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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  October 6, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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anolfo ersus air force matchup. when the government shut down earlier this week, there were talks of the game getting canceled, but by thursday the defense department cleared the way for a kick-off. in order to line-up though, everything needed to be paid for with non- vement ttor 9 "the idea that this almost didn't happen--we almost didn't come together because people can't agree 20 miles away, it's disappointing." shellie reed: 20.16 "it's not just football. this game is about much more. / this is about building character and integrity." keenan reynolds, touchdowns saty:.1" kn, obviosly efeidn't play, because it's a huge game. we circled this game. we look forward to it." navy won the game... 28-10, improving to 3- and-1 on the year. good bye stokely. the raven's cut 37 year old wide receiver brandon stokely yesterday... and re-signed tight
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end billy bajema to take his place on the roster. with the teams' younger wide receivers getting healthy d looking tter. e r'sic d k was expendable as the deadline nears for the 53 man roster. stokely has been dealing with a thigh injury that kept him out of last weeks game against the buffalo bills. the ravens are in miami today. ck-off is at 1 p-m. show off your purple pride and you could win a prize from fox45. go to our facebook page and click on the "inside fox45" tab to enter your photo and vote for the week's 12 finalists. we'll have a new batch ever we. d one person a week will win a 5-dollar gif oys. go to facebook dot com slash fox baltimore to get started. president obama is weighing in on a debate involving the washington redskins... that just won't seem to go away. the president ss that although he's surehe team doesn't mean to be offensiv..f wnhe
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redskins... he'd consider changing their name. he believes many native americans... find it degrading. obama says: "i've gotta sayhat if i were the oner of the team, and i knew that there was a name of my team, ordiryh was offending a sizable group of people, i'd think about changing it. but, you know, i don't want to detract from the wonderful redskin fans who are here. they love ghsor team and redskins owner dan snyder has said in the past that he'll never give in to the pressure to change e name. it's thrills by day and fright by night at fright fest asix flags. ame marlboro has been transformed into a halloween playground---wh ere everyone is guaranteed to have a glousih good time. amber miller is streamin le from the theme
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park with all the hair-raising details. m l celebration will run saturday and sunday through octob 27th plus friday evenings october 18th and anth
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coming up... totaling the costs... of prosecuting armjor nidal hasan.
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how much the government spent on the tral that owhe fort hood. you're watching fox45 morning news... weekends. ((bump out)) ((break 1))
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fox45 is committed to bringing you stories that are meaningful and impact your lives. that's why we're asking for your help in shaping
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the type of newscast you'd like to see. go to our website and take our news su. re'l your thoughts on eleven different categories. to get started go to foxbaltimore dot com slash suey.... or click on "news survey" under hot topics on foxbaltimore dot com. coming up... an unwelcome interruption... florida-arkansas football game. the crash landing... that interrupted one tail-gate. flying from minneapolis to las vegas... without a ticket. the young stowaway that mad it onto a plane... and how he breached security. you're watchg fox45 morning news... weekends. (ak
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new this morning... the man who set el f edidas the man poured a can of gasoline on himself and set himself on fire friday
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afternoon. joggers passing by start taking of their shirts to help douse the flames. he died hrs later. olice say the wur may need to be identified through dental and d-n-a records. it cost the u-s government nearly five million dollars to court martial and convict an army psychiatrist in the 2009 shoting at fort hood. th ading released army records. the documents show the biggest expense in the trial of major nidal hasan... was the one million dollars it cost to transport witnesses... jurors and attorneys. another 90- thousand dollars on housing for witsses... and arly- us ll w spent on army helicopters that transported hasan from the jail where he was being held to his private offices where he worked on defense. hasan was convicted in august of killing 1people and wounding 30 more. with a matr wes... the
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sa h elta school will be torn down . residents in newtown, connecticut voted overwhelmingl yesterday to tear down the school and replace it with a new facility. the demolition is scheduled to be mpleted before the one year anniversary of the mass shooting that killed students and six adults. it will c5 officials hope replacing the school will help the town move forward... and it is hoped build some new memories at a new scho. the new facility is scheduled to re-open in january 2016. it wa't actle ilting ere expected. a small plane crashed into a tailgater's truck on the campus of the university of florida just ahead of yesterday's florida-arkansas football game. no one on the ground was injured. the pilotnd a passenger did survive with non-life atg ur. campus police say the the plane... which had been carrying a banner near the stadium... was trying to make an emergency landing after having mechanical
