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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 1, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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way to the top four on this season's gordon ramsey's show. all the way from the east side, say hi to alexander weiss. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. >> wendy: what's it like working with gordon? >> i always pictured him to be a super scary guy from watching him since i was 8 years old. but he was really nice surprisingly. but he has four kids of his own, so he understands. >> wendy: so what are your making for us today? i see steak. >> yes. spicy stake because i heard you love spice and sweet potato chips. >> and you're 13. you talk and aisle conduct my conversation with you. go ahead.
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>> this is just the chillicurry sauce. these are the ingredients. freshly picked cilantro, parsley, oregano, garlic, salt, cryi cayenne pepper and rub. >> >> wendy: you keep going. you're 13, likemy son, you're in eighth grade. >> yes. >> wendy: are you home schooled? u missed the first half of the year. how are you going to make up the first half of the year? >> am i sus popposed to.
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>> wendy: if you want to graduate. or you can keep cooking and go to culinary school. you're going to be a cook? >> yes. >> or a chef. a cook versus a chef, which is what gordon is. how did you get interested in cooking? your mom? or did you cook at home? >> when i was little, i would bake with my mom. as i got older, my mom and dad -- >> wendy: i feel so under the pressure. i love tking to you but they're holding up signs to keep moving. the audience is laughing. is going to cook long enough? >> 3 to 4 minutes on each side. >> wendy: oh, red and juicy.
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>> i heard you like yours -- >> wendy: i'm a little animal. when i cut my meat, i want to see te blood drip. yes, i'm that girl. all right. so let's move along while the steak is cooking. let's talk about the mosquito potato fries. you already sliced them? >> yes. i sliced them on a mandolin. all i did was take it. slide a few like this and they come out look like this. >> that's terrific. and then we drop them in -- don't you love sweet potato chips and fridays? i love them. >> they're really good. >> wendy: you've gob oil in the fryer. >> right. we even going to drop them. since we sliced them pretty thin. they're not going to cook for long. they counsel out. >> >> wendy: in a minute or two. >> they're good. >> thank you.
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>> wendy: all right. and what's for dessert, kid? >> since it's the season of fall and people go apple picking i decided to make an apple spice cup cake with a vanilla cup indicate. >> wendy: this cupcake is so heavy, heavy in weight. >> okay. i'm going to have one with you. >> wendy: what's that? >> it's like an italian kind of creamy lighter cream cheese. >> wendy: it's ver good. >> thank you. >> wendy: well, listen. i want to thank you for being here. it was wonderful having a conversation with you. >> thanks for having me. >> wendy: you guys make sure you watch part i of the finale tonight at 8:00 on fox.
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>> wendy: welcome back, everyone. it's time for "ask wendy." how are you doing? good.
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>> wendy: good. how can i help? >> my name is emma. my boyfriend is great but he works more. how can i get him to be more spontaneous and outgoing. >> wendy: how long have you been going? >> five years. >> wendy: if he works 18 hours a day, chances are he wants to sleep the other hour, so nothing too strenuous like bungee jumping but you plan the activities. >> okay. thank you very much. >> wendy: you're very much. oh. i see you coming, disco ball. >> how you doin'. i'm danielle. >> wendy: hello. >> hello. reading log. >> wendy: they have to read a certain kind of book and have it signed. do you believe in beatdowns?
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because i would beat him down, number one, because he's forging a reading log today, your checkbook tomorrow, you know? >> exactly. that's what i was thinking. >> wendy: well, how tlented at 10. how did the signature look? exact? >> no. >> wendy: i would beat him down and i would also punish him and take away his phone and tablet or whever it is for a week and i would talk to him about this because, you know, little inkling of sneaky and we all do it. i shoplifted when i was young. if you don't nip it in the bud, you're going have a full-blown problem when he's older. good luck, mom. oh, we have time for another. how you doin'. >> hi, my name is natal. >> wendy: how you doin', natal? >> i have four children and i've been dating my boyfriend for four months. i was thinking about him meeting
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my children. what do you think about me inviting him over for thanksgiving? >> that's too much pressure. the 9-year-old -- the 22-year-old, he's a man but the 9-year-old, that's the much. when you finally introduce, don't let it be a formal holiday where there's pressure. you know. very well. good luck, natal. everybody, we're going to take a quick break. but what uld you do if your ex-boyfriend's best friend keeps asking you out? i've got a solution next on "ask wendy."
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wendy: we're back. we're doing more "ask wendy." before the break i asked what do you do if your ex-boyfriend's best friend keeps asking you out on a date. how are you doing? >> my ex-boyfriend and i broke up. his friend asked me out on a date and hit me up on facebook. my question is should i tell my
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ex-boyfriend he's hitting me up because we're best friends? >> here's the thing. the mark of womanhood is when you don't have to call for backup and you can handle your own. i would say i would tell him the next time you call, you are going to call the ex-boyfriend. for now, handle it on your own. is he cute? but he's off limits. tell him to stop or you're going to tell the ex-boyfriend. >> okay. hank you, wendy. >> wendy: all right. we have time for another one. how you doin'? >> my name is casey. we've been toekts for two years. we live in denver. he loves it there. i want to move to new york. how do i get him to live here and compromise. >> wendy: how old are you? >> 24. >> wendy: move. you love our city.
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move. you're 24. you've got lot more frogs to kiss. i do respect the love you have but i would not let yur dream be stopped right now at your age by some man. not now. it's your time. welcome to new york and apparently you're single or in a long-distance relationship. keep it here, everybody. up next, we're going to reveal up next[ female announcer ]eal having grands biscuits in the morning is easy. pop them in, go about your business, and in just 15 minutes, your family can enjoy warm fresh from the oven biscuits. pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. [ hans ] toaster strudel!
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but i was looking forward to having dinner with you. all right, i'll see you later. (smacks lips) "love yo too." (smacks lips) alan? yeah? smack your kid for me. should we really risk more brain damage? thanks for sticking up for me, dad. you'll never guess who i ran into. kobe bryant? sean "p. diddy" combs? what is wrong with you? no, i ran into mia at the coffee shop. no, uh, apparently, she's single again and, uh, living in l.a. what's wrong with you? so, mia... how did she look? oh, better than ever. damn.
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what did she say? uh, she said to give you her best. that's it? pretty much. how did she say it? what do you mean? i mean, was it perfunctory, or was there subte? "perfunctory." that could be my rap name. i don't know. um... but i-i mentioned that you were engaged, and, uh, she seemed happy for you. you told her i was engaged? why the hell would you do that? because you are, in fact, engaged. and she seemed happy about that? yeah, she said, "good for him." how did she say it? was it perfunctory? or were there subtitles? i'm leaving. and yet the memory of him lingers on. hey, uncle charlie. yeah? love you. (smacks lips)


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