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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 2, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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(15:06:25) "i'm concerned that my neighborhood will be divided. i'm concerned real estate will be negatively impacted. we're a strong vibrant community, we want to be together. we want our son to stay at pleasant plains where he alreadyd knows the teachers, the administration. they all know him and they love him." at the end of this month, a redistricting committee is expected to release proposals for parents review. as part of the government shutdown... the obama administration told the u-s parks department to close off access to all the memorials in washington d-c. but... that hasn't stopped... hundreds of world war two vets..../ melinda roeder... tagged along... with some of them... for their... special journey today. intro: 08:30:59 "today in washington dc, the world war ii memorial is eerily silent; the water fountains turned off; and the memorial emptied - save for a special group of vets said they wouldn't
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miss this opportunity for the world." 08:23:34 (natsound of soldier reading inscription to veteran) a permanent tribute to those hank sidof... rans like seeing it for the first time. marker... pays tribute to those who served.... world war two veterans like hank sidof... seeing it for the first time. hank: 08:24:27 "i wanted to come here several times, but never made it for one reason or another... first real opportunity." he's outlived most of his family... but today - hank is being escorted by the "honor flight" organization... 08:16:29 "putting it here so the vets can take their picture." but the trip was nearly canceled... after the u-s parks service placed barricades around the memorial... due to a government shutdown. 08:12:03 "it's totay politicized. it's just ridiculous." when word spread that the veterans would be kept out... other vets - and private citizens - began protesting. lance frye: 08:11:29 "they spent more time, money and aggravation to close them and keep people out than to just keep
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them open." joseph lee: 08:14:22 "it's really important to me to make sure that the things my family has fought for... that it's open to the public to be free. that's what it's all about." in response, the parks service worked out a way to allow... the veterans and their escorts- to visit up close. hank: 08:27:03 "they should've never shut it down in the first place. a lot of them feel that way too." the visit marked a poignant moment for these proud soldiers and sailors. charlie heller: 08:06:01 "i'm glad the lord let me live to be here. i'm 87 years old." tag: 08:32:15 "the veterans i spoke with today are optimistic the shutdown will end by the end of the week. so the america they love can get back to work. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 5:30." engine 14... turns... 125 years old. these are pictures ...from today's event... at... engine 14... in southwest baltimore.../. you can see... the 1888 clapp and jones steamer... which... was new.../ and... assigned to engine 14... the
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day it opened... along ...with the... 1919... ahrens-fox engine... that was assigned... to the station.../. the department... is... the longest continuously... open fire station in maryland.../. present at the ceremony... were retired members,... current firefighters anfd paramedics. someone... in... maryland.. . is sitting... on... a... 189- million dollar... mega millions jackpot! paul gessler... back from the severn convenience store... where the winning ticket was sold. paul-- the banner outside the dash- in convenience store in severn reads, 'we sold a jackpot winner.' at this point, they just don't know who won the 189 million dollar jackpot. in the shadows of the b-w-i flightpath... carole everett, maryland lottery: "this is the dash in and it's in severn, maryland." sits a busy store... (ding dong) sukhwinder singh, dash in convenience store: "1.05, please. how are you today?" with a lucky lotto winner. rick winingar: "189 million dollars! sukhwinder singh, dash in convenience
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store: "yep. 189 million dollars. yes." the sole mega millions winner from tuesday ight... sold here in severn. nicole jacobs: "he was like you're kidding me!' and, he jumps out of bed and he's like, 'i didn't buy a ticket.' and, i'm like 'geezee, you've gotta be kidding me' i wanted to punch him in the face." taren jones: "that's ok. it wasn't for me. my time's coming." sukhwinder singh, dash in convenience store: "it's already online everywhere you know." it's the second maryland jackpot this year... the first nine- figure prize. man: "if i won? quit my job." veral faulk: "i was like, 'damn, damn, why!?' i've been playing for 30 years. it's my turn to win." ryan snyder: "finally in anne arundel county! and, it's close to home. that's awesome." sukhwinder singh, dash in convenience store: "i got a phone call from the lottery. they said somebody hit the lottery from your store. everyone seems to be playing. the convenience store even gets a cut of the winnings. sukhwinder: i was so happy and excited to see who hit the lottery." although, the mystery remains... as to who has the ticket. rick winingar: "that guy had better get his butt in here and claim it. he needs to." carole everett, maryland lottery: "and, a lot of times, what that does is because we have all kinds of players--they have rituals and superstitions--this will become their lucky store."
