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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 11, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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still an racist en though s was married to a nazi enthusiast. walng into krugz and ou cam ray guy is trying to then her estions and it's sidney >> t theirs blackan to win oar. is sandra block and amazg. ou're plee forgive me. you're aittle great. it's a preciou i'mhe could he said sandra bullock from speed two cruise control. sandra's not just mugging for the camas, she for the blackern cameras. >>et the pture. i'm aking a blk guy's nd. happening. >> he's right. maybe she's just taking this once in a lifetime oortunity an idol. >> wait a minute. on the me block
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as him why didn't she take the ommunitwhen cameras weren't there to say hi when they're taking stroll down the street. creep use that's really his doorows up >> she's gon thi because negr >> we kid. she clearly loves sidney. her ex mht te her back. receives had keanu standards. > miley cyrus was in amsterdam for the european video awards. best ed a ward for song and then pulls out a int and lights it up. i did find this, so tha you much. ery >> what's the difference beeen ley cyrus and justin bieber? is way cooler
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>> is she really? yes. >> now that fat legislares are mang it legal ate like the rayna. >> she's young and and in amsterdam and all the young guys they coulde there. they cat smoket on stage n public areas. >> h! i mean, when did you start weed?g i don't he tomoke weed to co. >> good ght, everybody. you. honor of veterans day tom cruise has a message. ampered moe sr ever bit hard ayour j combat sdier. >> t cruise sd that hisob in hard a fhting a wa
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afghistan. >>es! during rect depositi for $50 million libel cashe compared his acting ta to in and not because they're jt penful to endure. that's what it feels like, on this last one it was kpwraoutdl. it was brut. about reacherg >> yes jack reacher. a hard to make as fightin war. watch thisruelng scene. d you see that? hats.traded that's just like war except ats they trade fire and sometimes get killed. okay, tom's got to be joking, right? >> the wayit'sritten i d't know h to ad that as a joke. better learn because tom's lawyer said the statement wasn't meant to be ous. he was jus kidng using his tom cruise humor.
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>> unsettling. but look tom cruise, kidding or a soldier. this is wh you do r a living. anthis is what soldiers do. they're freakin' heros and it's should be y you and kissing their all american ass maverick. know what it is's like to work in the hot sunday, maybe little. god, war is hell. are s soldiers, you guys awesome. >> uhm, we have a video of leann rimes. actually taken last month in nashville. there beau a live band playing up to sing and she kills it. i fall to pieces ♪ >> she snded incredible. song.ove that
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it's a go-to song. sha von's boob totally popped out. >> you didn't catch a draft? you didn't feel nothing? you can't see nothing. on, relax. a >> we shouldn't do. this i was coworker by doing that. > okay, you were doing a great co-worker. >> all the collective minds of everybody. good.ey're not even big or coming up, sarah palin, levi ohnson is trying to get 50/50 custody where in the hell did she get ct withur trim. >> it's not that kpwad. >>h my god, are you serious? tting thatad.
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>> she said whatever happened to aby on the never mind subject >> who would you rather mt --rles mson's kidsr >> mder kids. cartoon. all the things that have happened. when i think of clint eastwood i thk of dirtyarrynd
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>> good rning. >>ey, at's sarahalin in neyork. abo to ash her dahter's bab ddy withtmz" get a ltle alaskan is as clip. the same >> why is she so pissed? >> she's going on the today show. thinks ah what she about levi wanting custody. the guy evi johnson, who knockedp bristol making play for 50/50 custody of the son. >> it' nauseang. >>ea but w cares whayou thin wt sah haso think vy shouldlie even ve custodyf the bab >> thas the studest question i've eve heard. arah palin calls us stupid. whk! it a good estion.
