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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  November 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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have nipped that attitude in the bud many years ago. i have a nosy mother, but surprisingly, she's never butted into my love life and she's always supported whatever i want. when i wanted a divorce, she was the first soldier in line saying, come on, get it done. when i met my husband who was from theifferent side of the tracks than where i'm from, he perhaps wasn't the person my parents pictured me with, but they nver piped up about it. mom, i know you're watching. i appreciate that about you. never --joyce, mind your own business. your daughter can take care of her own life, with all due respect. i noticed last night, first kanye did break the girls' code. you don't text somebody else's husband when you have no business to be texting. she will never understand that for the most part, all she will ever do is be gorgeous woman,
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but you will not see relationship success until you learn how a woman should act at 40 years old. she's very beautiful and she's even very well spoken, but after a while, that gets tired, especially when you get into your 40s. she's like the girl you do on the weekends, not the girl that you marr we've all been single, honey. an those of us know, we know who we are in terms of the placement and how men look at us. she's the weekend girl. she's not the keeper, unfortunately. and she's a little crazy. so, you know. and then fadre, you make great-looking babies. but fadre, please get off the show. just leave. i hate her story line, you know what i'm saying? i leave the room to brush my teeth and come back.
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and cynthia, i leave to take a shower and i come back. but even though she's as boring as i don't know what, and peter was so not supportive last night and it made me want to vomit. she's got these five boys and he's acting all non-supportive. but you know why cynthia is good on the show? beuse they need a nice, calm character that soothes everybody ands a good friend. if there's one thing cynthia is, she's a good friend. yeah. [ applause ] >> wendy: mama joyce. joyce even tried to turn wylie, the little girl, against todd. love that riley., the little girl, against todd. love that rile, the little girl, against todd. love that rile, the little girl, against todd. love that rile, the
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little girl, against todd. love that rile, the little girl, against todd. love that riler, the little girl, against todd. love that rilei, the little girl, against todd. love that rilel, the little girl, against todd. love that rilee, the little girl, against todd. love that riley, the little girl, against todd. love that riley. so the mtv music awards were on last night. did you watch? well, miley cyrus stole the spotlight by wearing a revealing dress on the red carpet. see, i love this! i just -- why not? she's 21 years old she's making money hand over fist. she's been famous all of her life, and even before she was famous, she came from a bit of privilege being that man's daughter. sorry, senior moment. billy ray cyrus's daughter. i love this outfit. let's see the back of the dress. okay. but if you could and you were 21 and had the world in the palm of your fingers, wouldn't you be doing it, too? no. you don't have to agree with me. we already talked about it. i would wear it, too.
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if i could. and i was 21. clap if you think this is distasteful and terrible. [ applause ] everybody is trying to be high class, but you won't know about that situation unless you were in her shoes. anyway, during the performance, she twerked on stage with a little person. i don't like her outfit, though. i don't like miley's dress and those stupid shoes she's wearing. the little person outfit is better. the biggest controversy is when she accepted her rd. the part of smoking whatever it is she's smoking, by the time this they edited this, where it's legal along worry things
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that are legal, and when they played it here at 7:00 at night, they had edited out the smoking part. but thanks to you and a good team, we got it for you. go ahead! >> i couldn't put this award in my bag, but i did find this, so thank you, guys, very much. good night, everybody! thank you! cmas, thank you f having me! i love you all very much. >> the wa >> wendy: the walkaway is good, head to toe. now, listen, i am tired of hagt -- hating on this g so i'm officially in the miley momt. here's my deal. first of all, we know that she smoked something. we saw it in the bong on the internet and everywhere. that's the first thing.
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the second thing is that this woman has us talking when there was so many otherars there. nobody is talking about them, everybody is talking about this. and she can sing, and she has to be provocative. she's in a very competitive field. she's got to be provocative, and for you all to say, what about her young fans? her young fans are mothers and fathers. if that was weed, weed is not the worst drug out here. now, if she was mainlining hero heroin -- we have a few puffers out here, too? okay. okay. don't judge me because i like e girl, though. anyway, brooke mueller and charlie sheen's twins have a new
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home. you know his ex denise richards reportedly gave up guardianship of the other twins because of their propensity for violence. taking e do the dogs, the kids and the walls. she said, i've had . i can't take these kids anymore. her broer scott has stepped in and was awared temporary guardianship. who is scott and why should we trust him? anything is better than the kids' parents, because charlie and brooke are a mess. but scott is now living in the home with brooke. scott is married to an ob/gyn. he himself is a ceo of some sort of company with a long dossier of what they do. they also have children of their own,his scott. they have like an eight-year-old and a five-year-old or something like that. so temporary custody.
