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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  November 9, 2013 12:35am-1:10am EST

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- nate! your mother is dying. - see, i feel bad about that. - it's all right. it's all right. - so she's gonna pull throug again? that's great. can i talk to her? - no. she needs her re again - now, listen, now that we have got you here, l's talk about this mural business. - you know who the vandal is. now i know a lot of these warehouse guys are your fends, but we've got chewing gum. - gum's gotten mintier lately. have you noticed? like, some of it's just too minty. it's like they're literally trying to hurt your-- - tell us who defaced the mural. - he diit. - all right. you can go. give him his gum. there's no gum. there never was any gum. - wow, that's really rude. [indistinct atter, soft piano music] - opening with puff pastries? that's a bold play. they're saying it's only gona get better from here?
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good luck. - that painting is just... how can anyone that weighs less than a guinea hen be so terrifying? - ladies and gentlemen, senator and angela lipton. [applause] - thankseverybody. thanks for coming. phillip had no idea he was so popular. [laughter] - this is the team. - nice job, man. - you too, darryl. - what? oh, man. i'm sorry about that. - it's cool. reading's tricky sometimes. - oh. are you really mad about this? - that's my go-to thermos, that's all. - oh. it's your go-to-- oh, man, that's a bummer. i'm sorry about that - no big deal. no big deal. - no, no, if it's a big deal, it's a big deal. no big deal. - no, no, no, no, you don't have to do that. - honestly, i don't mind.
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did you want me to wash it for you? - i don't know. are you gonna wash it, or are you gonna let it soak? - okay. [picks up piece of paper] here you go. - thank you.
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- so, frank, do you have any thoughts about what was done? by you? - maybe--maybe i could get the ball rolling. frank? hi. pam. i am so sorry if i've done anything to offend you. i'm sure it isn't easy for you guys to have an upstairs person coming down in your space.
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so truly i apologize. but enough about me. your turn. - insert apology here, frank? - i'm sorry i didn't like your crappy doodles. i drew a butt. big deal. butts are funny. - well, i didn't think that butt was funny. - well, maybe if you got the stick out of yours. - what was that? - you know what? you people can't fire me, so screw u. [an object falls] - whoa. hey, that is not okay. what are you gonna do about that? - [speaks indistinctly] - the first sorry sounded sincere. - there were two or three soies in there. - mm, that's quite a lot. - it's a lot. - that sucked. he didn't apologize. there's no talking to that guy. - oh, your little feelings party didn't work out, huh? who won the hugging contest? no, let me guess.
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everyone tied for first. - we should just take him down. - wait. are you saying... - i'm saying we should go scorched earth on that guy's face. - normally i find pam to be a comforting if unarousing presence around the office. like a well-watered fern. but today she has tapped into this vengeful violent side, and i'm like, wow, pam has kind of a good butt. he messed with something that was important to you. we need to mess with somein that's important to him. a little eye-for-an-eye action. - yes, yes. - go all hammurabi on this clown. - we need an filttor. - i know just the man for the job. - clark? - he even looks like a mole. - one of his tee shots can wipe out a whole owl population. [laughter] - you two seem very close. - yes, we're good fends. good friends. - yeah. - and i suppose that may ruffle a few feathers, because for a long time our party has turned its back on the hispac people.
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well, that is not who i am. i am a friend of the lati cmunity. and, if you ask m it's time that we bid bigotry hasta luego. [laughter] now does my embrace of hispanics make me more electable? given demographic trends, i don't know. and i don't care. what i care about is oscar. my friend. mi amigo oscar. [applause] - maybe i should be insulted that honly invited me here to be his token mexican friend, but he could have invited any number of hispanics ate knows-- his gardener rohelio, or he could have invited... rohelio. but he chose me. rohelio's malaysian. the son of a bitch is malaysian.
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- oh, hey. - hey. - hey, i usually watch tv during my lunch break. it's cool? - yeah, totally. it's mine. don't worry. - i didn't say anything. - i don't think you had to. - excuse me? - i think you might be going a little crazy with this labeling thing, man. i mean, you put your name on a five-pound bag of flour. are you honestly saying that, if i needed flour, i couldn't use that? - what you need flour for, jim? - that's not the point. - what you making, bread? - no, i'm not making bread. - what kind of bread you making? pumpernickel? - it doesn't matter. darryl, i think you know the point i'm trying to make. - all right, i'm being a jerk. you got me this job. i should be grateful. i am, but just, you know, i get a little finicky about my stuff. that's all. - it's all good. are we all good? - we good.