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whwould she say stupi question we' trying e have nail he with goha journalism. thiguy nly ca abo bcause u made hifamous trottingim o oh, sarah knows "tmz". which articles have you read? >> all of them. em. of >> gota. but les get to t smack tal ready. levi. as thin aut >> yh, more per to hi hates leave 5 sarah hates us you and clear because that vest. said ska calls and she stay there because your vest is ugly. >> tt doesn't maksenses. than, sara big y, mr. eastwood i'm a fan. ave ll the things that happen with clin eastwood and
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the divorce. about?t are you talking >> when i think of the cli stwo i tnk of dty harry fisfull of [bep] is. v that movie is kind of a guy interesting. does marriage get any eier as il get oer bause geing rried but i wde it gets easier >> think long and hard befe maied. >> rlly? chriss getting married? he's lying. 45 minutes.ill te lot.meani le her a ave aight, mr. eastwood great night. a he fan obviously. >> thank you. oh, yeah! to him out.going to ta
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fooinwithirvana or fighrs othe zack brn a's? d at the cm see, awesome. okay, dave tell us everything. babyatever happened to the mind nan th never cor? >> it's one of the most famous babies. >> i never met it. we weren't there the dayhey did the photo shoot. i've seen it in magazines and stuff. >> who would you rather meet mson's kids lee harv olds waldz kids? did that come from? kids. --charles manson totally makes sen to cra people. >> you're not fascinated by rder kids. urder kids -- ♪ murder kids >> what a terrible, terrible good jile.e a
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what t he ♪ murr kids, they're justike except they ride the assassin's bus and run and play ms orhey'ke kill you just like that ♪ paeurpb pair ♪ murder kids would you watch that show >> no, pbably not. murder bies - it goes, the last sle of decency we have left dave grohand murder babies. who'a cuittle kill, you are, you are. >> ildr srting gamere the new kward spotn hollywood. over the weekend there was britney a did swed to soccer game of the kids and k-fed was also there and this awkward teraction. i tnk they'recool. we have k-feactually aft the game 're w it ird a., no, everod med on >> that's co. guys. pt you
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>> yeah. he speaks the truth. there. not wrong >>t's alwaysawkward. >> who isoolith the gu that's banging theirx special if they're bright 90 spears. girlfriend ever had were you upset about when you broke up? >> no really? >> you want them to be single forever? i don't wt them to hay, no. >> have aice night. bro ll right, >> later. >> coming up, kan west and o ains are pr forming at parties. party. rthday >> ad d kanye, another $. d nye, another $40.
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>> and now, "tmz" presents, life just keeps gting betr and ou'r leonardo did he cap preno yo. he turned 39 this weekend. >> whoa, wh? wow >> g ud to it, bches.
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na d, we're l thanksram ands. what did doh for his rthd? had thihugeirthday pay at too inew york. to of people there. >>riends are fun betr than ny th. h, heyishis o chainz and nye west comes two chainz and kanye. they're performing at birthdays birthd. leo's >> ad d kye a another $40 aost ands looks amazg an frids with rars and probly banas tons ladies. bihdays are n norovie star forhe rest usnot so much. wheou're get to the point you n't ve celebra anymore, ght? getting the obituary ready? >> i'm itter shape than i've imyleife. t mentally but physically.
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>> my mind's gon .oh come itas never rlly there to begin w congrats, leo. coming up, somebody contacted us with a forry. there was a guy that got buste acramento r maste kpwaeutingt a walmart. i want to let it be known i've was not
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>> i just want to let it b nown i was not masrbating at walmart st month. yeerday when i was working and ne sent in a tip line
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this article from sacramen there's th g who went ta and masturbating at the walmart. he lks jt li me. [lghter] ack last month and shaved his mustache. >> that's right. ou shaved yo mustache >> and he's workg and on an alall weekend. ou rember hey me, right? i was here all weekend, right? [ fele annncer ] breyers. let's get together for the holidays. ♪ come on, people, now ♪ sme on your brother [ female announcer ] rich, creamy, byers legdary vanilla. ming holidays more delicious f over 140 years. ming holidays more delicious
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>> mning tvshocker. gma's amy robach makes a stunning on air confession. i have breast canc. >> now on "ext." ♪ >> first, robinrocket w her colleague amy robac struck with a health cris. how 40-year-old amy got the news during a live tv mammogram and her satisfactory road ahead. >> as satisfactory as it all is, i'm so, so lucky. >> miley's new pot smoking fire
10:26 pm
storm. rippinout join a liging a europe mtvaward. wha elsehe did to prove shs pop music's number o bad girl >> george and juliareunited >> now if theumor are true, at the momtou're datg fiv pele. >> a n war o wds wh leo dicaio and rusll crowe. >>now, video, kim and kae out sunng. >> and maria's new sber view th tom hanks. what mad her cry >> n, don't mak me cry. >> this is "extra" from universastudios hollywood. e eertainment cital of l.a. hi everyone. weome t "extr on this veteransda m mio pez. >> and i'm maria menounos. miley sparks annternational incident smoking pot on stage.
