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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 24, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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served 30 days in jail. but in a brief filed this month with the maryland court of special appeals, leopold's attorneys argue his convictions on vague charges should be overturned and that the judge had no authority to bar him from running for office while he serves a five-year probation. a court hearing on the appeal is set for january. maryland attorney general doug gansler is officially running for governor. he... made the announcement this morning... / then... hit... the campaign trail.../ melinda roeder... has more ...on his big announcement... from rockville. 05:10:39 "more diversity and more transparancy in government, along with a higher minimum wage. these are the issues doug gansler says he will make priorities throughout this race." 04:52:49 "today i announce my candidacy for the governor of maryland." before a crowd of supporters... outside the courthouse in rockville... attorney general doug gansler declares his run for the state's top seat. 04:57:02 "i'm not your candidate if you want the status quo." already trying to distance
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himself from the current administration.... gansler will face off in the primary against lieutenant governor anthony brown... and he's bracing for what could be a bitter race. 05:05:22 "we're looking forward to the race and looking forward to the campaign. it'll be a good campaign. a spirited campaign. we're all democrats, but we see things a little bit differently." choosing to kick off his campaign in montgomery county... an area where gansler has always had strong support. lori askinazi: 04:42:51 "well i feel that doug is the right person at the right time. he has been an extreme advocate for maryland. he's done a great job for montgomery county. he'll do a great job for the state." elisah pulivarti: 04:43:48 "he will be a great governor for maryland i tell you." gansler quickly prioritizes his platform for reporters... 05:08:26 "jobs, transportation, education, public safety. so i think that's what we're looking for." while his political allies... touted gansler's accomplishments on social issues... like advocating for same sex marriage. 04:49:43 "and i'm so proud for the thousands of gays and lesbians in this state and the children we're raising. if it weren't for doug's embrace of our families, we would continue to be second-class citizens." 05:11:10 "gansler says he will make more than a dozen
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campaign stops over the next two days, but when it comes to choosing a running mate, he's keeping that secret for now. in mont co, mr fox 45 news at 5:30." ten baltimore city middle schools.... receive a donation that could save lives. these automated external defibrillators are a gift from johns hopkins medicine... and were donated this morning during a presentation at the paul laurence dunbar high school. the portable devices are used to shock the heart back into a normal rhythm.. and can help prevent sudden cardiac death. the idea for the donation came from doctor theodore abraham, a hopkins cardiologist who was concerned about student athletes. "incue: heart disease can affect young kids.. outcue: and it very often can be fatal." the israel and mollie myers family foundation donated 10- thousand dollars to johns hopkins in order to purchase the
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aeds. a... bag ...full of... hundred dollar bills.../ imagine... finding that... in... the middle of the road! it... happened... to one maryland driver.../. what... he did next... may surprise you. croft says: "it was right in the middle of the road down there. it looked like a bag. something just said 'back up and see what's in there'. i was shocked. i've never really found anything like that before. " what robert croft found was money - $6,000. around 3pm sunday, he drove right over it on a ramp along route 29. croft says: "it was strange. i opened it up and i was like 'wow, what a gift' cause i could definitely use it." you see, he'd been laid off and just found a new job... he has two young children. croft says: "they said can we keep it? can we keep it? i said no we gotta turn it in." croft says: "morally i just couldn't do it. my mom raised us. strict christian background." (parker on cam) the spot where robert found the money was right near the county line. so first he
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called howard county police. that's where he lives. croft says: "they said nobody reported it." (parker on cam) then he called montgomey county police. they were happy to assist with turning it in, but
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tonight? brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. maps greensrping bat natl pike shawan 395 map
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a work-at-home scam that bilked victims out of millions of dollars. how you can protect yourself... a kid takes his love for one video game way too far. how it led to kidnapping and several car accidents. police...
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in louisiana... say... a... 20-year-old man... told them... he wanted to see... what it felt like... to... play real- life... grand theft auto... / a... video game... where players... car-jack.../ and... drive out of control. police... say... he kidnapped a woman... stole a truck... nd... rammed into... several parked cars.../. the woman... was able to jump out... while... he drove... into nine vehicles.../. when officers...
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questioned... the 20-year-old,.../ he... told them... he wanted to see... what... it was really like... to... live... what he was playing... in the video game.../. he now faces... nine charges. what's wrong with many of those work- at- home job offers you see advertised? well... a large number of them are scams... that will cost you more than you will ever make. (v/o) for just $6- thousand dollars and a one day course - job seekers were told they could learn to do medical billing --working from home-- and earn big bucks. (terrence sullivan, us postal inspector) "they would be told there would be no need to market the services the demand was so great for medical billing that they wouldn't even need to knock on doctors' doors - doctors would be seek them out." (v/o) the company- edi-lured in victms by telling them they could earn $12-hundred dollars a month and that edi would help them find clients. (terrence sullivan, us postal inspector) "edi would provide
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them with a couple of firms or doctors' offices or chiropractors or medical laboratories that would be in their area." (v/o) the problem? the whole thing was a scam. (terrence sullivan, us postal inspector) "in this particular case it was always a fraud, there was no demand for the medical billing service they were offering." (v/o) victims lost the $6-thousand dollar fee they paid for the program as well as money spent flying to a one day training session in detorit. in all: 35- hundred victims and more than $17 million dollars in losses. postal inspectors say the majority of people who signed up for the course never found a single client, never processed a single claim and never made a dime. inspectors say be wary of work at home opportunities. (terrence sullivan, us postal inspector) "no one is going to pay you big money and not ask you to put out a lot of effort. they really take advantage of people in a desperate situation." the federal trade commission also alleged that edi failed to provide consumers with
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information required by the franchise rule. courts granted the f-t-c's request for a temporary restraining order and asset freeze. soon after, the defendants agreed to a preliminary injunction that bars edi from selling further business opportunities. an oregon man finds a very sweet surprise inside a box of cookies... besides the tasty treats themselves.