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problems. an incident at minneapolis st.paul international airporis under investation. ariti a ho9-ur r-old boy was able to sneak onto a flight to las vegas. dave berggren reports no one noticed the boy until the flight was well underway. we've all been thought. checkers. a lot of checkers? multipl secuty stops beore ng ta e. ursday at msp, major miscues. that's shocking? that's really crazy to me somehow a 9- year old boy sneaked past security checkpoint number 4, past te agents inside and on to delta flight 1651 headed to las gas. nats. the plane left minneapolis with the boy, a runaway from the twin cities, on board. he was finally questioned and stopped in nevada. nats. airport officials tell us surveillance footage ows the 9-year-old likely passing thrugh the aiort thout bi s. child unattended wouldn't be attended
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too in brief statement, delta says "we are investating the incident and cooperating with the agencies involved. it was the same reaction when we reached out to the tsa. that's crazy. i have an 8-year-old son. that wld freak m out all know it taes seeral setep just to board a plane we spoke to a travel expert today who said this is a major lapse on many levels flight crew, then the gate agents, then tsa. terry trippler researches the commercial air travel industry and all of its rules and regulations. all the expense in this to keep us safe since 911, and it ha, btill we have ihos aple of it. trippler says stowaways like this are rare, especially with children. officials with msp international international say the child is i protective custody and is returning to the twin cies. i don't know h tt paes at this i. coming up... pushing for immigration reform. the hundreds of rallies that took place across the u-s. take advantage... of living on the chesapeake bay. the easy-to-make
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what maryland does best. celebrating... what maryland does best. october is national seafood month.
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cf john williams from mccormick and schmick's joins this morning with recipe tt highlights thueb. at y making? -how long does it take to
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prepare? -what's the best ad c l nh coming up... getting to the
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bottom... of a deadly chase in the nation's capitol. how authorities will to try t determe if d-c li. lo to ((amber live tease)) you're watching fox45 morning news... weekends. ((break 4))
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adlib over weather shot adlib chat with tony
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u-s military forces launched two raids this ekend targetg o high-value terrorist suspects. whi officials have yet to say whether the oneronre
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rectly related, they show shington's reach, capability and willingness to hunt down alleged terrorists. barbara starr reports.
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baltimore couy police are looking for the prson who convenience store in parkville. it happened just before 7-30 last night at the speedy mart on darlington drive. when officers arrived... they found a man suffering from non-life- threatening injuries. he went to the hospital. there's n description o the shooter at thim a man is recovering this morning after being shot twice in east baltimore. police were called to 24-th and barcay streets around three o'clock yesterday morning after getting reports of a man shot in the wrist and t uer arm. the 20-year-old o-k. b police in washington d-c
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will reconstruct a chase and shooting from earlier this week... that left one woman dead. thursday's incident resulted in the u-s capitol being placed on lockdown briefly. offic say renacting the day's events wl allow estoo tee officers knew about the driver... and whether they followed proper protocols. police say they shot 34-year-old miriam carey after she rammed her car through barricades at the white house and into police cruiss... with her e-yeaold daughter in the . chi- alcohol and speed are believed to have played a role in a deadly crash in frederick county. police say around 3 o'clock yesterday morning... car traveling on u-s 340 left the road and rolled over several tim. e dver was itnoe pronounced dead. he's been identified as 19- year-old matthew shook. another motorcyclist -- allegedly linked to a clash bween a motorcycle gang and an s-u-v drer -- is now facincharges. nearly ahalf
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dozen bikers are cuse u tahem driver. and now -- police say robert sims also stomped on the driver's head and body. dave carlin has more on the investigation. reginald chance... identified by investigators a their top suspect. arged with eing the most ic oe rce riding suspects. police say this is him, helmet in hand attacking the range rover. the video stops here but police s chance went on to beat 33 year old alexian lien in front of liens wife and 2 year old daughter folling is wild road rage ch up the t rover at the center of the incident was moved to another nypd location for additional police processing. later in the evening this man police describe as their top cooperating witness was given a police escort home. known as kawasaki kevin, kevin breslof roed investigators with the all important helmet cam video of the violence. bresloff hired