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>> good morning america amy robach revealing tt she has breast cancer toy. the newsame to a shocko millions of viewer. >> but lucki she had robin roberts by her side. res jerry. >> i have breast cancer. >> the test she didn't want to ke on live tv. >> i just turned 40. my doctor recommended quite a while ago. i've been puttingt of >> minutes after she got a mammogram liv on the air six weeks ago. >> i was really nervous. >> she did it to promote breast canc awarene moh. it's aut getting tested. >> but she never imagined that she would be the story. >> as scary as it all is, i'm lucky becse y guys pusde into that mammogram and thank god you did. >> her husbahere tport her. amy with robin rogts who is also
10:28 pm
a breast cancer survivor morng tvocked by the disease. today's hoe tha kotb frie's so diagnosed. >> i have decidedo have a bilateral ma sec toemy. i'm goin to be aggressive. i don't know what stage iam i d't kw iftspread we'll find out those thingin the weeks to come. >> dr. jennifer aston says you must get a second opinion right away. >> it's important for women to talk to a reconstructive plastic surgeoat the begin to help em decide if they want a to do a reconstruction surgery. the s amy's mammogram will save lives. >> women shouldn't be lulled into thinking that they're not
10:29 pm
at risk. >> most woman who get breast canc don't have a family history. >> if one life is saved because of early detection, it's all rth it. >> she just never knew it would be her own. >> having you to push me to do this, to say you can do this, abc new sav my life. >> you saved your life, amy. you did it. >> amy has no better support system than robin and the gma crew. and we wish h a very speedy recovery. >> let's get to the other b stories. starting with miley cyrus, one upping her. >> miley is just beingmile t a lotf people are oraged sayinghe fally cross the line she can't op igning new headnes. new anger. real ske a joint on stage? stripped down and lighting up. >> i did fin this. so thank you gs very much. >> thiis h 20ear-old miley
10:30 pm
cyrus celebrateer mtvest video win. and almost t revealing out fit and lighting up what seems to be pot. >> you thought your vma performance was over the top. noshe says, i have someing betternd stupide >> i lov miley. t i don agree wh abody glouringdrugs. >> a red carpe dre wit rappers and hem line up to there. today her message to her critics? i sometimes in life, you just got toecideo not ge a blank. >> justin eber's sleepg auty speaks theoman tling brazil's glo tv tha they spt in the sam bed but di't say if wt anyfuher. asked they ssed tat saying, wt do yothink?
10:31 pm
>> ignorin papazzi questio diheick th tmp from school charlie tweeting heieve the boys are inre dger even though the n beingar for by brooke's brother scott. >> ma gzzly is back again. stting a n warithevi on thetreets o newyo. >> tmzith t video and report levi wantsoint cto even ough the owe gra in childsupport. >> dead beatdad. we, another story trendg toy. georgelooneyak oeona dicaiond rsellowe. >>e say ttroweicked fit wi himalli him a sell jot. orge sent rse aote yihahe bla i wrong with you. russell saide was misquoted. dorgeesponse to that
10:32 pm
is, whater. >> and as for leo, george realse and dicrioecam friends playing basketball. george says, quote, it's impoant to have someone tell you in your lifeo tell you what's what's. >> the was nothing butove tweegeor and julia robts is weend. >> t prey womnd the sexiest man alive. >>r asy dghter calls him, georgelooney. >> georg and lia's atl.a.'s ards. it dsn'tet bigr or funn gege not getting aore fltatis than this >> i was going to wear tha exact sameut fit. >> if the rumors we true, at the moment y're dating five people how do u kp up wh al that >> i'm ver athletic. here isodel katy hos. and they re tilledo
10:33 pm
find out we we dating too. juia present berong me friend wh the exceencen filmawar >>uliaaking her time out to beere for you. >>t's hard to get out and put a dress on. 's fun, because we really are good friends. who knows what she'll say. >> tre are two obvious reasons why ias chon to do this. brad pitt is out of town. matt damen, he's in tow but he was unavailabl >> yove got all these awards. do you have a spial om wh alof these on display? george mefr imagining life uld rn out like this. >> i sold ladi' shoe that aun jo at's when dided tove to llywood. life now including hunitarian wk. he calling on hollywood for a typhoon relief efft in the
10:34 pm
philippines. >> we'reiguring it out. >> george bignigh t leave it to sacha baron cohen to steal the show. >> o the bright side wt a eat way to go. >>he stunt, alln mun. julia even continuing the wheelcha g. >> an actor wh a pr, it's dangerous. a pcticaloke wlpled. andonorary t,ell derved. >> well, i think i might have been the only person who didn't see thor the dark world this weekend. but i want to. the movie dropped the hammer on the comtition pulling in '86 million. the next sure-fire block buster to hit theaters is the hunger games, catching fire. >> new movie, new man, new do.
