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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 5, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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birthday wish. >> it's a grenade on top of a cake. >> it's not her birthday today. not the biggest concern that comes to mind with this photo videoat aside, all this and stuff subpoenaed, what's the worst that could happen? >> this could put charlie sheen in jail. >> thanks for the interview, charlie! subpoena, yeah! >> how's it going? from kid nhris reed play. he's coming out at 2:00 a.m., very drunk. harvey.ed a symbol for >> oh, gee. loo, harvey, do you see how hard it is to make an h? you can't do it. hard to do. they're hard to do. you do an h. >> it's not hard. yeah.
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>> i respect harvey. harvey's a homie. >> that's our next song and immediately somebody jumped in and starts making a beat for him. homie,rvey's the harvey's the homie, got them for me, oh, working oh, ohh ♪ >> all right, chris, have a night, man. >> [beep]! [beep]! >> that's suspended miami dolphin player richie incognito berserk in a fort lauderdale pool hall with pouncey.mike >> mike pouncey [beep]! seems to suggest that richie not only freely uses the n-word. pouncey [beep]. >> but seems to put him in more hot water after being forfinitely benched
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allegedly bullying teammate jonathan majority. hazing, slash bullying, homophobic. in the world of the nfl, is it ever ok to use the n-word? got ladainian tomlinson at b.j.'s. >> good pizza. ladainian about using the n-word. in the locker room, it's the locker room. a lot of times you may look past certain issues because it's all about winning. >> it's ok as long as you win? >> but there's no place for that. own community don't want our young kids using it so we definitely don't want someone of using it.ce >> well said. we hope you enjoyed the pizza. the thing about b.j.'s pizza, it's about the -- the pazooey? cast iront in a
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skillet with white chocolate macadamia nuts. i not know about this? >> you don't go to b.j.'s. you're like at malibu fresh eating grill or something. you, richie incognito -- >> pouncey [beep]. pazooky. have a >> how you guys doing? mcgowan leaving arclight hollywood. in the show "charmed." >> what do you think of the "charmed" reboot. are you going to watch? i didn't watch the first time, i'm not going to watch the second time. she's saying because she acted in it, she doesn't need to watch the show. a what if they offered you role, would you ever perhaps indulge -- primetime television freaks me out.
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interesting. >> i don't really buy that statement. if rose mcgowan got offered a part on "the good wife," i think she'd take it in a second. why do you pick cbs shows? >> his wife is the head of the cbs station. is the good wife. [laughter] >> coming up -- calabasas. >> calabasas is the new beverly hills in some way. an explosion of celebrities since tmz came along. jessica simpson moved to calabasas before tmz was there. jessica simpson made calabasas. beetle juice 2t is happening. baldwin was in his prime at that point.
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>> coming up -- >> rob lowe plays j.f.k. in the new nation geographic movie. >> rob lowe plays j.f.k. in the new nawhat does that firste. spoonful taste like?
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ok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
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let's get together for the holida. ♪ come on, people, now ♪ smile on your brother [ female announcer ] rich, eamy, byers legendary vanilla making holiday more delicious or over 140 yes. >> and n, "t" international presents calabasas, the cy tmz built, srring little romeo. >> i'm going to ask you, you live in calabasas, right?
