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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  October 6, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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default. >> this week both you and the president seem to be trying to panic the markets about raising the debt ceiling and the government shut down saying they should be more concerned. here ihe prde >> this time is different. i think they should be concerned. when you have a situation in which the faction is willing to default on u. gvernment igo tn we are in trouble. >> so far the markets are shrugging it off. nasdaq was up more than half a point. en't your efforts failing t try tousthe markets? >> chris, it's my job to make sure that we strengthenthe economy and i spend every day trying to do that. that's why it's so important that congress can pay it's
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bills. there isno dwhae ifwe were to havehe ntnk about happen and the united states to default, it could cause series problems. why would anyone want to do that to the american economy? this is not new issue. m goi t q to you something president reagan said to the country in 1983. the full consequences of the default or the serious prospect of the default are impossible to redistri predict. >> let me vote you, the treasury department issued a report late this wek that said a possible default would be, quote, strofic. credit markets could freeze, the value of the dollar could
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plummet, interest rates could skyrocket and there could be a recession that could ec 2008 or e. continues to pu money into the economy. what's the likelihood that they would default? >> it is rady to avoid the kind of uninkable probms th wouldapf the united states willfully defoughts on the good full faith and credit of the united states. i don't if i there is anyone that thinks the consequence is inmall. let me ask you, if y pay one e , wt happens if you don't pay millions of people on social security? what happens if you don't pay hospitals and health care across the country. >> i asked ynconomic
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qio wo e catastrophic. >> i'm telling you i know the direction is bad. there are a range of how bad. it is irrespsible and reckless to take th chance onlyngnctse a debt limit. >> you say that consequences would be bad, irresponsible. despite these stakes, the president refuses negotiate saying wreic a demanding has never happened before. take a look. >> you have never seen in the history of the yiet the debt ceiling,he threat of not raising the debt ceiling, being used to por a president or a governing party and trying to force issues that have nothing to do with the debt or the
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budget. >> mr. secretary, that is just no true. congress voted to r i 53 times and 27 times you have seen it linked to other things. campaign finance reform, school pray, what ecte the president refusing to negotiate. >> let me be clear. the president has always been looking for a way to negotiate and find that reasonable midd senators.a partisan gou he put out a budget that took an enormous step to do that. if you look at the cases where the debt limit was involved, there was many other things attached the dt lim b atg cause a default
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for the united states -- not 2011 -- >> in 1973 democrats in the senate indeding ted kenne wanted to attach campaign finance reform to raising the debtimit and it need todd be a filibuster to take it out. it has happened over and over and this president is refusing to negotiate. >> i lived through the budget debates of the 1980s, 's, and 2000s. in 2011 you have 50 to 100 members of the house that said if we don't get our way, we would rher see the default of the united stat.
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and that was different. i think wh the president is sayg isons hdo it's job. we need something. >> so why not sit down with him and talk. you're the one saying they're ready to take the economy down, they'r saying they don't want to take the economy down. y agree. in 1997 you w dt dt when the debt was tied to measurin measures for t government. >> chris, in 1997 i sat through ere me-- every meeting and it w never brought up. i know john boehner doesn't want to default or n. >> john boehner is not
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threatening to default. he is saying he doesn't want to. republicans to talking about a down payment on the debt. auticndut through ease the long term enitlement reform. >> we need to separate the issues. >> why? >>t is cause k rl damage to erdaeo thought it was okay to shut the government down they're discovering why it's a pob. you can't discover it. >> so you ruse to negotiate over a debt soluti. >> is coness'sjo ss a bget. they have to pass a budget -- >> are you saying the president is making it impossible to negotiate. >> i'm saying he wants to negotiate and chris, congress needs to do it's job.