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- what's that cooler? - nothing. it's mine. [soda can snaps] [beep] [beeping] [electronic ding] what happened to my tavis smileys? - oh, crap. were those yours? - i never want to see you worng in the upstairs office again! do you hear me? - but my only crime was loving the local sports teams and trying to be one of the guys. - silence. you'll now be working in the warehouse with the untouchables. now go make your hands rough with work. - okay, boss. pam, you know this is ridiculous, right? like, you're smarter than him. - shh, shh, shh. - this is never gonna work. - shh, shh. remember your lines. - what lines? - go move some paper.
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- hey, you know that guy frank who works in the warehouse? - he's not my hire, but i know who he is. - okay, what is he like? what's important to him? does he have, like, a favorite pair of boots or a lunchbox? - what, is he retiring? you getting him a gift or something? - yeah, something like that. - i know he loves his pickup truck. - oh, great, his truck. - great. get the plate number. - okay, do you know the plate-- never mind. why would you know that, and why would i be asking that? - so we know which truck to fill. - while i got you on the phone, your husband's like a sloppy, homeless hobo. can you fix that? - ye. i was kind of hoping you could. i gotta go. bye. come on. - hold on a second. sundeep, let's get you closer to the senator. just about there. great. and, oscar, i'm gonna need you
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to step a little closer to the senator as well. somewhere there. - he's blocking me. - it's only a photo, honey. - excuse me. what's your name? - shawn. - lashawn, great. you want to be in a photo? right this way. not you. no. - he put me here. - he put you right in front of me? - he placed me there. he did. he placed me here. - let's just wheel margaret right in front-- - ow! - here. - robert. - smile. - i'm done. what are you... is that supposed to be my mural? - yeah, frank draws a butt on your mural. i'm drawing your mural on frank's truck's butt. eye for an eye, mamacita. - aw, dwight, that's really sweet. - let's see yours. - oh, no. i'm embarrassed. it's stupid. - this is amazing! frank, and he's leavi a trail of poops? - yeah. - and he has saggy boobs. - i saw that. it's great. - i feel better. - good. i'm glad you feel better. this has been a wonderful day.
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i have to say, i like hanging out with a vengeful bitch. - i know. you miss angela, don't you? - ugh, don't spathize. you're ruining the mood. back to work. draw his penis. - i got back at frank in the most fitting way possible. with my art. you know, the paints are water-based. it's gonna come off with a hose. but i think the lesson will last-- - lady, my truck? you had no right. - no, you had no right! - it's a $40,000 truck. - so? you started it. - so? so somebody needs to shut you up. - hey, hey, hey. - whoa. - easy. - son of a bitch. - guys? - you're gonna hit a woman? [all grunting] - thanks so much for coming. thank you so much. well... have we all calmed down yet? - yes. sorry about that. - it was all my fault. - let's all try to do better next time. kevin, great to see you.
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- thank you for the food. and also you suck. - i beg your pardon. - you're, like, a terrible person. these guys care about you, and you're just using them. again, the food was very good. - well, i'm gonna say something to the producers. - no, no, it'- - you shouldn't be fired. i mean, you were just protecting me. - it's all good. i knew what i was doing. i'm sorry about youmural, though. i mean, because you put so much into that. - oh, no, forget about my mural. it's stupid. - no, you worked hard on that. that guy's an animal. i'm glad they're firing him too. - it's crazy. brian, i'm so sorry. - look, i don't--i don't want to pu myself where i don't belong. if you ever need me, you just call me, and i'll be there for you. - thanks, brian.
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- see ya. - wow, this whole philly thing has been so much fun that i may have lost sight of what really matters. i mean, having fun is not nearly as important as being good to the people you really care about. i mean, that's just roommates 101. - oh, come on. - oh. - uh. - oh! - damn. - you wins. [gunfire and explosions in video game] how good did that feel? - that felt really good actually.
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>> i had no idea when i got into that car to go to new york that i was going to be quitting. i got on the ramp, and i was like, "two hours, two hours to go. "feelin' good. crank some tunes. should have peed before i left." >> michael, get to the good part. >> okay, so. get up to building. >> mm-hmm. >> revolving door broken. >> ooh. >>so i have to take the normal door.
