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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 4, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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emergency room for 48 hours. this is the serious winter virus. now we can prevent many of these infections by being vaccinated and vaccine is abundantly available now. it's in your doctor's office, it's in pharmacies, we should just do it..." the flu hit early last year too... several regions across the country... actually experienced shortages of the flu vaccine. coming up next half hour... the age groups doctors are recommending get the vaccine... and here's a hint... it's not just the elderly anymore. i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. we're learning more this morning about the woman police killed after leading them on a high- speed chase that put the capitol on lockdown. 34-year-old miriam carey's mother says she was suffering from post- partum depression. the woman had
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her one-year-old daughter in the car with her. carey's mother says she was depressed... and had no history of violence. carey was from stamford, connecticut... and her mom says she has no idea why her daughter was in d-c. her chase with police started at a barricade near the white house at about 2:20 yesterday afternoon. the black car is carey's nissan infiniti. you can see it stopped at the barricades near the white house. police thought they had her cornered... but she soon rams into one cruiser, then backs up and takes off down the street. the chase came to an end at constitution street and second avenue just outside the hart senate office building. police shot the woman as she was getting out of her car. officials have been able to answer few questions after a chaotic scene near the u.s. capitol yesterday. andrew spencer reports. (nats) this new video shows some of the chaos during the incident near the capitol...where a patrol car crashes into a barrier. officials haven't
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been able to answer many questions yet about the suspect, miriam carey, or her motives. officers arrived at her relative's home in brooklyn, new york, last night...trying to gather information. "it's out of the ordinary, so of course they're shocked. it's a family member, as well, as how this whole thing occurred because no one knows exact circumstances of how this really occurred." after the shooting, investigators and bomb squad units evacuated the complex where carey lived in stamford, connecticut, to search her apartment. "he said that it's a sensitive area, i have to run in, i have about five, ten minutes to get all my stuff and get out for the next eight or so hours." alhurra t-v captured this video, wednesday, near the u-s capitol. keep in mind, as you watch this, there is a one- year-old child inside this black infinity. the driver strikes a barrier, backs into a patrol car, then speeds away. officers open fire, not knowing about the child. police caught the driver at a traffic circle a few blocks away, opening
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fire again -- this time killing the woman. the one- year-old appeared to be okay. the wild chase had started near the white house, where secret service stopped the woman's car at a security check point. she was later found to be unarmed, but police say she used her car as a weapon -- striking a secret service officer before speeding away. i'm andrew spencer, reporting we are also learning this morning that the two officers injured in the incident were workign without pay... because of the government shutdown. we now know the names of the victims in the double shooting in middle river wednesday night. they are 66 year old charley jewell... and his son... brandon jewell the shooting happened just before five o'clock on southorn road near... grovethorn road. police say when officers arrived, they found the two men on the first floor of the home.. with several gunshot wounds. (mr. street/victim's best friend) "he's paralyzed but he's out here when the kids are out here playing. he's out here with the kids throwing balls with them. ice cream man comes by, he's got money, he buys the kids ice cream. he
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don't deserve what people did to him...i mean he's a good person." (vinson/pio) "we don't believe that this was a random crime. we think that the victims were targeted. we're going to continue to talk to family, talk to neighbors to try to determine exactly what happened in this crime." witnesses say the suspects sped away in a car. police are still looking for them police believe the victims were targeted... both are expected to survive. the government is still shut down this morning... but today house republicans are scheduled to vote on a measure that would give furloughed federal workers back pay once they return to work. meanwhile... lawmakers are also turning their attention to another looming deadline. with the debt ceiling just a couple weeks away... house speaker john boehner told republicans that he will not allow a default to happen... even if it means relying on votes from democrats. on thursday.. president obama said that defaulting on our loans would be much worse for the economy than a government shutdown... pressuring boehner to fund
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the government and drop obamacare concessions. call a vote on t he floor and let members of congress make up their own minds they can show the american people are you for a shutdown or not? lawmakers have yet to reach a deal and many government services remain closed and unfunded this morning. secretary of state, john kerry will travel to asia in president obama's place. the trip was cancelled because of the shutdown. the president was scheduled to attend two asian-nation summits as part of his trip to indonesia and brunei. according to a white house statement, president obama called the leaders of both nations to express his regrets. the shutdown claims another victim......the monthly jobs report. the department of labor confirms the report won't be released today. they're too short-handed to get the information out. no word on when.....or if......this report will eventually be released. analysts predict the country's unemployment
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rate for september would be seven- point-three. the federal government shutdown won't force the navy- air force football game to be canceled after all. the pentagon has allowed saturday's game to go on as scheduled. in annapolis that's a big relief not only to the naval academy, but to many restaurants that depend on all the fans. "yeah i take care of all the fans, all the tailgaters, in addition to that, we take care of the football team, we take care of the coaches and we take care of the opposing team when they come into town." it's also good news for hotels... nearly all of them in downtown annapolis are booked this weekend. but that government shutdown is still forcing many classes at the naval academy to be cancelled. that's because nearly 60- percent of the academy's instructors are civilians... who are federal employees. and all of those instructors have been furloughed. (schofield) "we've been able to cover a lot of classes with the remaining military faculty. with that furlough, we've seen about a 20- percent drop or a 20-percent
