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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  October 23, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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i was thinking about him. so we followed him here on twitter or something, one of the kids in the office follows him. he's over in spain right now. he's making an appearance at parties. so my thought is do you have to go that far? maybe they're showing jt jersey shore" reruns? i don't know. he went through a substance abus rehab, she out. he was supposed to get a reality ow centered around his family. i don't know what happened to him. i forgot all about him until i talked about pauly. even snooki moved on and hi, isn't the baby kurkts really cute. she's still looks like snooki, let's try to get high brow, it's late in the game. i wonder ifhose two are together ronnie and the other
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one and do you watch the show with the two girl, snooki and jwow? does the situation show up on the show? is he the only one that doesn't show up? oh, so the bove is on. okay. so apparently they don't get along. congratulations pauly on your new baby with your strange woman. how about kim and kenye, they just got engaged. she posted a picture of her ring and it's 15 carats. more importantly, i like her nails. you know. those stiletto nails are so. at first i really liked them. i thought they were hot. you file them from a point and put the crafting seeds and
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limestones and stuff, everything but the kihen sink, that night might be on there, too. the younger girls do it. i was jealous, i can't get that gel man cubes i have been wearing tips sentence i w in high school. when i saw kim's nail, wow, you know the kardashians they try to be on trend. i gets the trend is going shorter and square? so my fingers are finally back in style. i like to do my own nails. it's so soothing. you pull out your nail kit. i don't know why i pull out a nail kit. i put one color on my nails. then i think,hen was the last time i put a color other than my pink wash by orley's. i haven't had color since august. i haven't done it with understand this season on this show. i'm going to keep it going. i'm going to tell you why. clear matches everything, right? anyway, kim and kenye aren't
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wasting any time with baby number two, according to radar online kim doesn't think it makesense to lose the prnancy weight to w itack again, shout t to everybody who has the irish twins, where the kid is only four months apart, it was the smartest thing ever, have all them at one pop, you go in for mommy makeover tune up or whatever and go about your business. so reportedly, she wants to get pregnant as soon as possible. i still wonder whether he'll marry her. an engagement is one thing. an engagement is one thing. the marriage is another t. kenye engagement, keeping up with the kardashian challenge, filming for the show, every angle. he's on tour right now prancing around as jesus. so, which that's a turnoff to me. it's a turnoff to a lot of people. so i guess having -- getting
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these days, making him feel more -- i don't know. i question whether they'll get married or not. you know, anyway. kenye used to photo shop himself into theardashian pictures. the she marries him, it's like she's marrying the killer/stalker. would that flatter you or question his mental stability? that would make him question him. there is nothing flaltering about a man obsessive with you to that degree. that's scary. he told us through the tv, he used to photoshop himself before he was a part of the family into the family picture. how strange, right? she's sleeping with the enemy, like a lifetime minnesota well, good luck to you all.
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. if you are a home wrecker, do you you think it's fun to poke fun at that reputation? i think people have to find. not leann rimes friends, what are you doing? lee anne, girl, what are you doing? so, this is a picture that lee anne tweeted with the caption, don't open without a sense of humor. okay. her father reportedly ns a, you know, a towing company and there she is lucxuriating. at least it doesn't say home wrecker. wrecker service. this is not cute. but i tell you what is cute, those boots. those boughts aots are really c. right? that's something that you want people to forget about. remember lee anne i love you,
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girl, you know how you get him is how you lose them. so watch that eddie because, watch that eddie, lee anne. all right. let's move along to our next story. all right. so, there are two hollywood couples giving love aro second chance. i want love to have a second chance. sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. the ashley jets story is ro mant cal. she is 45 t. race car driver dar is 40. they have been married for 11 years. they don't have any. according to "us," i never think there is a point in getting married if not to have kids. you know what i mean, i believe in living in love, living insane, whatever people call it. if not to have kids, why get married? there are no kid in the
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household, 11 years, now she's 45. so you know, it's kind of rotten down there. anyway, accorng to "us" weekly magazine, they got back together after dario suffered an injury from a racing accident. you know, he' a race car driver and it wasn't just an injury. it was pretty serious. i was reading the article. so she locked everything and raced to his side. isn't that romantic? i wonder if they'll get back together and get married and everything? noen i don't know, but i like the story. katherine zeta joents around the other on are ging love another chance. she's 44, he's 69. they separated. she's still wearing the ring. michael said sometimes people take a break, but it doesn't mean it's the end. i mean, i don't know, a break to me means a free pass to do