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an attorney who told us off camera his clie is being threatened because he turned over the video to investgators. police are now conducting a sarate internal fairs investigation ad lt w e -d detective and two off-duty new york city police officers were part of the motorcycle rally that led up to the incident. security expert and former law enforcement official lou palumbo said officers who failed to intervene to restore the peace ce sever displinry io thinstance it sounds like these were nyc police officers in the city of new york contributing to this problem. that's what i think the real fear is, were they complicit in some way, did they contribute" ((butt with)) "departmental chges could come ow, wth anything becoming, failure to report, possibly even something contributory to the incident itself by not taking action and reporting. so this is going to continue to unfold." 35-year-old robert sims is charged with first-degree
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gang assaut, assault and criminal possession of a weapon. he's due back in court thursday. hundreds of rallies are held across the country... demanding immigration reform in the u- s. new york, l angelesand phoenix, arizona re ju a hets taking part in yesterday's demonstrations. about 170 similar events in total were planned throughout the u-s. demonstrators say they want congress to pass a comprehensive bill that makes america's immigration system more fair -- and provides a thway to undocumented workers. it's a frightening, good time at six flags inpper marlboro. the the park hotingts annual fright fest----where guests can expect hair ising thrills by daand fright by ni amber miller is streaming live from six flags, doing her best to steer clear of ghosts, zombies and
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gouls. the month long celebration will raty and sunday through october 27th plus friday evenings october 18th and 25th. marianne?
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one night behind the bar... brings in 17-thousand- 500 dollars. no... there's nothing fisy going on. one of the regulars at a restaurant in sprinield, oregon... often tips the bartender with lotty tickets. s week... one of those tikets. wa winnter... to the tune of seventeen- thousand-five hundred dollars. kephart says: "i automatically handed him back the ticket and i was like 'i'm sorry, i can't take it.and he had me sign it ad say 'you're the only one who can cash it n.'" kephart says: "it just took me off gud. you don't ever expect anythg e a i e as (r by various ms and cu of kephart tending bar) i just kind of teared up and got misty eyed." the lucky bartender claimed her prize wednesday and shared some of her winnings with the customer who gaveer the ticket. coming up... honoring america's st hou d ons will several world war two era planes.
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you're watching fox45 morning news... weends. ((break 5)) ((bump in))
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hollywood coue halle berry... an olivier martinez... welcome a new addition to their family. berry gave birth to a baby boy on saturday. it's the first child for the actress and hr husband. berry has a 5- year-old daught with ex-boyfrnd gabriel aubry. v gin" sna ver and her
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rapper boyfriend big sean are reportedly engagd. this comes after the actress and singer was seen sporting a diamond ring at a latina magazine event thursday. 26-year-old rivera haseen linked with the rort sia e premiere in april and the two even collaborated on a song together. she told access hollywood last month that she actually met sean on twitter. they went to dinner and the rest is history, she said. call it baki badfinger... tee "b b"by the group "badfinger" was featured in the finale of "breaking bad," downloads of the song jumped nearly 3- thousand percent. journey's "don't stop believing" got a similar bump when it was played in the fin episode of the soprano. mup history... in westminster. what visitors can experience... at the "wings of freedom" tour. you're watching fox45 morning news... weekends. ((break 6))
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ñúflying the
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"wings of freedom". you can get an up close look at several world war two era planes... and hear rsonal stories... from veterans. denn gore, jr. ois morning to explain. -what kinds of planes will we
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-e al nant -when is this event? -how much does it cost? -go to fox baltimore dot
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com for more
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ng.. local icon. where "lady baltimore" has disappeared to. taste the nation. how an upcoming event... is comting childhood hunger. u'atg 45n ne... weekends. ((break 7))
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leave no child hungry. more than 16- million children in the u-s don't et enough to eat eryday... but u can help put food on the tables. jonah kim...