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>> oh, my god. >> at least he's in the building. >> no. no. i was so nervous, it was the wrong building. >> oh. [quiet murmuring] >> i had walked into the wrong building. >> he finally has a story we really want to hear. and he knows it. okay, focus, focus. you're in the right building. you're with the right people. what happened? >> i looked at wallace and i said, "i quit." and as i turned to leave, i ed back and i said, "you have no idea how high i can fly." >> you didn't tell him how sick of him you were? >> why would i do that? >> well, wouldn't it feel good to tell him that he's incompetent, uh-- >> that he's wasted 15 years of your life. >> maybe spit in his face. >> you guys have thought about this a lot more than i have. i just wiedt. >> i love a good quitting story. it makes me feel like i have control over my own life. gives me hope. maybe i'll have one of my own someday. [chuckles] but i dream. [quietly] so. [cheerful music]
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♪ >> [laughs] >> about a week ago, michael gave his two weeks' notice. and surprisingly, there is a very big difference between michael trying and michael not trying. >> michael, is that scotch? >> scotch and splenda. tastes like splenda, gets you drunk like scotch. [slurps] clinky clinky clink. come on. come on, come on. what am i gonna do? i'll tell you what i'm gonna do. i'm gonna do a little bit of this, a little bit of that. i'm gonna stay up all day. i'm gonna sleep up all night.
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i'm gonna give -- ♪ ho, hey, ho and i'm gonna stop worrying about calories. >> maybe you should go into your office, close the door, and make some calls about jobs. >> i have a job. >> for four more days. >> do you have any leads on a job? >> pam, what you don't understand-- at my level, you don't just look in the want ads for a job. you are headhunted. >> have youalled any headhunters? >> any good headhunter knows that i am available. >> any really good headhunter will storm your village at sunset with overwhelming force and cut off your head wi a cemonl ife. >> right, 'cause that's what we're talking about. >> uh, i need you to go over these client lists and indicate any wrong or false data. >> your "i need you to" is my command. >> okay. [sighs] >> hey, michael. >> hey. >> can i talk to you for a minute? >> you can talk to me for as long you want
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because i have all the time in the world. >> [chuckles] >> oh, god. ugh. phyllis. >> i just wanted to, uh, tell you that-- oh! ah, what's that? >> oh, hey! what is this about? >> um, you know, 'cause you're go-- you're leaving and everything. it's a farewell. >> right. >> so i hope i get to work with you some day again. >> me, too. me, too. >> is this wine? >> ah! busted, yes. >> i already have wine. >> oh. >> hello. >> hi. >> isaac silby here for the interview. >> uh, yes. plea have a seat. it'll be a few minutes. >> thank you. you interviewing, too? >> mmm. hmm? >> interviewing? >> for? >> regional manager. >> yes, i am. >> for regional manager, i've decided to go with an outside hire. for obvious reasons.
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>> where you from? >> philly. >> that's a drive. >> yeah, well, this is one of the few places that's hiring. it's, uh-- it's brutal out there. >> [sighs] >> pam. >> mm-hmm? >> when will the new copier be ready? >> i'm working on it, kev. during the course of business, a copier goes through something called "normal wear and tear." >> i think it's 75 cents. >> that's a lot. >> bandit, no. no, no, no. >> oh! >> yesterday they delivered the new one. but they didn't set it up. so my day just got a little more interesting. [loud groaning noises] >> it's singular. >> thank you. [groaning ceases] you work in paper long enough, you get to know the players. >> hi, you've reached prince paper. we are sad to inform you
1:01 am
that after 40 years of serving the community, we are no longer in business. thank you for your support and may god bless you. >> bye! >> [sighs] wt gonna do? uh... [chuckles] ♪ been pinning fun ideas along the way. ♪ ♪ thanksgiving photo booth before the meal ♪ ♪ to capture all the joy we feel ♪ ♪ elf on a shelf, like it, pin it ♪ ♪ with my redcard, i'm in the game to win it. ♪ save big this season with price match, plus 5% off and free shipping with your debit or credit redcard. ♪ that my kind oholiday.
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>> psst. [crash, shatter] psst. >> yep. you want me to come into your office? oh, okay. >> [chuckli] okay. all right. uh, close your eyes. >> i'd prefer not to. >> just close your eyes. >> [quietly sighs] >> [laughs] i'm going to start my own paper company. [laughs]
1:03 am
>> you're starting your own paper company. >> yeah! >> why? can you believe-- 'cause i know paper. i know everything there is to know about paper. >> do you know that the industry is in decline? >> yeah! oh, god, i practically invented decline. >> right. >> right? i know paper. i know how to manage. i have a name. close your eyes. >> no, i did that before. it added nothing. >> just close 'em. >> okay. >> all right. "michael scott paper company." you want in? do you want to be a part of this? >> i am not gonna do this. >> oh. obvious-- >> and you are not going to, either. >> oh, agreed. mmm, except-- >> here's the thing. what i wish for you is that you land a job at a company that "a," exists, and "b," has a salary because they're set up to do that kind of thing. >> hey, hey. what's up, chuck? >> jim. >> h. >> what are you doing? >> nothing. just talking. >> okay. chael nded in his two-week notice. did you also hand in your two-week-- >> i didn't. >> no? okay. [sighs]
1:04 am
>> you want me to translate the german instructions for you? >> no, i'm sure they're pretty much the same as the english instructions. >> [scoffs] typical american arrogance that got us involved ina war we never should have been in. >> that's a really-- >> world war ii. >> well, fine. do the german instructions say what this is supposed to do? >> [clears throat] deutsch. let me see here. it is either an incense dispenser or a ceremonial sarcophagus. >> hmm. >> my german is pre-industrial and mostly religious. [door slams] >> pam. listen, this order form-- instead of saying "dunder mifflin" at the top, is there any way i could get it to say something else? >> like "michael scott paper company"? >> you--oh. somebody's been talking in bed. pillow talk.