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brooke has got to stay sober until christmastime and then she' regain custody of her twins. now,isn, i don't know about you, but in the holiday season, it must be difficult for anybody to stay sober. that's number one. the other thing is she's only been out of rehab for a month. so i still wouldn't trust her en at christmastime to have the kids. brooke, incidentally, you are a very, very attractive woman for 42. but she's32. leave those drugs alone. well, she just compled her 21st time in rehab, you know, 32 years old, so let's just hope that it works this time, brooke.
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so who here loves ciara? clap! [ applause ] >> wendy: why don't you buy her music? see? she sings for her life, her record sales are always so poor. yes. we need that dress here. anyway, she's engaged to future, that's future. the problem is, ciara, honey bun, she has three kids with three different women. two of the kids had to take paternity tests alledly because nobody was sure of who the kids' father was. the kids range in age from 11 and there's one that's 4 and one that's 2. future was 29, which means he was quite young when he had that first one. he's worth $2.5 million. he's a very successful young man. but success, schmuccess.
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we have ourselves a hot, 28-year-old chippy in ciara. she's successful in her own right. they say she's worth $15 million. she has no children, and -- anyway, look, if it's not a problem foresee a ciara, i gues not a problem for us. she apparently gets along with everybody. here's ciara. here's one of the baby's mother. here's future's sister, and this is another baby's mother, and then there's ciara. and there's anothe baby mother somewhere out there, but it's just a lot. for those of you raising daughters or those of you in your 20s and dating, i've always had a role and i stuck to it. i said i would not take guys with kids until i'm 3 years d. 30. i mean, all right, i take that
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back. not dates, like a little dinner. you can ompartmentalize. i'm not marrying him. he's cute and he's taking me for dinr, let's go. but my parents dragged their knuckles to raise us and put me in college and my siblings and tryo give us all the information that we need so when we do finally esent ourselves to the world -- and to the men -- that we're good catche and i just -- i just think it's a lot. do yothink that she's doing the right thing by marrying a guy with three kids? and three babies' mothers? clap if you think that's okay. yeah, i just don't think it's fine at all. if she was my daughter, i would belike mama joyce. i would get -- i would be nosey and tell her don't do it, don't do it. oh, god. and the thing you have to think about when you marry sebody who already has kids and you're in your 20s -- it's fine if you're in your 30s or 40s or
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whatever -- that 11-year-old will be the first to go to college, the first to get the car. what if you' out of money when that time comes? you laugh, but you must have futuristic vision when you're dealing with life, ciara. that's all. [ applause ] >> wendy: so there are two new barbies designed after jennifer lopez. in my opinion, they're missing a lot. all right, let's take a look at the picture -- yes. there's the first one. i see missing realness of what jennifer looks like. that doesn't look like jennifer. a missing booty and missing body in general. did we catch her breathing hard? , she's dancing hard and breathing hard. they caught her at a bad angle. that doesn't look like jennifer lopez. does that look like jennifer lopez to
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are you insultedh mattel did not include t curves? i'm insulted by that. let's see the other jennifer lopez doll. do you like that one? it doesn't look like her at all. it's insulting, almost. somebody said horrible. i think it's the same lady who smoked the weed. my observation is take a look at these dolls side by side. they don't even look related to one another. mattel, we love you. that's an insult. yeah. so zoe zaldano secretly got married to an italian artist over the summer. here's the thing. they only dated for a couple of months, and then they got married right away. now, you know she was inn 11-year relaonsh.
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she had an 11-year relationship that apparently didn't go anywhere because she didn't end up marrying the fellow. en she was on and off with bradley cooper. after being on and off with adle she met this guy, and after dating only a f months, they got married. he's showing off his love for her in a v permanent yet creepy way. he's got a tattoo of her face on his forearm. it's okay if you're that girl i'm not that girl. this to me has the makings of a lifetime movie where you're found -- if i can't have you, no one can! i canppreciate love, but that is kind of creepy. it's like nick canon having mariah's name sprawled across his back like that. that's creepy love. anyway, he is devoted to her. she was also spottedarrying
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her handbag -- he was spotted carrying her handbag. i like that my husband would protest and not do that. i'll have to pull it between my legs or put it around my neck or something, but he will not touch the bag. ironically, i spoke to a lot of the non-gay men around the staff here, and they don't hold bags, either. i don't know -- clap if you don't mind your man holding your bag. clap. [ applause [ applause ] >> wendy: okay. anyway, i love all the different opinions. that's why i always do polls by clap. we've got a terrific show for you today. an entire hour of juicey hot topics. plus we've got our real life hot topic porsha stewart here to break it down. we're going to get dowith all
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the drama reports from kordell. and we have the scoop on how kanye west is controlling kim's entire life. ke it here.
