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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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electronic transfers and cash. she pleaded guilty today to a federal conspiracy charge. mayo is one of 25 people indicted in the corruption scandal... and the first to plead guilty to working for the gang on the street. traffic... is back to normal... on... i-83... north near the pennsylvania line,.../ after... a... multi-vehicle crash... backed up traffic ...on... both sides for miles. a viewer sent us this photo of the scene... between the glen rock and loganville exits... in springfield township, pennsylvania..../ officials say... as many as... a... dozen vehicles,... including... several tractor trailers,... and a tow truck... collided around 1:30.../. that... crash ...shut down... the northbound lanes... for... nearly seven hours..../ seven people... were taken to the hospital.,./ but none of the injuries... is... life-threatening. and when it comes to news in your neighborhood... see it.. shoot it.. send it. you can upload photos and videos to our website. go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on the "see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can also send photos directly from your cell phone to "pics at foxbaltimore dot com."
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imagine getting a water bill more than 20 times what is should be..... it happened to one senior citizen in northeast baltimore.... lillie cottingham has lived in her home for 42 years.... her average water bill..... 120 dollars.... but a few weeks ago she received a bill for nearly 2200....the department of public works could not explain the spike and told her the bill had to be paid...she called fox 45 and we went searching for answers..... ((take sot)) (10:45) i felt like you all must have contacted them like ms proctor said and that was probably why they called me so soon.. ((take sot)) (10:17) yesterday the man from the water company called me and he said ms cottingham we looked at your water bill we reviewed ti we gonna revise it and adjust your bill you will be getting a new bill in the mail. the department of public works says: "it appears there was a defect in the meter which caused the meter to spike which resulted in an erroneous usage number.
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in... the immediate aftermath... of the kenyan... mall massacre ... and... a... new... terror alert... from the state department... / a... t-s-a officer... made a surprising find... at b-w-i. razor blades... sown...inside a pair of running shoes..../ the male passenger...clai ms... he had no knowledge... of that.../ and officers... had to pull apart... the sole of the remove the blades.../. that passenger...was then... allowed... to board his flight. (farbstein) "on occasion actually we do get people who try to artfully conceal weapons in their luggage in shoes and in this case we believe that it was probably a manufacturing error." in... the past two months.../ t.s.a. officials... confiscated... boxes... of banned items.../ from switchblades... to replicas of handguns. with just days before the insurance exchanges that make up the health reform act open, there's another glitch that's causing a delay for some people looking to sign up. small businesses with 50 or fewer workers will not be able to sign their staff up for the
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exchanges run by the federal government until november first. and those hoping to enroll through the spanish language version of the site will have to wait until late october. meanwhile, the president was in prince george;s county, reassuring people who worry that reforms will make the health care system worse. ((take sot))
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told them that.> the cosnsumer reports website is designed to provide americans with personalized results that explain how the new health law will affect them. it also gives advice on what steps to take after recommendation s are made---making sure people are prepared before the affordable care act goes into effect january first. mcclamrock is a recent grad who is currently unemployed. ((sot-ben))
