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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  November 10, 2013 10:00am-11:00am EST

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worked. >> announcer: you may ink the loer you worout, the bter your rults, but udy after sty have pron that shorter workouts are more efficient at burning fat than longer ones. so, shaun got right to work. created hundreds of new moves, experimented with sequences and trial and error to perfect the timate time-saving workout. aun eatefocus inteal traini to delivethe relt you'll fus on e scle group at a time,equencing om move to me without y rest. you may start with your gles. st when you can't do another rep, you move on to the core en those mcles are tst, it's oo the bice, quads, wer abs, bk, oblique triceps. it's full-out tack on th body witho any rest. >> with t25, every second coun. it's inten, but you're gonna get over an hour'sesults in just 2minutes. >>y bo, prt25, was not the
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greatest. i amere todabeuse i've been a person who's always kind of struggled with my weight my when i lk at the "fore" video, i can't even believe that s me. overhe course the t25 program, i've lost 37 pounds. all this time i've spent in the gym er the course of my life, i've never even gotten close to esresults. after the 10 weeks, i want to have skinny legs... i lost four inch off of ea leg. ...sller hs... thini lo like four to five inches off my hips. my stoma is definitely w flatter. i couldn't be happier. i'veever lookelike this. i' never felt this good, and i absolutely love my new body. t25, baby. >> with t25,ou get in,it it hard, and get it done -- no b.s., just results. annncert25 fas but you can't go from fat to f ernight. you get there in phases.
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your transformation begins with e alpha cye. start burning fat from your very first workout. >> a thiis alp a thiis your foundation and i need forte workou >> annncer: thenou move on to t beta roun where you cus on youcore and bld your s-pack. >> ba tas ito a whole ther level, and i really stted see l of denition in this area. this is ta, so i'moing a litt harder onou, and i nt you focus jusa lile b harder. come on. >> before 5, mworkt regimen would consist of a lot of looking at tv, saying, "wow, i should be working out." i just let myselgo since my 20s. i'd do oth programs. i'd ne insanit but it's t insanity. this is t25, something totally different. the combinatio of ves are diffent. everythi is differt.avto it's a monster. this one's a monster. you're gonna want touit, b there'gonna be ather exercise tgive whater body part you we working at you nt to quit little biof a it'll be or before y
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kn it. it's brilliant. it perfect. it's less an half anou you get inget out. i think i ok like anctio figure now. [ laughs ] >> te. >> another thing i love about for me, at was cricalfier. because i dn't workeout in ars. so, now anyone at any fitness level can get it done. >> 1weeks fromow, my bods gonna be the dream body that i've always imagined, which is toned and lean. i've aays nted to gein better shape. i've always wanted to lean up and tone and achieve this body. when i started seeing results, that's when it really clicke fome. i would push myself even more. i would take it to the nt i uld challee myself. do you he excuses? you got toet rid of ose. i' alwwa my armso be toned... and my as changed. middle section... stomach, my waist... thighs, for sure.. legs, everytng, really. everything has transformed.
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i lost 35 undsn 10eeks. 25 minutes is the way to go. t25 changed my life. brand-new body, brand-new me. >> announcer: having trouble fiing time to work out? we, noanymore. mites a day, 5 days a week, zero excus. >> tre was no excuse. time you're finished watching the infomercial, you could have worked out >> announc: it's notasy condensing an hour-long workout into 25 minus. shaun uses fus ierval traini to crank the tensy. alternateyour focusn differt muleroup-- biceps, quads, lower abs, back, obliques. but the'no rest anno water breaks every second cnts. you, youe in luck causeor modifierout feures a so, anyone at y agorny fitns level cado these