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everybody who is cute who has walked in my past, like they're married, but are you serious? a break? now how am i supposed to get back with you knowing you have been doing the same thing i have been doing? the mature way of handling a break, sure, you take a break. maybe i was in a hotel for a month or you lived, go to your parent's house, you stay there a month. we'll see the kids in between. we need a break from one another t. reality is when you have been together a certain amount of time, a break seems like a free pass, honey, to get down. now, i'm thinking that the kind of break that is probably better to take to make sure nobody is getting down is you take a break in the same house. we don't have to love each other. i'll chop the middle of the blanket. don't roll ov on me, i don' want to feel your elbow next to me. you are know, i'm use another bathroom in the morning. but we will sleep in the same
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bed to keep those i don't care how many guest rooms, your intrak where you are not having sex eating meals together. are you sleeping in the same bed with the one line downmiddle an and i'm in the bed usually every week night at 10:00. soly still continue to do that. i will not lit wond let you wonder where i am d create mysry. if i'm out until 1:00 i'm generally telling you i'm up to things. i don't know, a break. oh. either on or off. a break. anyway, good luck to all the couples. how do you stagger? millionaire matchmaker" is coming back. i am so glad. patty girl, i have really missed you, honestly. it's if seventh season and, you
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kno she's engaged. patty, there is one thing i need from you, all due respect, girlfriend, you need to get married to prove to people as a millionaire matchmaker you can successfully match yourself. now, here's the thing, this is her second fiancee. they have been engaged since -- they have been engaged since march and she's got a nice ring, but patty is 51 or maybe 52-years-old. this is my opinion. i know she has never been married before. i would think at 51 or 52, you arever the pomp and circumstance d you want to suns get the ring, go to the just statistics of the peace, buy a white dress and have a cemony. you know what i mean. it's a little dumb to be engaged for seven mornts when are you the millionaire matchmaker and your life is on you having a successful relationship.
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that's all. when the show comes back, she'll come here, we'll talk about that. enough about that. we have this next piece of a clip from the new season and it's our hot clip of the day. >> hi. >> hello. >> how are you? >> no one is getting it. >> you got the golden scoop. >> i feel like i want to buy you a vibrator. >> do you have a penis under there? okay. when do we get the alcohol? >> you couldn't get these girls unless i could get them for you. you are a hot mess. get out of here. you are clearly not ready for women over 40. one more strike. >> oh, that was so hot.
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[ applause ] >> wow! okay. first of all, there were a few things in that clip that i want to talk about. of course the large lady who did the full split and you heard her hit the ground, boom, wow, also i'm glad that patty is helping rosie find love, but only because rosie is so lovable. but i don't want patty's show into turning to find celebrities love. i don't like when celebrities go on the show, what was carson doing there? i saw jenny mccarthy. you have been pulling your own love. i like when real people do millionaire matchmaker. they are not filtered and that is the entertaining part. also, what happened to that couple, those two weird looking people but nice that used to work in her office t girl with the purple green straight hair and the gu you know, they were married, what happened?
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did she fire her whole staff? what's going on over there? well, patty, you are coming back, we'll be watching. [ applause ] so there is a request in brooklyn to name an intersection after the late biggy small and it has been denied. for a few surprising reasons. well, residents are complaining a lot of complaints about biggy's criminal past, his sexist lyrics and most shockingly they complain he's too fat to be a role model for kids. >> that i don't think any of that stuff matters because, you know, he ended his life on a high note. so what does that ma itself? everybody deserves to be redeemed. he had a bit of a criminal past. but he made good, you know, he is fat, but so are you.
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i'm talking to whoever is on the bird of intersection election. so are you. and sexist lyrics, okay, well, okay. you got that. but, he was trying to be a better person and, you know, my thought is that he was denied this intersection because it's in a really good neighborhood. it's not like where he group. it's in clinton hills. you have to understand is that that is a multi-million dollar home area. like if i live in clinton hills i live in a $2 million house. i am not going to say my address is 123 biggy maul street. i am just not going to do it. you know what i mean? i just, you know, my kid is applying to yale and putting my address on application, you know, i hold a very important position at merrill lynch. my co-workers want to drive me
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home. drive me to 123 biggy small street. it's just not, you would think that it's still an intersection that maybe it would be some place where biggy grew up or something, you know? but it's -- i don't want to be stereotypical, but younow how martin luther king boulevard, you always know where you are going on martin luther king boulevard, in ehood. and i just am feeling like i paid too many taxes and too much for my $3 million home. i don't live in clinton hills. i'm acting like a snop snobby person that might be saying this, i paid a lot of money for this house. thistreet is ivory terrace way. >> that is how it will stay. biggy small street. they can use a government name, chistopher wallace way.
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keep it ivory terrace. keep it that way. anyway, glurks clion hills. hold your ground. maybe you guys in brooklyn take the inrsection into anher area. that's all. y guys make me so omfortable. i'm sorry. should i be more formal? look, so, here's anew sex mbol in america you will never believe who it is. t bearded men of "duck don't city." ibelieve, you know who my favorite is? oh, no, you are turning your nose up. look close to your tv. they're all nice looking, this one right here,ight here, look beyond the beard when he smiles, he's got these dimples and my only fearor the robertson family, you know they have been he before. they've brought me squirrels. i've eaten everything.