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executive chef from pabu... is here now with more on a campaign the restaurant is taking part . -why are you involved with
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the no kid hungry campaign? -what can we do to change this? how are you working with the no kid hungry campaign to end childhood hunger here in maryland? -wat impact is the no kid hungry campaign having here in maryland? coming up in our 8 o'clock hour... savng money... by getting rid of cable. how to determine... if it's the riht decision f you.
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((amber live ase)) you're watching fox45 morning news... weekends. ((break 8))
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a lake that turns ling creatures to stone as soon as they touch it. what causes this petriing reaction... "huref rhede servants want to work. they should be allowed to work." no movement on getting nearly a million federal workers back on the job... but there is som progress on getting them
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paid. sniffing out cancer... researchers are hoping dogs can detect... and how it could save thousands of lives. amber ad libs open sunday, october 6
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the latest now on the vernment shutdown..
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passed a bill to give 800- thousand furloughed federal workers retroactive pay once the government reopens. that unanimous decision came in a rare saturday session. the senate is expected to okay the measure as is the white house. the republican passed several bills to reopen selected parts of the federal government... but the democrats are rejecting the piecemeal approach. theinsist the entire government shoulde reopened. that piecemeal apprch is reaching the depart f e. re uc hagel announced yesterday most of the 400- thousand d-o-d civilian workers will be asked to return to work this week. hagel also says the law allows the d-o-d to end furloughs for employees ose reonsibilites contribute to the morale, ll-being and readines of rvmes. president obama is accusing republicans of holding the u-s economy "hostage" because of the government shutdown.
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in his weekly address, the president called on house republicans to pass a spending pla so far, they've trieto pass a budget bill by defunding or al care law. house republicans say they're tired of being bullied... while the president called on them to end the shutdown. "take that vote. stop this farce. end this shutdown now. the american peple don't get to demd ransom in excane r g r job. neither does congress. they don't get to hold our democracy or our economy hostage over a settled law." "there are no winners when the federal goverment shuts down. there are real consequences. and hese n want this shutdown and we believe their my-way-or-the- highway mentality cannot be sustained." president obama says he's willing to negotia his signature health care law and wto not until after
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congress gets the vernment back up and running and passes a new debt ceiling. it was the game that almost didn't happen because of the governmet shutwn... "nats cheering" to the delight of dedicated fans, it was "game on" in annapolis for the much- anticipated navy versus air force match. when the government shut down earlierhis week, there were talks of the game getting canceled but by hursday the dee art cleared the way for a kick-off. in order to line-up though, everything needed to be paid for with non- government funds. matt mccorkle: 9.05 "the idea that this almost didn't happen--we almost didn't come together because people can't agree 20 miles away, it's disappointing shellie reed: 20.1 "it's nojust footbll. this me iab ubldings character and integrity." keenan reynolds, 3 touchdowns saturday: 53.14 "you know, obviously, we'd have been upset if we didn't pl, because it's a huge game. we circled this game. we look forward to