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>> annouer: your 2minutes. transformation starts with the pha cycle fiv25-mute workouts to build your foundation. u'll cseyour abs wh abio. inteals, load your legs with lower focus, sculpt your tire body th tal by circt, and, filly, speed.0 >>ou're feelg it and y're having fun and next thing you know, shaun t says, "time." >> te. t25. yourocus is the. >> announcer: ve wks later, u'reeadyor the betcycle. you'll ramp up your results with ve new workouts, with a focus on your core -- core cardio, rippedircuit, dymic re, upper cus,nd sed 2.0. >>rust and bieve that u e gonna wo your core like never before. >> announcerand we're cluding a w tools toake sure you get it done every day. the alpha ta wall calendar ows u whh workout do ch day andets you trk
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progss. by step.your transrmation st anthe t itone trition planakesatinright easy all the recipes have 5 ingrients and ke just 5 minuteof prep. >>he nrition plan was grt. i was never hungry. i lost 16 pounds, d it bee the easiest thing i've ever had a producsell this st, not seen p9, not insaty. is isn't jt a w woout. th is a lifehanger. it's no wondere've sold er 100,0 units th month alo. figured t how to deliverver an hour's relts onl25 minutes. just 3 pments of only $39.95. you heard me right -- only 3 payments of $39.95 forhe greatest breakthrough in fitness. and when you order t25 ithe next 25 minutes, we'll add on $220 of addition bon gifts.nus . just 25 nutes, andou'lfeel
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good all or. and bonus 2 is shaun's variable need to y any dumblls.t t25 gives you everything you need to shape and sculpt your entireody. and bos 3 is sha's 5 day fast tck so you can get max results in youfirst fiveays. with the 5 fast tra, i st nine pounds in five days, and it's given me the motivation to keep going. >> announc: pl, you get ee atnd le monthly ats with shaun t, wre he'll awer all questis, and youl even g a free coacho give you all of the support and motivation you need. but don't wait to ca to get new progm has beeno strong at we've already ge out of stock three times. but callers get priority, so if you call this toll-free number to order now, your order will be bump to the front of the line. and we'll even give you so, you n't have twait 2-3 weekfodelivery or new
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inntory. you'llet t25 witn 2 to 5 siness day guarantee but you need to call now. ant25 mes with t get it doneuarantee. d if y're not 10 satfied for anreason, se it back, anwe'll refu your enti but u n still geit done cause we'llet you ke aha cardio to burn the fat and total body circuitplus the variable resistance band to sculpt your body as our gifts just for trying t25. but who are we kidding? u'reot sendinghis back it worksast.doesn't just wor u will absutely lovehis in fact,ou'll wond why no one thought of it sooner. , stk with t25nail your results ke these.iculous thenend us you"before" and "aer" photosand we'll nd >> you wt this t-srt? u got to nl your woruts firs >> announc: two hourat the gym or 25 minutes?
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you decide. and never will be, so call now and t it done r just 3 ymen of $39.95 >>y the timeou dressedp for the gym, drive to the gym, check in at the gym, say hello to friends at the gym, you're donen my gym. >> i was one of those guys that thought workg out for 25 minutes was something that my for the ach, but, mean, thisup was re deal. ho and half, butecause of all the resting, because of all the trips to the drinking foundation, because of the innsity levebeing so mh lower, i wasn't getting the results that i wanted. you do not need an hour, an hour and a half to work out. 25 minut witt25 is morthan enough. when i started t25, weigd 208 pounds i weigh 178 now. so, i've lost 30 pounds, and i
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did it all in 25 minutes a day. , shiz-niz, here we !ere! >> i just had a baby, and i ha not been able to exercise the way i want to. i've just had no time. ydo iy,heze this won?th's.gono. enombuth g m, d inithi lo c5.exci wdo bak25o ievngou i owndanchmyai>>ol! it le ity m. me wd we hviwe.. e stady,nd
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un r gne lki we o th tr.'sinikin, er rt.lynus y.ndout d 'skend u'e.ghwh y t pnt y'r, cat anor'e tal, g, orem ckyollbeereoudyac c d od i ptoth a, hoplmuha s tmstoos o u ha t.hl oon pt s tt ha's
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ur ith ea, e suehiinesxcesn 2tea ds ouerecse5, lpodsi'blayhainesdith trmaons thala --ivinewo tbuur dyiransp0.enouono ta upr a s0.c mte yr esmofi
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'ring tot t aetwalethquargu thgeonnungu s,nd a oinontsel r th wakovho a ooal. e hwoth 2teorak y 5 veevytoustce d 3 s 5ayeod ma f isoe,wh yernlouaygeanoftose
