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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  October 31, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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so after two years of i gess bickering back and forth and knowing that they will get a with respect to, the ashton kutcher/demi moore divorce is finalized. according to the new york "pt," ashton and -- i don't want to be canceled right in the middle of hot topics. i was sliding a little bit. anyway, the new york "post" has said that ashton and demi have finalized the divorce, thank goodness. i cooperate figure out why they couldn't make this happen a lot sooner. she's a 51-year-old woman. and there comes a point in your life where you would rather have less money to deal with less stress. like she's lost two years of her life, you know, fighting back and forth probably being angry, you know, just -- you know how stress wears on you physically inside and outside.
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so it took way too long. two years too long. but with no kids and everybody's rich, why couldn't they just go their own ways. but they say they were battling over money. it's been alleged that demi was seeking spousal support and no word on what the settlement is, but we do know that it's recorded ashton is worth $120 million. and demi is worth $150 million. so i really don't understand what took so long. you know he's the highest paid guy on tv plus he's very, very into the technology. as a matter of fact, over in china or japan, he was just hired to design a new tablet. and he has a side company and it's not such a little side company. he invests lots of money into technology and things. so demi wanted some of that money. i just think, really, demi? anyway, i'm glad the divorce is finalized. so ashton can move along. i guess he's going to get married. and demi has a little boyfriend.
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but he's 30. i don't think she's learned the error of her ways. i think he's very christian grey. okay, you're not feeling -- take that away. let me tell you why this guy is area pekt f perfect for him as long as she doesn't fall in love. this guy is perfect. she's worth $150 million, so she doesn't need a rich man. she's for the money. he is a yoga instructor. he's 30 years old. although he looks like he's lived a little harder. his 30 is more like 40. and she right now probably isn't need somebody who will give her a lot of back talk. kind of like jennifer and
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casper. i don't know her, but in my mind, this divorce has taken a toll on her personality and she's probably like mean as hell, you know? like mean and snippy, you know. but anyway, congratulations and good luck with everything. so pauly d battle with this baby. it does. spread the word. according to tmz, pauly apparently requested toave the baby for two weeks unsupervised visits. now, i know he's the father, but the baby is only five months old. you're not taking my baby for two weeks without me being there. the mother of the baby, amanda, has rejected his request.
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amanda has the baby with pauly, but she also has another child by another man. anyway, all that before her 26th birthday. i know. she's young. she's like 25 years old. anyway, pauly's lawyer apparently agreed to supervised visits, but amanda is claiming she's getting no response from pauly. even when a man is in the life of the mother and the child in the birthing room and everything, there is -- we don't get all the help that we need when the baby is five monthsing on. guys are all fumbling with their callused hands trying to do something. i remember i was the primary. i mean, you ow, kevin my husband helps out and he did things and everything, but i wouldn't even leave a five month
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old with somebody that i love, a man. no. pauly, you all have got to get this together. so last night amanda publicly had to reach out on twitter. and the reason why she's hamshe handling it on stwit e ee ee ee she no longer has his phone number. look. this is getting out of hand, you've had my number since day one. come bond with her any day anytime you and your family want. she adds i don't have anyway to get in touch with you directly and i think we can solve this by talking asap. so clearly she's trying her best to handle this like a mature woman. it still has not been proven that she's a drug addict or a drunk or anything other than a new mom who pauly doesn't seem to have the maturity to understand that he'
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co-parent. that's why you have to watch who you lay with. all you men. you don't want a baby mother situation like this, then strap up. what i would do if i were this young lady, all she has to do is go to the deejay booth -- deejay booth -- go up to the deejay booth and say, hey, only she's in jersey, she's got one child and another one, so what she should do is hire a lawyer to go there and say, hey, we need telephone numbers so we can get this right. as good as twitter is for me and hot topics, i really don't like that they're lashi out on this twitter and that we have to know all this. there has to be a sensible woman or several in pauly's family that can go to him and say, look, this is what we're going to do. have her come out to vegas, we're all going to stay on the same floor. we'll be able to bond with the
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baby, and you need to get it together, pauly. and now pink is being criticized, actually her husband is being cricized for his parenting skills. don't they look great together? i love them as a couple. they fight hard and then they split up and they get back together. but through it all, he cleans up well. she cleans up well. they look great. anyway, pink's husband is this motocross racer, he's 38. and he posted a picture of himself on instragram riding a motorcycle their 2-year-old daughter. so critics are slamming him, she's too young and you're riding without a helmet. well, pink is 34 and she's defending him. and after she defends him, i'm going to defend him, too. hold on.
