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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 25, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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be made up of teachers and parents. a.... woman ...who accused ...former anne arundel county executive john leopold... of misconduct... resolves... her wrongful termination... case karla hamner... will receive 110-thousand dollars from anne arundel county.../. leopold's ...former spokeswoman... accused him of firing her... after she refused to help... with his re-election campaign. (:25) "this is a huge victory for me and i feel its a huge victory for women who are in similar situations...." the county... still has two similar lawsuits resolve.... filed by another former employee... and the a-c-l-u. a dancer sues a baltimore strip club for what she says is retaliation and lost wages. karen parks is streaming live at the federal courhouse where the lawsuit was filed today. more than... 30 students...
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30 students... are... hospitalized... after a school bus crash... in charles county. this... the scene... about 8 o'clock this morning... on... davis road... near... north point high school... in waldorf.../ police say... a... cadillac escalade... hit the bus head- on..../ the suv driver... was flown to the hospital, ... in... stable condition.../. there were... 35 students aboard .../ no word yet... on what caused the accident. tense moments... on a... construction site... in maryland... after a worker... gets stuck in the mud.../. it happened... in... new market..../ officials say... the man... was in a ditch... when a water pipe burst..../ e water quickly started to gush... and... filled the ditch...... leaving... the 49-year-old worker ...trapped... waist-deep.../. as... you see... he was eventually
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pulled out.../. he's reportedly... in good condition. an... elderly man the guilford neighborhood... is... giving away... 8.5---million dollars.../ this is a story... you are seeing 'first on fox'. kathleen cairns has more on why this senior citizen is motivated... to be extraordinarily generous..... (kc lead) "while balt may have its share of rough neighborhoods and crime.. on philanthropist has faith in this city.. thats why he has vowed to give 8.5 million dollars to charities.. to improve this city." -pkg- george mcmanus enjoys the tranquility of his own living room... but even at 92, nothing can slow him down when it comes to chatting about his own... humble beginnings. "i was born in my uncles house." george was born friday the 13th of may... 1921.... but that day didnt dictate destiny as far as luck was concerned. while george and his 3 brothers were poor, the church stepped in to make sure he had an education.
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"i had no money to pay the tuition at st dominicks which was about 25 cents a month..." from there george went to calvert hall... loyola... and then to harvard law.... and--- in between it all... he had a brief stint in the navy : (george mcmanus)"in world war two in the south pacific." while he lived through history.. he also made his own history... become a successful trial attorney..... (george)"i did extremely well" while some peg it as a rags to riches story... george says.. it was the result of the generosity of others... and just plain hard work. "i made a promise when i was 30 that because so many people helped me if i ever made any money i would use it to help other people... who are in the same circumstances i was." fast forward 60 years.... now... george is 92..... a father, grandfather, and great- grandfather... and he is ready to give back. his donation to his schools and community organizations
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total 8.5 million dollars. and george says it is fueled... by his faith. (side)"well my main thought about death is..i hope i die in the friendship with the lord.." (as live tag)"mcmanus is giving his money to the baltimore community foundation a group dedicated to addressing the future needs of the city. 530ox 45 news how are the roads looking tonight? brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. map greensrping abt natl pike maps 395
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map don't be a victim... some ...crucial advice... that could prevent you... from losing thousands... in a popular scam. and... that's one heck of a temper tantrum..../ the unbelievable reason... one teen... set his... home on fire. --adblib weather tz--
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card sends a nevada teen on a violent tirade that landed him in jail. reno police say the 13-year-old poured gasoline in his family's home to start a fire, and shot through a wall with his father's handgun. he then called his parents and threatened them. apparently he was upset over having to switch schools, and his mid-term grades. firefighters responded but backed off when they saw the boy with the gun. police then arrived and took the teen into custody in the front yard. the threats are really unpredictable and they can come from any person or any source and we just have to get ready to deal with it, be it a minor or juvenile or a group of individuals bent on doing harm. the teen is facing arson charges as well as assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful discharge of a firearm. he's being held in juvenile detention. one man's loss... is... another man's gain.../. the victim... of... one scam... has a lesson... he'd like to pass on.../ that... could... save you... thousands of dollars... and... serious heartache.