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>> yeah. that's lil romeo talking about the place he and many call home, >> how do you like calabasas, is it good? >> it's great. moved to calabasas trying to get away. it was a sleepy one-horse town for a long time. there's been an explosion of tmz camees since along. >> calabasas going up the ranks hierarchy? >> that's what i'm saying. >> tmz made calabasas is what really thinks and he may kind of have a point because tmz, a lot of stars have moved out there like britney spears, justin bieber, keyshawn johnson, tom bergeron. maybe we do get credit. >> can't take credit for calabasas. >> nobody knew. >> that's not true. he's ght. there have been stars out there long before tmz was around. schroeder, david foster, elizabeth berkeley, howie
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mandel, don drysdale, one of the r.e.o. speed >> jessica simpson and nick lachey moved to calabasas before tmz was there. reali show was on way before tmz. >> jessica simpson made calabasas! [applause] >> they were one-offs. you credit'll give for calabasas. harvey levin, he's responsible us the place that gave menendez brothers. >> so burger king wants to buy presley's estate. elvis presley had a beverly hills estate. burger king offered to purchase the home for a little over $3 juston and it is coincidentally in conjunction with them releasing their newburgher, the big king. >> who owns that house? >> peter morton. what did peter morton pay
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for it? >> $10 million. >> they're offering less than it and heid for doesn't have it on the market. >> and they've put it on a ticking clock. what would they do with the house? >> they'd flip it. they do a burger? >> you don't even get a comedy for that. that's so good. sir?w you doing, >> dear lord, it's michael comedian, former batman and star of the greatest made!ever multiplicity, you were unbearable. that talking about the one stars this guy. >> what do you think of this? do you like it? >> god, we miss you, beetlejuice, but not for much longer. >> michael keaton leaving montage hotel confirms that "beetlejuice 2" is happening. >> is it a go? green light?
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>> that's what they're telling me. >> no, no, no! >> it's going to ruin it. >> you don't want "beetlejuice 2"? >> no. it was good. leave it alone. tim burton may come back to direct and he's due for a you movie because, well, know. so many horrible movies. only one thing that could ruin "beetlejuice 2". perry!, katy >> you say she's a huge "beetlejuice" fan, would you co-star with katy perry? >> i would do anything with ka perry. i love katy perry. no, no, don't do that. >> she'll do the sound track. i'm done. i'm out. play what? >> bye now, but is this whole sequel thing a bad idea? see how sad this is? art should be carried forever. right. you can't repeat the same thing over and over. right, tmzebra? >> you only use me when you think of an ending.
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>> have another drink, you lush. thanks, michael keaton and inase don't put johnny depp "beetlejuice 2" already. inrob lowe, he plays j.f.k. geographicional movie. >> who's better looking? got jowly toward the end and he talked about it. t he looked weird after assassination. >> he got a little brainy. comb-over. a >> you got any pictures playing kennedy? a dream come true. >> i'm reading this book, the last 100ays of j.f.k. i'm on november 22. >> would you watch the movie? the watch >> you said there was over 1,000 the >> it's taking me forever to book.he
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>> and you read fast. >> thanks, guys, appreciate it. up, michael fassbender filming his new movie. out andover, pulls it starts peeing. >> he's got both hands on it and it's beyond both hands. he's getting movies off his dong.
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>> tmz sports, it's a thing now. the stories you won't find anywhere else, incognito going wussing michael jackson out from a one-on-one game with an nba rival. only on tomlinson, tim tebow's brother. they're here. exclusive contents and a web show every day. >> tmz sports got a hold of a big, big video. bookmark and now, tmz presents michael penis!der's >> michael fassbender. in new zealand filming his new movie. they're doing this camping scene hishe goes over, unzips
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pants, sticks his hand in and then -- cracken.e the >> pulls it out and starts peeing. >> oh, my god! you look at the size of that black bar. >> he's got both hands on it and it's beyond both hands. >> you know how you can have the white button mushroom? the full portabello mushroom. >> did he know there were paparazzi around? yeah, they're filming the movie. >> why would he whip it out if people were taking his picture? unless he wants us to see it. a marginal actor. he's getting roles for it. >> it's true. they booked him in wang?le because of his check out michael fassbender's penis. it's big, it's fast and it's coming soon to a theater near you.
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entandras!ble >> you're the best team in the league to me and to everybody. brandon albert, donnie avery and rodney hudson. i don't>> i don't know. offense fors play the kansas city chiefs and the chiefs are 9-0 right now, the nfl.undefeated team in the >> in the locker room, is there you're going for from last season? game at a team. >> they were 2-0 last year and now they're 9-0. knows offensive linemen unless they drop the n-word. just don't know them. >> coming up -- one of our awesome new york tour guides. she seems way, way too nice for this.
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>> sarah in new york, one of our awesome new york tour guides. >> hey, sarah. >> hey, nice to hear you guys. >> shoot. we got kathy griffin out last night. my favorite role for you ever. >> what? scissorhands. >> he was thinking about cathy plays the sexy neighbor. >> she looks like kathy griffin? does kind of. out withre they coming scissor hands 2.
