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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 6, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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sad. think i'm >> ah, well get ready to chief talk. ause it's time to >> after they win they get paid pop. 000 a >> now that he's an exam and material, he'll et tons of horse strapbg and hopefully that's all he gets. screws horses. if you stand a pretty woman in a i'll take the mirror. >> we're not going to talk about people but horses boning people. >> he had his a pefrb rated colon they made movie about it documentary opular called zoo. sorry wrong poster >> he had parties where he got by horses. yes horses, parties i'm telling you. all right.
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>> guys named rocky and zoo with italianstallion and the stallion >> he's starting to really scare us. >> any last words? do orgasm. yes, they do. maregasms. ed >> i'm a huge fan of your work. x..ichael moore was at l.a. a camera guy said we had shooting a few days ago. >> how many years ago it just seems like -- it's the world we live in hunting is bigger spot than hockey. seven out of ten people have guns. why don't they kill anybody when a have it half right they say guns don't kill people. kill people, americans kill people. >> how do you argue what he says? why america? assault rifles. you cannot get those in canada.
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you cannot get glocks. cares? it's not about what gun you use it's that you use a gun. harvey, to a point you're right. sandy hook he had a shotgun. > this is a ridiculous conversation that the kind of gun matters. >> no, no, no. i don't think michael moore is point. the >> you just said the gun doesn't matter. >> it doesn't. >> but the gun does matter. to shoot myself. again. right, thanks big fan. unleash the power within your pants. motivational speaker/secret pimp tony robbins are excited they got -- >> that's all american life robbins in new york. he's guy you give all the money burns your feet.
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>> you know how much it costs to go to these programs. they are so much monday 91 $2,595. s > >> that's not true. it's three days and crying yourself to sleep when it free.t work is absolutely it's always so expense looking to re you improve your mental health >> if you go to these things t's really good to get laid there. >> wait? are you saying tony robbins is some sort of him stphp one of my buddies goes there and he says it's the best place up women. >> you're going to find these emotionally fragile people and you're going there for you know what? >> yeah, come on. places e so many better to meet women who are emotionally fragile to rallies to pick up women. >> he's joking. this guy's not. he banged like two girls
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or something like that to ehad to pay with 2500 bang two girls? that's lot of money >> much cheap tore buy the book. awaken the giant within... your pants. we already did that joke. robbins about the most motivational thing is get hell out of yourself. >> and into someone else's. jokes. new >> here's to you. newly single kourtney toed den. mafia of young men in crop tops and we're talking to her and we ask her we go -- she's an lena gomez one night stand, where do you fit in? by the hour. >> 20 for the front and 50 for back. >> ew! a baby.
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>> not yet. >> coming up, brandon t. jackson they're saying he was belligerent on the irplane >> i've been drunk on a plane but never done all this crazy ask. hat people >> he was asking hor his ninth eer from here to vase gag >> and amber portwood is out and reunited with her daughter. rearrange with fat gary to get the kid. >> he's sitting right behind you. >> not this gary.
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now, bad decisions with
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team mom amber portwood. amber portwood. after 17 months behind bars she is out. >> yes! went to prison on drug charges and was just released back into the wild. to see her t wait little girl. >> what's the best thing you'll do? > i want to get something good to eat. > well, maybe if the kid could cook she wouldn't have had to hit up a burger joint. stopped off burger joint and went straight to the house daughter.ut with the >> the same kid who chose prison rehab just chose a burger over her 4-year-old >> if were you in jail for a out and you got hadn't seen your kid, would you stop off for a burger -- would say meet me at in n out. >> i's tough. "tmz", we love kids but not if
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hungry. >> you can't fault somebody for meal before quare they go home. >> actually you can. f course amber did see little lea who is living with her baby name. what's his >> chin strap. strap. a chin >> good ole gary, guy she beat up on the show. like, get out of my house you fat ass. anger management now. no seriously that's the job she had in prison. "was teaching anger manage: >> prison is cook 80. good luck on outside. not you, you. going to need. >> ryan lochte got hurt. he tore his a cl and sprained his mcl. people an s overzealous fan in florida like rushed him and because they were
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knocked him to the ground. and he hit his knee on the curb and that's what caused the injury. >> a teenage girl jumped in his arms and he couldn't -- an fan ran him over and the guy is six foot five >> why is this confusing. he's really good looking. i'm sure there is good girl who is like, oh my god >> you find him attractive >> yes. his mouth does it change things for you? >> not really. he's so pretty to look at. but it doesn't change it for you dummies. ike [laughter] >> and now when drunken tweeting goes wrong starringal pacino. pacino. al pacino from tropic thunder. > brandon t. jackson had some issues on an airplane. >> oh this is b.s. >> you mind if we tell the story first. thank you. kicked off a u.s.
