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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 5, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a kid. bieber is 19 years old. there's plenty of pictures from when i was 19 on the internet. none of them look good. i look ridiculous. >> corey feldman was here a couple of weeks ago. you all are around the same age. >> we met more in passing when we were younger. i met him more later in life. he and i had different experiences. i was never famous as a kid. i worked all the time. by the time anybody knew my name or had things in the marketplace for people to say oh, that's seth green, you was in my 20s. >> you're doing a lot. you still have family guy. you got your robot chicken and a hit with "dads" and married for three years. >> that's a record, right? isn't that a record in hollywood? >> that is a record. >> your wife is gorgeous. she's got the eyes of olivia -- is she an actress?
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>> she's an actress and a producer. >> nice. >> do people bug you gs -- do people bug you guys about becoming parents yourselves? >> yeah, yeah. the whole first year you spend together, we'll see how long that lasts. after a year, they say where is your baby? >> the third year, they must be working -- >> she's the oldest of eight kids and raised everyne of those babies. she's not in a hurry to have another diaper to change. >> i heard that you guys have a rule for how long you stay apart. >> yeah, yeah. we got married and we both work a lot, travel a lot. so we figured out that 14 days is the limit. that's as long as you can spend without either one of us having to travel where each other is. we shook on it. >> perfect. [ applause ] now, i know you've always been into comicon, you go every year. >> comicon. >> i just want -- >> for a nerd, that's like
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mispronouncing -- >> i'm sorry. i've never been but i like wonder woman and i dressed as her for hallowe this year. i wanted to know for you, if you do a side by side -- >> yeah. >> i think you look more like straight up linda carter, wonder woman. >> in my opinion like the real wonder woma you look great. >> i'll take it. you and your wife, i liked your halloween costumes. >> oh, yes. my wife is really funny. she said we've cornered the market on tall girl, short guy costumes. we did some from battle star gallactica one year and one year she was hans solo and i was prince. she came up with an idea midyear and we worked on it. >> let me see the piur >> jessica rabbit. >> look at a side by side. >> that is perfect. >> so don't go away everybody.
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when we come back, we're going to play a game with seth. a game of celebrity. except for it's the "dads" edition. you don't want to miss it. keep it here. [ applause ]
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applause ] [ applause ] okay. we're back. seth green is still here. we're going to play celebrity the dads edition. seth, i'm going to show you pictures of celebrities and you have to describe them without saying the name directly. whoever guesses the most is the winner. uh-oh. >> i go first, right? 45 seconds on the clock. >> go. he's an actor. he was in dazed and confused and mud. southern guy. handsome, chiseled body, works ouon the beach all the time. >> his birthday was the other week. married to camilla. >> i don't know who anybody is married to. he's rapper. started with -- >> snoop. >> yes.
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married to angelina jolie. >> brad pitt. >> i got it. >> one of my favorite actor comedians, beverly hills cop. >> eddie murphy. >> right. >> the singer did la vida loca and she bang. >> ricky martin. >> iot that under time. >> do it? >> i got four. and now i describe to you. >> now you describe to me. >> here we go. >> s uri's father? >> katie holmes ex-? >> tom crews. >> really? >> married to whitney houston? >> bobby brown. >> new edition or any other thing too. >> combover, you're fired. >> donald trump. >> yes. >> father of the dearly departed
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michael jackson. >> joe jackson. >> mile i's father? >> billy y cyrus. >> jay z's husband? beyonce's husband? >> jay z. >> i won? >> he won? >> i won. >> you give great clues. thank you. thank you. everybody, this is seth green. dads airs on tuesday nights at 8:00 on fox. watch, it's very funny. we'll be right back.