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they are getting all kind of female attention. apparently the robertson men sat down with "men's journal" and said tons of women are pro poets proposing to them, the women are married and everything like that. my thing is that when people are inhose magazines too much, the next week they will say somethinged be. for the past three weeks, the weeklies people and "us" "the star" "life and style," they're in there way to much. it's making me nervous. somebody is going to pull something out about something terrible. anyway, would you like to see them unbeard, if you haven't? here's an old photo of them and here they are. i'll tell you which one my guy is, yes, the one all the way over on the end, but, yes, they're really good looking men,
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don't l the beards fl you. although they say they don't shower a lot. they brush their teeth once a day, you know after 35, you should do it anyway, especially after 5, hold on to your fang, probability your fangs and they don't show as much. all of a sudden you are not as turned on? anyway, "duck don't city" is the ow they're on t. season finale airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. i'll be watching. we have a terrific show from "project runway." isaac mizarahi is here. plus another deserveing makeover. but up next, "x-factor" judge paulina rubio is here. ♪ .
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>> welcome badge. our first guest is an international hot star and hot tamale. you can see her on th show "x-factor. request itself with your help, we can go far. i is asked my family for one chance, i will never let you down, i promise you tha. you are a lifeline. >> please welcome paulina rubio. [ cheers ]
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. >> hi. all right. wait, yeah, move back over here, something about the shock, they like to look through there. >> i want to be close to you. >> welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> i'm loving you, can we have a wrist shot camera? look at that, beautiful. they said that you were cold, so i brought out a shawl. >> i'm not cold at all. i'm so excited to be here. >> while i'm out here in the moment, it's not cold. your hair, by the way, is fabulous. >> your hair, too. >> mine is a wig. yours is not. >> mine needs minded. >> you always had this long blond hair. i saw a picture of you as a little girl. >> my mom had a thing with hair. look at that, i mean, i always
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loved long hair. my mom had long hair, too. my boy has long hair, he's 2. i just love the european look. >> that's my precious. >> he's so cute. >> i have a home in puerto rico. we love it a lot. we love the pacific coast. >> paulina grew up, her mom was a big -- >> no, she did it all. she did movies. she is a producer, a writer. she is one of the leaders in our world. >> so you grew up rather privileged? >> that's kind of how they are, i don't see it that way. they want to have the best, which is my mom and my mentor and i always knew i wanted to be
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a part of one of the most famous. >> the thing about you, forgive me for saying this, until you got "the "x factor"" i didn't know who you were. why didn't i noce? you were a big pop star in a group back in mexico, yes? >> well, all around as a teen in chili. >> you know biggy. oh my god. >> so i started singing when i was 7-years-old. i got my first recording deal in like. >> they put you together. you didn't know one another. >> we were seven girls and guys. >> at's a lot. wow. >> we recorded 10 albums together. then i start a solo career. >> you are like beyoce, you broke out. >> i love beyonce and i dance
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and i cheer as well. >> when you bke out of your group, sometimes when your group, we love the groups, there is like we believe there is resentment amongst the fan, did the other si hate on you? >> i love them. they're my sisters and brothers. it's hard. when you leave a group, it's because you close that cycle and i wanted to try my own thing and those are my best friend. >> still to this day? >> please. >> so congratutions on ""x factor." ." you must love, i know singing is your first love, but i can imagine as a singer, especially a mother, that it take you all around the world and creates this instability in terms of your child. i mean, it's so good to go to school. it must be nice to have a steady job is what i'm saying. you report to this.
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>> well, i never was the typical housewife. i am a single mom of a 2-year-old which is my love and my priority. but being on a, being the dauger of a super star i grew up all around the world with my brother and my grandma and that's how i learned life. >> so you must be going stir crazy sitting there at the judge's table and living in the same place. >> no, i am a gypsy. i am from chili, i'm in madrid, a imin miami. i'm on "x factor," i'm recording a new album. my boy. >> cane come to the set sometime with you? >> i was going to bring you, he says, george is from new york, george the monkey in central park. we will meet for lunch. >> we do the hot topics here.
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i never, i read all the magazine, i never read anything baaed ar bad about your relationship, not demi lovato, not simon. it's very refresng you get along so ell. >> we hate each other so much. we are trying not to let the really bad news out. now, listen, there's things the tv gets, the sem chemistry the chemistry between the four of us is amazing. i know you like simon. i like simon sometimes. >> she's lovely. some think that she's pregnant and. >> it's a miracle. >> it's a miracle. >> but he still thinks he can do everything. so he's asking me about breast-feeding. i breast fed my boy nine months.
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it's true. in mexico they said if you drink a lot of ber, will you have a lot of milk. so he is drinking a lot of beer. so he said, you can do it all. we're just wting for the due date and for him to start. >> simon is still simon i see. it was very nice paulina. you can check her out on "x factor" which airs wednesday and thursday night 8:00 on fox. up next,
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