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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 3, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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hopkins surgeon doctor ben cardin told fox news yesterday he was audited by the irs shortly after making critcial remarks aboutthe president at a prayer breakfast in february. carson criticized the president for enacting obamacare and failing to show leadership. shortly after that meeting carson says the irs conducted a full audit of his personal real estate holdings. the... top officers in the baltmore county police department... are... getting a raise. 26 officers... at... the rank of captain ... and above.../ agreed to a new contract... calling for... a... three percent bonus.../ a ...three percent cost of living allowance .../ and... guarantee ...that... they won't be furloughed... or... laid off... during the next ...three years.../. we asked county executive kamenetz about the deal. 3:27:21 we think this is fair to our employees our employees at the same time by the way are paying more in benefits and healthcare explenses they pay in retirement prescription and copay so we've our opportunity to make sure their at so we've asked them share some of the burdens along the way :37 over... the past
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few weeks,... the county says... it reached ...similar agreements... with the fire fighters... and paramedics.../ and... three other groups ...of... county workers. medical marijuana may be legal in maryland.... but synthetic marijuana is not.... a measure which bans synthetic pot became law in maryland this week...... it had been sold under the names of k-2, spice, and scooby snacks.... the potpourri- like substance is laced with chemicals which mimic the effects of marijuana. and its being blamed for the death of a silver spring teenager, who took his life after taking the drug. (mother) "we didn't realize the detrimental things that would happen when taking k- 2....." ( brother) "the high is just so intense and scary it makes you think you're going to die..." officials in montgomery county are notifying gas stations and convenience stores about the new law. possession of the substance carries a maximum four year prison sentence. california... becomes... the first state... to take revenge... on "revenge porn".... the governor... signed a measure this
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week... which... makes it illegal... to post... nude photos... of... someone else... online... without... their permission.../. violators... can... face... up to six months... in jail... and... a... thousand dollar fine.../. the a-c-l-u... opposed... the measure... claiming... it violated... first amendment rights.../ the state of maryland is the first state to team up with facebook in an effort to stop cyberbullying. kathleen cairns joins us with more on how this new partnership will work.... kathleen... now teachers have another tool to try and fight suspected cyberbullying and they can go right to the source... facebook. nearly one third of all school children say they have been bullied in one form or another... this new partnership is aimed at removing inappropriate and hurtful messages... that get posted. grace mccomas has a memorial page on facebook which has more then 3- thousand 'likes'.... the howard county 15 year old committed suicide after being bullied on twitter... a new state law named after her.... makes it a crime to use social media to cause "serious emotional distress on a minor" now the state
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has also teamed up with facebook security... so educators can report directly to the website... and potential cyberbullying occurrences. -gansler- "there are issues here there are first amendment issues there is what is cyber bullying what is not cyber bullying so we are doing it as a pilot in maryland with facebook to see if we can take out the wrinkles see what issues we confront." partnership is designed to streamline reporting of cyberbullying that may not be resolved through facebook's normal reporting process. kc fox 45 news at 5;30 how are the roads looking tonight? brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. map greensprin
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balt natl pike maps 395 justin bieber under fire over this photo. what he did at the great wall of china... that got the singer in trouble. "people don't want to believe this is a scam, because they really want to believe in that pot of gold at
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the end of the rainbow." and rival scammers ... preying on the same victim. how an observant postal worker saved one man from losing thousands of dollars. --adblib weather tz-- the investigation
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into the death of glee star cory monteith has come to close. a final coroner's report confirming that a fatal mix of alcohol and heroin took the life of the thirty one year old canadian-born actor. monteith was found dead in a vancouver hotel room in july. he had a history of substance abuse. the report classified the death as accidental. justin bieber
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catching flack... for hitching a ride... up the great wall of china.../. these images... recently surfaced on twitter... showing the singer's bodyguards... carrying him up the wall..../ so far... bieber hasn't responded the criticism.../. the photos... can be found on the page... "believe tour updates"../ . which has been following bieber... on his current world tour. it's... bad enough... that large numbers of americans... are getting lured into foreign lottery scams..../ now,... we have a story... about... two rival scam operations.../ both preying... on one victim. in tonight's consumer check, we show you how the victim in this case was spared by a stroke of luck. (steve bolz, us postal inspector) "they are told they've won a prize, either a sweepstakes or a lottery prize - but there is a catch." foreign lottery scams are costing