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the winner has about six months to claim the jackpot. those numbers, again... 7- 10- 30- 37- 53.. and mega ball 1. the cash option is nearly 130 million dollars. paul gessler, fox45 news at 5:30. how are the roads looking tonight? carrie peirce has our traffic edge report. map smartboard- 695 at providence mdot- 695 greenspring map map a judge performs the
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wedding of a man... minutes after convicting him of murder. what ...she did next... that's even... more shocking../ . and the possible explanation... for her actions. 911 dispatcher g"hello?" sot delgado"yeah, i just called a few minutes ago and i just wanted to make sure that you took me seriously." why one man had to call 9-1-1 back... to make sure they were responding to his emergency call.
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happens next... that has the dispatcher in trouble this morning. dispatcher g "911, whatgs your emergency?" delgado g"yeah my car just kind of caught on fire and my girlfriend caught on fire..."
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dispatcher g"is your girlfriend still on fire?" sot delgado g"no." 911 dispatcher g"no. (laughs) ok is your vehicle still on fire?" sot delgado g it's hilarious, huh?" 911 dispatcher "sir is your vehicle still on fire?" sot delgado g"i just heard you smirk (inaudible) 911 dispatcher-"ok sir, it wasn't regarding that, ok" sot delgado g"yeah, i just heard you laugh." you can actually hear the operator laughing! he even called back a few minutes later to make sure help was really on the way. the dispatcher is still working pending the outcome of an investigation. after handing down a murder conviction, a judge oversees a killer's wedding. michael chen ...has more ...on this bizarre story. for april santos, there is disbelief --- and anger. i just don't know why a judge would do that, i'm lost for words the judge is patricia cookson, the judge in the
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trial of danne desbrow, the man who killed her brother kevin santos in 2003. desbrow claimed he was defending himself in a fight, but was convicted of first degree murder -- after a witness came forward to crack the cold case. two weeks ago, judge cookson sentenced him to 53 years to life --- desbrow's attorney stephen cline says that's when the judge cleared the court -- except for desbrow's family. facebook photos show what happened next. these are the wedding rings. in this photo, you can see the judge officiated a wedding between a smiling desbrow and his fiancee. his hands were uncuffed, allowing them to hold hands. after the wedding, the couple was allowed to kiss. then came another stunner -- from the judge. she went in the back and came back out, and apparently made cake for the two of them. turns out desbrow's fiancee had made the wedding request during the trial - and the judge agreed to it. santos' sister learned of the wedding when we called her about it. it's a slap in the face. my mother suffered and suffered through the trial.
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meanwhile, cline says his client was appreciative -- but was surprised the judge was so accommodating. he can't ever remember a judge marrying a convicted killer in a courtroom. he believes she may have done it -- so desbrow- who has a long history of violence -- would cause less trouble in prison. these small things can have a lasting impact down the road. it' not humanely possible for you to grant that to somebody -- to a murderer. a school bus crash caught on camera. the specific violation police ticketed the bus driver for.
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another bus../ and... the violent crash... is... caught on camera. crash nats washington state troopers ...ticketed the
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bus driver... for negligent driving.../ school officials... are investigating... whether the driver... was wearing her seatbelt properly.../. the video shows the belt ...across her lap,.../ but not over her... shoulder... / no children ..were aboard... at the time.../. no word ...if the bus driver... will be suspended.../. an extreme case of road rage... lands a doctor behind bars. this cell phone video was recorded by another driver in kentucky... who noticed a car driving erratically on the interstate.... using the shoulder to pass people. david kollar ... says he began following the car...trying to get its license plate...but he was shocked by what happened next... and so were police. "the window comes down, he pulls up a gun and fires, almost immediately he fires. as soon as i see the gun come up i just hit the brake and he missed me." "i was actually very surprised. it's not everyday that you see that." that's right... the driver pulled out a gun and fired... kollar turned the video over to police.. who tracked down the driver. perrin dobyns
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was arrested in indiana... where he works as a doctor at a state prison. dr. dobyns is now back in kentucky and facing charges. a new jersey man... mistakenly sends... a... text message... about a drug deal... to... a... 10-year- old boy.../. and... that's not... his biggest mistake. turns out... 33- year- old nicholas delear... sent the text... to the son... of a police officer.../. lieutenant ...eric danielson took over.... messaging the dealer... to set up... a "deal".../ they agreed... to meet... at a pizzeria... , where the man... was arrested ...on... numerous charges... after police found... 4 ounces of pot../ 600---dollars in cash ... and ...a.. digital scale on him. - react to story - vytas wx
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the ravens... made a trade... to protect their
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quarterback../. we'll introduce you... to... eugene monroe.../ next in sports unlimited...