10:23 pm
>> she plays along with it and the camera guy helps her find her car and the clip is over. >> nice meeting you. you.ce hearing >> you seem way, way too nice for this. >> you do seem a little too nice the room. >> all right, i'll say something mean. not enjoy meeting you guys. terrible. i hated every minute of it. jew and i'll old love you forever. >> you old jew. >> there you go. captioned by the national captioning institute [ male announcer ] brace yourself for mcdonald's new jalapeno kicker sandwiches. with heat from layers of jalapeno crisps, jalapeno slices, pepper jack cheese... and a cool creamy sauce that kicks in right when you need it. now through thursday, buy one jalapeno kicker quarter pounder
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new star breakup alert. are ryan gosling and eva mendes splitting up? now on "extra." jealousy, mood swings, mystery texts, the new reports ryan and eva's relationship is in trouble. katharine mcphee comes out of hiding. where she just surfaced for the first time since her cheating scandal blew up. new pics, kim kardashian back to her prebaby body? plus its most daring red carpet dress ever. guess who wore it.
10:26 pm
new video, josh brolin's first words about his drunken bar brawl. >> what happened? >> what happened? >> what he says he will never do again. cher haunted by sonny's ghost? the paranormal activity in her house. >> it goes on in the middle of the night. then, maria and chris hemsworth. >> does it get old? >> thor. thorpe. >> how her night with thor turned into a dance party. oprah's all-new christmas spoof with jimmy kimmel. plus -- >> jimmy's hilarious new kiss prank. >> ate every bit of your halloween candy. now on "extra," from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra," i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm maria menounos. is ryan gosling suddenly single again? >> he has been dating eva mendes for two years now but today, we are hearing reports that they have split up. >> jerry has the story behind
10:27 pm
all the headlines breaking today. >> eva and ryan, one of hollywood's hottest couples -- >> you must be feeling pretty darn good right now. >> when you tut like that sure. >> hollywood's latest split? the heartbreak headlines today, the stars who first met while making the emotionally and sexually charged "the place beyond the pines" -- >> eva is incredible. >> just a beautiful, raw experience. >> and appeared in this bed in this funny or die drunk history spoof. >> for a long winter's nap. >> are on the rocks. the stunning reports eva jealous over ryan receiving mysterious text messages. "us weekly" quoting a source he can be moody and she's insecure, very private couple reportedly last seen together over a month ago. >> how was it working with your boyfriend as a director? >> i'll come took that stuff later at some other point. >> mendes reluctant to talk about gosling with mario but today, her rep is insisting the entire story is "completely false." new pics, katharine mcphee
10:28 pm
out of hiding for the first time since her cheating scandal blew up. the "smash" star caught kissing her director, michael morris, last month, spotted leaving a friend's house in l.a. michael and wife, mary, snapped together with their kids on halloween. she's still wearing her ring, he said to be desperate to save their marriage. josh brolin tracked down by the paparazzi, speaking out about his boozy bust-up. >> lay off the booze a bit? >> only hours after this caught on tmz bar brawl video surfaced, brolin spotted heading into an l.a. gym. >> yeah, are you -- kim's body after baby, definitely back. the newly engaged showing off her 50-pound weight loss in this family photo shoot on a malibu beach. kim's little sister stealing the spotlight and causing new controversy. 18-year-old kendall in a revealing backless white gown, 16-year-old kiley just instagraming this provocative
10:29 pm
shot. are they too young to be showing this much skin? vote now at >> kim's looking good, huh? >> yes, she is. >> speaking of slim downs, have you checked out christina on "the voice" lately? she is looking good, too. >> christina's co-star in "burlesque," cher was raining gold with on "dancing with the stars" last night. more than 14 million people tuned in. >> she was funny, sassy and got bleeped a couple times. after the show, she talked about lady gaga and the ghost of sonny bow know. >> cher rocking the ballroom ♪ >> oh, believe it. hot music, hot guys. >> dancing half-naked. >> works for me. >> and cher's too hot for tv critique. >> i like the rock part of it. >> had the senses scrambling. >> i like it when [ bleep ]. >> and america asking what in the world did she just say? cher all the talk on stage, backstage and after dark at mixology. >> a moment in time that i'll
10:30 pm