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americans more than 120 million dollars a year. thousands of people are falling victim to the promise of big winnings. (steve bolz, us postal inspector) "they have to pay money in order to collect this prize, there will be some sort of explanation it might be they have to pay taxes, they have to pay customs, processing fees it's all window dressing." in an unusual twist - a postal clerk tipped inspector bolz off to a victim being targeted by two rival groups of foreign lottery scammers. (steve bolz, us postal inspector) "he was standing in line at the post office ready to mail a package as one of these groups directed him when he received a phone call on his cell phone from a rival group. when they learned what he was doing they gave him a new address to send that package. that is what he did." the astute postal clerk sent that package to inspector bolz who then returned it. this is a picture of the victim counting the contents - more than $13 thousand dollars in cash that could have ended up in the hands of conmen. bolt told him it was all a scam,
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but the victim was reluctant to believe him. (steve bolt, us postal inspector) "people don't want to believe this is a scam, because they really want to believe in that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow." the victim in this case tried to send money again. this time - bolz spoke to his wife. (steve bolz, us postal inspector) "she was very upset, she had no idea her husband was sending thousands of dollars overseas, she had to take action at that point and rein him in." she took his cell phone away and monitors their accounts daily - a sad by product of a scam that seems to be on the rise. (steve bolz, us postal inspector) "i was unable to get through to him, because the story he was being told was stalspectors wslling him warn... there are no legitimate lotteries... or sweepstakes ... that... ask for money upfront. fox45 is committed to bringing you stories that are meaningful and impact your lives. that's why we're asking for your help in shaping the type of newscast you'd like to see. we want you to know that you
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have a voice and we'll listen to your feedback. go to our website and take our news survey. there you'll be able to give us your thoughts on eleven different categories. ad lib it's another tool for us to bring you the most comprehensive newscasts in baltimore. to get started go to foxbaltimore dot com slash survey.... or click on "news survey" under hot topics on foxbaltimore dot com. hump dayyyyyy woop woop woop it's the commercial catching on across the country.... but not everyone finds it funny. why one school is banning students from using the catch phrase. and a half time show.... getting national attention. how this marching band recovered from a major mishap.
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--adblib weather tz-- it's received over 15 million
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hits on youtube and has become one of the most memorable commercials to date. but... get this... the... geico... hump day commerical... is being banned... by one school in connecticut.../. it's hump day - wahoooo! the hump day catch phrase ... has apparently gone too vernon center middle school.../. teachers says it's become disruptive.../ and students are now banned... from quoting the
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commerical.. which they admit.. may have gotten a little out of hand. "everybody's walking around in the hallways and saying its hump day in that weird voice." "i don't really think its that big of a disruption if people are just doing it in the hallways." "sometimes its the counting down to when it is." "they do it every day." "ok, that's getting out of hand, just keep it to wednesdays and we'll be all right!" students say some kids have been called into the office.../ , but the superintendent says... this isn't a district,... or... even school wide issue..../ the teachers ...just want ... to teach... and get over this hump.../ toss to vytas
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the ravens welcome eugene monroe to owings mills... the player they cut to make room for him... next in sports unlimited... after four
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weeks of feeling like a duck in a shooting gallery, joe flacco must've felt pretty
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relieved today.. the ravens finalized a trade that could make his life a lot easier.. offensive tackle eugene monroe, took to the practice field as a baltimore raven...the ravens sent a 4th and 5th round pick to jacksonville ...the jags will also pick up 2.3 million his his 2.9 million dollar salary... he's wearing number 60...he woire 75 in jacksonville...bu t that's not available here...and for obvious reasons... for monroe, it's all about change right now. "coming into a situation where a culture of winning is unique. it's something that i haven't really been around, so, it's exciting to experience this." now whenever you bring someone in, someone has to go... and in this case, it's veteran tight end billy bajema.. a member of the super bowl team, bajema was used primarily as a blocker, and had only one catch all season.. he didn't pl;ay a single snap against buffalo last sunday... the national league divisional series begin tonight... plus we'll look ahead to towson's first
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conference home game... coming up on sports unlimited... a high school marching band is getting alot of a high school marching band is getting alot of attention on youtube... but it's not their music people find entertaining. take a look... at what happened... during the... half time show... at... a... high school in texas.../. it starts... when one tuba player stumbles.../ and takes a spill... as the group... is marching backwards../. then... one by one... five more tuba players trip../ .. and fall like dominoes....causi ng a big pile up! the downed musicians... quickly get back up... and continue the show.../ showing... they have a lot of
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brass.../. that's all for fox45 news at fox45 news at 5:30. we'll see you later.