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the president has taken many ar sh h willingness to negotiate. he has done with with democrats saying he is too eager to negotiate. if we were i a place a year ago, two years aghe t well equally on the table we would not be where we are now. the republicans -- >> you say that the possible results could be so, a the worlds of your report catastrophic. willhe preside accept vernmentnd ras the de limit? >> congress will have to make a decision with what they do. the american economy would be well served by getting stability and unertainly. the manactured isis is bad foecomy. it's hurt -- we're the world leader. the strongest in the world. our currency is the world
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reserve currency. congress should act now. i think they should actto take this burden off of the economy. we'll have to see -- >> i take away from this conversation that even though republicans are willing to talk about a debt deal, it is the president who is digging his negotiations. und yi >> what are you saying? >> congress needs to do it's job. we just spentthe last several months with congress creating a ridiculous choice where you either appeal thfole care about or we will default. these are old bills, these are not new bills. we'repen to negotiaon. the president is and will be open to reasonable discussion. athaf this is sk you abo oba
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about. the public exchanges in oama care opened up this week. in fact, the middle age to sign up to enrollfor obama care has been tken down f repairs during off peak hours this weekend. you had three years to prepare, if we had doubtsbout the ility of the government oversee ths,shn'his add to my doubts? >> we saw seven million people to rush to go on to the web page t. find out wh are their ow mgn up? >> they have six months. >> the government refused to tell us. >> i may look and have no
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interest. the question is how many people have signed up. >> we know that people takeime mpotecnske this. ey g on and compare their options. the fact that so many peel rushed for information is good sign. i don't know about you but i sign on and g updates on my softwareand i get correctis thati reupdate my software. for major companies, it is not unique when you a very large new program come out peopork to clean . soy people rushed today get in because of all of the interest. >> i'm going to ask one last time because you not answered it. do you not know how many suprem signed up, or is it that the er is embarrassingly small?
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>> we are confident they will make the decision, they have six monthsmathecn. o you not know? >> it's not my primary area of responsibility, so my knowing or n knowing is not important. the importantssue here is that millions of aricans wnt rd hh e. ne, they're getting information, and they're learning they can get affordable health care. they can save money, they have pre-existing conditions. thiss a very important deelopment. ?>hey justcat sign up for tk they will. >> technically they can't. we'll stay on top of all of this, on a the default, and the
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>> we need to parate t issues. >> why? >> i is causing real damage to the american ople. >> treasuryecryjaew earlier this morning on the president's refusal to negotiate with republicans. joins us for the first time we have george will, she is now a 'r honored to have you on the panel, welcome. we have kirsten owers, and karl e,n tri. >> it was not just you personally, it was all three of them. we pointed out that this claim that president's have never negotiated with congress over raising the debt limit is nonsense. it s happenedver and ov ag e 27im since
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1979. do you think the president can stick to this refusal to negotiate or does that become politically unstable. >> here is the pox that he would be sticking to. ulou becatastrophic. but attached to the debt sealing increase, it's better to have a crisis of war. whatkee debt ceiling to wholesome is a dab between revenues and outlays. and everything you immediate to know about contemporary washington was in your interview when they say we will not prioritize. a hardware store prioritizes with it's first revenues cong in. we have ten times the revenues than we need.
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there is no need to default. default is our choice. >> kirsten, one senior administration official said we're winning so we don't care how long have goes on. the president quickly took that nack as he was goi off for impromptu, but do democrats run the risk of overplaying their hand if they refuse to continue to negotiate or if they refuse to negotiate these bills the piecemeal measures to fun an ia oad ta i think they can't allow -- if they allow this to happen, if ey didn't piecemeal, i think the fear is this will keep on happening. and the refusal togotiate, refusing to negotiate over
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defunding obama care. this is a pretty siificant thing. you can go through the history of different things that democrats have done. it's not quite the same thing as ctually ndnene signature program of the president. >> but they're talking about just repealing devices -- >> maybe the president would come around on something like that. if they had done at in the first mace i think they could ha gotten aea iiitisthis point now where they took it all the way to the brink. on default, i think the president's position is a negotiating position. it is where he is starting and perhaps there will be somebody where he ceach an agreement. n'hifrankly that most republican leaders want us to default either. >> we're six days into this shutdown, where do you assess the end gamesre now? >> both sides are suffering in
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winon not working, the ultimate symbol is the president of the united states. republicans as they did in the' 95 shut dwn will get more blame. the president is doing himself ome damage, republicans are oing themselves some damae. s oshito ttn of the pde and get the congress to agree to the senate democratic spending number which is 91 billion bigger than the house, andust the sequester and end the 2011 spending agreement. and he attempting to put bteidnact naming isng the the amount of the debt ceiling on the congress and not on himself. through this wholehing he has said we need to traz the debt deal, b he ner said how much d re idg expertsaised. inside and outside of the congress, that north to get it past the election, it will be a
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trillion dollar debt ceiling incrase. after all of this happy talk, he n trillion more in short. >> back in 2000, a candidate obama said george w. bush's $9 trillion debt was unpatriotic. if they raise it it wilbe $17.7 trillion. he said it is a failure of leadership in 2007 when he was using the debt ceiling. that is i think this stubborn on instruction has a purpose and the purpose is to make more money. so it all of thatn the democratic side? >> the whole problem with this is i thi it goes back to the
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41 votes to appeal obama care. the republicans have had an on section with repealing it. that's how the shutdown crisis starts. with them wanted to defund it, repat ge rid of it. that's why it's so hard for them now to say they weren't responsible. and as we get closer to a default, regardless of what egotiations are or are not, in the wake of all o that mome on o c republicans tries to stop it, they could turn into the grand double o party. >> bu something that like, ah, a pumpersticker. there has been talk tothe motsat they're goal is to break the republican party. to exploit this divide within
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the republica and to stop thm. thib >> no, they misunderstand the evidence right before their eyes with what's happening with the republican party. there is tw groups that want to end it. one is big busins and the other is the american military. as thought to be congruent with big business and the military, not any more. >> okay, we have to take a break here, but we will pick up with this discussionlater. as the tdown dgs on,he isowing split. what will that do to the shutdown. what's an idea without? that makes it real? g
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what's a vision without the expertise to execute it... and the financing to make it grow? whatever your goal, it can change more than your busiss. it ce fu. that's why, at barclays, our ambition is to always realize yours.
