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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  October 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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just to annoy that's a bonus. oh, marie, come here. look., "how to enjoya low-fat than" ooh, thanksgiving. yes. oh, i can't wait to makesome of. whoa, whoa, whoa,whoa, ! you're not going to do this for thanksgiving? especiallythank. for us, though, right?ngto maked i guess i could. no. no, ray, 2 separate meals.gok why not? huh? she loves to cook,debra. who are you to take ataway from? look at this. a tofu turkey? yeah. that looks good? i would rather eatthat page. oh, it says hereyou need a d to shape the tofuinto a tur. no, you don'tneed a mold, ma. o? god does that. yeah.
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he takes a whole bunchof bird m, and he molds itinto a turkey. come on, ray. i'm quoting the biblehere, debr? don't worry, raymond. that i cook.icious,like evee ohh! oh, i promise. important ingredient. ot turkey? love. love. you'll live. ok, we're ready. here's the steamed veggieswith . ahh, marie,this looks f! and i'll be right backwith . mmm, is thatwhat i'm sm? bring it on there, ma. tofu turkey. beef-a-roni right now.y apag ok, come on, frank.we're ready.
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i pass. ok, frank, listen. for everyone,keda very nice meal and you are going to sitat that. but i don't wanna. we are notdiscussing this. you have tillthe count of 3. 1.. i'm not going. 2... all right.all r. good. ok. so, see?this is a family. ta-da! debra: ooh! kids, look!look what grandma ma! huh? how about that, huh? look how it... jiggles. bird right there.signofd may i have mycarving knife,? thank you, frank. i want to slit my throat.
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all right. i got it. all right. uh,what ? give me a leg. ok. oh. all right. here.we - look, we got--here'. we got the light--l. has puddled.wherethg all right.just give me the spoo. it's not food coloring. it's worcestershireand . oh! see?that's very clever. why didn't youbring you? i don't thinkshamsky would . yeah, butwe could e.
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go ahead, what about raymond? i had some already. no, you didn't. yes, i did. no, you didn't. i did. i did,from right. you can't tell'cause it. all right. all right! we are all eating some. frank. swallow it. ray. ray.
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go ahead, robert. i never thoughti'd say this, but could you passthe broccoli,? actually, i thinkit. you just have tomak. right, debra? doesn't it?rts outw,
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it has an authenticturkey flavo. after this is,you don'tp that's all i had left. it's jell-o! shh! don't do that. [doorbell chimes] i'll get it! who could that be? hopefully the angel of death. barone? yeah. happy thanksgivingfrom . gobble, gobble, gobble. what is this? a complete holiday dinnerwi. it's the angelof mercy! this must bea mistake. you ordered this, frank. why do you assume it's me? because you're the onewho w. ok, but i stilldidn. well, who did?
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not me, ma. this melts in your mouth. i, uh, would've left it, but i can't leaveperish. is there a ray-- no! barone over here? oh-h-h-h-h-h-h, boy. here. take this. you don't wantto have to te. raymond. gobble, gobble, gobble.
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you ordered this? yes, for a snack. aty house. later, later, after this delicious meal. huh? come on, everybody, let's dig in. hey. you know what? we didn't say grace yet. huh? come on, everybody. grace time. ohh! oh, lord, bless usand t- ray-- debra, please. which we areabout t, and, you know,
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ray barone.a lot.yo, frank: let's eat! oh, god. is that chestnut stuffing i smell? what is wrongwith you people? can't you stop thinkingof yours? corn muffins! do you know how muchthis has hu? i wasn't goingto have i? i know how she feels.he. hands off my bird.come . i'll take care of this. you go in thereand talk to her. i can't talk to her now. for a changes trying to dosometf and the least you can dois supp. besides raymond?me youthouge yeah, thanks, robert. on your chin sg hey, where you goingth that? to the t the homeless? they're chowing downin some.
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the lucky bastards. listen, ma, you cancome. everything's better now. debra took awayall the . i mean,the restaurant f. all right? come on.on. come come on back, ma. me on. hey, is this yourso? boy, it looks great. ack! all right, i don't want, 'cause that's goingto r. i--all right, ma,look, . about the ordering outt- i know. i'm sorry. what? i know how much you lovemy than, and i should havemade it for yo. well, no, no, you gotto-
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no. you're my son, and i let you down. i'm sorry. you know what, mom? that's ok. it's ok. all right. stop it.. you're letting meof. don't let meoff the. i don't know whatyou're talking. come on. i'm supposedto. no, no. i got too wrapped upin , and i forgotwhat was important, cooking for my family. listen... [crying] you're important, too.
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you know? the special diet, living longer, whatever. that's important to me. oh. you're sweet, dear. something for you,d do and if this iswhat make, then you should do it,a. oh, raymond! back up a little.htu ohh! all right. oh, thank you,raymond. this means the world to me. i ow. come here! no, it's all right, ma.. let's go. let's go.let'? ok. thanksgiving!erybody,wes save roomfor cheesecake! they top it off with sweet honey and a kick of cracked black pepper in their signature honey pepper sauce. and they top that top off
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and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. [ sneezes ] on the first day you take it. (dootrick or treat! mmm! thank you! mmm! mmm!