never forget. >> pretty inn tim dating you. >> intimidating for dancers. judging, scary for the music icon. you being on the world's biggest superstars were nervous to be a judge on "dancing with the stars"? >> i didn't want to ruin it for someone, because i know how seriously everybody takes it but then i realize you have been looking at dancers, choosing dancers for 50 years, you know how to do it. >> son, chaz, giving mom a little advice. >> i wrote her a long thing. i don't know, did you read i have not stuff? >> i did. >> oh, god. >> leah and tony bringing back the memories. ♪ i got you, babe >> dancing to sonny and cher's biggest hit, "i got you babe." >> it was very nostalgic. it made me very kind of, shocked. >> oh, i love that i also read something today that said you have been feeling sonny's presence actually quite a bit. >> my chandelier, it goes on in the middle of the night when the switch is done, on and off, on and off, and just be like him to do that. >> cher loving to dance almost
10:31 pm
as much as this superstar. cher giving you the only nine. she your bff? >> i'm not that easy. >> jack and cheryl. >> i thought it was great. you looked like a pump. >> you think that will get you anywhere at home? >> no my wife will be like, clean the dishes. oh, okay. >> cher's influence beyond the ballroom. this famous '80s outfit going gaga. pretty cool, lady gaga channeling you. >> yeah it is flattering. actually, the outfit that you show happens to be one of my all-time favorite outfits. and it was beautifully, beautifully made. >> not such a beautiful night for brett. now six couples dance it out monday on abc. we had our own dance party last night at the premiere. >> nice shoes, the gold spiked heels, very thor-like. >> got go big for a super hero movie, and i had a great time chatting up chris hemsworth, whose brother came to support
10:32 pm
them. the hemsworth brothers, chris and liam, reunited at thor the dark world. you guys aren't always in the same town. how nice is that? >> we often only meet at things like this, we are on separate parts of the globe, any chance we get, we catch up. >> what a night. hundreds of fans lining hollywood boulevard, hoping to catch a glimpse of the mighty thor. does it get old, coming out here and seeing all these -- >> no. it's crazy. every time i come to a premiere, you sort of pinch yourself, especially when it is this big. this kind of turnout is amazing. fans are just incredible. >> a lot of fun. all a bit of a dream really. >> thor's dad, sir anthony hopkins, enjoying romantic outing with wife, stella. co-star, jamesmy alexander, wowing the crowd in a revealing lazzaro gown. can't have a flaw in this dress or anyone see it? >> i don't new york the netting is double netted. you can hide some stuff, i think, i hope. >> and rumor has it she maybe the next wonder woman. >> waited forever for the perfect one and you are her. >> well, you guys go ahead and
10:33 pm
keep saying that. i can't complain. >> neither can tom hidel stone, thor's big-screen brother dominating the airwaves in week with a hilarious thor ad for comedy central. i was dying when you threw the little girl down. >> she was amazing, that girl. she was so smart and so on point. i think, i'm not sure if i should push you, i feel bad, no, you have to push me, i really want to do it. >> but nowhere near as awesome as this. [ screaming ] tom outdoing himself in this extra exclusive moment, acceptingco-star zachary levy's danceoff challenge. >> did i win? i won! >> online right now you will chris hemsworth guest star on marvel's agents of shield? >> we did an episode that connects to thor's dark world. >> we are breaking avengers news at a brand new pic everyone will be talking about today, jen aniston showing off a dramatic new bobbed haircut. i kind of like it reminds me of the old school rachel look. >> just reveal she had key sided
10:34 pm
to chop her hair off after a brazilian blowout disaster. that is not fun, as i a girl p her hair didn't react well to the treatment. >> i'm sure she will start another big hair trend, just like "friends". get to the rest of today's star sightings. >> lea michele rested up, stripped down, call this high fashion motto chic. >> what is up, lea michele here and i am at my elle december cover shoot. >> crop top sweat, gold belt and lacy peek-a-boo pants. claire danes played sexy game of top this by going topless in interview magazine. the tough as nails ""homeland"" star glammed up and very not carrie matheson for the new issue. the jacksons at the ebony power 100 gala to honor music legend berry gordy. nick cannon host and already back to work on "america's got talent," but will howie, howard, heidi and mel come back? >> i hope everybody comes back. you know how that is. that's process. simon cowell and "the x-factor" top 12 party breaking baby name news.