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cancellation in classes this week." the naval academy says it's too early to know if cancelling classes will impact the rest of the semester. the government shutdown isn't the only thing congress needs to worry about. a debt ceiling deadline is quickly approaching. in the next half hour, why the treasury says doing nothing could be "catastrophic." ((break 1)) ((bump in)) ((2-shot toss to weather)) pepper jack cheese, mushrooms,
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there are a few smells in this
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world no one can resist. fresh baked bread... a new car... and maybe this, too... "i lost sleep cause i would just hold this precious baby and you just, you smell them." science shows there's something more to that "newborn smell" than just breathing in a sign of youth. next, how it could be addicting to moms. and helping teachers get the basics in their classrooms, without them spending their hard-earned money. the new website that's allowing strangers to chip in. ((break 2))
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any mom will tell you how much they love the smell of their newborn baby... but, could they really be addicted to it? science says "yes." melody mendez tells us how
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that "newborn smell" can be like a drug to new moms. pordy says: " they absolutely have a sweet, soft little scent that just makes you light up." while the adjectives may vary... any mom will tell you all about the smell of her newborn. terra pordy has a 3-year-old son, and another on the way... she still vividly remembers the smell. pordy says: "i lost sleep cause i would just hold this precious baby and you just, you smell them." now, a study published in the journal "frontiers in psychology" finds newborns do have a smell, that activates certain pathways in a mom's brain, making it hard to resist her baby. felle says: "women will often talk about the smell of a newborn and that it changes something for them." getting your questions answered we came to doctor maeve felle (may-ve fell-ee), an obgyn at denver's rose medical center. felle says: "it shows there's likely a change in the biochemical makeup of the brain causes an intense bond and euphoric feeling with how they relate to their babies." the study found, the reactions moms had to the smell was similar to the
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feeling after ingesting cocaine or delicious food. felle says: "the addiction component of those are that you're getting the same response of stimulation with those and so it's the same thing that they're thinking happens when a mom bonds with her baby." proving what many moms have claimed all along... pordy says: " it's addicting, you just want them close to you, they're just precious and... " in a few weeks, terra will experience that newborn smell, again... pordy says: "i look forward to meeting the little guy and just seeing how he smells." it's a problem teachers here in
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teachers here in maryland and across the nation are facing this year... "you used to get some pencils, maybe some glue sticks, some construction paper. i got zero this year." educators shelling out their own cash for basic classroom supplies... now a website aims to help them curb the costs. next, how you can chip in. ((break 3))
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for slashed budgets at public schools across the country. with little or no money for supplies, they're having to buy
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pens, pencils and other basic items. laura ingle shows us how strangers are stepping up to help in a big way. school is underway at "s." weir mitchell elementary in philadelphia, and third grade teacher jason bui is digging into his own pockets to supplement his students' school supplies bui says: "you used to get some pencils, maybe some glue sticks, some construction paper. i got zero this year." according to the national school supply and equipment association, teachers spend nearly 1,000 dollars per year of their own money on classroom supplies.... now, strangers are stepping up to help through "donors", a crowd funding website where teachers post wish lists called "projects." best says: "we vet and validate that project before posting it to the public site. and then when that project is funded, we do not give the teacher cash, we fulfill the project." the non-profit was started by charles best, a former new york city teacher.
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to get the ball rolling, best anonymously paid for the first few projects, which created a buzz about a mysterious benefactor. best says: "that rumor spread across the bronx - teachers started posting 100s of projects, projects that needed a whole lot more money than what i could afford and we were off." donna pitts, a 5th grade teacher in west haven connecticut, uses the website to fulfill her classroom needs. pitts says: "you feel a little tentative about putting a big project up, it is so expensive. but you know that one person isn't funding that, you know that people from all across the country are contributing even a dollar, 5 dollars, 10 dollars, it all adds up, and then your project is funded before you know it." since 2000, donorschoose.o rg has raised more than $190 million dollars, through a mix of private donors and corporate sponsorships. and recognizing the need, cities like philadelphia and chicago now have their own fundraising campaigns. best says he'd love to see the need for the donors choose website disappear. but if not, teachers like jason bui and donna pitts say they'll keep
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spending their own money so their students don't have to go without. laura ingle fox news. we checked the "donors choose" website this morning and it lists 300 projects in maryland... many of those are right here in baltimore. the needs vary from your typical classroom supplies... to a printer... and award trophies to motivate students. the state of maryland is teaming up with facebook. what the two hope to accomplish with a new law on the books... and the concerns the state attorney general has. new information on the woman who was shot and killed on fox 45 news at five. on fox 45 news when i first got shingles it started on my back.
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and i had like this four inch band of bumps that came around to the front of my body. and the pain from it was- it was excruciating. i did not want anyone to brush into me to cause me more pain than i was already enduring.
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i wanted to just crawl up in a ball and just, just wait till it passed.
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it's official... flu season is here.
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the first case of influenza has now been confirmed in maryland. megan gilliland is live in north baltimore with more on what doctors are recommending this early in the season. good morning guys, plain and simple... doctors say if we want to avoid the coughing... the sneezing... the runny noses... they advise getting a flu shot... and getting it now. the first case... of the 2013-2014 seasson... has already been confirmed here in our region. lab tests show


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