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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  November 8, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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on "housewives" weren't doing anything out of ordinary. they weren't in the club twerking or being irresponsible, they areimply being like the rest of us. they're modern women, and sometimes when we get holof those old-fashioned girls, the men don't like it because their men feel like, what is she learning from being with you all? she's learning to be independent. now all of a sudden she wants a divor divorce. uh-huh. todd says that if she and candy and hanging out with the other girls are the reason for thir divorce. well, probably. probably. but, you know what, if it wasn't you-all, it would be somebody. you can't keep an outstandingly gorgeous girl like porsha down for long before she understands. [ applause ] >> wendy: i mean -- i think we can probably all agree that she was way less than smahen w were first -- okay? when we were first introduced to her on tv and that's how kordell wanted her to stay. good for porsha for smartening
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up and breaking free and we'll see you next week when you get here. and then, you know, when it comes to candy's own relationship problems, ndys blaming someone else. me. i know! well, here is what she says. okay. he here's what candy says. last year when wendy which wiil was commenting on our show every week, she was like, i think todd's an opportunist. next thing you know, my mom comes back to me and is like, wendy said that he was an opportunist. well, you know what? candy, in friendship, i'm only calling it the way i see it through tv. if momma joyce is saying that, i may have put a little bug in her
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ear but she has a firsthand observation so if she is still saying it, maybe there is something to it. i do think todd is an opportunist. [ applause ] >> wendy: and that's just it. i really do. and i'm going to take a poll in our studio audience. susan, you will keep your arms to yourself. okay? clap if you think todd is an opportunist. [ applause ] >> wendy: okay. clap if you think he's not an opportunist. [ light applause ] >> wendy: that's all i'm saying. but unlike a lot of weaker women, a lot of weaker women couldn't deal with a gay who maybe everybody else is thinking of as an opportunist. i think that candy is a very smart businesswoman. i really respect her as far as a businesswoman. i think that riley is a gorgeous
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little girl who seems to love her mother very much and she's a good student in school. i love candy's relationship with her own mother. and i think that candy knows how to handle who we're pegging as an opportunist. i think she'll get the right paperwork in place or whatever. there are some women you have to worry about when they're with a guy like todd, like maybe a porsha with somebody like that. we don't have to worry about candy. candy is just fine. all right. okay. here is the deal with tom cruise. tom cruise says he's a good dad and he's suing to prove it. okay. he's suing "life & style" magazine and "in touch" magazine for $50 million. which he says if he wins he's going to given the money to charity because he doesn't need the money. the magazines, he's saying, said that he abandoned siri after his divorce from katie holmes. well, tom was reportedly forced
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to make some surprising admissions under oath and one of the admissions is, yeah, he hadn't seen her in over 100 days after the split because he was busy filming a movie some place not in this country but, to me, that's still not an excuse. the like, i just wish this lawsuit wasn't going, tom, because it only does bring into question what kind of father are y you? i'm just saying. i'm sure you're good when you're with her, but you also missed, according to the paperwork, her first day of first grade. and you know katie moved the little girl here to new york. the little girl was living with a full family in l.a. so there's a lot of transitioning. we all know how hard didvorce i on us as grown-ups. you can imagine how it is on a first grader, you know. i haven't seen her smile in a long time. she always looks -- the little girl. she always -- i'm just saying.
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listen, list en -- and i'm sure he's a great father when they're together but, you know, i know when you do a movie of tom cruise's magnitude there are hundreds of people who are at that movie set who are counting on him to do his job because they have to feed their families, so the responsible thing to do is you show up for work with the purpose of these people you work with. i get it. you are also tom cruise. you've got planes and access to fly for 48 hours to new york, to take your little girl -- to take your litle girl to the american girl store and buy her a doll and take her over to serendipity for a frozen hot chocolate or something. anyway, i don't know, i think this is a pointless laui if you're a good father, you don't have to to jump up and down and prove it to us because it really does make us squint and say, hmm. is he really?