10:35 pm
>> i agreed last night with lauren. >> julia? >> i can brutally tell you it's -- i'm not gonna tell you, wait and see, darling, in february, everything will be announced. newly single orlando bloom creating a fan frenzy in new york city just days after officially splittingrom supeodel wife, miranda kerr. bloom at interactive wodwide fan event f "the hobbit," the desnation of smaut. our speciacorrespondent. >> what do you make the fact th fans respond the same way all over the world? >> something abo this franchise of movies and the story and thisorld that allows people to sort of escape, which is what people love to go to the movies for. >> this movie in theaters december 13th. and starting tomorrow, aj's doing a little star sighting halfway around the world. >> countindown to the miss universe pageant with all the contestants. we are the only show here in moscow and it all starts tomorrow. up next, oprah clause. >> this is the most exciting time of year.
10:36 pm
>> winfrey in a ball gown going on a super-sized shopping spree. >> oh, my god. then, new video, how jimmy kimmel freaked out america's kids on youtube. [ crying ] plus, lady gaga cashing a $3 million paycheck from a russian billionaire. what she's doing on new year's eve to earn it.
10:37 pm
okay, what's the number one thing on your christmas list this year? >> oh, a puppy? no. no. >> that doesn't count. >> i want a jeep. >> a jeep? >> like no top. >> that be kind of hot. >> kind of convertible what about you? >> i just want to see my kids open -- when they just rip the -- that's the best part of me, i think it's all about the kids. i got everything i need now. i'm all good it is time again for oprah's favorite things. and this year, she is getting an a-list assist from jimmy kimmel. this gives-new meaning to omg. >> oh, my god! i can see a lot of things i'm gonna go home with. >> yep, it's that time of year again. >> this is the most exciting time of the year. >> oprah vamping it up and giving a little flashdance, all for her anticipated favorite things issue of "o" magazine. >> this may be one of my favorites. >> o feeling the holiday spirit already, getting a helping hand from one of her famous friend ises. >> hey, how is it going over there? >> it's going real good, oprah. i'm hoping to have this done by
10:38 pm
easter. 2015? >> jimmy kimmel playing taylor, oprah playing taste maker? >> these, i love, love, love, love. going to get them in every color. >> "extra" with this exclusive preview of the full picks, the list on newsstands november 12th. >> enjoy favorite things. >> i will. favorite things are my favorite. >> jimmy showed off the "o" magazine cover on his show last night answered also debut this year's version of one of my favorite things, parents to tell their kids they ate all of their halloween candy. [ crying ] >> i hate you! >> it's not funny! >> man, some of these kids were crazy. lots of violent outoutbursts, my favorite was a little girl who called out her mom. >> i want you to eat more healthy. >> you have to eat healthy stuff 'cause you're fat. >> i'm gonna try this next year with gia and dominic.
10:39 pm
>> gia is so dramatic, she would be hilarious. >> i know. for halloween, the honey bao bao clan went as the kardashians and now taking over the steve harvey show. wait until you hear the topic. >> now that look on his face right there is like what's wrong with this world? that episode, by the way, airs friday. and steve just nominated for a people's choice award for favorite daytime tv host. sandra bullock nominated for five and going up against her "heat" co-star, melissa mccarthy, jen aniston, gwyneth paltrow and scar jo, favorite actress. the 40th annual people'shoice awards airs live november 8th. taylor kinney opening up about his ultrasecret relationship with lady gaga. >> how would you be as a parent? >> oh, geez. plus, the first pics of "ncis's" new agent and a sneak
10:40 pm
peek of tonight's episode. >> what's in the box? plus "extra's" gossip girl dishing on the boy bander totally crushing on katie perry. tonight, leg warmers, vcrs. >> the karate kid. >> everything you love about the '80s on the goldbergs, on [ superfan ] we're hitting the road to help america discover the new helper.