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she should stick with her employer's insurance. and while she plans to further investigate she thinks that might be her best option. ((sot- harriette)) in north baltimore, amber miller, fox 45 news late edition. a... bad day for drivers in alaska... using their i-phones... to get... to the fairbanks airport.../. seems... the phone's... "map app"... takes... drivers... on... the... most direct route the airport../ .by... putting them... on the runway! at least... twice... in the past... three weeks, .../ drivers... have... turned up... driving across the main runway,.../ after being led there... via... the turn- by-turn... directions.../. and... while it's rattled... a... few nerves, ... no... one has been injured.../. airport officials... have now locked down... the entrance,.../ and... apple officials say... they have fixed... the problem with the app. a... great day for researchers at nasa... who've not only found water on mars,.../
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but quote, "significant amounts"... in the first soil sample... taken by the... "curiousity rover" .../ scientists... have long believed... that mars... once was home... to running water, .../ but are encouraged to find easily accesible water... right now..../ that could be significant... , as... nasa ...looks to send... manned expeditions... to mars... in the future. and it's been a good day... for patients at the johns hopkins children's center, ... who... had...their spirits lifted... by some new ...and... very special friends.../. elmo... and... grover... made the rounds... during today's visiting hours,.../ during their stop in town for sesame street live's... "make a new friend"... show..../ .. the show plays tomorrow ...thru... sunday... at the modell performing arts center at the lyric. ad lib toss to wx when we come
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back, a frightening scene as small plane falls out of the sky, crashing onto a crowded parking lot. hear what investigators believe went wng in this deadly crash. and a wall of sand pummels an arizona town. more of the amazing pictures, when the late edition. some dramatic video out of a
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chicago suburb,
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where a small plane crashes into a bank parking lot, killing one person, and badly burning another. police say the two seater plane was approaching for a landing, when it clipped a tree and a light pole, then crashed into several parked cars. no one on the ground was hurt, but a woman on board the plane died, while a man suffered severe burns. it's unclear tonight who was the pilot. a rising democratic star in the state of texas is hoping to fill the seat currently occupied by presidential hopeful rick perry. state senator wendy davis rose to national prominence last month after staging a 13 hour filibuster in an attempt to block texas' newly imposed abortion restrictions she's expected to make a formal announcment next week. texas hasn't had a democratic governor since ann richards in 1990. better stock up on those forever looks like the price of postage is going up yet again. the u-s postal service is requesting permission to raise the cost of
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first class mail by three cents next year...taking it up to 49 cents. postcard prices would go up to 34 cents. it's hoped that those hikes would bring in an additional two billion dollars to the cash strapped agency. a sudden and massive dust storm closes down a 14 mile stretch of highway in arizona today. this massive wall of sand and dirt...called a haboob... caused multiple accidents on the highway, before it was shut down. dust storms like these blow through frequently in arizona because of the arid conditions. ((jen 2 shot)) toss to vytas coming up, the
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six million dollar man doesn't seem like science fiction any more... not after you see our next story. it's news you need to know... next. a chicago man
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mom? did nana ever give you cheerios when you were a little kid? yeah, she did.
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were cheerios the same back then? cheerios has pretty much been the same forever. so...when we have cheerios, it's kind of like we are having breakfast with nana... yeah... ♪ yeah. you're so smart.
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his leg in an accident is back on his feet--that's right-- feet, plural... thanks to a remarkable piece of technology. by connecting two nerves in zac vawter's hamstring muscle to this bionic prosthetic, zac now has the ability to control his knee and ankle movement just by concentrating on it. it's a breakthrough that biomedical engineers have spent years perfecting. ((take sot )) thanks to an eight million dollar grant from the u-s army, it's hoped this technology could change the quality of life for more than 12 hundred soldiers who've lost their lower limbs in iraq and afghanistan.