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t heol nbeve. u' bg ur25inrkt t to y'r10 sed d rendenre rkndhetae sewo tsndidulouyo t sht.s ee u"b a pto d ve b s nd t e r y'r.orean
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ustoourelaoul bo t sa "fi 2tea y mwendro t ce el tothwanto yokn nd rce.noyone25in rkt. mmi o gohe id b sw d anite.ror 25es ck m.e -'salit m y tgoanak.>>heeto urr,
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rer.hi wkot wiinatinli terkt 'val -u, onplfdngheansiupwee t2 fl 't sh.i n o iivgs antolel i n bim t'reooab5.>>im. arofilrow hit ly5 "r t u icwi>> mo h ias lyca ts t.yo, ing y needodieio
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ntsih di ofacci, thhy b jh bf iswehe a nei>>ay dvefial y.>>e' tnict t tmeveoser aou nojunghifuwee th b wne fnde o t is f , d not a a. bei veit jrtf h d nen cko wa
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eyrofit.t erheav pmis nn venl25es dthdynd >>alasse0poani'inelsuasat- veth iinesda 5a eklyor 1s o,d is wagochan mli ito mee afove ekou hugd nu 1% p rkou ina uta-rktr d>>y s reng
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fee todier wriin aif cng>>o or5 s,ak l,ust ne st5 s dal eds ne.r auttodegrteakro ngo he.shn oc il nsy.henas oc odiersc g-- biqus, a, obquthe'esanat
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erseous. ou gs sureyogeltbyngar anti swi t rko ilti -alrd, enovone tabo c, d 1. rp r su cecaioedirdymi d woouur amofi e ph wl arfemol,ouett s u woouo ch day andets you trk your prre. the ick-art guide lks you by step.your transformation ep
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anthget itone trition pl mak eatg right ea. all e recipes have 5 inedients antake just mites of prep. >> the nutrition plan wagreat. i was never hungry. i lost 16 pounds, d it's bee the easiest thing i've ever had to do. >> announcer: we have never seen a oduct sellhis fast, t p9, not insaty. is is a li-changer. rkou it's no woer wve sd over 0,000 unitthis monthlone. and now your chance to own t25 for on 3 paymentof only $39.95. you heard me right -- only 3 payments of $39.95 for the greatest breakthrough in fitness. and when you order t25 in the next 5 minutes, we'll add on $220 of additial bus gts. bonus 1 istretch. good all or.tes, and you'll el resistance band, so u n'triable ne to buy andumbbells. t25 gives you everything you need to shape and sculpt your
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and bonus 3 is shaun's 5 day results in your firsfiveays.x >> i mean, 11 pounds, 5 days -- i fe incredible. online support.lus, u get free atnd le mohly chats th aun t, whe he'll ansr al of your di and fitss qution andou'll evenet a free coach to give you all of the support and motivation you need. budon'waito ca. mand for ts brand-ne program has been so rong that we've already gone out of stock, three times. but callers get priority, and we'll even give you an upgrade to expresselivery. , ca nowand you wot have wait two three wee for deliry. u'll receive t25 in 2 to 5 business days, guaranteed. and t25 comes wi the get i and if y're not 10 satfied foany reasonsend it ba, and wel refund yr entire purcse pce ft. but yocan still t it done because we'll let you keep alpha cardio to burn the fat and total
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body ccuitplus the variable resistance band to sculpt your body as our gifts just for trying t25. so, stick with t25, nail your workouts, d get ridilous th senus yr "before"nd "after" photosand 'll send >> you wt this t-srt? you t toail your wkouts gym or 2minutes?hos athe you decide. t25 isot ailab in stores d ver will be,o call now and t it done r just 3 ymen of $39.95 e precedinhas been aaid prentation f focus t25 prentation f focus t25 brght to youy beachbod
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>>nnounc: thfollowg is paidreseation for th nuveven pr brought to you sial caters of t nuwavecinctokp. ofalqu.r yxpied u wa cllousgat on- siaranteed.e nuwa oven is not a microwave oven,
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but uses conduction, convection and infrared power simultaneously. it cooks food up to 50% faster than aonveional en, while using up to 85% less energy. gourmet meals made easy, saving you time and money. a neway to's energy-effs time, it mes food deciousl >>nnouncer: 'so beenst pve fd s ssbumour tt-tlsr d eap send e on d tialhd sslujo he wl eera omid ner-efe ne t ooeveen!
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al hesanow dha u ot,oue sh ri! k'songo.e,'s nov erls >goa yohoenhe [ngro> at y.o nna w he tt beroalriow'm ese f mekemyea e ima busar. ieth jt omoffarigi--pe ellinuwe.