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." we will have all the highlights from the navy- aiforce game t ins.i in florida, it wasn't exactly the tailgating experience football fans expected. a small plane crashed into a tailgater's truck on the campus of the uversity of florida just ahead of yeerday's florida-arkansas follame. nd oneoh injud. the pilot and a passenger did survive with non-life threatening injuries. campus police say the plane tried to make an emergency landing after having mechanical problems it was carryi a banr near the stadium. th bs turkey hill ice cream sold here in maryland are on a recall list this morning. the company says it churned up metal shavings in some containers. the recall includes pints of "chocolate peanut butter cup premium ice cream"... and moose tracs sff'd frozen irsst. as well as one and a half quart containers of "fudge ripple premium ice
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cream." the turkey hill ice creams hit store shelves within the past couple days. they were sold at walmarts in maryland, pennsylvania, and west virginia. customers can return the ice crm fo a full refu. imagine if your canine could tell you when you have cancer. that's what trainers in philadelphia are teaching some dogs to do. doctor marc siegel shows us how they're doing it. mo than 14- thsand women die of ovarian every year, one of the top cancer killers. there are no specific symptoms and the cancer is hidden deep in the body. if found early, most women would rvive. enter man and woman's best friend. ((d ucto science. bats and dolphins led to the development of the ultrasound. now man's best friend is heping us sniff out cancer before it's too late. ((vo)) ovarian cancer haa characteristic odor and few imals can
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smell it better thogc the university of pennsylvania are figuring out the exact chemicals that dogs smell when they detect this cancer. siegel says: "when a human smells beef stew they smell the whole stew. when a dog smells te stew they sll the different coonents: ... how does hat apply to ces smng otto says: "what we think is that the cancer smell is like the beef in the beef stew and so the dogs can pick out that individual odor of just the beef." ((vo)) the next step in the process, which takes place at the monell senses cent,is to ardo acaoh chemistry, which volatile odor the dog is smelling and transfer that information to an electronic sensor or artificial nose. preti says: "this is the size of a tmor when it is gerally diagnosed it is hidden it is inside the female this is the siwhent ld an aspirin and it should be diagnosed when it is about this size. so this is what we are striving for -
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to go from here where most of the ovarian cancers are diagnosed today to here or even less thn this." when ovn r m n 90 percent survive five years. now an unlikely team of veterinarians, chemists and oncologists, experts who almost never work together are joining forces to save many ves. in philadelphia, doctor marc siegel, fox news. right now, three dogs are training for cancer detection... a springer spaniel named "mcbaine"... a labrador retriever called "ohlin"... and a german shepherd ned "tsunami." it's rills by day and fright by night at fright st at si ags. the munt marlboro has transformed into a halloween playground--- where everyone is guaranteed to have a goulish good time. amber mill is streaming live from the theme park with all the tain
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the month-long celebration will n saturday and sunday through october 27th us friday evenings october 18th a 25th. rianne?
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tropical stm karen, is no more... what the system is considered now... and what she could bring to the gulf coa tonight. you're tching fox45 rng ek. ... ((break 1)) all the chicken in your grocery store
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is inspected by the usda... but perdue aed tm grt y fy is insthat all our chickens are cared for in a clean, safe environment... and fed an all-veggie diet. no other chicken company ds this. but at perdue, we believe in a better chicken.
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well, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. so we feed our chickens an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds with no added animal by-products... hormones...or steroids. bauset pe, bvea erck folks along the louisia coast... karen has weakened to a tropical depression. forecasters at the u-s national hurricane center have cceled all watches d ar ngs in the the storm system is about 185 miles off where the mississippi river meets the gulf... that's only about 15 miles closer than this time yesterday. karen is still expected to dump rain over parts of louisiana mississippi, alabama,nd the florida panhandle.