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(daniel pipkins iii, fraud victim) "i got into this terrible situation to offset the terrible losses i incurred. it's very difficult." (v/o) daniel pipkins thought he had won the lottery and hoped those winnings would help him recover from steep real estate losses. this table is full of bogus winning notices promising millions and new cars. (daniel pipkins iii, fraud victim) "i didn't want to sit around feeling sorry for myself, so i thought i would give it a chance. $10, $4, $30" (v/o) the 89-year old spent more than 35-hundred dollars in just one year and never won a thing. (daniel pipkins iii, fraud victim) "not one red cent. that is a lot of money back there." daniel got caught up in a foreign lottery scam. conartists send out notices saying the victim won a lottery and all he needs to do to collect is pay a fee or taxes on the winnings. daniel read all of the notices and found the wording very persuasive. (daniel pipkin iii, fraud victim) "it tells me you didn't answer the first time but i'm going to try you a second time and there is a $50
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million dollar thing and all i have to do is get it back to them in 10 days." (v/o) now - he knows better. (daniel pipkin iii, fraud victim) "i know that i should have backed off on a lot of it - but the phraseology can make you feel as though "this is your moment"." (v/o) postal inspectors say the victims are usually elderly. (terrence sullivan, us postal inspector) "it really affects their standard of living. they are cutting into their utility budget, their food budget, just to participate in these scam lotteries." (daniel pipkin iii, fraud victim) "there are guys and all they do is scheme stuff up and they may not be next door to you - they could be across the world." a... warning... from postal inspectors... / no... upfront fees... ever need to be paid... on... valid... lottery winnings.../. only a scam... will ask... for money upfront. the unbelievable thing one man used to pay his water bill... and
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wht men in haz- mat suits responded.
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a florida man finds himself in 'hot water' after attempting to pay his water bill... with cocaine! water utility employees says a man just walked into their office and handed the clerk an envelope and walked out. when they opened it up they saw a white powdery substance... that turned out to be cocaine. deputies are trying to figure out who the man is... and why he did it. a... massive earthquake ...has caused... a new island... to form... off... pakistan.... scientists say... the quake released gases... trapped below the sea floor,.../ creating a mud volcano... powerful enough... to cut thru... 23...feet... of... ocean.../ the... island's... 60--feet high,... 100---feet long... and... 250--feet wide.../. it's... still emitting... dangerous gases... / and... they're testing earth samples... to
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determine exactly... what the island... is made of.../. a... certain statement... is... now banned... at a british zoo. a wildlife park is not allowing visitors to wear any kind of animal print inside their safari exhibit... because staff say the prints upset the animals. the zoo has even hired animal print bouncers... to screen all guests. what happens if you show up sporting leopard print? the zoo is providing grey jumpsuits to help you cover up. - react to story - vytas wx
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the orioles were
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eliminated from the playoffs last night... how the o's skipper is reacting tonight... next in sports unlimited... at the end of
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last week's game, the ravens found themselvesdown to just one runningback ... today a sign that things could be getting better in that department.. ray rice was back on the practice field today.. he sat out last week after suffering a hip injury in week two... he told reporters after today's practice that he fully intends to play...john harbaugh says he wants to see how this week goes in practice... bernard pierce started in rice's absense..vaughn drones was the backup, but suffered a high ankle sprain..and did not practice today... across town.. a dream died last night at camden yards... the orioles were officially eliminated from the post season after losing to toronto.. it was their 6th loss in a row.. after getting a taste last season, the playoffs were the top priority ever since spring training began back in february..and falling short is a bitter pill to swallow... the ravens know
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the running game must improve... morgan adsit takes a look at that tonight on sports unlimited a... muppet match... made... in heaven... will soon be... on display... in the national museum ...of american history. miss piggy is among more than 20 muppets the henson family
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just donated to the museum. she will be displayed alongside current museum resident.. and love of her life... kermit the frog... next march. the family made the donation in honor of the late jim henson's birthday. that's all for fox45 news at 5:30. "family feud" is next. and we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... we'll see you later. you score little victories every day. now do it with dinner. land o'lakes sauté express meal starter, with herbs, spices, butter and olive oil. for chicken pasta... beef stir fry... shrimp tacos... endless possibilities!