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the deadlock over government funding explode got only the split betweenemocrats and republicans, joining me now tom graves who is demanding chaing in obama care asrt ofny. and pete kwing who says some republicans are looking for a way out of the shutdown.
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congressman king, i want to ask you aboutthese tw rai te t were inside africa. two questions. first, did we tell the leader we were targeting in somali, and should the al qaeda operative that we caught be tried in civilian c new rk >> i can't comment on whether or not we captured the leader in somali. having said that it was a daring raid. i give our special operators tremendous ed. af s odi we give any advanced notice that we were coming. as far as libya was concerned, he has been want for 15 years. i wish he was being tried in
9:29 am
gan why didn't get get the operators from benghazi. why don we go get them as well. that has been aeal issue in congress why we don't goget gy seals and special forces tremendous credit. but i hope he is an intergator for a long time. granng lt with you. you said some pretty rough things. do you called them yahoos. ted cruz crazies and terrorists. with tom graves sitting here, sounds like it's more than just a disagreement over policy. >> ie great regard for tom graves. i was mainlyspeaking of tom cruise. that if we defund obama re,
9:30 am
that he can keep it open. this was a strategy that never could have wormed. if we want to defundomething, we should reait. and have a president sign it. this was due to fail. and ted cruise walked away from it. now they're saying that we should have negotiated on t. >> let me brng ces oue been leading the charge to defund or delay obama care. will it was from congressman king or congressman nunez, a what i t that moderas like king and nunez don't get. >> we as a conference we're
9:31 am
united. we have been working together now over the last couple weeks. we're fully united behind openg the governmentup a priding fairness and we have been pretty reasonable. i was for a full repeal, full refund, a one-yeardelay, now we'r saying mr. president, can weerd and provide protection to all americans that you provided to big business -- >> you say you're united, but fellow republicans have call you terrorists. >> werertoe obama care, and keep the government open. >> there is now some talk in the house republican laters to pivot away from obama care. but instead to focus on the debt
9:32 am
onrmspng cuts.t reform a would you accept a deal on that? to reopen the government and raise the dote limit if it did not include any changes to obama care >> i don't think that is something the conference would embrace right now? ept government open. i'm here to say that i'm open to a lot of ideas. i'm willing to put it all on the table. in order to do that, harry reid has to send democrats to mt thus. he can't be scared to do that. >> you just heard secretary lew talking about how catastrophic it would be if we were to default. are you prepared t efuse to ise the debt limi unless w wa oma care? >> there is no reason to
9:33 am
default. >> you're not answering my question. >> there is no reason to default. the prident is the only one demanding default right now. he cld sgne fitnd credit act that we passed, and i think you pointed out rightly there is a lot of revenue coming into the government. there is $200 billion being collectd by the government evy month. >> will u reseto rth debt limit? >> for obama care. the fact is we have in relation 95% of all of this that we agree on. let's get that taken care of and then talk about the other 5%. >> kangmankipg, democrats are hi isge petition to take this idea of a clean cr out of committee to bring it to the floor for a house vote. they nee at least 17 republicans in the house. wi you support a discharge
9:34 am
petion? >> no. mersllou i don't consider myself a moderate. i'm a reagan conservative. by the way one thing that tom graves and i can agree on is that the democrats in my mind are also being irresponsible here. the president of the united states as hand obligation to ge is doing a good job, but shed ahead of the country. he has an obligation to g involved. the fact is if this situations asri a iis, and i think it is as far as a default on the debt, he is an absolute obligation as president of the united states to get involved. >> sir, if you could answer my direct question, why won't you sign a discharge etition? >> it's not ggto a many. there is no way in the world you will get 25 republicans to go on that and as i said, they're not
9:35 am
bargaining in good faith here. i'm tryng to make this work. i have been against this from a the ones who did shut the government down. "wall street journal" said we're kamakazi. and weushed obama reth side and other issues and the government is still shut down. >> senator graves? >> as he indicates we're unied behind keeping the government open. >> the strategy at this point b w wewe a rightnment. now and as a coerence we have every been more united than what we saw last friday. we know the president and his chief aids and the administration are saying let it go. they don' car how long they nit it go oneche