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it was a worry that prompted action from the f-d-a... now a hopkins doctor says statins may not cause memory loss. he'll join us next to detail the major study he published this wee and the ravens are i miami rey take on
8:13 am
he dolphins... and they'll do so without brandon stokley. why the team cut him... and who took his spot on the roster. you're watching fox45 morning news... weekends. ((break 2))
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millions of americans take statin mecations to reduce their cholesterol and lower their risk for heart disease and stroke. for ome people, ty can lsa means but recently, studies prompted big concerns about statins and their affects on memory... so much so, the fda issued a warning. now a study released this week from a johns hopkins doctor is eing some worries. joining me nis the senior ho t study, doctor seth martin. thank you so much for being here. --why did you do this study? --how did you
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research the issue? --what did you find? --what advice do you have for people who are on statins? h rego do about the study and how to lower and prevent your risk for heart disease, head to fox baltimore dot com slash morng. cutting the cae cord... breaking away omle siaian e. e three things you should consider before ditching the signal... and going all digital. and next... annapolis was buzzing despite a government shutdown yesterday. highlights as the midshipmen welcomed the falcons. you're watching fox45 morning news... weekends. the u-s aims to
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capre two high-profil terrorists... armed forces got onebut what cut the mission short... and why the u-s was gunning after the men. you're watching fox45 morning news... weekends. ((break 4))
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breing news tatrer is in serious condition after a car hithile on duty overnight. at about one this morning on route 100, trooper jacqueline kline stopped to help another ofcer who was with a ecdr drrhe nother car driven by a 21- year-old mn hit her. the driver stayed at the scene... no charges filed against him at this time. trooper kline is in shock trauma with head injuriesa broken arm and cuts. she h been on the for for about 14 months. edsu this weekend after the u-s launched two raids, aimed at capturing high- profile terrorist suspects. the raid in bya ended with an al-qaida leader inustody the militant is suspected of being involved in
8:30 am
the bombings o emie ys officias are holding the man in a secure location. his capture could represent a significant blow to what remains of the core al-qaida organization. however in somalia... heavy fighting forced a u navy seal team hd o t ss tort high-profile target. officials say the suspect is linked to last month's shooting rampage at a mall. the navy seal team got involved in a gunfight with al-shabab militants... killing some of them... before calling off the mission. no u-s service members were hu ten yyf tah terrorist can run, but they can't hide. the man who set himself on fire on the national mall friday has died. e mapoured a can of gasoline on himself and set himselfn fire friday stdpng taking of their shirts to help douse the flames. he died hours later. police say the
8:31 am
man was burned so badly that he may need to be identified through dental and d-n-a records. inn effort to move forward.. nen,dens i have voted overwhelming to tear down the sandy hook elementary school....and start anew. it's expected crews will demolish the building before the one-year anniversary o the mass shooting which left 20 students and six adults dead. plans for the new school are illt some 50 million dollars and should be ready for students in january of 2016. for the first time in nearly 200 years, "lady baltimore" is no longer looking over charm city. crews moved in just after suise yesterday to ken 25-ned unat fo19years she's stood tall in baltimore's courthouse square to honor those who lost their lives in the battle of baltimore... but over time lady baltmore has been losing her ttle with moher nature. the statue is now inside at te
8:32 am
ard or society. a replica is standing in her ple. "typically we haven't moved sculpture inside but in her case given her national significance a the extent the deterioration we felt its theght ing do and rigtme do it..." (tatti) "we took a clay material and we built out the missing form to give the statute enough profile that it would read as a whole statue." crews have been working on the replicaor the past two ears. it's a frightening, good time at six flags in upper marlboro. the theme park hosting its anual fright fest----where guests can expect hair raisig thrills by ayd h night. amber miller is streaming live from six flags, doing her best to steer clear
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of ghosts, zombies and gouls. the month long celebration will run saturday and sunday through october 27th plus friday evenings october 18th and 25th. marianne?