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airwaves after getting into a who asked him t to sit down. the flight attendant on the him the n word. down.just kept us >> brandon goes on a twitter ram pain during the incident saying like, this was the most recent thing that ever happened me -- >> he was saying i hope it ybody media outlet picks up. >> we media. we pick up rep forded up getting a the airlines. they said he was belligerent on airlines and drunk and playing loud music. >> and they deny anyone used the word. >> brandon says, nothing. but his rep tells us brandon was not loud but the people sitting in front of him were making the raucous. snitch. brandon wasn't charged with
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nothing happened except an aeupbg actor got drunk and stupid on a plane. on a plane tipsy but never done all this raisy do. that people >> that burbank flight to vegas is brutal. >> he was asking for his ninth laid disall you can't drink anymore beer. you've had eight beers in 31 minutes. >> what the hell's wrong with you people. do you mean? >> what do you mean, you people? >> cut. movie's awesome. >> huge fan of yours. >> thank you. award winning director del toro in new york city. if the rumors are true that he was vegetarian tech is chainsaw massacre rotisseriessing by a chicken >> that was it? story.ll like this this guy was in the woods with
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the dog scares the bear off. they asked him how did you survive. dog and ate. >> that dog saved him from the bear? yes. >> this is the epiphany we've been waiting for. owner wouldn't kill his but the owner killed the dog. kill a strange? >> for survival, yes. > would you kill >> you're deflecting the approximately >> charles or evan which one if you had to? what ht meat or dark meat are you into? >> have a great time. coming up, >> ha richards from real housewives of bever buy hills know you had a botox store. >> wherere you reading your information? >> nobody started the rumors. r guy was really confused.
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>> how you doing? > that's kyle richards from robhs. with season four underway we have so much to ask her. botoxidn't know you had a store >> a what store? deny the rumors that our camera guy heard getting your ou information? this is one of the housewives rumors g >> it could total i basketball ike lisa vander pump who hates because you totally called her out. >> this is not funny. >> yeah, not funny. >> but maybe yolanda is behind the rumors. pissed because she thinks kyle never called her when she had lime disease. carlton.uld also be she's a witch after wl and who knows what those people are capable of.
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pancakes for breakfast. you're mad. >> oh talking cat you're now.ably dead just like kyle's relationship with miss puerto rico after they recited she has better hair than kyle. >> she for sure haes has the hair than kyle. >>'s kind of a big deal. but enough screwing around who the botox rumors? >> nobody started t our guy was confused. >> so there is no botox store. well, that's not cool. au know what, brandy might be lesbian this season. >> she's hot. i like her. in the 16e persecuted hundreds. bye. mama june, she went supreme couponing at walmart. couponing ne >> people get off on staving money? >> you get off on saving money the
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>> mama june, she went extreme couponing at walmart. one of those scooter shopping carts. took the whole family. this is not authentic anymore. she's done couponing. people get off on being able to save. talking about johnny walker and his brothers. johnny, do the carpets match -- >> hardwood floors. [laughter] complicated as it is.
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but it gets down right overwhelming when you multiply it by the business of life. all those bills, budgets, accounts and taxes. it's a complex problem, but you don't have to solve it by yourself.
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at intuit, we make tools to help you simplify it all, so you can focus on what matters most. intuit. simplify the business of life. will smith's half-naked photo scandal with a beautiful blonde, now on "extra."