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but good luck, magazines, in fighting this lauit. go! you can't shut down "life & style" and "in touch." we love them here in "hot topics," don't we? do you still think of the olsen twins as actresses? >> no. >> wendy: i think of them as clothing designers. they went from having stuff at walmart to having high-end stuff like at neiman marcus. i mean, they're selling handbags and clothing for thousands and thousands. i mean, they are not jt designers, they are designers. but they took it upon themselves, made a formal announcentthey aren't acting anymore. okay? mary kate and ashley decided they wanted to focus on their fashion line. okay. nobody is judging.
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listen, listen, not for nothing, it would seem to me that being a clothing designer is a lot less taxing on your time than being an actor or actress having to fly all around thworld to a movie set and kiss strange men on the set and be apart from your family and stuff. listen, if jessica simpson is in the studio as we speak trying to make another album, i tell her this, not in a bad way. girl, you don't need that music anymore. you are a billion dollar designer, jessica. you are doing it. who needs the headache? like these actresses, especially when they become family people, you know, like jessica has the kids now and she's engaged and everythi everything. you don't want to be touring around the world singing that sic in concert venues and sleeping in strange hotels, you know, while you have nannies back at home with yr husband taking care of the -- no! like jessica alba did it right,
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too. this jessica alba, i only know her acting in one thing, that superhero movie. "the fantastic four." that's all i know. look, the best thing she could have done was put that acting prayer back there. no, no, listen. do you know what she's doing now for money that is so good? she has that honest company. she is making biodegradable diapers and moisturizers. it's like gwyneth paltrow. why be botheredh you can sit in your house and create stuff and make a whole lot of money doing it and help the environment. yeah. anyway, you watch that show "american horror story"? we talked about it the other day. it's on 0 fx. it's in its third season and this is so far the biggest season ever. well, it looks like there's a lot of diva behavior.
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remember the other day i was talking to you about eric roberts' daughter being a little diva on the set. precious had to get up in her grirl. gabby is also on the show and say, stop being a diva. who do you think you are? everyone isalking about you behind your back and it's really unbecomig. well, there are more divas on the set than just this emma roberts. angela bassett, jessica lange, and kathy bates are also on the show. this is a show of heavy hitters. but it's jessica lange who has been showing an ugly side these da days. apparently -- first of all, she's been on the show since the very beginning. so you know when you're on something in the very beginning and they start bringing in people, not only that they bring in new, random people to surround jessica, they brought in angela bassett and kathy
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bates. and all three ladies apparently are trying to out act each other. this is alleged, for screen time. they all play witches. it's like a witchy thing going on. but jessica lange is the one who really, you know, she is like, i don't believe this, allegedly. why did you have to bring these people in? well, sometimes you have to spice things up if you want to stay on tv for a fourth, fifth, ansixth season. i would think someone as seasoned and professional as jessica lange would understand you have to mix it up. we find out about it on "hot topics." you do sneaky stuff like get in your contract that you want more words than them. this is what these actors and actresses do. they sit there and count, one, two, three, four, five -- okay, i need 25 more words, and then the agents all organize that and you negotiate for the biggest dressing ram, jessica and the best makeup artist and stuff like that but, instead, she -- the word is that this is going tohelast season on the show. now i don't know whether it's because she is just tired and
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ready to go or whether it's that she just can't deal with the other women being around so she's leaving. but i always get shocked about behavior like this with grown people because it's something that we do, i think, when we're 15 and we're 27 and maybe even 35. but then there comes a point in life, and i'm thinking all three of these broads are at that point in life, where -- [ applause ] -- you just have to let it go. by the way, my cameraman just shot a woman in the audience with the most beautiful hair in the world. right there. , y, rl. that's you. love it. and so when i came out through the double doors, you know, i tell you, i always observe my audience. i like to see who is here, what people are wearing, and she was jumping up and down and her hair was moving with her jump. so if you noticed when i came out, you saw me point to somebody and then go, love it. i was pointing to her.