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tk a alalarouchke >ta urro. r fm icn,av, e,u' g r urh tta a yn'dethch >no go>> a g hh meitak>>3 s.> nn neth 1miisitakthnuve w lk s. notr eno at>>ha. s t ncosc s nio.. war.oab isple he.>>h,s au>>ow t ws ec
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t seo. kathaeryoi'nnyotaat is>>deciinmitemm.. myaiing israave two jobs somethout of the freezer and i ha a healthy inthveve you qck come o with a product th is grt-tastg evy ti., >> heidinow, liste joe, this is ery meal ofhe day. >> a cooked inhe nuwave. plus morkein the nuwe, wel start wi breakfast. >> you're dog quiche, gs and cinnamon rolls all together. >> here's what i'm doing: cinnamon rolls, exactly, right on the top, the quiche and the hard-boiled eggs on the bottom. [joe chuckles] o.k.? also we've got waffles we can here, wel go to lunch. >> o.k. fries, bgers. >>urgers.
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>> pizza's an all-time favorite. >> all right, shall we move on? >> let's go to dinner, and i have a little inrestn this. you know i'm not a cook per se >> right. >> when you buy the nuwave oven, you get this: this is the nuwave oven cookbook. >> andou just sa something ry importa. >> what'that? i think f a lot of people, they aays say, "can't cook >> looat that. >but the nuwa cooks it r you. don't have to do anything. >> i'm like a gourmet chef when i use this. >> i know. >> it gives u all the tips. >> o., so... >great, great. >> look at a of it... we've t some lober. ober. >> some shmp. >> t-be steak. >> steak. >> lamb chops. >> mmm, and... >> look at the, the vegetable medley. >> those are butif. >> thiis a familfavote. i know youfamily lov this one too. >, su salmon, lon pepper salmon. >> oh, isn't that beautiful? >> you know what? you made salmon and asparagus for me in e first sh. >> yes, did. >>nd i'm doi it for yo >> yay, get to tas! >> fla a little t off ther ju so we canee it. >> all right, let's do that. look at that. >> i just followed the instrtis... >> wow... oh... >> oh! [laughs]i want a fortoo! >> mm..
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>> it's the nuwave oven. you talk about healthy. >> all right, now we're gonna >> it's out time. which >> cookies are one of myup. favorite things to make for dessert in the oven. >> the nuwave oven... blows me away all the time when i use it. >> yeah. >> cobbler,quares. pineapple upside-down cake... >> look at this! everythingou see here, nuwave oven, fast, easy, quick-- i love this. >> being a middle school p.e. teacher and knowing how kids are hungry after they get home from would ben excellenthinforwave almost every household to have. the studen come home, it's health it's fastit's easy. >> don't waste your time and energy slaving in the kitchen. >> stop settling for fast food or unhealthy microwave meals-- make a smart decision. make great-tasting food faster and easier, save money and maintain a healthy lifestyle. >> it's time for you to pick up the phone and order >>nnouncer: the reviewsen. are in! customers all over the country are raving aut tir nuwave
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mes easier, stermakes all their and healthier. there is just no comparison. >> it makes cooking so simple. epuily aerdoowyoo convenient.>>o wa o nmie ens g d sithsae.coins omutde ney.>> t nave oven is a new way tok. 's energy-effici it sas time, itakes fd liously.
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a ofalheamo tavovmes eatimyiten syhe grmls jt s. wa oo shshe,eap sendthnuveprbe edndmeedecocl oic d sslult cahtowoul aminvevefo ure enom we aneakigue,uwe bk atakan cf, thmecodvanp.emp t usevenom wh fu tboomye, nentymt 'rno!engt.synt
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r feckihe ecacy tavov p mesio and perfecpizza er. but ! order now an get wa t h ter while keeping all the vital nutrients and vitamins your body needs. and e nuwavearty mixerses over 400 supercharged watts to make the bt frozen dnks, sauces, soups and so much more. why spend $100 or more oa healthy drink machine that only do onehing, or a blender that just makes a mess, when you mir thato so much mored party d ca wt srte? dexpssinigawal u yr othfi0 llenr!