9:36 am
it's the american people that are losing if we don't reach an agreement. but democrats have to be wling to have a conversation. >> congressman graves, ifouse speaker boehner agreeso reopen theovernment or raise the debt ceiling without aeha limits obama care, would you vote to remove the speaker? >> there is no vote to remove him as speaker. the next votis in january of 20 -- >> you cou hav ae o >> we want to provide fairness for the american people and that is providing them the same protection that the president provided. big business, insurance companies, and members congress. there should be no speal treatment. >> and briefly, ran ng, congressman graves is not saying it but there are certainly some members that have threatenned that if boehner gives on this he is gone. >> i'm committed to john
9:37 am
boeer, i think he is doing the best he can under a trible ars aonth ago that if we shut down the government it was a no-win policy. he had to get a chance into the negotiations, i'm committed to john boehner. has done aoutanding job. thhnfc ay has differt factio nobody can do a better job than he could. as tough as it is, people have different opinions. >> congressmen, thak you for coming in, we willeep following theion e. when we return, our panelist back to talk about after the deadlock is resolved. will congress be able to do any work next year?
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zlerchlts. e job core includ thse who report r. v 1increase in convictions.
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this could be over in hours if they would just take yes for an answer instead of continuing to be a party of no. apparently the think the government shutdown is good def beaesis week continuing to talk at each other while they fail to talk with each other. we're back now with the panel. relations between the two parties were pretty miserable before the standoff, and everything that wee seeing in t pibetth parties, george does any business get done in the next year? >> you can't get anything done in an election year or the year bere an election year. but for theuban ar e is new. they split up between president taft. the big country and the
9:42 am
repuicans now that what liberals are supposed to admire which is divit bu liberals don't want it. >> do you agree with george? >> yes, unless you can get a new congress. ec t yee n havingvean right, so i don't imagine anything getting done. and we talked a lot about is the president trying to destroy the republican party and i think yes because he has to. because he -- becausenothing will get done unless the is a new congress aheds divide them. it's just basic math that in order for him to get his agenda done. >> you say destroy the party because i can see brother karl re chomping at the bit. isi divide them?
9:43 am
is the shut down bad for the republicans? >> yes, is it bad for obama? is yes. it's just the reality. i don't know if there are other politicians above th. it has been cast tat obama is herlpeally nephious. >> if the president's goal is to stroy the republicans, h wi not sed tit we went back to check rules, one acts decisively that all of of the angels are on one side and the devils are on the other. and they ha gone out saying the wiliams are l dau h had an agreement. they could have said funded at the current level and delay the mandate for a year, and require congress to draw my waiver for
9:44 am and keheve >> do you think that is reasonable for him to say that i'm not going to -- >> if you don't delay -- if you delay the corporate emplor mandate, the cbo says that's $12 million. so if it is credibly damaging to obama care to delay the individual maate, at about delaying it for corporate. ndy did he do the corporate hen'a l of companies -- but what they were going to do is companies were going to duck coverage. and he didn't want that happening in a election year. but that was entirely reasonable. y i'll take the withdrawal of
9:45 am
my waiver on congress. >> something that kirsten said is the president doesn't need to try to destroy the republican party because they're doing it to themsves. you justtand back an t tem do. e point that i want to make. on obama care, this started in 1945. it in play.lmost ea for obama to get it there. and it was stopped with clinton. we saw that. we finally get it there and he is not going to think the democrats after 70 years of fighting for thisl ve up and negotiate it away. >>. >> for all of the talk about hurting republans, i'll tell you sixhat are currently
9:46 am
hurting, they live in louisiana, texas, indiana, it is christie, walker, pence, and casey. all of them contemplate running for president i suspect, and theyll r argument on their side -- i wasn't part of that. >> rich schnider is thinking about it -- >>let's talk about 2014, i thought tat was crazy. th h b en t he wants to position republicans so that democrats can take back the house in 2014 so that he ends his presidency with two years of democratic controlhe way hebeg it spp that i chance of happening. the president's job approval is blow 50%.