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[clanging] where am i? ma. i had the strangesdream. oh, come on, ma. all right, i was hungry.
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i'd offer you some,but i don't . ma, whatabout y? [beep] come on. i wass. at makes me happy.dowhatever its yes, i did, but i-- well, you knowwhat makes me hap? butter. butter makes me happy. yeah. ha ha ha! mmm! oh, mmm! this is goodfor restaurant food. the danger zone?hol? to the danger zone. i'll worry about it.anger zone, besides, it's thanksgiving. well, the least i can do is keep you fromeating . ha. let's sit.come on. ? yeah. here. ok. yeah. ha ha ha. oh, boy.want some of that?
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yeah. here's potatoes.those are great. whoo! aha! i said, aha! what are youdoing here? i rolled over in bedand sudo greato stop me.arie so muchfor your willpower. you going to talkor you goi? i'm in! hey, i wascruising by. i saw dad come-- hey. i get it. for robert, tofu andthe brussels wait till he goes on shift,and ! there. sit down. thanks.
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take breaths, dad.t. want some gravy,raymond? yup. yup, yup, yup, yup. ok. you wantanything el? bring it on.what have you g? marie: here we's? what'sgoing on here? we're beingsupp. but what aboutyour diet? if you're miserable, dear?longer you know, i think that every day. can i have oneof those ? marie: uh-huh! this is great. take a corn. oh, muffins? ok.i've go. is it thanksgiving again? this is the good one. come on.pic. we're gonna hav. gobble, gobble, gobble. kids:gobble, gobble, gobble. yeah.
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you got any grout? i need grout. don't give it to him. he wants to destroy robbie's room, why? i'm building myself a lounge. a big lounge. i'm going to call it frank's lounge.
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lounge. he wants to make a giant bathroom for himself. we're leaving robbie's room just the way it is for when he comes back. he's not coming back. he's happy where he is. bite your tongue. with any luck, right now he's miserable. then i'll turn ray's room into the lounge. he's not coming back. you never know. just say the word, marie. raymond, have you called robbie? ta to her. she's the wife. she's the one who's supposed to call people. come on. you're his brother. you've never even seen his place, and he and amy broke up. you know, you should go over there. yeah, well, i've been busy with-- with ally's shoes and golf balls in the toilet. you have to go over and see his new place, raymond, and report back. what, do you want me to wear a wire? that's up to you. ma, look, why don't you just go there? we're waiting for an invitation.
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it would be rude for us to just barge in.
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oh, c-could you hold the elevator, please? ow! ow. ow. hey. thanks so much. 8, please. hi, i'm michelle. oh.
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like the beatles. that was kind ofthe. me-shell. yeah. you probablyget tha. yeah. but i like it. [giggles] what floorare you going to? i don't know. [knock on door] hey, ray.come on in. i need some water. oh, yeah, yeah. kitchen.
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so you finallymade it over. what do you think? nice elevator. met your neighbormi. yeah, michelle. 8d. to borrow detergent.ver here wag you're kidding me. i'm goingto cut her off. to buy her own.ayshe'll learn that girl'sbeen her? with dirty clothes? oh, yeah. [knock on door] hi, robert. hey, sandy. can i use your phone? i'm locked outof my apartment. again? a spare key.uldjust give you yes. all right. you know. hi. that's my brother ray. what's shakin'?
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this is a fantastic. nah, the parking's bad, the place is kind of dark,and i, on the flippers. a little rough oh, really?i didn't note at all the women.usy log there'swomen everywhere. thanks, robert. it was niceto meet . ditto. are you the only ma? no, there's some male nursesand. so then this is,lik. has a hot tub. caste
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yeah. good luckgetting in there. the girls are alwayshogging it. look at them. hey, y-you haven'tat with any of thesewo? and if you have,ple. pretty girls before.seen yeah, before. way b. robert?e hellis wro, this is a very nice place to live. so, you--youreally like it, huh? are you kidding? i've never beenmoreu in my life. hey, krispy kreme. hey. how's robert'sapart? ah, a lot to dothere still. really?
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how much workdoes the p? this week already.rea cs yeah. about the work.w,it's not really yeah, i know. it's about robertfe. that's right. he's really vulnerableright now? it's, uh,it's touch-and-go, emotionally speaking. you knowwhat i thin? what? i think it's great.. you're really being. robert.ell,he's a great guy, what's breast for him.t what? what? you just said"breas"
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for him.i justwant t i did not. why would i say that? i have no reasonto say it. you must'veheard me wrong. you said i did not,and it's not funny. i don't thinkit's funny at all over a silly mix-up.throat what is wrongwith y? i'm very, very tired. a break.ll, listen,f you know,robert can. oh, sure.i say one thing wrong anymore, right?ddeni can't go oe you just saidthat yd from goingover ther. i am. and you got tired,were nursing the children need you,o nse bece and this has nothingto do with .


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