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will and his sexy co-star getting wild in a photo booth in the these new pics. is it the final straw for jada how kerry washington's eating scandal went from rock bottom to the it girl. shocking photos of 4-year-old bob with mysterious red marks on his face. charlie going to war today to strip his ex, brooke, of custody. >> this girl rent went to rehab twice, pregnant. all new star sightings, demi moore and a mystery man leaving growing granted superstar who went out in a mud mask. then, "extra" with tim mcgraw and luke bryant hours before country music's big night. >> hey, "extra," welcome to nashville. plus, mario and queen latifa taking a walk down bad '80s hair
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memory lane. >> the jerry curl moment. >> we know. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. >> hey, welcome to "extra," i am mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. the star engagement rumor today is ashton about to pop the we do mila kunis? >> that would be a hot married couple there. photos today of will smith with another woman what has the breakup rumors flying. >> new gossip pics, questions, do these pictures spell the end of will and jada's 15-year marrge? on star headline, smith and an aussie beauty caught in a flirty photo booth session. >> will was leaning over her shoulder toward her neck. when she tried out for the part she said the chemistry was explosive. >> on set of "focus" before the pics was revealed, his
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23-year-old co-star made famous on pan am. >> these photos need to come down now. >> her character, caught in a nude photo scandal, linked to her wall street leading man, leo dicaprio. jada just photographed monday not wearing her wedding ring. our sources from the set of will and marg geese movie insist they were just goofing around. she only revealed part of her costume and nothing tawdry was going on. ashton and demi moving on as their 2 $290 million divorce is almost finalized. reports today, kutcher will propose to long-time girlfriend, mila kunis, possibly as soon as next week. deemmy just snapped smiling leaving a yoga class in l.a. s that her teacher or a new romantic interest? eddie cibrian's first words on new divorce rumors. >> tt is just so ridiculous. >> eddie and lee yan kissing on the best man holiday red carpet and cibrian joking with terry. it is just ludicrous. we are going through as 50 million divorce it is $100
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million. i mean, they just have no fact checking what so ever. kerry washington's stunning confession. the "scandal" star suffered an eating disorder in college. people's new cover woman saying she would eat anything and everything, then go to the gym and exercise for hours and hours. these days, hollywood's most buzzed about star stayed in shape with pilates. people saying its sources confirm she is expecting her first child with husband nnamdi asomugha. all right. now, let's head over to nashville, where it's country music's biggest night. we are with the guy whoxper says could sweep the cma awards, luke bryant. >> hey, "extra," welcome to nashville. >> luke bryant getting a start on the biggest night, getting a sneak peek of his blow the doors off performance "i don't want this night to end." he is a favorite to take home entertainer of the year. no jinx in his upcoming tour, luke revealing his three on the
10:30 pm
road must haves. >> definitely coffee. got to have some beer around. clean underwear. is that good? yo, mario. >> hey, tim. >> country king going into the show with two early wins. rocking his hit "southern girl" and dishing his fitness secrets. >> still flip a tire around every now and then. >> carrie underwood co-hosting the show with brad paisley and reveal hog redbook how she makes her marriage to hockey star, mike fisher, works. >> i'm traveling, my husband who knows where playing hockey. if i'm on the road, i go to visit him quickly. making the effort is the biggest challenge. >> country's hottest trio, lady antebellum, up for vocal of the year. and singing tonight. ♪
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>> no one alone tonight. the cma awards on abc. this next singer has been a presenter at the cmas. any idea who it is? >> we are gonna reveal that as we talk about the best star sightings of the day. >> jennifer lawrence, latest star to chop off her locks, a la jennifer aniston. >> heading to a global fan day for hunger game he is. love it or not so much? let us know at this is an $8 million bra, the brand new victoria's secret royal fantasy bra. i think you should get it for courtney and the matching belt, mario, only additional $2 million. >> is that all? stocking stuffer christmastime coming up. showing off the stunner which will makits way down the victoria's secret fashion show runway december 10th on cbs. >> it's a little heavy. definitely not what i'm used to. brand new pics for you twilight reunion. peter faccinelli, nikki reed and jackson rat bone at the planet
