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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 29, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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you think, oh no, i got to be on my best behavior. i showed up on the set and they were like, what was it like to work on "weeds." they were fans of fine, which was interesting. so it made any kind of hierarchy that might have existed, it went right away. it never stopped all day. didn't matter in the cames with or an our off. >> wendy: i'm talking about like off the set. >> robert de niro he hits clubs hard. for real. i was the old dude. they were like, jay d is doing this thing another the club.
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i'm like, that's you and jay z. i got to go to bed. >> wendy: "think like a man 2" are you in it. >> yeah. >> wendy: that was shot in vegas and i went out but i didn't get a chance to see anybody but kevin and a couple of the guys that were in the scene with me. >> that's right, your husband. >> wendy: yeah. do you realize that he used to be a rapper? romany was a rapper with a group called college boys i remember back in 1992. >> it was b.c., clarify. >> wendy: you had hair back then. did this fall off or did you shave? >> i shaved my head when i was a rapper. i shaved my rap, sure enough i hit the road, the ladies responded exactly how i wanted
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them to, wanted to rub it all of the time. seven years later i decided to grow it back, it grew back like a stadium, new turf. had a little parking lot in the back. >> wendy: you look nice walled. you have a nice shaped head. that's a very important ingredient in being bald. do you miss your hair? >> i don't at all. like, i don't know, man, it's so much more fun to shave and be clean. >> wendy: now you were living in l.a. i understand you moved back to brooklyn? >> yes. >> wendy: do you like it here better? did you move here for work or did you move out of there because it was like t la la hollywood weird? >> in a nutshell, the thing about los angeles, especially when you're in the industry all you have is the industry. no matter where you go people to
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thissest and right of you are speaking at the industry. so think about this, wherever you go, something you say politically, religiously, any opinion you have, it could cost you a job. when you engage people, they're timid and walking on egg shells because they don't know -- i'm not that kind of brother. i'm going to say what i want. >> wendy: you were from new york. >> i was born in brooklyn. >> wendy: now, so you're back in new york. before you go, is it true that you were an empty scat cat in the paula abdual video? >> half true. let me explain this. so paula abdual h an animated character. i wrote all of the raps for it and i run into abdual and she
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says who keeps telling people that i'm the cat? he's like, it's me. it makes a better story. >> wendy: so you wrote the rap but didn't do the voice? >> no. >> wendy: it was nice to see you. it's romany malco and he's in the movie "last vegas." keep it here, "ask wendy" is next.
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keep it here, "ask wendy" is
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thanksgiving is a time to be together. welcome back. it's time for "ask wendy" when' ear looking right there. did you just say where are we looking? >> yeah. >> wendy: come on, how can i help you. >> my name is so samantha. we me and my boyfriend we're been dating for six weeks and last weekend i cooked chicken parma shan for him. before tasting it my boyfriend dumped hot sauce all over it. i want to know if i'm wrong for
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feeling insulted. >> wendy: the hot sauce queen i am. you're not wrong for being insulted but his taste is his taste. has that created a wedge in your relationship? >> we had a big argument over it. to me he was say that my cooking wasn't good enough. >> wendy: boyfriend, you got to be sneaky with your hot sauce. or if you put the hot sauce underneath on the plate and put the food on the top, all t cook sees you doing is putting the hot sauce on the top. >> he could have tried it first. >> wendy: true hot sauce people don't want to hear that. don't be insulted and no big figs over this. we're going to take a quick break. what would you do if every time you took your best friend to
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dinner he orders the most expensive thing on the menu. i've got a solution. "ask wendy" continues next.
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we're back with more "ask
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wendy." how you doin'? >> my name is kenneth. and basically i have this friend whoever time i take him out to eat he ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. when it's time for him to order whatever he wants, he orders appetizers because he's watching s figure. my bairt day was last year and he took me to burger king through the drive through. should he still be friend? >> wendy: yes, he should still be your friend but what you have to do is tell him point blank don't order the most expensive thing on the menu. order something with the $10 price range or one appetizer or entree. it's ur money and you dictate it. by the way, s's nothing wrong with home cooking. it's cheaper too. up next we're giving another
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deserving breast cancer survivor a fabulous head to toe makeover. don.