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>> wendy: it's time for the inside scoop here with some juicy stories from say hello to diana madison. what's the scoop? what's going on? >> there is a lot going on. you know that there is some kardashian news. there is scoop out there that kanye is controlling kim kardashian, tellg her what to wear, even doing spots with jay leno. i have some scoop breaking here
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on "the wendy williams show." they revealed to me that, you know, kim kardashian has been married twice before. she anned a wedding the way she wanted to plan a wedding. this time around, according to sources, she's so happy with her daughter, she's so happy with kanye taking the driver's seat. even though she's having some final touches on her wedding, she's in a good place. >> she doesn't look happy. >> they're really excited, it's something they're looking forward to and they're in a good place. guess these reports are disappointing that apparently she is like a robot, he's controlling what the say. >> do you like them? >> do. they're really genuine, they're in a good place, their daughter is their top priority. >> at one point we talked about there was no prenuptial, but now i understand there is a
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prenuptial. >> there are reports she's worth $100 million, and he's worth $40 million. i think that's a good idea to have a prenup, especially if you're in the entertainment industry. >> wendy: give us one of the claes. >> one of them is a classy clause. apparently she can't embarrass him while they're married, and if they get a divorce, she can't embarrassim in the process, too, but these are just reports out there. >> wendy: is she able to do nude photos and things like that? >> it's not that specific and i don't know about that. i'm sure it's more about doing things he wouldn't approve of. >> wendy: that's subjective. enough about them. let's go on to chris brown. >> chris brown is in rehab. he's in malibu at the canyons. and sources close to chris brn tell me he wants to get help, he wants to be in a good place. i hear from people who know him
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very well that it'shard for him to go out, because every time he goes out there are people who want to provoke his situation. >> wendy: duh,ecause they know he's a hot head and if they touch him right, they can get some coins off him. they used to do that with mike ty back when he was fighting. and hot head? because he just got in trouble, it's going to look good for the courts? >> there arereports that he's going to be in rehab past his next court date, which is january 25, so he could avoid jaite, proving to the court that he's seeking help, trying to get clean. he met with his probation officer last week. he addressed the issue that he has a big problem, which is his anger probl. >> wendy: that's easier to control than a drug problem. an anger problem, really? if someone pisses you off, you say nele and pins, needles and pins.
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it's a happy man that grins. and you don'tet pissed off. >> he had the incident in the parking lot with his studio. appartly chris brown is being sued for $2 million for that situation. >> wendy: it sounds like a lot, but if he's going to act out, he's got to expect it. >> now he's countersuing, saying they're not going make money off him. wendy: so kelly rowland wants a baby. >> i spoke to her and she says, all my friends are married, they all have kids. she said she wants to get married in e next five years. she revealed to me and said she was dating someone serious.
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she was looking maat my ring an saying, i want one of those, i want one of those. >> wendy: who she dating? >> rumor has it she's dating pusha t the rapper. >> wendy: there is a lot of judgment going on in the audience. there is a lot of grumbling. clap if you don't like this relationship. [ applause ] >> wendy: why, bcase he's not a count? >> you don't want her to be with a count. >> i don't want her to be wit a count, but i like pusha t. thanks for all that, diana. for everything entertainment go to to
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>> wendy: our next guest, everybody, is one of the housewives of atlanta, and she's quickly become the hoest topic in town. take a look at a scene tr lafrot night's episode. >> randy just said kordell is bringing my stuff tomorrow.
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>> no. >> exactly. how are you going to bring my stuff? i feel like he's dng everything he can possibly do to hurt. >> what's going on? >> why did kordell tell his attorneysto contact mine that he's bringing my stuff over here tomorrow? >> all this is is him being his controlling self. >> wendy: that's a pretty family, isn't t? plse welco t ney single porshastewart [ applause ] >> wendy: let's give you some oe cam. i like your whole outfit. you walked out here with condence. >> yeah, i fe good. >> wendy: marital strife do
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you well. >> thank you. >> wendy: you moved back home wh your mother. >> yes. >> wendy: you are in the master bedroom. you kicked your mom to a guest om. >> actually, she wanted to. she wanted to. you know, she knows that i'm used to having nice space, and not that her guest room wasn't accommodating, but she wanted me to feel extra, extra comfortable. d my mom is totally cool with me. >> wendy: that's part of the proble i'm going to talk very honest. if i talk on hot topic to the purple chair, you have to have the guts to say it right here. your behavior is less than srt. i feel likehat --i'm just saying, from my perspective as a fan, you are agorgeo woman who has the world at your feet. [ applause ] >> wendy: you haveo children, which is a plus in this
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particular situation, because it makes for that five-year thing that was called a marriage, that will be over. but i think you should live on your own. it seems like you've been coddled and spoiled by your mother and by kordell, and that never helps us as women when we get out in the world. >> that's true, but as you c see, my mom, she's very, very real. >> wendy: i understand. >> while she is making breakfast, she is layi that wisdom on me every morning, she is trying toengthen me before i go back out. o, you know, she's doing t best that she can, and you know what, sometimes when somebody knox you so far down, your family and your support system is who brings you back. >> wendy:ou'reabsolutely ight. i would just like to see you move into like a one-bedroom in downtown atlanta. >> you have to be watching, wendy! >> wend you know i will.


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