10:32 pm
hollywood times square for the release of twilight forever, the complete saga dvd box set. >> kind of like the last time we are all coming together. >> check out this never before seen footage of our cast on the twilight set. >> ever again. >> our number two pic of the day for you, my ya rivera, smoking hot on the cover of "rolling stone" magazine's upcoming double cover issue. the newly engaged glee hottie shot by famed photographer carrie richardson for the cover. our mystery star from earlier, revealing her secrets to turning back time. it's cher, of course. >> yes. our number one pic of the day the megastar caught out on a drive in malibu wearing a mud mask. maybe that's why very looks so good. >> hey. you know, it works for me. all right. now charlie sheen is afraid for his kids' safety right now and he is declaring war on his ex-wife, brooke mueller. >> a really heartbreaking situation. his other ex, denise richards,
10:33 pm
has been caring forhe boys but she just gave disturbing photos to authorities in a desperate plea for help. >> jerry has the pictures center of it off. . >> charlie sheen's 4-year-old son, bob, frightening red marks across his head and facesome this photographic evidence charlie's boys are in danger, living with their mom, brooke? >> a wrong environment for any child it is a horror show. >> brooke denies bob was injed in her care but the photos are pushing charlie over the edge. he is going after brooke and the department of child and family services telling mmz he believes his twins have been emotionally damaged by their mom. >> jekyll and hyde behavior a direct result from the visits at brooke's house. >> they say they are erratic and violent. >> this girl went to rehab twice pregnant them throw stuff at the girls, kick the dogs, kick denise. >> denise richards, temporary guardianship of the boys, claiming she can no longer care for them, adding brooke is blocking them from getting
10:34 pm
psychological help. >> for legal reasons, i can't comment, but i'm sad. >> denise not allowed to talk about looking after bob and max. this war, a far cry from charlie and brooke's happy days just after the twins were born. >> it's great. max is great. mom is great. obviously. look at her. >> max is sweet. he is quiet. and bob is kind of loud and cries a lot, like -- >> thank you. >> now, sheen saying he will do whatever it takes to keep the kids away from brooke. >> i will exercise every resource at my disposal. i will empty my entire war chest and if i can't get it done i know a guy who can. up next, a shocking "duck dynasty" revelation. >> he kicked me out. >> miss kay on how phil nearly wrecked their happy, happy, happy marriage. then queen latifa's extra a-list interview with mario. what he did that's got her going. >> starting to look ought like mario lopez. plus, tiaras and tears?
10:35 pm
>> how you feeling? >> backstage nerves, bathing suits fears, only "extra's" aj is behind-the-scenes at the miss universe pageant, coming up.
10:36 pm
so, one of the biggest trends on social media is, of course, throw back thursday, hashtag tbt, and you put old school throw back photos of yourself from back in the day. >> i got a good one for you tomorrow, mario. my mom made me this dress. >> so cute right there well, i just did a little flashback into the '80s myself with the queen, queen latifa. and it turned into an old school dance fest. >> here to perform his hit, "it takes two," please welcome rob bass. >> queen latifa reliving the '80s of one of the decade's signature hits. >> all you got to say ♪ it takes two and the crowd is going crazy.
10:37 pm
>> kicking off her throwback thursday series tomorrow with ralph macchio and the cast of the goldbergs. >> we could go 50 shows on the '80s alone. people have such a good time. >> what hairstyle were you rocking back then? >> i was rocking kind of like a short feather and then i had clippers and just cut these parts in the side of myhair, shape it up and head to the city to party. daytime party. >> we know. the jheri kurl moment. the z pant cavariccis. the silkies? >> don't take me too far back into the '80s, starting to look at you like, mario lopez. >> before i start blushing here, let's play a little '80s game, dur ran dur ran or culture club? >> oh, that is a good point of reference. dur ran culture. >> dallas or dynasty? >> dynasty. you know, that's the first time you heard the word [ bleep ] on tv was on dynasty, wasn't it? >> [ bleep ] >> michael jackson or prince?