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to'sronde'upyo o t p r ee oo de absoluly frecain d deri right n buwe're still not done! are you ready for an amazing deal? for a limited time, order now d we'll se you a secd emium nuwave oven pro for free! that's right: you get a free nuwave oven pro with the black model upgrade and all the bonus items. all you pay is the s&p for each set. keep it for yourself or send it as an unforgettable gift for any occasion. this "buy one, get one fe" special promotion u y wa ooskre30 nsl t 60 b a fl 90ays. ifou'rnot mply but keep all of the bonus items as your free gifts just for
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trying the nuwave oven pro! this is truly a risk-free opportunity with nothing to lose. this special television-only offeis not available in stores and won't last long, you mt act fast. when you call, ask about special baking kit, the custom-madeicone nuwave carrying case and the extender ring kiwhich can increase the capacity of your okp 6-uneyth iy r ff enough to nus-an$7m vepr a t isff n blaemoowon mt! ♪.]oig n iwee hothnuveakevalf
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dacontnd ahoiterdes dhefo, e es rk tal ikey heiae wo aegoncten spd rosseconanth nogyfredngcoinm l fredriti htevlyd e d na aed atra td,oongonhee d e t tse e d whethe insi ijuicand mo- ablyerfect the nuwavm chpepective ana resr and a chef instructor, is
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reodthuss th t a ut heenosme 'sri.un h >>here'so eheat timeit hea up vf time a eranergy. joe: pluswienvedet st oo u0%asan teyous t. oneltrl oncauay rthnutsf. kesoel wle sheokin re f cs ereasm e e l ic sllheonedecianvereos sacrificing the trition,
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enga ruln radrlwn sr b ptofhealuihathveve f yd atfaprthnuvema or nont,.nothdu c tt. colein tt iings at... oven is you don't have to add that the fats th are in the food itself actual drain off, t what rllnibout it is with ing thyou dot lose tte. >> we just took a group of aleopland we put 'em together and we started off taking "before" blood tests, so that we had a baseline, and 60 days later, we did blood tests again, checking up on cholestol lels, and 75% of those individuals lowered
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their total cholesterol without changing anything within their lifestyle other than they started cooking with the nuwave oven. >> i dropped almost 20 points y cholesterol an u the ne en olesterol sinci startedin my usthis nuwave ov i never thoughg thisimd isayf t lldi by no isyo see n,pee mes st ikiapia e u fothwangoohe hreun tch! nav. y? gatngeams d w n onsipron ent n er cnt
10:41 am
, ttaliesi, guared. >>nkt'agraly t. or reallwe. >> theuwave oven is something recommend to eveon>>ounc: wa o esonn,onn oo f t50erfr be tsd si e tieah teedecmey eokubf a-fenu call ght w anyou' getow, ov cita tboomyt
10:42 am
ea ps stf. t cetoheeenndakicus peect pizza evtime. t ! e watyixd you so get to me healthy,tis in aotes d e pty usde vita ov serd tt t boz d aly main oydongornd
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eexp shiinmir o mrerere enets hiinlefft eevevemolo'sronde'upad on pmi lu ffor calling d deig now t we're l t !e adfo 'lse aecno iunuveprfo! thig: ta uwe ro t bod uanalbos yopahe&p s aangeabe
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refo30ayot "e,etre 60 day but a ful90 days. ife t colete ti rurn ovens, but keep all of the bonus items t nov pfo itr-fe un isotab iesanwoston teerkiwhn yl,sk scisaonheecsi in t cy yovto0% eugco aunha this is trulour be offer - aitoy only
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anti vy d d ndrdhtowbl t best product i've seenmes ncf and e end oducthatmeout of it. dievugthvejoy to work with j: . , 's mounin of king crab legs. >> oh, yeah! >> wre else...h! could you fit... [joe laughs] thismount of food in such a small and compact oven? >> that's a crab fest! >> dinner parties, feeding a large family... >> right... what do you have here? >> look at these beautiful pork tenderloins
10:46 am