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oh, some big drama tonight on "ncis." atlanta gibbs has to bail his own dad out of jail. >> sir this is officer mitchell, howard county pd. jackson gibbs is your father? >> yeah. >> i'm afraid there's been an incident. >> two weeks from now the newest
10:44 pm
"ncis" cast member, emily wickersham, joins team gibbs. these are the first pics on set. we have five things you didn't know about emily at one thing i know about emily, she hit the jackpot, getting a role on "ncis." one thing you did know, however, about "chicago fire's" taylor kinney, he wasn't kids. and lots of them. >> yeah. aj's with taylor in chicago, talking babies and a possible cameo from his girlfriend, lady gaga. >> hey, guys, on the set of "chicago fire" with taylor kinney. taylor's tv baby drama times two, growing even more complicated. >> the due date shod be the first week in november. >> has all that baby stuff put babies in your mind at all? >> actually down the road, yes, i want abroad, i want a team. >> how do you think you and gaga, how would you be as parents? >> oh, geez, i don't know. you can answer that for me. >> what happens the gaga walk-on i was trying to ma happen? >> if it did happen, i still wouldn't tell you. it would have to be a surprise. and then, you know, i'll say it was -- his idea.
10:45 pm
kudos to him. everybody else can watch. >> it was taylor's idea to give me an exclusive tour of the "chicago fire" setback in the windy city for season two of the hit series. the women that keep him looking fine for all the women thought? >> we try. >> i'm his hairstylist. >> one thing about hollywood hair and makeup stylists they know every dirty little secret. >> tell them about the blue contact we have to put in and then we have to tweez your eyebrows. you know. >> it's not blue. >> i was 40 years younger, he'd be going ady who?" >> relationship fires and battling real ones on nbc. >> well, looks like we know where lady gaga and taylor kinney are going to be spending their new year's eve. >> good news for lady gaga too. gossip girl has the scoop. >> gossip girl here. lady gaga's got 2.9 million reasons to smile. xox oh my. okay. put it away, g. anyway. my sources just told me gaga is
10:46 pm
set to perform on a russian billionaire's tycoon on new year's eve, cashing in a paycheck of nearly $3 million. not everyone is accepting proposals from kanye west this year. tons of gossip singer lana delray rejected the request to sing "young and beautiful" at their super sized san francisco engagement. i hear she told people she didn't talk to kanye personally and would have never denied him. i spied one direction's nile horan cozying up to katy perry in tokyo a year after they made head lines for kissing it he 2012 "vmas." >> tell me about that smooch smooch. >> jokingly tweeting she said yes on the spot. up next at, harry styles' used job going up on the auction block? how much. and at webb, whi star's rocking this extreme hairdo do? those stories online now. and speaking of gossip, i
10:47 pm
got a little from singer/songwriter james blunt, he stopped by our home to sing us his new song. ♪ people like us we don't need that much ♪ >> if bonfire heart surrounds like classic james blunt to you, there's a reason. >> a journey took where it all stted. i recorded album ten years ago and i went back to that. >> where is did the inspirations from the songs come from? >> real-life experiences, some good. some bad. i write about what it is to be human. >> ♪ >> who is sparking blunt's heart now? special someone in your life? >> is this -- you have got a boyfriend. you shouldn'te asking about this. i know. >> you need to stop doing that. and then when you get up -- can i play?
10:48 pm
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10:56 pm
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who's that? oh, hi. nice to meet you. oh, hello. we, uh, actually had a lot to eat on the plane. all right. come on, kids have one. isn't this good? ooh, look -- this is chocolate. oh, my god, this is amazing! ray, taste this. no, i can't -- i can't taste anything. i got a cold from that damn air conditioner on the van. it's freezing in there.
10:59 pm
unh. jeez aloo! i married the wrong broad. [ loudly and slowly ] you...have...a...lovely...home. come on, we're gonna go see the house. come on, sweetie. come on. oh! oh, this is wonderful. oh, i love this. marie: okay, here we go. this is it? what, ray? nothin'. had more room in coach.


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