10:38 pm
>> oh, come on, man. this is -- stevie wonder. stevie. it's just common sense. >> latifa also showing off one of her favorite '80s dance move, the walk. isn't that much better than the kids twerking nowadays? >> we had twerking back then. it was called the do do brown. >> more totally awesome '80s dance mov up now at >> what's the do do brown? >> do do brown is basically a naughtier version of the twerk. you just kind of got to -- makes miley look tame. let me see you do the brown. >> no, so not happening. >> what burr old school cabbage patch? >> i don't know how to do the cabbage patch. i'm greek. i know how to greek dance. >> maybe later. we will hook it up later. >> perfect. i did blow a -- when i went to "duck dynasty" land. you know how to do that. i was in monroe, louisiana, inviting inside the robertsons' home for a deeply personal new interview. straight-talking miss kay raised
10:39 pm
the most recognizable camera. in front of the reality cameras, her over 40-year marriage to bill always -- >> happy, happy, happy. >> but she is revealing how his alcohol-fueled camera nearly destroyed their relationship in the '70s. >> when we finally separated, he kicked me out. i didn't leave him. >> bill abandoning the family for three months. >> we had about ten hard years. he didn't act nice like he does now he was just real selfish. >> when they reunited, money so was tight, the could barely afford cooking oil to feed the boys. >> we used to fry fish and his brothers but we only had one pan of grease. we would haul itown there haul it back to our house. 'cause we couldn't afford oil. >> with a $45 million empire, they can sure afford it today and now, kay is turning those tough times into cooking lessons in miss kay's duck commander kitchen. >> this is sour cream and it is not low cal, if you need to you can do that >> okay. >> the book, available now, chock full of family favorites
10:40 pm
and family feet totes. as for these biscuits, the best i've ever had. >> mm-hmm. coming up, beauty pageant confidential, the one thing this miss universe wannabe doesn't want to do on stage. >> what are you talking about? then, skin-tighteners, wrinkle erasers, cellulite smoorters? >> just, like, tighten everything? >> beverly hills does meltic queen, nurse jamie, answers the stars' burning questions. plus, the real housewives' body-slimming secrets. how you can score an extra hot deal, next. and tonight on "law & order: svu," "the x-factor's" carly rose guest stars. >> my character's name is gray. i auditioned for a show called "american diva." i auditioned for a show called "ameriwhat does that first spoonful taste like?
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ok. honey bunches of oats. mmmm!! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
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all new pics who says halloween is over? this is miss usa, erin brady, as a transformer. the look was for the miss universe national costume contest. >> so elaborate. no this pic is not lady gaga, but miss russia. gaga would totally rock this aj with is with the current miss universe in moscow right now in today's edition of "from russia with aj." >> greetings from moscow. kind of cool to say that. throw my partner in crime, miss universe, miss olivia culpo. hey, guys. >> are you ready to give up your crown? >> i'm ready. it is a bittersweet feeling but i'm thankful i have the opportunity to see who the next winner will be. >> hey, "extra," welcome to russia. >> the cold war just got a lot hotter. 86 of the world's most beautiful women and aj descending on moscow for the 2013 miss universe pageant. >> how are you feeling? >> great. good news.
10:44 pm
not butterflies but i have a zoo in my stomach now. >> ladies kind enough to teach the key to success, a great walk. >> show us the walk. look at that i'm not even gonna try that. >> the preliminary competition last night. >> i would rather do evening than bathing suit. >> you puerto rico, you got to represent the bathing suit. i know. and i will work it i promise. >> the new miss universe crowned in moscow's crocus city hall saturday night on nbc. before we leave, miss greece is dying to say hello to our maria. >> big fan. >> now you have to say it to her in greek. [ speaking greek ] >> what did she say? >> she said i love you a lot. [ speaking greek ] >> all right. by the way, two beauty queen beauty tips for you i learned from hosting these pageants, green tea bags to get rid of puffy eyes, i could use some of those now and to get that perfect, shiny skin, you cover your body with non-stick cooking
10:45 pm
spray. >> okay. interesting. speaking of beauty tips, we asked the stars to give us their number one anti-aging question. then we took them to hollywood's skin expert, nurse jamie. >> i would be interested in knowing, if they have invent sold sort of cream that can just, like, tighten everything. >> christie, whatever you do, you look amazing but i would suggest using a skin care product that contains endermal growth factor. >> i do really have to drink that much water? >> katie, yes, i'm sorry, unfortunately, do you. the ideal rule is to drink half your body's weight in water. so for example, if you weigh 100 pounds, you need drink 50 ounces of water a day. >> how do you fix the fine wrinkles around your says no >> i would recommend a non-ablated fractional laser called the q switch which lightens and bryants the eye. >> can you help me out with this luggage here? >> hi, michael, i'm big fan. you need some filler under your eyes, such as rest ta lynn or jew virginia determine or resurfacing, make you look so
10:46 pm
much younger. >> is there really a cream for is he u light? >> niece circumstance there is a cream to help camouflage seal light, but no cure for seal u light at this time. >> online now -- >> i haven't done anything yet but not saying i won't. >> how nurse jamie would help 49-year-old country star, trisha yearwood, look 35 again at it is time for some extra hot deals. flynn adams from style mind is here. now, flynn, you are going to make us look skinny. >> revolutionary shaper designed by real housewife, heather thompson two different styles, slip and leggings, the leggings are run resistant. doesn't matter what shape or size you are, i think we ca all use a little bit of confidence in times. in stores, up to 79.50 but today, each one of these is $27. >> tell me about the badge. >> one of my favorite handbag lines was mel bianca. we have totes an sachs. each would normally run up to $157. but today, up to 73% off, you're
10:47 pm
taking these home for as low as $28. >> what? [ applause ] >> from ella poe, we have these necklaces, each dipped in 14 karat gold, a real diamond, come in three different shapes and each have their own mantras inscribed on the back. >> cute. >> anywhere else, you will find these for $240. but today, 84% off, you get to take one of these home for $39. [ applause ] >> now, that's hot deal to get and then when you get up -- can i play?
