drop by, see how you're settling in. >> yep--cup of tea? >> oh, thank you very much. ah! [bert chuckles] i see you've got a problem with the plumbing there, eh? [chuckling] that don't matter, does it, because your electrics don't work, either. oh. look, son, make a proper job with the wiring, right? and then get the pipes flowing freely, then do a bit of plastering. i mean, we could have this place looking like the ritz-carlton in next to no time. >> "we"? >> large and son can do anything. >> dad? >> son? >> you remember what it was like, don't you, moving into your first place? >> i lived at home until i met your mother. then we got married and i--well, we moved in together. i've never lived alone before. here--i heard from mark that you're going to be his best man. so is there going to be some big stag night do or something? it's just that i--i bumped into him recently and he--and he didn't mention it. >> well, that's--i mean, he
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probably knew that you wouldn't want to go. i mean, he's got some idea about camping out in the woods. >> oh. >> yeah, and you've got your back to think about and your-- >> oh. i see--all that traveling about, yeah. better stay in my natural habitat, that it? >> hmm. >> well, i'll--i'll go over to the school fight on saturday, see if i can pick you up a housewarming present then. >> look, if you want to do something, there are still some boxes at home--well, your place--that need to be moved in. >> consider it done. >> just the boxes, though, you hear? >> just the boxes. >> just the boxes, yeah? >> just the boxes. right. right. >> all right, doc. >> mark. >> hey, there's--there's something fishy going on here, doc. >> what? oh, right. yeah.
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>> doc, i just want you to know i've asked al to be my best man. >> oh--good, good. >> but you're coming on the stag weekend, so best pack your canteen. >> what? >> a canteen for the whiskey. >> uh, no. >> you'll have a grand time. >> i won't. >> trees, grass, starry nights, back to nature--be good for your soul, doc. >> insects, lying on the ground, being woken by birdsong, bad food, worse hygiene, and men singing--that's not good for my soul, mark. >> that's a no, then, doc? >> yes, it is. [firecracker explodes] [kids laugh] >> oh. >> hey! you've got a camera puff! [laughter] >> three, two, one-- >> do it! [explosion] >> oh! hey! [laughter] >> ah, morning. >> yeah. it is--sort of anyway.
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where is everyone? >> yeah, we had a few call-offs. >> a few? >> well, danny's still at the hospital and dave, john, and robin are up at the old quizmaster final up in bobman. and as for the doc--well, he's just the doc, isn't he? >> right. so, what--it's just you and me? >> yeah, which in many ways is an advantage. >> because? >> well, say we catch a rabbit or something for dinner. there's--there's more to go around. is that all you brought? >> yeah. >> al, we're going overnight. >> yeah, i know. oh. >> lovely day, isn't it? the sun rushing to greet us, the sky a spreading blue blanket. >> hmm.
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>> all right, i hear al's going to be best man. >> yeah, so i gathered. that's a happy ending then. >> it still doesn't excuse what you did, martin. >> now that's come down, huh? >> well, could you pick it up, please? >> yes, of course. >> hey, get all that! >> ah, nice one, miss! [laughter] >> this looks good.
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>> never been here before. >> well, that's half the fun, isn't it? >> have you ever been camping before? >> yeah. i mean, not world camping, not in sea scouts, but-- [phone beeps] >> hold on. pauline. huh. [beeping] reception is rubbish, isn't it? >> al, you're going to have to leave your mobile phone in the car. >> why? >> well, we're getting back to nature, aren't we--man versus the wild? it undermines that a little bit if you're going to be on the phone the whole time. come on! >> whew. >> oh, thank you, martin. well, we better get these back where they belong or danny will have a fit. he's a stickler when it comes to his tools. >> i'll bet he is. oh, right.
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>> i always knew you had that community spirit deep down in you, doc--very deep down. stop by my stall. i'm doing hanna tattoos and hair braiding. i'll give you a discount if you're nice to me. >> yes. all right, i'll be off then. >> oh, actually, could you help me with one more thing? >> all right. >> this is the life--no cars, no traffic, no people. i always wanted to be in the army, something real about getting out there. >> well, it's never too late. >> it is. i failed the medical. of course, they said i could get a position in admin--who wants that? nope. got to be where the action is. >> so, what exactly are we going to do? >> you know, things--men things.
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>> well, like wrestling? >> no--not unless you really want to wrestle. here you are, come on. >> we'd like to remind you the portwenn silver band will commence playing in 20 minutes. >> now that should do it. >> nice legs, doc. [laughter] >> my kids did these. >> oh. inside looks like a horse. >> no, it's a church. >> church? it's not very good, is it? >> it was done by a 4-year-old. >> looks like a horse. >> doc, jack, on the beach. >> what is it? >> weaver. >> oh, you're old enough to find your own bottle of hot water. >> he's choking! >> if you can't find a bottle, an alternative remedy is to
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urinate on the skin. >> he can hardly breathe or nothing! >> martin! >> all right--pauline! fetch my medical bag and meet me on the beach! >> come on, doc! [gasping] >> we weren't doing anything. >> they're not supposed to be poisonous. >> ok. he's in anaphylactic shock. it's a bad reaction to the sting. >> is he going to die? >> yeah, unless he gets an immediate injection of adrenaline. >> it was just a game. this wasn't supposed to happen. >> where's pauline?
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>> we found a weaver and we thought, you know, she could take the pain. >> that is the most irresponsible thing i have ever heard! >> he's going to be ok, though, isn't he? [gasping] >> yeah, that's better. >> well, then, thanks for me, then, doc. [chuckles] >> no harm done, right? >> what were you thinking? whose idea was this, joey? are you stupid? >> or maybe next time he'll get really lucky and there won't be anyone to help. and he'll die--that'd be funny, wouldn't it? wouldn't it? >> what we need is a good spot for base camp, somewhere to
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pitch our tent, make our campfire. >> we've been here before. >> that's a typical rookie mistake there, al. >> yeah, we have, yeah, yeah. i remember that tree. you said it looked like your dad. >> oh. >> yeah. >> must've taken a wrong turn. >> let me look at the map. this is the lake district. we're lost. >> no, we're not. nature has a way of showing us where we are. come on--you just got to learn to read the signs. [bert groans] >> ah, here we go. [clanging] [water runs]
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>> ah! [fly buzzes] >> ah. right. base camp. this would be a good spot to pitch our tent, don't you think? >> all looks the same to me. >> yeah, to the untrained eye. ah. ah, that hits the spot. >> sorry, but when did you undergo a full woodland survival course? >> i remember from the scout camp. >> yeah. >> right, we should start by clearing the area of any debris and begin collecting wood and bracken to start a fire. bracken--i don't see any dry bracken. >> i think we'd be better off trying to find our way out of here. i don't fancy spending my entire weekend lost in the woods.


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