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hold on. she says if any of you have more experience on a bike than my husband, then i will listen to your opinions on how he should take my daughter for a ride. obviously they're not riding anyplace far or fast. probably just sitting on the bike going up the driveway. he isn't have a helmet on, the little girl doesn't have a medical m helmet. i think everybody needs to mind their own business. not me. i mean, he did something great and that is he put the head phones on the little girl because bikes are loud. but i it is agrdisagree with pi of you know how to ride better, you can talk to my husband. that was probably crocodile
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dundee's last words, too. what was his name? steve irwin. he was an expert with those animals and so was the lady at but i don't believe he's being a bad parent. we all have our ways. are you perfect with your kids? let me tell you something right now. i did not grow up in a house where cursing was done. i still do not curse at my parent's. if they over hear me, i would say excuse me and close the door. that's the the kind of household i grew up in. but these kids these days, they fear nothing. and now he's too big to spank. i called them beat downs back in the day. sounds tougher than saying a spanking. and now since he's 13 and he's almost tall aer than me, you dot curse a lot because if you curse
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a lot, it's just another day with mommy. you have to use your four letter words wisely. that way they know -- look, and you grab him by the collar and you bring him in real close and you talk that hot breath and you call him every name. but you can't do it all the time. that's why they think mommy is crazy like out of her mind. i fear her. so pam anderson got her haircut aunt eith and it's our hot shot of the day. i love the pixie. all right. clap if you love it. [ plause ] clap if you say go back to long hair. [ applause ] i'm a hair girl mysf. i prefer longer hair for me.
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and i always get marvelled these days because all the girls seem to be weaving or clipping in. so i figured after all the years of bleaching and weaving that her hair would be broken off. i think she looks great. she looks sexy and sophisticated. let's do a side by side comparison. yeah. i like it. i like it. suzanne, who are you? i'm distracted. >> jay-z. >> hey julianna huff, she didn't even have to do her black face for it and you know who she is. just saying. and i didn't go all white face for wonder woman. anyway, back to pam. she'ses al also running the new marathon on sunday. which is great.
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for some reason i don't even picture her exercising at all. you know how there are some people you can't picture them in the gym or exercising. that would be pam. but good for you, pam. marathon wasn't last year because of hurricane sandy, so probably going to run extra hard just like halloween last year, we didn't have halloween because of hurricane sandy. this is not what i was going to wear, though. this is a different costume. and then jennifer hudson got a new haircut, too. i love this. i know. lot of you like it, too. let's do the side by side comparison. do you like the longer hair better? another girl after weaving and winding it up, i'm so shocked that she has so much hair, like it's not thinner. and i think she looks beautiful and it really works with her new
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body and you saw her jaws and lips. good, jen. yeah. so it looks like beyonce's mother is no longer a single lady. well, you know, first of all, doesn't she look great at 59? i mean, it looks like 59 and a lot of tape will work, but who is natural anymore anyway. she recently attended apevent with her rumored boyfriend richard lofton. richard is in his 60s, like 6 of 6. 66. this is perfect mature love. do you recognize all my children and dynasty fans? i think this is terrific.
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and beyonce is taking a little heat for doing something daring in new zealand. she went sky jumping. and people are like why are you sky jumping being you', you're . 630 feet high. that is crazy. that is crazy. i'm scared of heights, so that's not something i would do. but critics are saying she shouldn't be putting her life in danger because she's a mom now. why is it people think when you're a mother your life has to stop. go for it, beyonce. how brave of you. and then tori spelling has been getting a lot of criticism because she did not lose her
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weight the way she originally reported that she lost her baby weight. well, you know, she has a litter of kids and when she had the son in 2012, she had gained 45 pounds and she told a magazine that she diet and exercised, low impact exercise and healthy diet. she's now admitting she lost the weight by starving herself, she calls it the eat air diet. here's the thing. i appreciate that she came out and said this because i think too many women lie about, oh, i diet and exercise. hi my hair is real. and that is one of the big problems with the woman hood, w don't share the information so men look at us like we're crazy shrewds when really all we're trying on do is keep up with other women. but she lost like many women lose their weight, which is starving themselves. not healthy, but at least she was honest. thank you, tori.
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we have a spectacular show for you today. the fabulous holly robinson peete is here. plus wildlife expert dan mi mizejewski is here. but up next, brian balthazar. don't go far.