whether it be a mountain of crab legs, a large pork roast or even a full-size pizza, the nuwave can do it all. >> joe: that's why the nuwave is perfect! it's perfect for small kitchens, dorm rooms, the r.v. or camper... even your boat. there's nolame, the'no smoke. it's just an efficient applice that does it all better and fast than anytng else. >> it is mh mo connient usg e nuwa on e evthve ovedoesd nsndcleap you g and re.i it's adveised f everyo shoulha o >> you know, heidi, we keep talking about how the nuwave oven makes food... >> mm-hmm. >> great... >> mm-hmm. >>nd fast, b ao healy. >> that's right. now, with the tripleombo cooking power, the nuwave seals in the natural juices but it also allows the fatand oi to drip away from your food, which reduces amount of fat you eat. ea healthier, better-tasting food in less time-- you can't ask for anytng more. >[chuckles] >> take a look at this test we did. we made three different meats
10:47 am
side by side, each in a regular oven and in the nuwave oven. >> joe: first we made a beef roast. we meared the fadrippings anthe convenonal oven.ave oven wh we poured the grease, there re 2 ounces ofat drippings from the nuwave oven and only one ounce of fat drippings from the conventional oven-- that's a difference of 120% of unhealthy fat drippings. >> heidi: we did a similar test for country style ribs. when we compared the fat drippings, the nuwave oven produced 250% more fat drippings than the conventional oven. >> j: then we cooked about three pounds of chick quarters. >>eidi: when we poured the grea, the was a difference of 125% of unhealthy fat drippings. >> if your family were to t chicken three times a week for a month-- and some of us do-- by usg the nuwave oven, you could be reducing six cups of fat drippings from your diet! >> using less fats and oils when cooking help decrease your risk of heart disease and cancers and
10:48 am
also just will increase your mood and give you more energy, make you feel better. >> my counter space in my kitcn-- yohave t ibeitak tt xeisercot hei om t fe.y.we, wh?weno nav igoa r r gingav p..> aus] e teinkiyethex rg itp. eaaptiju l eterthxt, u eotxt rreju aai tnkg?> ablu>>mm oke iclo au..h is. ic wt e?>>igceoude tun ure,our b >neba..o urntnaos
10:49 am
. u 1pou'naovha haai we teriu vechor me. iupe ch hawoed vrgnuerop. s] vy nuer leanh,ri.i ri r tt peonotorhomuthospe he ...k's wl,ishacado u t ise waov? on w ganheotla >>uwe s e te tng youould eve in the kitchen.lifeasy urernuvetyma thtec n
10:50 am
epom.eew aleafaerryarrabo tuwe heththe t csocahtowoul onin 1 ratakan cf,ng. usevenomh fu tboom, woeearanorriaywe e zzdey d e waak enroak dus
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yogepriuktff ♪s m navlasoons t!ca aerig! e ecing pr wapa prentation r e wave oven pr broht to you by the makers of the nuwave precision induction cooktop.
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feetight now. let'worship thlord tother. togeth in praiseo him. is he worthy to be praised tonight?choir,s heorthy to be praised? ah, yeah! sing this song with us. says this ♪ we have come to worship ♪ ( have comeo worship) ♪nd lift upands of prse (and liftp hands of praise) ♪ whave ce to prais♪ ♪we have co to praise hi ♪ and blessis holy na ♪ ♪ (and bless his holy name) ♪e have come ♪ (we have me to worsp) and lift hands of aise ♪ praise♪ft up handof ♪ we have come to praise him ♪ (we have come to praise him) ♪ ♪ (and bless his holy name) ♪ he's worthy ♪ ('s worthy)
10:57 am
♪ (wort to be praed) he's holy♪ ♪ he'worthy name he's wort to be praed ♪ so bless s ho nam♪ ♪ he's worthy worthy toe praised ♪ he's ly ♪ hy is his ne ♪ wthy ♪ wthy be praise ♪ so bleshis holy ne ♪ (we have come) ♪ andift han of praise ♪we he come to aise hi ♪ ♪ andless his hy name ) ♪ we haveome ♪ whave come worip (and liftp hands) ♪ and lt up handsf praise
10:58 am
♪ (we he come to praise hi ♪ ♪ we haveome to prae him (and bleshis holy ne) ♪ ♪ (he worthy) ly name ♪ he's worthy ♪ worthy to be praised ♪e's holy ♪ holy isis ne ♪♪ worthy to be praised ♪o bless hiholy name ♪ he's worthy ♪orthy to be praised ♪ he's ho worthy ♪ his name ♪ worthy be aise ♪ so bleshis holy ne putour hands gether. comen. ♪ have comeo worship e come o sing thisogetr. the ys are gon sing this
10:59 am
they're gonna sing.. ♪ ..he come to worship him ♪e ha comto worshipim >> comon men. ♪ we have come to worship him whave ce to worsh him ♪ alright, w the ladi are gonna in. ♪e ha comto worship >> yh! ♪ we ve come toorship ♪ (he's wthy of allraise) ♪ we have ce toorship ♪ (we he come to rship him) ♪ ♪ we ha come to wship >>e's worthyonight. ♪ we ve come worship we have ce to worsh ♪ ♪ whave come worship we have ce to worsh ♪ we have ce to worsh ♪


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