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sauté express®. in the dairy aisle.
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you score little victories every now do it with dinner. land o'lakes sauté express meal starter, with herbs, spices, butter and olive oil. for chicken pasta... beef stir fry... shrimp tacos... endless possibilities! sauté express®. in the dairy aisle. announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! [applause] give it up for steve harvey! steve: how you folks doing? welcome to the show.
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how's everybody doing today? thank you so much, folks. [chuckles] let's go. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody! i'm your man, steve harvey, and boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, we got a good one for you today. we got a family back for the second day, already with a total $20,000. from maplewood, new jersey, it's the burns family! [applause] but here to get a little piece of the pie theirself, from fort lauderdale, florida, it's the hatcher family! [applause] well, everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and the possibility of driving out of here in that new, stylish ford fusion, right there. [applause] let's go, give me chaz, give me diane, let's go. [applause] top 7 answers on the board, guys. tell me something about the coworker sitting next to you
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that makes it hard to concentrate. chaz. >> they stink. steve: they stink. [applause] [bell rings] [applause] >> they're too loud. steve: they're too loud. [bell rings] [applause] pass or play? >> we want to play. steve: they're going to play. [applause] hey, don. how you doing, sir? >> i'm fine. steve: good, all right, let's go, tell me something about the coworker sitting next to you that makes it hard to concentrate. >> oh, they eat all the time. steve: they eat all the time. >> yes, snack all the time. [bell rings] hey. steve: hello, heather. >> hello, steve. steve: the missi here is to get you a husband. >> yes, i guess so. steve: that's the only reason your mother signed the family up for this show. >> the only reason i'm here on national tv. steve: that's amazing, what type of guy are you looking for, heather? >> um, oh, just a good one. steve: a good one. >> yeah, somebody nice, and
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smart, and hard-working. steve: hard-working, that's-- >> and good-looking. steve: and good-looking. and the list goes on, and on, and on. [laughter] ha--kind of hard to marry a ugly man. >> yeah. steve: sister did pretty good. >> thank you. steve: got a good-looking guy, right there, you know, you don't--marrying a ugly man is rough. >> he doesn't have any friends or brothers, though. steve: doesn'have any friends or brothers, you already took that route? >> ooh, we've been there. [laughter] steve: didn't work out, huh? well, heather, we're going to find you somebody, that's what we're going to do, you're an attractive girl, we can make it happen. >> [laughs] steve: tell me something about the coworker sitting next to you that makes it hard to concentrate. >> they mess around on their computer all day long, like, on facebook or social media. [applause] steve: messing around on the computer all day long. [buzzer] >> ugh. audience: ohh. steve: chad, how you doing, man? >> really good, how are you? steve: let me pull that tie up for you a little bit. >> thank you very much. steve: what do you do for a living, chad? >> i'm a firefighter. steve: oh, that's a good job, man, that's nice benefits. >> mm-hmm. steve: take care of them kids and everything. >> oh, yeah. steve: chad, tell me something
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about the coworker sitting next to you that makes it hard to concentrate. >> they're untidy, garbage everywhere. steve: untidy, garbage everywhere. [applause] [buzzer] audience: ohh. steve: you can have a good answer that's not up there. hi, haley, how are you doing? >> hi, good, how are you? steve: congratulations on being the successful daughter here. >> thank you. [laughter] i take credit for that. steve: yeah, i've been hearing a lot about you. [laughter] got the kids and everything, and a great husband, it's just-- >> pretty fulfilling. steve: yes, it is pretty fulfilling, yeah, you mean, as versus what? [laughter] >> being the older, single daughter. [laughs] audience: ohh! >> welcome to "family feud." steve: i really didn't think--you know, i lobbed it, but i didn't think she'd dunk it. i really didn't think she'd take the alley-oop. >> sorry, heather. steve: it's okay, she's had enough of this. haley, we got two strikes, you got to be careful. burns


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