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so, we're back and i'm sitting here with your fashion style expert lilliana vazquez. welcome back. all month long we've been giving head to toe makeovers on brave women who survived the battle of breast cancer. today we're making over another deserving woman. her name is lynette. >> how you doing, my name is la net and when i was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer a little over a year ago very very emotional. the toughest part was losing my beautiful long curly air. this october marks my one year an verse of of starting treatment. i'm healthy and happy and back to work but the pain of everything is this hair.
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wendy can i gate a makeover? i need your help. >> wendy: lynette's husband and two children are here. hi, you guys. all right. you ready to see mom in? we're going to bring her out. hey, lynette, come on out. >> i know. i know. she'sjust gorgeous. >> wendy: tell me about her outfit. >> okay. blazers don't have to be boring so i gave her a gorgeous chartreuse. mixed wit a leopard dress. it's stunning and sexy and sultry. >> wendy: i love the handbag and
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the bangles. >> she loves the shoes. says she's never taking them off. >> wendy: now about lynette's hair, this is from my wig line. this i the wendy 2.0. it's the top of the line. it is worth $1,000. my wig ol gist antwon actually made that for me but i decided to give it to you. notice inside he sew ed extra hair in there and he colored pit. how do you feel? >> i feel amazing. >> this has been the perfect day. thank you so much. >> wendy: all of my wigs can be found at and i amking a wig donation to the american cancer society's wigs. find out how you battle breast cancer, go to wendy williams her new book is call the chick
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ya ka's guide to style and it's available in preorder right now and we'll be right back.
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>> wendy: i had fun today. thank you for watching. i want to thank my guests, thank you so much everybody for being here today. lilliana and everyone. katy couric is coming by tomorrow and corey feld man. i love. you thank you for watching. bye.
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oh, come on, chelsea. is this about money? 'cause i'd be happy to pay the lease
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on your apartment. it's not about money, you ass. i just think it's ridiculous that we're engaged and not living together. i'm just not comfortable with us living in sin. so you think we should stop having sex? no, no, no, it's not the sin i object to, it's the living in it. chelsea: there is no reason for me to renew the lease on my apartment charlie: and i love having you here every night... you going to eat your pickle? yes, i'm going to eat my pickle. but you're almost done with your sandwich, and your pickle's just sitting there. i like to eat it last. how very european of you. here's another pickle. shut up. oh, you are just so full of it! give me one good reason why i shouldn't be living here. i can give you several. this ought to be good. chelsea: go ahead. charlie: oh, you mean right now? dance, monkey, dance. okay. well, there's the safety issue. you should keep your apartment
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that airplanes are equipped with oxygen masks you know, if the titanic had enough life rafts, leonardo and kate would've lived happily ever after. oops. chelsea: you're comparing our relationship to the titanic?! rope-a-dope. rope-a-dope. charlie: no, no, no, of course not. p.s., was a very romantic movie. thanks for making me watch it again. he's still swinging. the kid's got heart. charlie: where are you going? chelsea: home! see? you just proved my point. where would you go right now if you didn't have your own apartment? i suppose you all enjoyed listening to that. huh? beg pardon? i enjoyed it.
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that was beautiful. oh, come on, who remembers the names of boats that don't sink? sure, sure. i couldn't give you a zeppelin other than the hindenburg. still, it was not your finest moment. there was a time it would've worked. yeah, back when you were dating silicone simpletons. unfortunately, chelsea is too smart for your crap. yeah. and there's not an ounce of silicone in those babies. shoot. i owe berta five bucks. uh, b-but more to the point, why are you so afraid to have her move in? i'm not afraid of her moving in. that's easy. so, you're already assuming you're going to break up? oh, come on. what evidence is there to suggest that it'll end any other way? well, i think she's capable of a long-term commitment. and you, you could... change. you don't believe that. nah. i was just trying to be supportive. well, u're not doing a very good job.


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