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lamborghini... comes 2. take a look... surveillance video catches the 400-thousand dollar car... breaking in half after a crash in brooklyn, new york. the youtube video and stills of the crash went viral after being posted. the crash happened when a car tried to pull into a driveway right in front of the lamborghini. the driver survived... the car... not so much. an... oregon man
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...finds a sweet surprise a box of cookies... / a... 100-dollar bill stuffed inside.../. at first... he thought it was some kind of mistake... / so... he went back to the walmart... where he bought it... and grabbed another box.../. that one... had a benjamin... too! theustomer... service desk... confirmed... both bills were real... / they... let the man... keep them.../. a... walmart manager ...suspects... this may be the work of a good samaritan.../. he says... last christmas... / someone ...came in... and... anonimously... paid for several families'... layaway items... / - react to story - vytas wx
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v/o rollcue..."a very serious injury.." it was one of those images that's hard to get out of your mind..the orioles talented young third baseman manny machado trying to leg one out, but when he hit the bag, his knee buckled.. x-rays taken in tampa could not be developed, so machado underwent an mri here in baltimore earlier this afternoon... buck showalter gave us the latest information he has...
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we're saying
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thank you to the fans that make our facebook page the most popular t-v page in baltimore. today's facebook fan of the day is brad taylor. you could be a fox 45 fan of the day. all you have to do is go to facebook dot com, slash fox baltimore and click the "like" button. we have a new fan of the day... every weekday... on fox 45 news at five thirty. a... serviceman... killed in action... during world war two... wrote a letter a daughter ...he... never... got to meet.../. now... nearly 70 years later.... she is opening them for the first time. "your daddy loves you very much and always will no matter where i am" private first class john eddington penned the heartfelt note to his newborn daughter peggy... during a war deployment that he would never return from. the letter was found 14- years ago... as a saint louis woman
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helped clean out the home of her husband's grandparents. the woman tracked down peggy eddington- smith...delivering the letter that was written all those years ago. that's all for fox45 news at 5:30. "family feud" is next. and we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... we'll see you later. ♪ i woke up to a lightbulb
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you kids doing? thank
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you very much. how you folks? come on. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? like always, got another good one for you today. returning for their third day from west orange, new jersey, it's the rondinella family. [cheering] and from maplewood, new jersey, it's the burns family. everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in that fuel-efficient ford fusion right there. let's play the "feud." give me chaz. give me laura. let's go. ["family feud" theme plays] all right, guys, here we go. top 8 answers are on the board. if a stripper's name is cinderella, what might she bring with her on stage? chaz. >> her pole.
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steve: her pole. >> a pole. >> whoa, good answer! good answer. [cheering] >> the pole. steve: all them 8 years in the service, you ain't-- steve: all them 8 years in the service, you ain't-- >> i don't do strip clubs. steve: you ain't never been to a strip club? >> no, i don't know. >> well, let me tell you something, pole already out there. >> ha ha! steve: brings her own pole! laura. >> her shoe. steve: her... >> her shoe, her glass slipper. steve: her shoe. ok. her shoe. the shoe! [cheering] pass or play? >> we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. hey, rebecca, if a stripper's name is cinderella, what might she bring on stage with her? >> well, she was a maid at first, so her broom. >> good answer. good answer. >> right? thank you. steve: her broom. >> woo! yeah!
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steve: tom, how you feeling today, man? >> very good. steve: good to see you. if a stripper's name is cinderella, what might she bring on stage with her? >> she would have her wand. steve: her wand. hi, sharon. >> hello. steve: good to see you today. look, if a stripper's name is cinderella, what might she bring on stage? >> how about her 3 little friends the mice? the mice. >> good answer. >> i don't know what she'd do with them, but she might bring them. >> good answer. good answer. steve: no, no. i'm--no. i'm not arguing the answer. it's just astonishing how much i don't know about this woman. i'm sort of going, "what mouse? some mice? what the hell was..." i don't even remember that. the mice! [cheering] hi, julia. >> hi. steve: well, if a stripper's name is cinderella, what might she bring on stage with her?
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>> her fairy godmother. >> yeah. >> they could do a routine together. steve: now, i've got--we got to stop now. nobody wants you to bring your mama with you. i've been at some strip clubs. i don't want your mama out here. >> hey, you never know. to each his own, you know? >> the fairy godmother! >> oh! steve: laura, you only got one strike. if a stripper's name is cinderella, what might she bring on stage with her? >> her pumpkin. steve: her pumpkin. >> yay! steve: ok, i got to brush up on my fairy tales. i kid you not, i am so lost right now. what pumpkin? >> the one they--for the carriage, you know, that she travels in. steve: really? >> yeah. steve: you onl


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