9:47 am
the second term midterms alwaysad for the white house party. he has two chances, sl d none. it ain't going to happen. i would say there is less than 65 seats that most of these prognosticators think are up f s. e pp some numbers on the screen. 215 come from areas they carried. th ne to pick upf 35 saeeats next year. which party has a better chance of gaining control of congress. republicans taking the senate or democrats taking the house. >> if t repuicans are right about obama care everything
9:48 am
sut is true, the democrats will never win another election. they have the senate and in 2006 they will get the presidency. if they crash the economy and we default, even if they are right, seheuin 2014 and may not get the president seat for some time. that's what the stakes aright now. if obama care is going to be su a dister, why not let it le people experience obama care. if it is as bad as they say it is, they will recoil from it. >> the the flip side is they say that republicans are care of t is -- they're afraid s. they will become addicted and it will be a heroin drip on the
9:49 am
subsidies. i think what the republica have to haveonfidence in is teiv government, andenerall i think you will have a you needed congress against -- >> thank you, panel. we'll see you next week. up next, our power player of the week. my customers can shop around-- see who doesood work and compe costs. it doesn'tsually work that wayith healthare. buthteltare,
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as lng ashe army has been ouheasen on advise military leaders on law. now, for the first time, it's a woman. >> if a soldiers ing to airborne school, can he go. if he isnoo d w have to return -- >> she was hard at week dealing with the gvernment shut down. she was named judge advocate general of the my. >> is it fr to ulk t-- call the job core a giant law firm? >> no, we're the largest. >> she has 10,000 paralals serving under e lights on to making sure that soldie who should be
9:52 am
prosecuted should be defended pperly. of course the big iss acly assaults. they think those reports, 26,000 service members that were targets of sexual assau la year were exaggerated. since they put aew focus on ngeti better.9, shesa >> we have seen a 100% increase in prosecution and over 100% increase in soldiers who were convict convicted. >> as for efforts in congress to chnge the law so prosecutors, bring a case to trial. >> this is army business, not lawyer business. this is abt discipline. so to tack away the about of
9:53 am
commander. >> she joined in 2007. >> we came in on the exact same day and we were promoted to every rank on the exact same day. and when she bec judge adaterth meant she would become hr husband's boss. >> plan was for both of us to retire. so his theory on that is i'm off plan. so he is now retired. >>ut sheas teou putting off of her retirement. >> i'm committed to those who do an honorable thing. >> she srved twoto in iraq which means she was the senior legal advisor.
9:54 am
that's it for today, have a xoxs ayeek, and we'll see you what you need
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to know if you filed for an extension this year.. befo you fi. ay fox45 morning news. "take that vote. stop this farce. end this shutdown now." a lot of talk on capitol hill... but still little action. n se oplo at least pay furloughed workers while they're off the job. amber ad libs
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setting a sweet record. how much peanut butter and chocolate went into the makinof this giant conftion. b weather shot sunday, october 6th adlib chat with tony
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breaking ne this morning... a maryland state trooper is in serious condition after a car hit her while on duty overnight. at about one this morning on route 100, trooper jacqueline kline stopped to help another officer o wi erth's when another car driven by a 21-year-old man hit her. the driver stayed at the scene... no charges filed against him at this time. trooper kline is in shock trauma with head injuries, a broken arm and cuts. she habeen on the fce for about 14 months. anfle dozof firefighters memorial in emmitsburg. the annl ceremony will honor 73 firefighters who died in the line of duty last year... plus eight more from previous years. because of the government shutdown, the event will take place at p-n-c tsna motin mary's campus. it's usually held at the nearby natinoal emergency training center.
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the government shutdon enters its sixth day... with no end in sight. the senate adjorned for the weekend onilss unanimously by the house. it would authorize back pay for furloughed federal employees... whenever the governme reopens. althoughouse democrats voted in vor of the measure... they... along wi senate democrats and presidt obama... oppos pe t by-bit... as house republican have tried to do this week through legislation. reid says: "so now what the republicans of the house are elling - because they are the ones who set the agenda - buthey're telling all these federal workers.. what we're going to do now don't like federal workers and we haven't given a raise in over 3 years, what we're going to do now is give you a paid vacation and is give you a paid vacation and that's what it is. these people want to go to work can't go


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