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keep the conversation going. follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram for updates on the latest hot topics. photos, behind the scenes dish. what are you waiting for? welcome back everybody. [ applause ] have a seat, studio audience. still no word from dmx. but you know i'll keep you posted. time for ask wendy. how you doin'? >> hi wendy. my name is erica. i have a 14-year-old daughter brianna, shout out to bri, love you. >> growing up, she would love to stay with me. we would go shopping, manicures, pedicures, now that she's 14,
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she only wants to hang with her friends. dont have time for mom. it's like how do iet her to know that hanging out with mom is okay? >> give her the puppy dog eyes. this is what i do. i'm going through this with kevin. same thing. he no longer wants to hang ou i give him the choice. what do you want to see at the movies. i'll buy power patch kids. i hate to inject bribery in there. sometimes bribing is good. because you'reusing it for a good, not evil. for the mani-pedestriani, go out for lunch. if there are four weekends in a month, if she can hang out with you one of those days, you're doing well. >> okay. >> in the meantime, mom, we need lives of our own, these kids a growing up. we have time for another question. >> hi. >> how you doin'? >> my name is katherine. i have two daughters. ages 34 and 35 who are no longer talking because of a
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misunderstanding. uh-oh. >> now with the holidays upon us, i would like to try and mend this relationship. they can't evn be in the same room at the same time. we have thanksgiving and christmas at my house and they're not speaking right now. so i'm -- >> do you know the nature of the argument? >> it was an ex-boyfriend from many years ago. now they're not speaking. >> did one sleep with the other's -- >> no sleeping at all that was involved. >> mom, maybe you can get involved by talking to each of your girls. try to make your eyes water or squeeze a wet rag. do a little cry, cry. >> onions. >> let them know, nobody is getting younger. you are getting older. that boy has probably forgotten about them. >> yeah. >> do your best. >> i will. >> you're lucky that they're able to be in the same room, though. a lot of fights, they're not even on the same planet. >> we try to keep the family together that way because of the
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grandkids involved. >> keep trying, mom. never give up on your girls. we have time for one more ask wendy. we'll do that next. keep it here. applause ]
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[ applause ] [ applause ] welcome back everybody. we're still doing ask wendy. how you doin'? >> how you doin', wendy? >> how can i help. my name is stella. i've been married for almost four yea now. prior to getting married, my husband and i talked about the possibility of adoption. but now he doesn't want to hear about it at all anymore. should i push the issue or should i just let it go? >> do you have children? >> we have a 2-year-old son. >> i think thatou should push it maybe one more time. but you need to push it by presenting all of the facts and circumstances and perhaps the name of some adoption attorneys. you have to present him with a full power point presentation so to speak. >> okay. >> wait until after the holidays. >> thank you. you're very welcome. how you doin'? >> hi, wendy. >> hi. >> i've been with my boyfriend for two years and he's
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constantly joking about never wanting to get married. i definitely want to get married. should i continue with this relationship? no. >> now, let's dial back and find out some of the facts. how old are you? >> i'm 26. >> okay. >> he's 27. >> yes. you have to listen to everything that a man says. like not wanting to get married. like they must listen to us when we say we don't want children or i'm not gng to convert to catholicism. you've learned a lot about yourself. i feel like you've wasted two years of your life. didn't he tell you in the beginning he doesn't want to get married? >> no not really. he played around with it. i felt maybe i could change his mind. no. i know. listen, you're still young, though, honey bun.
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you have a chance to get another and find out about the marriage thing at some point before the two-year mark. >> okay. >> y're welcome, doreena. >> thank you: [ applause ] [ applause ] doreena is single just in ti for the holidays. keep it here. we'll be right back.
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[ applause ] dmx, the clock is ticking. i hope i see you here this week. i want to thank seth green for coming in today and of course, my fabulous co-host, my studio audience. [ applause ] >> tomorrow the hilarious kathy griffin is here and we'll show you the hottest fall coats for every body type. i love you for watching today. i'll see you next time right here hon. wendy. bye. ♪
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hey, danny. did you say good morning to melissa? good morning, melissa. you look lovely today. thank you, danny. i think he's got a little thing for you. no, you've got a little thing for her. i've got a croquet mallet in my pants. danny, behave yourself. alan, i thought i told you to keep that doll in your room. come on. he's got to feed the broad sometime. see what i did there? you're so clever. how about spaghetti with pesto for dinner tonight? oh, boy, with the pine nuts? you got it. i've got your pine nuts right here. danny. buy one, get one free.
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okay, alan, i'm only going to ask you this once. has little miss muppet moved into my house? what? no. huh-uh. really? then explain why she's here when i go to bed and still here when i get up. well, to be fair, charlie, you do have an erratic sleep schedule. and that's not even counting the drunken blackouts. so you're saying i continually miss it when she goes home? charlie, you missed easter last year. was that that time i woke up with a cadbury egg melted in my shorts? sadly enough, no. okay, okay, just so you understand, this is my house, and you don't t invite people to move in. why do you keep harping on that? she is not living here. i'm just going to throw in a load of laundry before i go to work. sure looks like she is. i don't know what he's talking about.
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she can't control herself around chocolate. she'll devour you. really? yeah, uh, thanks for introducing us.
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anything for a friend. ooh, strong grip! ow! ♪ ooh, strong grip! ow! hurry into the sears veteran's day event you want big savings? d save 30-40% off pliance super buys like this kenmore stainless steel refrigerator. save 44%. and, with our free rewards program you can get 10% in points when you use your sears card this is sears. hey, listen, i was thinking. why don't we bring my bed over from my mother's house? we've already got a bed. this isn't a bed, it's a fold-out couch, and you're the one who's always complaining about it. oh, i complain about a lot of things, like, uh, like automatic flush toilets. i mean, everything's gone before you get a chance to turn around and check out how you did. what the dickens are you talking about? let's just leave the furniture the way it is. i don't want to rock the boat. how is getting a decent bed rocking the boat? this is our room, isn't it? well, yeah. and-and no. i mean... it's still charlie's house. but you pay rent? of course.
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i mean, you know, the actual number fluctuates depending on the economy and whether charlie's conscious on the first of the month. but yeah, i pay. okay, then you need to start standing up to him. oh, please. i stand up to him plenty. is that so? you think he likes unsalted butter? he does not. now you listen to me, alan harper. you are a strong, assertive man. i know that, because i couldn't be with you if you were anything less. oh, well, yeah, i am. you know, i... i don't want to flaunt my strong assertiveness by, you know, asking for stuff. alan, you need to tell your brother we're moving my bed in here, and if he doesn't like it, well, then thais just his tough noogies. okay, i will tell him. good. but slowly. in increments. as i did with the butter. and how long did that take?


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