1:05 am
>> [chuckles] yeah. >> [laughs] >> listen, michael. have you really thought this through? 'cause it's a pretty big risk. >> this is a dream that i have had since lunch, and i am not giving up on it now. >> yeah. you could give it up though, right? and almost no one would know. >> before you got here, i'm the one who landed all of these clients. half of 'em, at least. i can do it again. i know the market. i know the price points. i'm on it. don't worry. so how do i do that? >> well, um, you can scan it. >> mm-hmm. >> and then you can upload the image, and then you can copy a neimag- >> could i take a piece of paper and just tape it with transparent tape? >> yeah. good. >> oh, thank you very much. >> mm-hmm. >> so that is why i have to leave at 5:00 on tuesdays. it's to pick up my little sisters from school. we're really tight. we're like the kardashians. >> you know, you can run this stuff by toby. [knocking] >> yeah, i don't like talking--
1:06 am
>> come in. >> i'm sorry. i didn't realize you were with anyone. but i just wanted to bring you the brochure on that accounting seminar that i was telling you about. >> yep. >> earlier. >> okay, we're in the middle of something, angela, so why don't you just-- >> okay, um, actually, you know, it was so much fun last year. there was a sundae bar. i mean, i didn't have any-- you know, to stay trim. >> did michael just let anybody in his office? > yes. >> yeah. [both talking at once] >> yeah. >> he was like, "come in." >> i am aware of the effect i have on women. >> so you should be heading back to your desk. >> okay. bye, charles. well, you'll let me know. good-bye [stammers] >> she's such a special person. she's turning 50 this year. >> i'm starting my own paper company. >> no way! >> yeah. >> in this climate? >> [chuckles] in all climates. it's going to be worldwide. and i'm looking for some talented salesmen to join me. that's where you come in. >> eh...
1:07 am
[with british accent] well, it's a very intriguing concept, isn't it? um, hmm... [murmuring] michael is starting his own paper company. what do you think about that? >> your own paper company. >> can you believe it? well, we'll see. we'll see. >> wow. >> it's just a--it's a nugget of an idea right now, so. >> right. >> potential. lots of potential. yes. >> what a courageous venture. >> it's--it's very courageous. very exciting. um... >> location is hard for me, with the farm and the responsibilities so-- >> with the farm. you getting to wherever i'm gonna put my thing. >> okay, so yeah. >> so think about it. let's put a pin in it for now. >> you know, i would love to put a pin in that. >> everyone, can i have your attention? this is the moment you've all been waiting for. right? [drum roll]
1:08 am
>> little miss thing wants attention. >> meredith-- [sighs] [beeps and whirs] >> oh. it's, uh-- [beeping] g-44. [whispering] it's not ready, kevin. i am at a crucial point where i have sunk four hours into that copier. and i am not gonna let it beat me like that wireless router did. >> you put a note in my food? >> i made it sterile. >> just to say "sterile" doesn't make it so. >> i am offering you the opportunity of a lifetime, oscar, to come work for me. >> do you have a business plan? >> [laughs] >> a funding request? market research? financials? >> no. >> you need those things. >> no. no! >> most new business, they don't make a profit till at least two years. and then your margins will be razor-thin. best-case scenario,
1:09 am
you don't cut yourself a salary for at least five years. can you go fi years without a salary, michael? >> okay. >> five years? >> hey. you already have theob. you don't have to convince me. >> it's just not prudent, michael. >> stanley. >> can't you see i'm urinating? >> listen, listen. stanley, you don't need to answer me now. >> no. >> just--i want you to think about it. i am starting my own company. >> no. >> oh--okay, you're not letting me finish, and you just lost out on $1 million. >> no, i didn't. >> you know what? i had a great time at prom. and no one said "yes" to that, either. hos it working? >> um, let's see. it's fine. >> good. i did it. i learned everything about this machine. i know all the buttons, even the inside ones. i know all the error messages. i could do a bound book in plastic with offset colors. which feels...


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