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how much do you pay for cable tv? you may love your must-watch tv shows, movies, sports, and news channels, budo you love the ever-rising costs twatch them? yoult ofurab -- and still watch most, if not all of your programs for a fraction of the cost -- would you? millions of cable "cord cutters" are doing it. as cnn's shannon travi reports, it may be easy and cheap to d but aesre are cug the cord. ahhh... the olden days of free tv. watching shows like "i love lucy," or a man make a ving offer to his wife in the honeymooners: "one of these day alice. one of thse days - right in then ang came cable... with options and channels... showing
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fascinating americans doing fascinating things on shows like here come honey boo boo "btsey's tearing up my pants, mama! " but ao rising costs: analysts say: expect the average pv bill to t $123 rnthy 2015... $200 by 2020... what if... you could cut your cable? serena appiah in suburban washington is among the millions of "cord cutters" now wating t-v and movies via the internet. plenty of optins... plenty of providers: u , am p, gll, tunes, h-b-o go. use your smart t-v's, smart phones, computers, or tablets. s ttlesi- nt ar a few dollars per show... a few more for movies, with free options, too. the hookup, relatively easy: with a streaming device or an h-d antenna costing less than $100, each. watch when you
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ere's a sign of the season... take a look at this giganc d nd. ard mpumpkins every year. this is the largest one of the crop this season, weighing in at one- thousand pounds. the father and son say there's no magical fertilizer to just good genetics. the two have been growing pumpkins together for 15 years... and have no plans of stopping. (toss to weather)) ((ad lib
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meteorologist)) craft brews and good eats...
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after the break, we'll have a sampling of what you can expect at a food pairing event all to
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benef rete ((break 6)) ((bump in))
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craft beers are growing in popularity... pecially this heas t ll, like pumpkin and spice. this week you can join the craze... and eat some great food... all for a great cause. joining me now is daniel elardo, chef at zfert & gold catering... from m'sy hd, taphouse. thanks for being here. --before we get to the craft
8:47 am
8:48 am
beer and food pairing... tell us about the fundraiser this week. --why are you guys participating? --what can people expect there? --what cooking tips do you have to share? --what are some basic tips for pairing food
8:49 am
with crat beers? for ore infomation on ert ber and food pairing event, we've posted a link at foxbaltimore dot com slash morning. tony ad libs wx tease ((break 7))
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adlib chat - 7 day forecast coming up in an hour right here
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fox... we will go bak scary stories. how the theme park is helping a cancer walk displaced by the government shutdown. and it's a good time of year to eat oysters. the basics of buying, cooking, eg sed at coming up at 10. adlib goodbye ((break 8))
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could save you fifteen percent or more on c insurance.
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yep, everybody knows that.rcent well, did you kn the ancient pyramids reuaa ak uh-oh. fin teulve .., kn geico.
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two top secret raids target terrorists. including one wanted by the u.s. for more than a decade.
8:56 am
>> memrs oldahe terrorists organizations can run but they can't hide. >> in somali they go after those responsible for the mall attack. we'llave a live report. pl as the partial government shutdown drags on, there is another financial crisis on the horizon. >> this is not a game. >> for as reckls as a goernmt shut downise economic government that comes with default for america not paying it's bill will be dramatically worse. >> what's at stake in the shut dow and treasury secretary jack lew. we'll talk with tom graves of
8:57 am
georgia leading the cause against balm care. and pe king who says the right wing has hijacked the gop. an the new sunday panel with george will. >> the first women to head the army's military justice ys all right now on "fox news sunday." >> hello again. we start with the u.s. comando raids. their going after a group behind eclmr. in libya they ended a 15 year man hunt for an operative links to bombings at embassies in 1998. jennifer has more. ventasoto about is, e lyan
8:58 am
plans to carry out the raid and now they're demanding answers. they cfirm that the president signed off on these two missions inceent. theyrg a vill a where top members of the fwroup were discovered. they surrounded the vehicle of this man. a top al qaeda operative who has been dieted in the southe es.gonm fref new york, wanted by thdecade in his role in the east africa bombings. they say he just pulled up to his househen he was nabbed by u. forces. george little issue the suof a u.s. counter , a terrorism, he is currently detained outside of libya.
8:59 am
it is not car wilthe target in somali, the masser mind of the kenian matta killed. the seals could not retrieve the body to make a positive identification. they are said today have done -- he returnya 2011 during the uprising. an fbi hostage rescue team was embedded with the u.s. forces that carried out this attack u.s. officials confirm al bby will be se oit ud sts n guantanamo. >> thank you. now to the partial government shutdown. it's day six and their ticking closer to other de lime. we have t raise thede ceilinin ks o for


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