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it's time for the inside scoop here today with the juicy celebrity news from, brian balthazar. love it. crime figers. your super man is really good and i love the wig. see, you can wear wigs, too. >> i actually kind of want to rock this one day. like a rocket. >> wendy: so let's talk about lindsay lohan and the bad choice
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she's making. >> there is a lot of talk, we want to know the truth. is she falling off the wagon. last week a photographer caught her in an apartment at a friend's house reaching for a bo bottle of wine. we don't know if she drank it, but not the a goa good sign. and apparently she may have been partying with paris hilton and miley cyrus. which are not nope fknown for dg milk. so then there are rumors that she's been tanking vodka drinks. vodka is a favorite of hers. >> wendy: i've shared with you all and i'll just say this, i don't believe that she's sober. i do believe she will need a 7
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time in rehab. i don't believe she's sober. i don't. what is she doing for halloween? >> it gets worse. so foxwood cass see snow hosting a party with floyd mayweather. you pay $189 a couple just to go to this party and who knows, maybe lindsay lohan is partying with you. so this is probably not the right environment for her. we don't have video of her drinking, but i hear what you're saying. >> wendy: have fun, i know up. so let's move on to quincy jones. suing michael jackson estate for $10 million. >> he was behind the music for three of his albums and now the th"this is it" concert tour, sod track, and two cirque du soleil shows. so he's saying he hasn't been
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fairly compensated for some of the remixes he's done saying he didn't have the opportunity, they breached the contract to do it himself. so he wants $10 million and the jackson family is saying basically that they're disappointed and they feel that he's been compensated quite nicely. ps, the estate made $160 million last year. >> why is the family always crying broke? >> well, they spend money basically like lindsay drinks vodka back in the day. they're not good with money. and so basically they also have a lot of legal fees pup wh. when michael died, $500 million in debt. so she sold a lot of michael merchandise and she made a lot of money back. but that's going to trust funds. >> wendy: let's show the
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costumes real quick. >> paris hilton is miley cyrus. wearing more clothes than usual. miliary cyrus herself -- anything to be partly naked. sandra bullock and her son. >> wendy: cute. >> cindy crawford. and fergie is elvira. >> wendy: i love it. thank you so much for sharing your halloween stories with us. be sure to go to for more. up next, holly robinson peete is here.
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>> wendy: i'm so glad that our next guest could come and celebrate halloween with us. please welcome one of the original friends in my head, hol holly robinson peete.
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how does she work with this booty? welcome back. so nicki minaj you are. >> ihink so. >> wendy: are you using this cat suit afterwards? >> i might have to take this home to my husband. >> wendy: i love this. >> first of all, i just have to give props to your team. they put it together. >> wendy: so, now, are you a huge fan of nicki minaj? >> let's just say i think she's like a hip pop jessica rabbit. so much fun to dress up like. i mean, come on. this is just so much fun. i'm more about how she throws it together. >> wendy: i saw a picture -- >> how does she sit in this booty, though.
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>> wendy: i don't know. you don't want to buy one of those for yourself? it's a lot. so you and i both turn 50 next year. >> yes. >> wendy: are you ready? >> let me just say that i'm happy to be turning 50 with you because you look fabulous. but iant to have a huge destination party. i don't know where i want to go, but i want to take 50 friends and do something fabulous. i'm a little nerves us aboous a. >> wendy: why? you're so smart now. i'm fearless. i think we're a great group of women around our age, like vanessa williams, demi moore, she looks great. >> all my friends in their 50s tell me it's a fabulous decade. don't be scared. >> wendy: yeah. and you're still married and
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happy. >> married 18 year, four kids. so it's all good. but it's half of 100. >> wendy: look at the peete family. oh, my gosh. so when you and leah remini were on the talk show and now you're not, you kept a friendship going. >> she's so amazing. she came to my event, my foundation for autism event. she hasn't been on the carpet all since the big announcement and she was like i'm going to show up, but just for you. >> wendy: she talks tough. >> yeah. >> wendy: is she like tony? >> tony is tough. >> wendy: when are you going to back off, tontony? >> she loves him. >> wendy: he's a nice guy, but he's tough because he won either
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last year or the year before. so once you have the trophy, you go hard for it. >> you know, i love halloween. so this is fun. thanks for inviting me. because i really like to bring it. >> wendy: i saw the picture of you as prince. >> a couple years ago i dressed as someone i've been in love with forever. i brought it as prince, i have to say. oh, my gosh. >> wendy: have you ever met him? >> i have met him, years ago. i was doing a show called hanging with mr. cooper and prince called me and said i want you to come to minneapolis and sing a song with me that he wrote. i've never told this story on tv that he wrote called holly don't wear care. and i went to minneapolis and i recorded it. and nothing ever happened with it, but -- >> wendy: was he married? >> he was about to be married. and sheas like what are you doing down here.


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