10:35 pm
>> your hair looks amazing. >> thank you. >> oscar winner jennifer lawrenceevealing the truth behind her pixie cut. >> i had cut it earlier and it was at an awkward length. i decided off with it. >> do you love it? >> i do right now. it's a long road back. >> j-law and co-star back for hunger games sequel out november 22nd. this time sporting a texty skin tight body suit. and she didn't diet to squeeze into it. >> 20 was just when i realed i twaet can't diet. i was decided to take a stabtd and say i won't. >> jennifer revealed to be rekindling her rance with her ex-boyfrie. and whas rlly catchg fire, the leadingma >> all you fans would love to
10:36 pm
see you together. anything going to happen? >> between josh and jeifer? >> o my god you guysan't feelhe sexl tensio >> bun in a oven. >> oineowive rsons wre totally oesse wit jay law. at >> up nextim a kanye hot gossip. are these hollywood house hunts plannin a megasize estate on this te? >> and lady gaga in a flying dress. and julia robertness a man's shirt andshoe d a-st ierview witom hang >> i love that. >> i love this. >> that nrly brought them both to tears. that's coming up. >> "extra" brought to you by l'oreal paris because you're worth it.
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>> coming up, a.j. is in russia with nick jonas's intview about her houston, we have a gaga. that's all new video of lady gaga in her most elaborate out fit ever, hovercraft. she is singing in outer space. >> she did have a little latex swupt tur number. and our special correspondent broke news to her about our
10:38 pm
favorite new segment. >> "extra" does a segment called what is gaga wearing? >> oh, you do? i didn't knowth. >> it's true that you're going to perform in space? >> yes. in 2015. >> i read that you took a life insurance policy out. >> don't believe everything you read. >> we're making edline for what she was wearing in new york. blake lively. that's today's l'oreal paris get the look. >> what a lovely, lively dress. blake lively and her hubby ryan reynolds supporting michael j. foxx. >> he's one of those guys that guys want to hang out and girls want to date him. >> blake's best looks from casual to super glam, click on l'oreal paris, get thelook. meanwhile, ryan's ex-wife scarlet joe hansen dressing
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super hot. >> love rome. >> at the premiere of her new film. proudly showing ofo off her new ring. >> kim and kanye on top of the world. scouting a 30-acre property while il renovating their $11 million dream home. the k-clan raising money at a yard sale. kim booty bumping into this lamp shade. helping her recover just in time for the reality. >> and this is the 21st birthday in los angeles. happy bihday, tray. >> julia still has got it. misroberts covering marie claire and uncoughing her legs in just a men's shirt.