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sandler rocks, james spade and a cameo from shaq's "grownups 2" out now on blew ray dvd. win a copy at enter the secret word, sandler. see you next time. next time, the interview about the family chaos. >> only hearing portion of it. >> the new plan to protect his twins. we all have our little tricks. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl.
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until the 5th century! and re-enacted sea battles here ♪ ho ho ho hmm. so, ould we go see the forum now? oh, you know, actually, i could use a little break. but it's right over there. i know, and i really want to go see it, but -- [ sighs ] but if we don't stick to my schedule, we won't see it. and we did stop for your other thing before. my other thing before? what do you mean, the bathroom? 40 minutes. first of all, you're timing me now?! and second of all, i do not take 40 minutes! yes, dear, but when you go, everyone else has to go. okay, you know, marie, it's just that i need a little time to myself. i mean, we have been doing everything you've wanted to do. are you saying that you feel obligated because i'm paying for this trip? 'cause that's not what i want. of course not. and i am really grateful. really? ha ha. ray... no comment.
10:56 pm
y, say something. i said somethin' -- no comment. ray... you want me to say somethin? i'll say somethin' -- this is what you get. 'cause i told you that it was gonna get like this. but can you ever listen to me? no, i'm just dumb ray who likes new jersey. i wish i was in new jersey right now, 'cause i saw this comin'. i just didn't think it would take so long... or i would get sick from hot and then cold and then hot and then cold... or get a mama leoni hand-wash or have to sleep with my father! oh, why don't you stuff it, ray?! your paren are fine compared to you! me?! me?! what?! what the hell did i do?! at least they're tryin' to have a good time! you've been nothin' but a grumpy pain in the ass! don't fight here. it's the colosseum. i'm a pain in the ass?! i'm a pain in the ass?! yes. fine! i will not be a pain in anyone's ass anymore! and i'm not sleepin' with you anymore! what are you lookin' at?
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
hey, what's your problem? nothin', nothin', i'm just -- just ready to go home. that's all. oh. you got more listerine? marie: i told you to wear a hat. why can't you listen to me? all right, enough! i'm fine! you're fine? you look like the top of a police car! put some cream on that! no! you put some cream on that head right now! you're gonna be in pain later! i been in pain since the wedding! he refuses to accept the fact that he has no hair! oh! what? what's the matter, dear? oh, eh, eh. oh, i know what it is.
10:59 pm
it's debra. ma, please. you know what you and i need? a nice long walk. that would be so wonderful, wouldn't it? hey, ma... do you know if we have any mob connections here in town? because i might need a little help. what's the matter, dear? you look so terrible. i'm fine, ma. it's just that stefania's father wasn't too thrilled to, uh, find me withis daughter. what?! now, he's havin' a vacation. i went out the window when pops went to get a shovel. congratulations. stefaniaogagnolo. oh, thanks, there, giorgio. signore fogagnolo -- he will kill you. you better stay away from that girl, robbie! yeah, right. nothin' like this has ever happened to me before.


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