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performance in buffalo has apparently started the dominos to fall out in owings mills.. they are bringing in some help for their beleaguered offensive line.. last night, they made a trade...sending multiple picks to the jacksonville jaguars in exchange for this guy, offensive tackle eugene monroe..number 75, .who was the 8th overall selection in the 2009 draft.. monroe was not on the practice field today, and still must pass a physical for the deal to be comsummated, but john harbaugh sounds excited to have him.. so what happens now to the
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current left tackle, bryant mc kinnie? there are reports the ravens are now trying to trade him, but he was on the practice field today, running with the starting offense.. he has been overweight since training camp, and his participation in the infamous party bus debaclecan't be helping much either. having said that, they could simply choose to make him monroe's backup.. morgan adsit has more on the ravens trade... plus, navy might be able to play their game against air force after all... those stories tonight at 10:50 and 11:30 that's all for fox45 news at 5:30. "family feud" is next. 5:30. "family feud" is next.
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5:30. "family feud" is next. and we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... we'll see you later. i want you coming up from the right hand side.
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you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. thank you very much. this is a big one. i'm your man steve harvey, and boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. today is one of those days that we play the game for. we got a family here returning for the fifth and final day with a total of $22,570. from fort lauderdale, florida, it's the champs. it's the hatcher family. [cheering and applause] and from glendale, arizona, it's the cole family. [cheering and applause] but, remember, today, if the hatcher family wins the game, they are going home in that brand-new, head-turning ford fusion right there. that's the car. let's play "feud," everybody! give me camilla.
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give me diane. let's go. ["family feud" theme playing] ladies, we've got the top 5 answers on the board. here we go. we asked 100 married women, name something about which you've never been 100% honest with your husband. camilla? >> past boyfriends. [cheering and applause] steve: past boyfriends. >> whoa! >> i didn't say that. steve: no, you--heh! >> that was not me. steve: she said, "look, i was-- i'm the first part. i'm before the slash. i got a couple exes, never mentioned it, but the other thing, i'm-- >> exactly. steve: diane? >> oh, 3 seconds. um... steve: pass or play? >> play. steve: they're gonna play. ryan, how you doing?
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>> good. how you doing? steve: all right, ryan. let's go. we talked to 100 married women. name something about which you've never been 100% honest with your husband. >> on the money situation. how much money she has. steve: how much money. >> yes! steve: all right, shelley. you and little millie there. child number 4. good luck to you, ok? hey, we talked to 100 married women. name something about which you've never been 100% honest with your husband. >> i would have to say maybe surgeries done. >> good answer. >> whoa. steve: i'm learnin' stuff over here. surgeries. audience: ohh. steve: j.l., how you doing, man? what do you do for a living, man? >> i'm an entrepreneur, have an online marketing company. steve: ok. >> and i spend time with my beautiful wife, my boys. just getting ready to be dominated, i guess. steve: yeah, you--yeah, yeah, that's what it's gonna be. all right. j.l., let's go. we talked to 100 married women. name
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something about which you've never been 100% honest with your husband. >> how they spent your day. "i was working." steve: how they spent their day. all right, candace. hi, darling. what do you do? >> i am a hairdresser and makeup artist. steve: really? good. how's that business? >> good. i love working on photo shoots and doing crazy stuff, so it's fun. steve: that's cool, that's cool. all right. you got two strikes. you got to be careful. hatcher family has a chance to steal. >> past mistakes. steve: past mistakes. audience: ohh! steve: that was a good answer. miss diane, here we go. we talked to 100 married women. name something about which you've never been 100% honest with your husband. >> her weight. my weight. steve: her weight. [cheering and applause] number 5?


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