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that's some good hair, girl. yes. antoine, i need that wig. i know hers isn't a wig but twist me up something. it's good. that's like a full-blown disguise. anyway, look, the olympic swimmer ryan lochte was injured by a teenaged girl. this is the stupidest story ever. i'm upset with him. i'm so upset. okay. an excited teenaged fan ran to ryan but doing one of those running hugs, you know, where you run and hug and because he's so tallrobably both of her feet left the ground. he attempted to catch the girl but the two of them toppled over on the sidewalk. and an seriously injured his knee to the point where now he's been taken out of training and competition.
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i have to tell you something, what's with the running hug? what's with the hug? i'm not a hugger. i don't like to take pictures. you know, when we see each other at the grocery store, i shared that with you. i'll talk to you all day. i the nicest woman in the world but i'm very, very honest, i don't want to hug. i hug may celebrity guests but that's because they're coming to my house. if i came to my house, i would hug you hello but that's only a formality of civity. it's not because i want a hug. i'm not a hugger. there's stuff going on and there's airborne diseaseses, you know, just one cough. i'll give you a hugging story. this just happened two nights ago. so i'm in the walgreens buying leggings. now what you might not know about me is when i'm not on this show i am the queen of the
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leggings and i am always in search of the perfect leggings. i have five pairs, they're only $10, lined with the fleece in the back and they don't show booty dimples or anything. they're good. anyway, look, so i'm in the line and i'm checking out my leggings and, you know, there's people in front of me so my hair -- i like to part my hair on the side all the time. when i lt my head, she sees me. the would woman right behind me, a grown woman. and she got ready to come in for a hug. and she was in line, too. and i had to say, no, no, no. no, no, no, no. i mean, she literally got -- she was about to come up -- no, no, no. and i said, i am not the hugger and i explain to her that i hug on the show to welcome the celebrities and like that. i said, but, you know -- the woman and i chatted it up the whole line. she asked me about the leggings. i said, oh, no, they are the best. she said, would you save my place in line?
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i'm going to get some. i said sure. she has a story worth way more than a hug because that's the kind of girl that i am. you know? anyway. as if lady gaga wasn't out there enough, now she's going to 0 space. have you heard this? oh, gaga, you're so weird. according to "us weekly" magazine gaga will be blasting off in a spaceship in 2015, which is right around the corner. she will be the first artist to go into outer space. she's going to do a little concert before being beamed back down-to-earth. look, as a concert, at the concert they'll have some sort of satellite that will show the concert in space at a festival on earth. and reportedly she is planning
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on bringing her whole glam squad with her so she can be all done up and also, also she is taking out this huge insurance policy, like she has to train for a month to learn h tsing i space air versus -- this is the stupidest thing i've ever reported. i just -- you know, spa is for research. it's not for recreation. and after seeing that a sandra bullock movie with george clooney "gravity" you couldn't pay me to go into outer space. and, furthermore, it's just the stupid idea. i'll bet this is for a publicity hoax. i bet this won't happen at all. listen, they're telling me to wrap up "hot topics." that's okay because we have a great rest of the show for you as well. the lovely regina hall is here. re regina stars in the highly anticipated new movie "the best man holiday." up next time for celebrity look
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alikes the pop star edition. don't miss it.
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>> wendy: welcome back. it is time for celebrity -a-likes the pop star editi edition. our first celebrity look-a-like com from jazmin j. who watches on wfld in chicago, illinois. jazmin says everyone tells her she looks like nicki minaj. well, here's the real nicki minaj. and let's take a look at jazmin. yes. yes. very nice. they think so, also. our next look-a-like comes from andrew g from dublin, california. andrew says his friend alexandra looks like katy perry.
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okay, here is the real katy perry. and now let's take a look at alexandra. yes. of it's all in the eyes. all right. our next celebrity look-a-like comes from kyle m. who had watches the wendy show on wnyw in eatontown, new jersey. kyle says all of his friends think he looks like kanye west. this could be all in the jawbone. it is what it is. let's take a look at this, at the real kanye west. right? all in the jaw. now take a look at kyle. you know what? he looks like a better -- like a cuter version of kanye.