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engineers at harvard are one step away from becoming full fledged jedi, after the remarkable announcement that they've built an actual lightsaber... a lightsaber... as in "star wars." what they've actually done is create a new state of matter-- photonic molecules. to do this, researchers pump rubidium atoms into a vacuum chamber, then cool the vacuum to near absolute zero. that creates a stream of photons moving slow enough that they no longer pass through solids...hence the cutting effect of a lightsaber. simple right? they still haven't perfected that telepathic choking trick... halloween is often the time to trot out sexy costumes. but common sense should tell you to draw the line at kids...especially toddlers. that's why wal- mart is
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apologizing, and pulling a line of costumes that while they may not be all-that revealing... are definitely suggesting the wrong things in their names. costumes like the naughty ninja, the naughty leopard, and the devil diva. these outfits were sold in sizes as small as 2-t. coming up...when they say things live on in cyberspace...the y're not kidding. a story showcasing the sweeter side of that expression, when the late edition continues. an oregon man who lost his
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who lost his grandmother last year says she lives on...all thanks to google. a few weeks ago, dustin moore was entering random addresses on google maps, when he typed in the address of his recently departed grandma. imagine his surprise when he clicked on the street view, to find his mee-maw sitting on her front perch, reading her newspaper. dustin says he knows google will eventually update the site with a new photo. but that's usually done every six or seven years, so he figures he has some more time to spend with her. an embarrassing
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an embarrassing play by an orioles' left fielder... why ever little leaguer in the country could've told him what to do... next in sports unlimited... that's all for the late edition. i'm jennifer the late edition. i'm jennifer
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and i'm jeff barnd. now it's time for sports unlimited with bruce cunningham. much was made of the acquisition of elvis dumerville and chris canty in the off- season.. but the recent resurgence of the defense can be largely credited to two other guys.. from the castle in owings mills, morgan adsit picks up the story from here... across town... now eliminated
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from the post- season, the orioles are playing out the string.. the final of their three game series with toronto...and for the second straight night, they sent the fans home happy top of the 1st... 2 outs... runner on 1st... moises sierra routine fly ball to left... except jason pridie drops it... munenori kawasaki scores all the way from first... a huge mental error... they teach you in little league to use 2 hands... pridie must have missed that day... 1-0 jays... . bottom of the 2nd... mark buehrle hangs it... matt wieters bangs it... his 22nd home run... ties it at 1... . 3rd inning... nick markakis slices it to left... trouble for the outfielder brian roberts on his giddy up... comes around from first... gives the orioles a 2-1 lead... . top 9... jim johnson strikes out kevin pillar to end it... his a-l best 48th save... orioles take the final 2 against toronto... 3-2... baseball commiwssioner bud selig has been on the job for over 20 years...he took office in 1992, and he announced today he will vacate the post when his
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contract expires after next season.. a former owner of the milwaukee brewers, selig's tenure was marked by almost unprecdented problems.. a strike killed the 1994 season, cancelling the world series.. an extra inning all star game was declared a tie after both teams ran out of pitchers and the game went thru the steroid era... selig says he expects to be involved in the selection of a succesor that's all for sports unlimited... i'm bruce cunningham... thanks for watching... arsenio hall is next... have a great night...
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>> almost live from stage six at
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sunset blooveed studios on the world famous sunset beloved, it's "the arsenio hall show," starring arsenio hall, featuring the posse, under the direction of robin dimaggio. tonight, actress and "madman" star, julia ormond. comedian, actor and star of "sleepy hollow," orlando jones, plus, a performance by the soulful mayer hawthorne. now, your obamacare answer man, here's arsenio hall!
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arsenio: thank you. have a seat, relax, enjoy the show. i am arsenio hall and by the way, if you want to get out of jury duty, just tell the judge your name is charlie sheen. i'm sure you read about that. charlie sheen was called for jury duty but he wasn't selected, which is a good thing. last time charlie was locked up in a room with 11 strangers they were all naked and he lost his job. don't want that to happen again. when charlie arrived in court, he saw lady justice holding those scales, he immediately reached in his pocket and weighed what he had and actually went and made an angry call to his dealer. speaking of drugs, in washington
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state, a man gave his 4-year-old heroin.ait on it -- yes! and the son is going to be fine. he's going to fully recover. the doctor said in the meantime the 4-year-old boy actually recorded two incredible jazz c.d.'s. [applause] yes. this week, the big annual clinton global initiative went down. bonobe's bono was -- u-2's was there. women all love bono. he's a sex symbol, rights? but there's a talent you might not know about. he does impressions. take a look at this. [in clinton's voice]
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when i first met bono, he walked into the oval office and actually i thought it was a member of his own road crew. arsenio: spot on, right? that was very good. yes. and apparently he does more than just bill clinton impressions. there's a lot of stuff. check this out. this one shocked me. >> give it up for robin dimaggio and my posse 2.0. yes, indeed, yes indeed, lord have mercy. arsenio: in china, surgeons grew a new nose on a man's forehead after a traffic accident. have you heard about this? yes, exactly. made me scream like a white woman too when i saw it. thank you. wow. and by the way, he's single, ladies. he looks like one of those ads republicans made to scare us away from obamacare. after


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