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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 11, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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1950s housewife who obeysand that kind o uff. is that what you were giving him whe you guys got gether? >> tell you what, if anydy decided to be a 190s wife, it was me. i as an independent woman, i ha my own businesses. i was the boss and i had a lot of responsibility. so when i met a man i coldust cater to and make him my world, i decided to be that way with him. i decided to make him and his son my everything. that was all on me. >> wendy: what's h son's name? >> tyler. >> wendy: what grade is he in? >> fifth. >> wendy: what's going on with his mother? >> she moved to l.a. i love my husband, threfore, i love your son. >> wendy: haveou gotten a phone call where you all have
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bonded as exes? >> no, we really havet. i haven't had any communication with her whatsoever. it was just diff toward the end, and it's definitely difficult having a child in t middle of the situation. >> wendy: is the divorce finalized yet? >> no. in about 30 days, it will be finalized. >> wendy: will you go back to illiam or will you keep ewart? >> i'm going keep stewart. people a ke, why, hy, keep his name. i w once a wliams. america has taught me so much now, so i'm going to own that last name. >>endy: good for u. we we reading kordell lked youut of the house because you came home late, smelling of booze? >> nino and i d-- nene and i di.
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when i got home, it was like 11:00. i was on the phone with nene en this happened. >> wendy: talking and driving? >> i can talk in my car on speak speakerphone. we were talking and i pulled up to the use and a security guard there. i pulled into my driveway, he gets out of his car and he says, i have been told not to let you come into this residence. it just got really, really ugly really, really fast. >> wendy: is kordell gay? >> wat i can tell y is this. whether his gay or whether h is onhe dow low, that had nothing to do with our breakup, quite honestly. to be veryvery frank with you. the breakup had to do with the treatment i was receiving as a wife. >> wendy: well, you know, there were rumors in the streets before you even met kordell
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about kordell being gay. >>. >> wendy: had you ever had had that discussion during happy times of being married? we did. i didn't know about him until he came to a family event and my uncle was taking pictures, so i found out at that point. a little bit later on, i kept hearing so much about it, i thought, i' going ttalk to him about it. >> wendy: when you talked to him, was he calm? >> well, he just was very detailed about the whole situation. and at the end of it, he basically said there was no record, so i guess it can't be true because there's n record. i don't know, take what you want from that. that's what he said. >> wendy: oh, boy do you ve aegrets --
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>> your eyes are all over, girl! read it in the eyes, right. >> wendy: how old are you? >> 32. >> wendy: you only have about two mo minutes for all this teness and less than smartness before, oh, porshaeeds hel you know what, thouh? i can say this, though. st season i know i came off as a little airnd all that. ut that wa meecau i showed one side. i was being a loving, cateri wife, so people dn't see who i really am. >> wendy: do you live by the usives? >> not at all. i live by no regrets, lessons learned. >> wendy: the "realouseves f atlanta"irs nxthursy on bra. upnext, trivia.
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don't miss it.
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n i.p. tket to new york city. >> wendywatch for word o the day a then goto my faeboopageoentr. were saving seat f you. >> wendy: welcome back, erybody! it's time to play hotopics
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trivia. let's meet ou first contestant. what's your name? >> i'm noel fm reading, pennsylvania. >> nice to meet you, noel. here's your first question. how many times has charlie sheen's ex, brooke mural, been to rehab? 2, orver 20 times. >> she's kind of a hot mess, so i'm going to go with c, over 20 times. >> wendy: yes. my producers work so hardo play these games and already i'm throwing up. i'll gett right. here's the next question. jennifer hudson, jennifer lawrence and pam anderson recently got the same haircut. was it, a, a pixie, b, a bob, or c, a mullet? >> i would recommend the all get a mullet. i think i'm going to go with the
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pixi >> wendy: let's see if she's right. correct. here's your other question. >> all right. >> wendy: someone recently leaked a video of justin bieber sleeping next to, a, a teddy bear, b, a hat, or c, selena gomez. >> hmm. i think him and selena are over. >> wendy: you do keep u >> so i'm going to go with a teddy bear? a hat a hat. >> wendy: well, don't worry. let's meet our next contestant. thanks, noel. how you doing? >> my name is tiffany. i'm from long island, new york. >> wendy: jessica spson is
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reportedly worried her sister ashlee is addictedt cosmetic surgery, shopping or donuts? >> i'm going to go with cosmetic surgery. >> wendy: let's see if she's right. great. here's your second question. olympic swimer ryan lochte was seriously injured last week by a teenage girl, a hungry shark, or an armed robber? >> i'm going to with a hungry shark becausee'slways in the water. >> wendy: let's see if she's right. it's the teenage girl. e did one of her loving hugs and lifted her feet off the grd, and he fell down and she fe dn, and he hurt his knee and it messed up his swimming. xt question. atlanta hsewife kandi burress recenly blamed her relatiship oblemon, a, reaty television, or b, kenya moore,
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or c,me. >> you are too fabulous, they're not goi to blameit on you. i'mng to go with reaty television. >> wendy: let's see if she's right. >> did she really? >> wendy: fabulous. it was fun playing wi both of you and nobody is going home a loser. evrybody gets a wendy shi. here yo g tha u, girls. keep it he.
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check out my internet page. visit today. >> wendy: we're still doing this. how you doin'? >> i'm great. i've been living with my boyfriend fbo roommate for about four years now, and he's really great, but he eats all my food. he's a really good friend and i don't know how to approach him about our living arrangements.
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how do i come across without sounding rude? >> wendy: you have to have a house meeting. the music can't be on and the television can't be on. he has to understand you're serious. you love him, he's a great roommate, but you go grocery shopping and come home and your food is gone. suggest to him that maybe he gives you a few dollars and you'll buy him a f things also. your delivery is lovely. you don't seem mean-spirited. so have a conversation with h sooner than later, because food ain't getting no cheaper. up next we're going to reveal our instagramer of the day! don't go away!
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♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grds! [ girl ] make dinner pop! . >> wendy: hi. it's time for wendy's instaglam look of the day. the look of the d asieh ara. the thigh high boots are a big deal, and to me she's doing it just right. it doesn't look too tarty, you know what i mean we have wendy watchers who put their own twists on it. we have alexis who did her own
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look. she looks like a diva, doesn't she? if you wan to beon instaglam, just go to wendyom for details. we'll be back after this.
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>> wendy: i love this show. tomorrow, everybody, music superstar dewonta are here, and don't miss my interviewith tara breeze. thanks for watching today. bye! [ applause ]
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