10:40 pm
revealing that she cooks three meals a day for her family and never googles herself. so when it comes to stars who completely transform themselves for a role, tom hangs is definitely at the top of that list. >> tom is at it again in his new moe playing walt disney. and i tkedo him all about it. >> an icon playing an icon. >> he loved what hedid. shari all he lrned about the legendaaltdiey. >> andive me a tourn the proces >> this where you guys sho the movie. my office used to b rht in there. this is exactly th wayt looked. i don't thk there's a new ildi in site here. >> wtit'st likeakin on the role of wal disney? >> ll, i grew up watching him so much andwas this benevolent presence if our
10:41 pm
lives. there was a small amount of i want to get it right. there's a b o a burden that goes along with it. >> he handled it with exactly the skill u uld expect. >> you can't igine how excited im toinally mt you. >> saving mr. banks, the story of walt's relationship with mary poppens. >> soit's not the childn she comes to safe. it's tir father. it's your father. >> spoiler alert. you're going to want to bring tish. and even just thinking about it now, i'm getting -- i can't. did you cry when you watched it? >> it got me a couple of sections there. >> when you went to see her and then you said that -- when you want a different ending to your story -- >> look at her go. i love this. >> >> i loved that. >> you're going to make me cry. stop it. >> turn about would be fair
10:42 pm
ay, mr. hank saving mr. bks iheaters deceer 20th. >>oming up. ught on tape. s and tee arra ml funcons. >> i sorry tha i dropp the crown. >> only extra in mcow with the newiss unirsefter h bigwin. >>lus, tribu to ourmerin heroes. our veterans, next. >> from hollywood. >> to new york. >> and all over the world. >> we haven't done anything like
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>> next "extra," leeann rhymes and eddie
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miss universe 2013 is, venezuela. >> there she is. >> yes. and it's for the former miss universe. witht further ado here is today's from rusa with a.j. >> one billion viewers. le 6 of the world's most beautiful women. one- hold on to that crown. >> i'm sorry that i dropped the crown. >> reigning miss universe to welcome the new miss universe. i seemed a little confusing. >> i realized that really it was me and after ten seconds, i say, oh, it'sme. oh my. >> our cameras rolling as mr. trump meets the beauty queen for the firstime. reminding her that she has big
10:47 pm
shoes to fill. olivia was so fabulous and we're proud of you. we're going to be equally as proud of you. >> a million dollar one of a kind swimsuit. a look back at an incredible year and an "extra" shout out. >> "extra," it's been an unbelievable experience. >> olivia putting down the crown and picking up the "extra" mic. >> are you ready for yourirst hard interview. go ahead. go if for it. >> what did you think of the show? i thought you were fantastic. >> i'll leave itt that. >> online now, nick jonas's surprising new sbe view about the tour canceling split. >> and our comrade a.j. is back from russia. >> tough gig, i know. >> even better when you get a ride back from the donald himself. and what a day to be back here in new york. the massive veterans day parade
10:48 pm
taking over the streets of manhattan. i was right in the middle of it with mayor michael bloomberg and mayor electric bill de blasio. >> we would like to w closed captioning andther considerations for "extra" provided by -- good morning nelly! woah.
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[ turns up volume ] you all right? what's the matter? wait a minute. wronpipe or somethg? there you go.
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what? what do youhy didn't you want me do? do something? you just sat there and turned up the tv! there was a lot of noise. is that how you react in an emergency? it wasn't an emergency. the thing came out. want me to pick it up so you don't slip on it?
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i was choking. you were coughing. i mean, coughing's not choking. all right, i'm sorry. i guess i-i should've done more. more tn nothing, ray? come on. you're you don't got to be mad at me, right? mukluk? is it too much to ask for you to save my life once in a while? i think it'she least you could do around here. come on. you c always count on me. oh, i can? when? when it counts. face it, you're useless in an emergency. this wasn't an emergency. you coughed, you wentpwa. that's not choking. if i had been choking, what would you have done? if you had really en choking, i would have known what to do. it would come to you, just like that. yeah, like the grandma
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who suddenly can lift the truck off the grandson. okaygrandma. what would you do? i would have done the maneuv thing. okaygrandma. what would you do? how do you do the maneuver thing? you...get around behind them and you -- listen, my specialty happens to be mouth-to-mouth. hey. bert, can you do the heimlich maneuver? of course. why? what's the problem? relax, sergeant showoff. everything's fine. yeah, no thanks to ray. you were choking yeah, and he just sat there. he's never been good in an emergency. unless you can't hear a tv during your emergency. he's never been good in then he's your man. the chips weren't down! don't worry. you're family. i'm watching out for you. oh, please. a person can perform the heimlich maneuver on themselves. better show me how. i hear you.


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