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it's the gowland family. [cheering and applause] and from right here in atlanta, georgia, it's the jackson family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in that head-turning ford fusion right there. yep. let's play "feud"! give me nano. give me tayshia. let's go. ["family feud" theme playing] all right, guys, here we go. we've got the top 7 answers on the board. name something that most people consider attractive on a man but not on a woman.
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nano? >> a tie. steve: a tie. tayshia? >> how about a butt? their butt. steve: their butt. pass or play? >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. you kind of got it--you kind of got that backwards. yeah, see, we-- oh, you're slow. [laughter] hey, tori, good to see you again today. >> you, too, uncle steve. steve: good. ok, tori, let's go. name something that most people consider attractive on a man but not on a woman. >> how about facial hair? steve: facial hair. >> great! steve: hey, deanna, how you doing, darling? >> i'm awesome. how are you? steve: you're the 15-year-old ballerina? >> yes, sir. steve: and you play pretty well, too. >> yeah, i like to think so. steve: well, you do. for a 15 year old, you play great. >> yeah, i watch it all the time. steve: hey. ok, deanna, let's go. name something most people consider attractive on a man but not on a woman. >> i'm gonna say chest hair. steve: chest hair. chest hair.
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jason, my man, name somethg that most people consider attractive on a man but not on a woman. >> how about a bald head? steve: a bald head, yeah. yeah! the queen, miss kim, what do you do, again? >> i was a nurse for 30 years, and i just became a flight attendant. steve: wow. that's good. >> and i'm a grandmother. steve: do you enjoy flying? >> i do. i didn't realize i would, but i really do like it. steve: get to go to a lot more places, don't you? >> tons of places. i never really traveled my whole life, so this is my opportunity. steve: you traveling now. >> i am. steve: yeah. that's good. congratulations. name something that most people consider attractive on a man but not on a woman. >> hairy legs. steve: hairy legs. >> oh! steve: well, nano, you're a what? >> a firefighter, 26-year veteran. steve: that's what it was, that right there. >> yeah, thank you. steve: nano, tell me something that most people consider attractive on a man but not on a woman.
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>> how about muscles? steve: muscles. yeah. >> yeah! steve: hey, tori, only one strike. tell me something most people consider attractive on a man but not on a woman. >> a little bit of sweat and dirt. steve: a little bit of sweat and dirt. get some sweat and dirt on you. audience: ohh! steve: oh, you notice this, that it always comes down to this, don't it? that's amazing. you're in a pressure spot. >> it's real scary. steve: it is, but you've done really well at it. so you got two strikes. you got to be careful. jackson family can steal. >> a low voice. steve: a low voice, a deep voice. [deep voice] how are you today? [normal voice] that's a smart answer. [deep voice] i like that, little baby, what you doing. [normal voice] got that barry white there. what's a good low voice you've ever heard? >> harry styles. steve: harry styles. ha ha ha! who the hell is that? >> it's one direction! [applause]


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