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all right. let's do our last one. kimberly watches "the wendy" show on wtxf in pennsylvania. kimberly thinks her friend's little sister looks like a miniature rihanna. okay. let's take a look at the real rihanna. now let's take a look at little sister. nice. if you or someone you know looks like a celebrity, come on and share with us. go to for details. up next the fabulous regina hall is here.
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a pizza with premium meats and sauce made from only real tomatoes. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better. >> wendy: 14 years ago our first guest made her film debut as candy in the romantic comedy "the best man. of" now she is reprising the role in a highly anticipated sequel "the best man holiday." take a look. >> nice to be here. >> nice to meet you. >> the man, on the other hand, is iconic. that's what i'd get, a tall
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latte. hi, baby. >> busted. >> wendy: please welcome the fabulous regina hall. >> thank you. i wore them for you. >> wendy: thank you. put themnder the shoe cam. take a look. >> there you go. >> wendy: they're cute. you have very small feet. >> i'm a 6 so there are never shoes in the store for me. >> wendhat's the opposite of me. my shoes are twice your size at a 12. >> are had there shoes in the store for you? >> wendy: yes, big ones. it's nice to see you again. >> thank you. i'm excited. >> wendy: i can't believe that
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it has been 14 years. >> it's been 15 since we shot the first one, t it came out in '99. but we shot it in '98 so it's been 15. >> wendy: wow. so why did the sequel take so long? >> you know what, i don't think we even thought we would make a sequel. it's a romantic comedy. cable came and started rerunn g rerunning. it's like the generation that originally loved it. malcolm felt like he had -- >> wendy: the director. >> yes. he felt like he had the year to have the character grow to tell a different story. >> wendy: so even though it's been 14 years since the first one hit the big screen, the time line within the movie is that you all in the movie haven't seen each other for ten years. >> we' seen each other but this is the first time we have all collectively been together in, yes, ten ars. >> wendy: at the holiday. so is everyone back? >> everyone is back. everyone is back.
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and we have one new addition. >> wendy: and we love the new addition. >> you know what? i tell you, i said to mco, i said you cast so perfectly because in the movie you have to cast a white man that is going to be attractive to black and white women. so you have to understand why we go, i get it. and he is that. he is that. >> wendy: i think he is so handsome. did leann rimes, hi wife, show up on the set? >> she did not. she was at the premiere, though. >> wendy: that dispels the rumors that they're divorcing. >> oh, no, they're very happy and fine. e ve happy on set. unfortunately, they all were happy on set. >> wendy: were you happy on set? >> all the men, allhe married men were all happy. >> wendy: oh. eye. >> i mean, listen, there are a lot of good looking men. morris is walking around happily married with his shirt off. >> wendy: i heard he dropped like 30 pounds and looks like he's hitting e gym harder than
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ever. and you know what, he has good teeth as well. >> he has great teeth. >> wendy: back to you. -- i'm a oth-nista. don't you check out teeth? >> i do. i just want them to be all there. >> wendy: listen, so you mentioned the married men being happy on the set, so what's going on in regina's love life, rega? >> well -- >> wendy: oh. >> you know when you have to take a breath, well, i'm not married but there's someone i like. >> wendy: you're younger than me but you're in your 40s, right? in your 40s? it's okay, regina. >> it's hard to nod. >> wendy: i'm trying to do a time line because everything is relative. do you want to get married one day? >> the day is at hand. >> wendy: rosie perez recently got married and she's my age.
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don't give up on love. >> no, no, no, no. you know what it is, i'm optimistic. it takes a lot, though, to find the right guy. your husband is a sweetie pie. i saw him in vegas. >> wendy: prior to meeting him, i cast my rod in several different ponds at one time. you have to put yourself out there. the cast -- going back to the movie, the cast of the mov did "ebony" magazine covers. what i love is they separated the girls from the guys. there are the guys looking handsome as ever and you girls just gorgeous. >> thank you. thank you >> wendy: and are you all -- are you all part of the same social circumstan circle since meeting on the set? >> we are all good friends. that makes it good for us and


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